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From inquiry to delivery, we have had a GREAT experience working with JustChinait.Beyond that, the knowledge shared with us, having a timeline with every step, and continues to be pretty helpful.
The JustChinait team has impressed me again and again with their skill and experience, professionalism, and their willingness to bring my orders to me. As a startup company, we rely on JustChinait to help us understand what the best seller is and how I should get involved.
We contracted JustChinait to decrease our cost in China, and they have done exactly that. We do business in a very competitive country, and expand the market share is extremely difficult. JustChinait found cheaper suppliers and prices that our competitors can't reach, fulfill the orders, and now we are keep growing that are extremely valuable to our business.
When we began our Aliexpress order combined, we had no idea what to expect. But it turns out very quickly. We see a return on investment and feel confident that we will be in the future.
Our experience with JustChinait has been very positive. After working together to wholesale shoes from China, we were informed very frequently of steps. We also appreciate all information delivered is organized into an easy format. We are very happy with the profit growing service and would highly recommend JustChinait.
We appreciated the personal contact. The salesgirl was knowledgeable and helped us through our first buying experience, answered many questions, and provided excellent suggestions.
Sourcing ManagerLED TV COMPANY
We have been very pleased with the price comparison service we have received from JustChinait.The staff has been friendly and extremely professional. Although it was a very small order we placed, we can already see a positive improvement in the price. We would recommend JustChinait's price comparison services to anyone looking to increase their Profit.
JustChinait has been the best experience I've ever had with China. Their staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, and really stays on top of China Shipping. I couldn't be more pleased with my order.
As an importer, we have had a great experience with all of our orders with JustChinait. It started with an Aliexpress combined order, and now we have almost nine each month. We can't wait to see what is going to happen with our business in 2021!
JustChinait gave us the direct contact of the manufacturer that we could not find by ourselves. It has been a transparent business relationship that we will keep working together.
The guys at JustChinait are good at what they do. They walked me through the inside of China and promptly replied. Our order was managed professionally and always deliver on time. I feel choosing justchinait as a partner is the best choice I ever made in China.
I tried a few sourcing companies in the past that was really not a good experience. I mostly gave up buying from China. I decided to try JustChinait after seeing the recommendation from a friend, and I have been totally 200% satisfied thus far! They offer a better price, better control, better suppliers, and cheaper shipping; I can't get any reason why we don't work with Justchinait. I am sure we will keep working with Justchinait and work more in the near future.
The salesgirl Rainbow was intelligent, eager to help, and very thorough at each step of the process.
Head of importing developmentGLOVES COMPANY
As a purchaser wearing many hats, the support I receive in China Wholesale and shipping management is invaluable.
I've fielded countless emails from sourcing companies regarding buy from China. None have shared the knowledge, professionalism, and truly care about our business like JustChinait. You can easily tell the difference when talking to any staff. They know China sourcing and China shipping, unlike other companies who put on a good show but really don't know what they're talking about. JustChinait was very patient with us in the process of buying and shipping along the way.
Shipping DirectorBRUSH COMPANY
JustChinait was extremely beneficial for my business. Getting a supplier that was an easy thing, but with better price, good quality and service is another story, the team didn't just finish their jobs, they have been keeping sharing their knowledge to us and make your work better. I didn't see any other company working like this.
JustChinait is the best sourcing company to work with. They helped in quotation analysis which has decreased a 38% cost down. JustChinait has also been in charge of our consolidated shipping, which has improved our Profit by at least 200 thousand.
Shipping DirectorCABLE COMPANY
JustChinait is doing a terrific job improving our buying from China. They have unique sourcing knowledge, have been very responsive and patient. JustChinait is a pleasure to work with.
JustChinait is totally beyond my expectations. We are extremely happy with the wholesale service they did for us and their dedication to decrease costs.
Our cooperation with JustChinait had a great impression. And Sales Manager has integrated himself very well into the business. We have learned a lot from JustChinait's expertise, in-depth knowledge. They are an awesome partner.
Trading DirectorTV COMPANY
JustChinait has been a very good partner. It's very important to have a local partner who is professional, honest and works with you. Justchinait is worthy of trying if you buy from China.
Importing DirectorEARPLUG COMPANY
Real Profit growing in China.
In China, their service is second to none. JustChinait is a smart choice for importing from China.
