Top 22 International Shipping Companies in China

By HX Wenli
December 23, 2021

Chapter 1: International Shipping Companies in China

1. china shipping company

What is a freight forwarder in China?

Shipping from China to a destination may not be as easy as you think. However, with a freight forwarder in China, you can have success!
When you search Google, you might look for shippers and give you results like “international shipping companies near me”.  Do you only get the names of known international couriers?
We know that aside from low shipping costs, you also need fast shipping and safe delivery of your goods. Aside from that, you may need extra services to help your online stores grow. It may be hard to find a good company by scanning through Google, so we will share a list you can trust.
Shipping goods from China to your preferred location is made easy with a China freight forwarder. If you are searching for the top international shipping companies in China, check the complete list below.

What are the Top International Shipping Companies in China?

When we talk about international shipping companies in China, we all can name one or two of the well-known international couriers like UPS, DHL, or FEDEX. They have been really remarkable for their services for years. But, if you want to try international shipping services from China, you might not know how to contact any of them.
From small to large shipping needs, you can find cheap international shipping services from China that deliver satisfaction. If you are looking for a courier that can ship small parcels or international container shipping,  you can trust these Chinese shipping companies.

2. International Shipping Companies

The following international freight shipping companies in China are what you need for all your shipment needs.

1. Shenzhen Marine Shipping Co.

Founded in 2002, they are the leading freight forwarder and international shipping company in China. They are a licensed company with an International Freight Shipping certification. Some of their main customers are Seadrill, Chevron, Ocean Rig, etc.

Main Services:

  • Shipping Services Agency
  • Local Transport 
  • Cargo Forwarding
  • Warehousing and Storage

2. Shipkoo

Shipkoo is an international shipping company in China that offers express shipping and freight forwarding for E-commerce. They handle the logistic operations from manufacturer to the customer. They use advanced platforms to pick the fastest routes for delivery at a lower cost.

Main Services:

  • FBA Prep and Forwarding
  • Express Shipping
  • Crowdfunding Fulfilment
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment

3.  JustChinaItbest shipping company in China

JustChinaIt offers business solutions to foreign companies who buy and ship from China.  Since 2010, they have served thousands of companies worldwide. They are the #1 choice of foreign companies for their fast, flexible, and excellent shipping service.  
As a trustworthy China shipping company, they partner with reliable international courier companies to provide clients with the best shipping services.

Main Services:

  • China Sourcing Services
  • China Wholesale Services
  • China Warehouse Services
  • China Shipping Services
  • Price Comparison Services
  • Consolidated Shipping

4. Shenzhen Kako International Forwarding China 

The China shipping company started in 1999 as a global logistic provider. As a licensed freight forwarding company, it became an accredited member of different associations in China. They specialize in bulk cargo handling and domestic container transportation.

Main Services:

  • Airfreight forwarding
  • Land freight forwarding
  • LCL or FCL forwarding

5. Shanghai Hada International Co.

The China shipping company is dedicated to becoming a world-class integrated logistics service provider. They specialize in various services such as supply chain design and implementation, 3PL, international container, bulk cargo transportation, international air transportation, and international trade cooperation investment and financing.

Main Services:

  • Container import and export
  • Freight insurance
  • Project logistics
  • Shipping Agency Service
  • Supply chain financing
  • LCL import and export
  • Multimodal transport
  • Declaration
  • Special cargo transport

6. Guangzhou Trinity Marine International Freight Company

This China shipping company has ten branches that cater to international forwarding, local logistic services, and port representative. They provide vehicles for transporting, warehousing service, and packing.

Main Services:

  • Dangerous Cargo Transportation
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Local Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Liner Agency
  • Port Representative

7. Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics is a multinational 3PL based in Asia with the strongest network in the region. Its primary competency is providing customized services to multinational firms and international companies.
The main focus is to improve supply chain efficiency, lower overall costs, and improve market reaction time. It has a network of over 55 countries.

Main Services:

  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Express Shipping
  • Industry Solutions
  • F&B Trading
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • ISO Tank Solutions
3. International Shipping Companies

8. Shenzhen Sanmai International Freight Forwarding Company

The China shipping company is a reputable freight forwarder to Mexico E-commerce logistics, South America, and Latin America. Their core business is an international cargo transportation agency. It offers booking, storage, customs declaration, marine insurance, trailers, LCL, and other services.

