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China Warehouse Solution

I used to consolidate, rework, put the label and repack in my country. The separated shipping freight, labor cost, stock, and storage fee eat 50% of my net profit. I could keep the least stock with the China warehouse and outsource everything in China. It's the most cutting-edge competitive advantage today.
-Jeremy. H
Looking for a better way to consolidate, quality control, and rework your China products? Look no further than our China warehouse! Our one-stop solution is tailored to your specific needs, so you can rest assured that your products are in good hands. From consolidating and reworking to shipping and logistics, we have you covered.

Is This You?

I am worried about the quality, need 3rd party to check the quality before shipping. And there are related to many different suppliers.
I buy from many different suppliers and need to consolidate my orders.
I am sending the orders to my client directly, and I don't want to give out my supplier information.
I need to prepare goods for delivery according to an order, it's included with a few different suppliers.
I need some labor to rework, put labels and repack my products.

I Get It

The New Battlefield: Supply Chain Competition.

The old rules of competition no longer apply. In today's global marketplace, the competition is no longer just about who can make the best product and offer the low price. It's about who can do better on their supply chain. Such as minimizing inventory, reducing logistics costs, and improving quality control.

Many customers used to rework, pack, and label their orders at the destination. Also, they shipped their orders separately. Nowadays, more and more customers are starting to outsource everything to China and trying to consolidate for delivery.

Then they need a trusted and efficient China warehouse to help them empower their supply chain. So, I have created one-stop warehousing in China.

How Do We Really Take You to Succeed?

Our China warehouse solution works in 4 easy steps.

You share with us your planned requirement.
We will get you the best solution, quote, and sign the contract.
You settle the payment for the service you need.
We will fulfill everything against your requirement.

Feature of Warehouse Solution

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Safe and Reliable
It's frustrating and helpless with lost or damage when using warehouses. We understand safe and reliable are the bottom line for a warehouse. So, our warehouse service guarantees that your cargo will never go missing or be damaged. Our 7x24 monitoring system and experienced team would ensure it.
Efficient and Accurate
We're working hard to get our warehouse service to be second to none. The proudest point is that we can efficiently and accurately fulfill your requirement within a few hours efficiently and accurately. No matter what kind of actions you need to satisfy your clients or decrease your cost. With our help, your business will be able to thrive and reach new levels of success.
Convenient and Nationwide
We take our warehouse location very seriously; we spent years researching and confirming the best place. All for easy and fast receiving, reworking, repacking, and shipping out. No matter where your suppliers are located or what you need us to help you with, we can meet your needs and help you do more.
We always use the best location for our warehouse, so we can offer a very reasonable warehousing fee. You can highly benefit from it and save a lot of money in the long run. If you're tired of overspending on storage fees and shipping charges, then our warehouse service is perfect for you!
Flexible Contract
You know the drill: you sign a long-term contract for warehouse space, only to find that your storage needs fluctuate monthly, even weekly. The result is an overpriced, inflexible storage solution that creates more headaches than it solves. Our contracts are flexible, and you can rent for as little as one day.
No Hidden Charge
Are you tired of paying hidden fees for warehouse services? Well, fret no more! Our service is transparent, and there are no hidden charges. You pay exactly what you see. That's because we believe in transparency and giving our clients the best possible value for their money.

Support You Can Get from Our Warehouse Solution

Thanks for considering our company for your customized services needs!
We know that every business is unique and has specific service needs.
Whether you need help with reworking, repacking, consolidating, shipping, or anything in between, our team is here to help.

1) Take Delivery and Storage.

We will receive your cargo from your multiple suppliers and keep them in stock. If you want, we can arrange the pick-up from your suppliers. Pick-up would cost an extra charge.

2) Quality Inspection.

Once your cargo arrived at our warehouse, we will do the quality checking and send you a report. If there are anything quality issues found, we will let you know, and help you ask exchange with your suppliers. Quality checking would cost an extra charge.

3) Rework, Label and Repack.

You can use our warehouse team to help you rework your products. Such as put labels, making price labels, putting barcode stickers, packing them with customized packages, changing cartons, etc. Any work at our warehouse would cost an extra charge.

4) Order Fulfillment

You can use our team to consolidate or split your packages and products. We can help you pick up some pieces and repack them against your orders, then ship them to your client directly.

5) Arrange Delivery

Our shipping team can help you combine your package into one big shipment, and ship them to you. We will follow up on the whole process till you have it at your door

China Warehouse Solution Pricing

Total Weight

Storage Charge

Unloading and Loading fee

Less than 21KG

They have a whole great pick and pack services China team of experts who work quickly on the China warehouse needs of your business.

We are super happy for the China warehouse service. Just trust what I say. They are worth a try. From sourcing better suppliers and prices, get the best seller, consolidated shipping, use them now, and watch the business grow.

Director of China Sourcing
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FAQs About Our Warehouse Solutions

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We do our best to proudly offer the most outstanding value in the industry. Even with competitive pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we want this to be a risk-free decision for you. We wish to allow you to get started with a free trial.

Bonus #1

30days of free
warehouse storage.

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30suppliers of free
Order consolidation.

Bonus #3

30packages of free

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