We started to work with Justchinait less than five months ago. We've been very satisfied with the service and professionalism. JustChinait really gives us the impression that they care about our business and always want to make sure that we are satisfied. We've already referred JustChinait and will certainly continue to do so. Great job!
JustChinait had prompt, respectful, and above all, professional service in shipping from China. They thoroughly understood our business and worked with us to ensure that all the specification points were fulfilled. We are greatly happy with the final product and will surely recommend them to other firms who are looking for profit growth.
Shipping DirectorFAKE ROSE COMPANY
Working with JustChinait has been an awesome experience. Almost immediately, we can see a return on our investment. I would recommend JustChinait to anyone looking to improve their Profit.
Are you overwhelmed by thousands of China Suppliers' offerings? Worried you're paying too much? Just try JustChinait. Best decision I've made in three years.
JustChinait has significantly helped improve our Profit. And made our sourcing easier.
JustChinait is a wonderful resource for importing from China. It has been a great thing to gather suppliers' info and making purchasing decisions for foreign buyers, and assisting us in negotiation.
Head of importing developmentBED ACCESSOIRS COMPANY
JustChinait will listen to your needs and customize a great plan for your specific business, and it really improves your Profit.
Director of Importing DepartmentSHIRT COMPANY
Prior to hiring JustChinait to collect our orders in China, we had to wait about 40 days, but now we can get my cargo within seven days and paid the same freight as before. This is a trustworthy company, and I highly recommend it!
JustChinait is awesome! They take time to really learn your business and understand your concern. This is the key to improvement. They are prompt, stick to a strict plan, and plain and simply get the job done!
Our experience with JustChinait has been nothing short of stellar. The salesgirl has truly been a partner in helping us find the best suppliers and negotiate, and it makes it cheaper. And I would continue our relationship well into the future.
JustChinait is dialed into providing China supply Chain services with attention to detail and superb customer service.
Vice President of Importing StrategyTOY COMPANY
JustChinait is, without a doubt, the best sourcing and consolidated shipping firm we have ever worked with.
Shipping DirectorDRESS COMPANY
JustChinait has been a pleasure to work with on our sourcing needs, and I look forward to working with them on future projects.
JustChinait is the best China company to work within our family's 15-year-old company. They have exceeded our expectations, and I am super happy about it.
Working with the Justchinait team has been amazing! Importing from China is not so easy as it looks. Every step related to a lot of secrets I never heard, but with justchinait, we just know it all, and these turn my orders to profit.I am loving Justchinait!
We're a small-size company with limited resources to build a sourcing office in China. JustChinait does a great job taking it off our hands, so we can be a focus on what we should do.
Quick-Responsive and with an understanding of how to get the right suppliers and fulfill the orders. You need to do nothing. JustChinait has your back.
Sourcing ManagerBASKET COMPANY
JustChinait has been able to achieve what no other China sourcing company has. Communication and understanding of our business are not only met but exceeded. Their team makes it cheaper, which is all that matters with importing. We appreciate their hard work and plan to use them indefinitely.
Our business growth has been rising since working with JustChinait. We won't ask more for what they have done for our company.
Director of SourcingCUP COMPANY
We love my business. It is easy, profitable, and everything is under control! JustChinait always provides us with bestsellers and prices, which is why we've used them for all four of the branch store. When we wanted to order something, we knew there was no need to look elsewhere.
Head of importing developmentMOBILE PHONE CASE COMPANY
JustChinait is a great example of a great company. They are extremely knowledgeable in the China purchasing process and great shipping and warehousing. Every single time with them exceeds my highest expectations.
Shipping Director
We have been partnered with JustChinait for a little under five months. I can say with confidence that the JustChinait team works above and beyond the call of duty. I have worked with China importing companies in the past, and I have often felt that my purchasing managers were simply going through the motions, pressing start on order with little thought. At JustChinait, this is not the way doing. Our manager consistently listens to our needs and tries to make us satisfied.
JustChinait quickly responds to emails and messages, giving me a piece of mind that they are available if something goes wrong. I have been very happy with JustChinait's reports. I saw the real situation of the manufacturer.
In China, we've seen increases in purchasing amount with Justchinait.
Trading CoordinatorSHOES COMPANY
Working with JustChinait has been day and night in comparison to our previous team. We save a lot of energy and time. Everything at Justchinait is very organized. We are expecting a much better price from China as we have switched over to JustChinait.