Main Services:

  • FCL and LCL
  • Airfreight Service
  • Stowage
  • Customs declaration
  • Trailers
  • Storage
  • Marine Insurance
  • Logistics

9. Floship

Floship offers an E-commerce order fulfillment service so you can grow your brand. It’s a complete one-stop solution for your online shop business. It provides an advanced logistic solution to global countries.
Their global warehouses and partnership with international carriers make their service efficient to foreign buyers.

Main Services:

  • E-Commerce Solutions and Integrations
  • Logistics Network, Platform, and Consulting
  • Insurance
  • Cross Border Fulfillment

10. CTSI Logistics

This cargo shipping company in Hongkong is skilled and knowledgeable in various services. They offer personalized solutions and services such as international freight forwarding, warehousing service, distribution, cargo consolidation, and household goods transit.

Main Services:

  • International Freight Forwarding Service
  • Warehousing Service
  • Trucking
  • Air, Land and Ocean freight
  • Custom Broker
  • Consolidated Shipping Services

11. ESA Logistics

This China shipping company is a leading Third Party (3PL) Logistics provider in Asia. They offer a wide range of services for local and international freight forwarding and warehousing needs.

Main Services:

  • Freight Shipping
  • Temperature-controlled storage services
  • Warehousing  services
  • Local & Cross Border Trucking
  • Door-to-door Delivery
  • Project Cargo Management
  • Customs & Brokerage Service
  • Distribution Service
  • Husbandry Agents

12. Yusen Logistics

With main offices in China and Canada, this international freight forwarding company provides various services divided into three categories. You can avail all the services your company needs from them all in one go. They can give you fair quotes and client support.


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lead Logistics Provider
  • Solutions Engineering
  • Project Cargo
  • Temperature Controlled Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Logistics Technology
  • IT Solutions


  • Airfreight Forwarding
  • Sea Freight Forwarding
  • Road or Rail Transporting
  • Intermodal and Multimodal Transport
  • Customs House Brokerage
  • Origin Cargo Management


  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Transload and Cross-Docking
  • Value-Added Services
  • In-House Logistics

13. Honstrans International

Located in Beijing, this logistics company is also a reliable choice for international freight forwarding. They provide foreign trade services, particularly in Africa.

Main Services:

  • International Freight Forwarding Logistics
  • Sea import and export
  • Inland transport

14. Worldcargo Logistics

This freight shipping company in China provides logistic solutions to the international market. With UPS as one of their trusted partners, more clients are choosing their services. You can visit their website to look for their full-service list.

Main Services:

  • Air and Ocean Freight
  • Courier Service
  • Logistics Solutions
4. intenational company

15. COSCO Shipping Logistics

Cosco has branches in over 30 provinces and 17 overseas countries. It can offer modern and professional entire logistics supply chain solutions to customers both local and international.
It is a significant partner of the government, sports, trains, airports, and huge international enterprises because of its reputation and service capabilities in the forwarding industry.

Main Services:

  • Integrated Freight shipping services
  • Engineering or Project logistics
  • Shipping agency
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Logistics

16. Beijing Phoenix International Logistics Co

The China shipping company is a logistics company focused on international or local office moving. They also established import and export logistics to cater to freight forwarding, supply chain, and storage services.

Main Services:

  • International Move
  • Sea & Air Freight
  • Packing
  • Office Relocation
  • Import/ Export
  • International Moving Shipping
  • Office Relocation Services
  • Storage

17. TJ China Freight

This China shipping company provides clients with cost-effective solutions for their shipment, with faster and safer delivery. They offer door-to-door for their FCL, LCL, and air cargoes.

Main Services:

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehouse Services
  • FBA Shipping Services
  • Customs Brokerage

18. JiuFang E-commerce Logistics(FBA)

This China shipping company is an expert in door-to-door express E-commerce shipping. They make one-stop shipments to hundreds of Amazon FBA warehouses. They have offices in USA, UK, Germany, and France. With nine branches in China, they are accessible to more than 200 Amazon FBA Warehouses.