Importing DirectorCLOTHING COMPANY
I have recommended JustChinait to everyone that I speak to and will continue to do so. I can't stress enough how helpful JustChinait is with helping us importing from China and how to make it easier.
We came to JustChinait because we had launched a project and didn't know much about it. Due to we didn't buy them before, we went to Justchinait for help. It's a pleasure to work with JustChinait. Everything goes well, and now we are eager to place the next order.
We were looking for a real professional buy-from-China company to work with. Not only were we looking to have a long-term business relationship, but we needed them to understand us as a small company. And JustChinait met all of those standards. Our experience has been unequaled; we always got informed with any updated news, it's an absolute joy to work with. They are totally transparent about their services, and they always keep you posted, which not only sets them apart from every other sourcing company we have worked with, but we also feel like it's more confident to run this business with JustChinait. We are eager to see where this year will take us, knowing that we have such great support for their company.
Importing DirectorAIRTAG COMPANY
Everyone I've worked with at JustChinait is friendly and helpful as I am and shares my passion for buying excellence. Up until working with JustChinait, I've never had much confidence in sources from China, as they all work the same and offer very little support. That hasn't been my experience till with JustChinait.
JustChinait is China's expert on sourcing. Their service is incredible.
Logistics ManagerTOYS COMPANY
JustChinait is the best-combined shipping company that I have worked with for the past six years. I have worked with several other companies that just don't get the same service. JustChinait goes over, and I'm beyond to assure that your efforts are reaching their maximum potential.
JustChinait clearly exceeded our expectations for buying from China and shipping from China.
Shipping DirectorDRESS COMPANY
JustChinait has worked diligently to learn our business and has been successful and continuously upgrading sourcing solutions. Their passion for getting profit shows.
We were referred to JustChinait and have been impressed with their company culture, professionalism, and care about our business needs. It has been a few weeks working with them, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.
Head of importing developmentLOCK COMPANY
We had a bad supplier, but we can't find anyone else to replace. JustChinait helped us find the perfect new supplier,39% cheaper in the unit price. I recommend JustChinait to any business that wants to get back up suppliers or increase their Profit.
We worked with a different agency and did not have a successful result. However, we felt we had to make a change as our buying from China amount was growing. After planing to make a switch, we first tried another sourcing company from google search. As we started the process, we realized they offered their service with communication and understanding of our business missing. After a few weeks, we decided we had to shut down. It's totally not what we are looking for until we found JustChinait. We couldn't be happier with JustChinait! We are educated. We know that they are truly committed and taking us to the next level.
After several years of looking and trying various China sourcing service providers, we came upon JustChinait and never looked back. Our Importing purchasers take the time to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities we face and how to game. We are completely confident in JustChinait's ability to continue to lead us to buy from China.
Feel confident that JustChinait has added value to our business. They are always responsive to our requirements.
JustChinait is a spectacular China friend. I think it's more than a partner because, in addition to delivering excellent back-end work on our importing, they have educated and empowered us to make full use of China.
I've been working with JustChinait for several years, and my company has changed and grown significantly in that time. They have guided my buying and shipping to help fuel this growth, and JustChinait takes on each working as though they are part of my business. I'm very pleased with what they did and would definitely recommend them.
JustChinait is very timely with their service to our needs. We have better-controlled orders delivery, and we are very pleased with the work they have done for us.
JustChinait is so helpful. It's the only company that teaches me how to buy from China, not just fulfill my order. JustChinait is exceptional to work with.
I would recommend JustChinait, to anyone interested in buying or shipping from China. They've been a pleasure to work with. It definitely will be a long-standing relationship with JustChinait.
I worked with some other sourcing companies in the past, but JustChinait is the first one that really works for growth!
JustChinait has been a breath of fresh air. We hired the right experts to get our importing go through. We feel like it is a true partnership with a positive win-win faith!
I have been impressed with the JustChinait service. They guarantee a high ROI, and I am already seeing it within 4 hours.
Although we have only been working with JustChinait for four weeks, I have already seen the growth and experience are much better than all of the prior sourcing companies I have used before. It would be a long-lasting relationship with JustChinait.
Head of importing developmentPHONE HOLDER COMPANY
JustChinait delivered real and honest manufacturers from industry experts and helped every step for our success.
JustChinait is a great resource for small companies, especially for those who do not have a local office in China. It really makes a difference and profits growth.
I have used several sourcing and shipping companies in the past, and JustChinait seems to have a more comprehensive approach to how to buy from China cheaper. Their customer service is also outstanding, and they are real masters.
They will take care of all your sourcing needs and be an excellent buy-from-China partner.
JustChinait is fantastic to work with! Their knowledge, experience, and consistent communication are exceptional. I never see a China company like this way.
Made in China is a complicated thing and is, very frequently, a moving target. I think JustChinait has done a great job at reach the right supplier and deliver the orders to my hands.
Director of SourcingCLOG COMPANY
JustChinait is really professionals. We have had little problems, and when we did, they were handled quickly and perfectly and to our satisfaction. Additionally, JustChinait has simply made the most complicated aspect of our business simple.
Trading CoordinatorPHONE CASE COMPANY
JustChinait's team members are very professional and happy to work with! They definitely bring a lot to the table for the company that needs help buying and shipping from China.
JustChinait's process is impressive. They are dedicated to working diligently to get transparency in the right place. In this way, they guarantee a good ROI, which can be seen very fast.
Importing DirectorHANDBAG COMPANY
Since we have formed with JustChinait, we have had positive, high-profit feedback growing across the board. All the people we have worked with have been very good and have made a great effort to know what the business is about to offer it the most incredible possible growth.
From minute one, our buying has generated profits that are increasing.
Sourcing SpecialistTABLET COMPANY
We have a partner who is an expert and good at managing orders. This means that the best price can be provided to your needs, together with the thoroughness in delivering the product. This company has understood our business very well, in this way, it can support us and the efforts of all the partners we have.
Sourcing ManagerUSB HUB COMPANY
We have been working with them for several years. First with an initiative of ours, then with another project. In both cases, the consultants assigned to our business were excellent. They usually deliver everything before it is provided and offer more than what we initially expected. They adjust to the needs and need to find all kinds of ways that can improve everything. The level of professionalism is perfect. Integrity is an exception too. Only take new initiatives when you feel that the profits will be exceptional, so they are highly recommended.
It has been a good experience working with JustChinait. They know all from buying to shipping.
The company's customer service representative works tirelessly to keep everything up to date. It is impressive that he can be aware of everything you need.
The company has very sophisticated processes and complete monitoring. The level of care is overwhelming, along with the service that the company involves.
It is a great experience working with them. They know perfectly everything they have to take into account so that everything goes correctly.
Sourcing ManagerSHOES COMPANY
Some time ago, we had the mistake of hiring a guy located in China to help us sourcing. But after all this, we have noticed that the company does not appear in the profit growth or make more accessible. Therefore, we decided to contact JusChinait. When it took over our sourcing, we could notice the change.
This company is worth every penny that is paid for its services without delay. They left us in a coma due to the lack of millions of dollars of cooperation. I would recommend everyone to work with them.
Thanks to them for providing excellent customer service. The work performed or far exceeds expectations. Our business profit has improved and continues to do so today.
Working with them is recommended and has been a great pleasure. Above all, I recommend it to those companies that seek to make purchasing from China more effortless and more profitable.
Director of Importing DepartmentSMART SECURITY CAMERA COMPANY
I've only been working with JustChinait for a couple of days, but they have provided us with the best suppliers for our business. I am delighted with how things are going when we have started a project with the team working in the best possible way and continuously, keeping us well informed of all those steps carried out and how it is going in its state.
You can rest easy knowing that they have the best company in mind and will continue to work hard to help you achieve your goals and be the most successful in the business.
The JustChinait team has decreased 54%, and it is the best I have seen. It is perfect to work with this team, especially in China companies, who can say that they deliver and will not. This company does.
Sourcing SpecialistINSOLES COMPANY
I will highly recommend that the company you are looking for put the profit growth in the first. Everything is managed intelligently. We are going to consider team members at this time, not just hiring the agency's help.
The service is good, and I am happy with them. It is a company that knows very well what it has to do and gives you an advantage over competitors.
Director of DevelopmentFACE MASK COMPANY
We were looking for a new product, so we tried to find the right company and take care of all this, JustChinait. So far, the experiences have not been the best, but we have seen a substantial change forward by changing here. It is undoubtedly recommended.

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