Main Services:

  • Amazon FBA Prep Shipping
  • Airfreight
  • Ocean freight
  • Small parcel delivery
  • Overseas warehouse

19. CTS International Logistic

Since 1984, CTS has been a leader and pioneer in freight forwarding for local and international services. With 90 branches in China and international countries, they have developed core businesses for shipment solutions.

Main Services:

  • International Multimodal Transport
  • China-Europe Block Train
  • Red Wine LCL
  • Customized Block Train
  • Cargo Pick Up
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Refrigerated Container Shipping Service

20. CBIP Logistics

This company is a fourth-party logistic which means, they link you to providers that would match your business needs. They specialize in E-commerce and handle your online store and marketplace integration. They do all kinds of freight forwarding with competitive prices and options.

Main Services:

  • E-Commerce Logistics
  • Full-Service Logistics
  • Consulting

21. Ligentia

They are experts in the international supply chain for retailers, healthcare companies, manufacturers, and consumer brands.

Main Services:

  • 3PL Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Multimodal Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management and Solutions


22. Super International Shipping

Super International Shipping is a premier freight forwarder based in China, dedicated to providing exceptional shipping solutions. With our global presence and comprehensive services, we cater to diverse shipping needs, ensuring reliable and cost-effective transportation options.
Main Services: Air, Ocean, Rail, and Trucking Services Customs Clearance Assistance Warehousing Facilities Door-to-Door Shipping

Chapter 2: What Do Your Chinese Freight Forwarders Do?

5. chinese freight forwarders

People around the world benefit from the products manufactured in China. So many E-commerce shops sell products from China and get them delivered to their doorstep in just a few days!
Because of the shipping solution services offered by Chinese freight forwarders, it is now easy and convenient to ship things from China. Are you wondering what freight forwarders do before they ship the products to your store?
Before a product gets into the consumers, it comes through different stages and handling. Your China freight forwarders can do more than just shipping. They prepare, do quality checks, store, and arrange things for you, so your shipment is safe and secure.
Let us look into these services that you can avail of from your China freight forwarders.

Warehousing Services

When you need storage for your goods, international shipping companies in China can stock them for you in a warehouse until it is ready for shipment. They store the goods and ensure that they are protected.
Some factors that can damage the goods are temperature or humidity. Warehousing services contribute to price stability by balancing demand and supply mechanisms. It ensures the preservation of the quality and quantity for future use and distribution. 

6. Warehousing Services

Packing and preparing cargo for transport

Depending on the method of shipment, your freight or international shipping company in China will prepare the goods before shipping. To avoid damage, they will pack your goods using the appropriate materials. They can use boxes, crates, barrels or cans, drums, fiberboard boxes, bags, tapes, etc.
Packing the cargo securely will ensure it is transported across the ocean or air without getting damaged or suffering from loss. Shipping containers overseas can be very risky for goods. That’s why cargo packing handling is an important process when shipping. China ocean shipping company knows this well.

Processing the documents

There are different documents that you need to process when shipping. Your international delivery companies can take of them for you. They offer this as part of this service, so you can rest assured that your shipment will not encounter delays during clearance.

They are as follows:

  • air waybill
  • sea waybill
  • bill of lading
  • packing list
  • certificate of origin
  • insurance certificate

Arranging the carrier

The overseas international shipping companies in China will check and arrange the applicable carrier for your cargo. They will pick the best route and option so you can get your goods on time. They have partner carriers so they can predict or contact them in real-time.
The international sea freight takes the longest time to deliver your shipment.  Your freight forwarder will ensure that your cargo will ship to you on or before the expected time, so they choose the best routes. They will also get in touch when problems arise.  

7. Warehousing Services

Get the best price, routes, and quick shipping time

When you look for cheap overseas shipping, you need to consider factors. Your freight forwarder will base their quotes and prices on your requirement. If you need quick shipping time for international shipping for small businesses, express couriers are your best option. However, they are expensive.
Your international shipping company in China will get quotes from reliable carriers and give you options so you can balance cost and the turnaround time.

Tracking the cargo

Your international shipping company in China will track the cargo if they ship via sea. If your shipment is imported via air, they have access to their shipping partners for package updates.
The best international shipping service will include a tracking system so you can monitor your cargo. There are various ways on how you can track your package nowadays. If you get the services of the best international shipping companies, they will automatically send you notifications about the cargo’s status.

Preparing the goods for delivery after arriving at the destination

When the shipment arrives in the port of destination, your China shipping line will contact the cargo vessel so they can arrange the inland delivery for you. 
The combined transport, also called intermodal transport, will complete the delivery of your package. Inland delivery can be by truck, rail, or barge. For eCommerce international shipping, it can be door-to-door. 

File an insurance claim

International freight companies in China can file an insurance claim for lost, damaged, and broken cargo.
A freight claim is a legal demand for financial compensation by a shipper or consignee to a carrier for the loss or damage of a shipment. Shipping claims, cargo claims, transportation claims, and loss and damage claims are all terms to describe them.
The goal of a freight claim is for the carrier to correct the problem. The purpose is for the carrier to acknowledge that it has accomplished its duties under the Bill of Lading. As a result, claimants are expected to bring claims to recover their costs only and including not profits.

Chapter 3: Benefits of China Freight Forwarders

Over the years, technology brought advantages and convenience to people’s lives. That includes international shipping. When you want to ship things that you buy from China manufacturers, you have options to bring them to your desired location.
International courier services are expensive. But thanks to Chinese companies who can now help businesses around the world ship goods for a competitive price! Check the following advantages you can enjoy:

8. Benefits of China Freight Forwarders

Cheaper cost

China freight forwarders offer international shipping cheap but reliable services. They charge substantially less, not just for shipping rates but also for additional handling fees, due to lower labor costs, lower currency rates, fewer expenses, and other variables.

Efficient and flexible

An efficient and flexible shipping company can make the process smooth. It includes paperwork, timings, and tight procedures. Each country has its rules. Chinese shipping companies comply with these.
With lower prices and a faster shipping schedule, clients will have better options for shipment.

Better and personalized service

Your China freight forwarder will accommodate all your concerns and work with you accordingly. This way, they can find ways to meet your demands in a more personalized approach.

Complete service

Some international delivery companies do not offer complete services. But the good news is, your Chinese shipping company can provide you with an overall package, starting from sourcing up to shipping.

Quick assistance

It’s critical for freight forwarders to modify their operations fast to better meet your needs and provide flexibility in managing your shipments. Responding to your questions and clearing your doubts will make you worry less while waiting for your shipment.

Chapter 4: Tips on How to Find the Right Freight Forwarder

Dealing with foreign companies for the first time can be difficult. Aside from money, your time is the most valuable. So that you can pick the right shipping company, we want to share with you a few tips.

What are the most important criteria to select a freight forwarder in China?

9. freight forwarder in China

Reliable and Honest

It’s more than simply a matter of convenience when you work with reliable international freight providers. They are in charge of everything until products reach your specified location.
When hiring a freight agent, make sure they work with an international shipping company in China. They know exactly what to do and what to expect from the process. The key is constant communication. Make sure you’re getting your service from an honest company like JustChinaIt.

Business compliance

When shipping goods,  rules may vary from each country. Importers, exporters, and worldwide shipping companies must always abide by the laws. It also includes the regulations governing safety. International freight forwarders should always follow the rules of every country.
When choosing a China shipping line, ensure that they have 100% Business Compliance. By doing so, you will avoid having problems with the delivery time due to customs delays.

Excellent customer service

The best international shipping service has a team that answers questions quickly. They should respond to every call or email. Your satisfaction should be their priority.
There are a lot of international freight companies that promise to give you the best service. But, checking the reviews or ratings will help you know if they are helpful to clients.

Problem management

Anything can go wrong at some point. So you’ll want to be working with an international shipping company in China that can deliver solutions. They should recognize when something is urgent and needs action right away.
They should report any concerns as soon as possible. International freight shipping forwarders should secure alternative arrangements to avoid delays.

Expertise and years of experience

Choosing an expert means the best international shipping companies in China that can help build your name. They add value to your business because of their commendable service and expertise.
Some companies have been in the industry for a long time, but they do not do their services well. Beware of them. Not all those who have been in the industry for long years are reputable.
There are cheap international shipping companies that render excellent services. Some have been in the industry for only a few years, but they have helped many customers globally.

2. What should I ask a freight forwarder?

10. freight forwarder in China

What is the size of your network?

When your international shipping company in China has an established network, they can meet your demand. They know how to go about every step of the shipping process. They have access to courier partners to ensure that your shipment is going through successfully.
At the same time, overseas shipping companies are familiar with the process. They can contact other partners within their network if the shipment needs assistance. It is better to hire a company that knows international freight procedures to avoid problems.

How do I track my cargo?

Your Chinese freight forwarders should have a tracking service for shipment updates. You do not have to call them every day to know the status of your cargo. But you can check the package using the website to see if it is still in transit.
Nowadays, international courier companies provide a 24/7 trace and track service to their clients. There’s no better way to have peace of mind than when you know that your cargo is sailing or on the way to its destination.
They also send automated messages to clients by email or SMS. It informs you of the real-time update of your package.

How do I get customs clearance?

Freight forwarders usually handle Customs clearance. However, some international freight shipping may only act as forwarders. They take charge of the shipping and logistics of your shipment. In this situation, you’ll need to find a different broker to handle your shipment’s customs clearance.
International container shipping in sea cargo needs clearance. You would need a broker to process it. It is your advantage if your China shipping company has an office in the destination country.

11. shipping in China

Can you send me a quote with all fees included?

Your international shipping services will give you a quote when you inquire. To avoid hidden charges and other fees, ask them to include everything in detail for your review. Worldwide shipping companies know all the taxes and duties included when shipping cargo.
It helps when you know the basics of international freight shipping. You can make your estimate then compare it with them. You can review the quote of other international courier companies. Then, you can compare and decide which one to hire.

What are the other costs when my shipment reaches the destination?

For shipment, there are a few final costs upon reaching its destination.  There are releasing or terminal fees and inland delivery fees.
But the prices differ from port to port and cargo to shipment. Door-to-door worldwide shipping services can be more expensive.
Most Chinese shipping companies have a global network of agents who may assist with destination charges and payments. Alternatively, if you have a Chinese shipping agent at your destination, you can work with them.

Do you have a license and a customs bond?

Check the China shipping company if they have a license and a customs bond. If you choose a Licensed Customs Broker, they must present a customs bond to avoid delay and additional charges.
A customs bond is necessary when importing from China. The CBP requires the international courier companies to have a customs bond if the imports are worth more than $2,500. Almost all forms of goods are subject to these regulations.
A customs bond is essentially an insurance policy that pays the tariffs and fees to the US government when importing. A customs bond guarantees that duties and taxes are paid even under the most unusual circumstances.
Also, when the international freight shipping company is licensed, it will follow all the standards and regulations. They will quote a reasonable price, and your shipment is safe.

Are there documents I need to prepare?

The documents needed may vary from each country. Check with your freight forwarder or agent for other requirements you should prepare. It could include specific cargo licenses or extra paperwork.
In China, let’s say you are importing to China, the Chinese shipping companies can take care of all the documents needed. They are knowledgeable about the process, so you only have to wait for your cargo.
If you want a door to door international shipping, your Customs broker or shipping company will arrange all the documents. They will make sure the things are correctly categorized using the HTS Code so that their clients pay the least amount of taxes and duties possible.

Who will pack my cargo?

You can decide if you want to hire a sourcing agent or let the China shipping company do the packing. It may or not be part of their service. So for convenience, you can look for international shipping services that can pack your cargoes.

12. shipping company

Do you have a fast shipping option?

If you have an urgent shipment, notify your international freight shipping forwarder as soon as possible so that they can prepare. Remember that getting your cargo onto the first available sail date and vessel may result in higher fees.
It may be expensive to hire the best international shipping companies in China or a direct service that is more reliable. Some want their cargo to arrive fast, making them pay more. Others only want a more cost-effective choice. Let your freight forwarder know your priorities to get the best price.

Do you have LCL shipping?

LCL or Less than Container Load is used for shippers who cannot utilize a whole cargo container. They can save money when shipping using this method because they only pay a portion based on their shipment’s volume.
However, not all overseas shipping companies offer LCL. So if you need LCL, search for cheap international shipping options.

Do you accept LCL from multiple suppliers?

If you bought from different suppliers and prefer LCL shipping, some international freight forwarders do not want to cater to multiple suppliers. It is called consolidated shipping. Various product categories require separate documents, so not all forwarders offer this.
In this case, you need to search for worldwide shipping companies that can offer LCL shipping for consolidated cargo from multiple suppliers.

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