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JUSTCHINAIT is a leading provider of China warehouse services for foreign buyers. Are you in the process of importing goods from China? Then we are the go-to company for professional warehousing, fulfillment, and International shipping services.

We have an in-house team of logistics, sourcing, and shipping experts. These professionals will help tailor our China warehouse services to your business needs.

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Grow Your Business With Professional china Warehouse Management

China warehouse is a vital part of the supply chain in any business. China warehouse shipping requires you to choose the best infrastructure and location to improve operations and reduce lead times. We have the expertise needed to deliver your orders just the way you want them when you need China warehouse.

Thanks to our world - class China warehouse and order fulfillment services, we have helped many businesses meet seasonal changes in demand.

Check out our detailed pricing structure for all China warehouse services, ranging from sourcing and trading to shipping and logistics.  Get to know the complete range of China warehouse services we offer for a seamless experience when importing goods from China.

Our experts will help choose the best China warehouse space, equipment, and technologies to meet your needs. Are you ready to get some of the best China warehouse and order fulfillment services in China? Contact us online today.  A China warehouse and pick and pack services China will be in touch to assess your needs.

We understand — sometimes you prefer to speak directly to the source. To speak with a Made in China expert about our sourcing and shipping services, feel free to reach us at:

Director of China Sourcing

They have a whole great pick and pack services China team of experts who work quickly on the China warehouse needs of your business.

We are super happy for the China warehouse service. Just trust what I say. They are worth a try. From sourcing better suppliers and prices, get the best seller, consolidated shipping, use them now, and watch the business grow.

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Unlock Your Potential with JUSTCHINAIT Warehousing Services

For more than 11 years, we have been offering value-added warehousing services to foreign buyers. We have thousands of square feet of warehousing space across China. Simply put, we have more than enough space to store your products safely.

Should your order require more space than we have, we can still get more space through strategic partnerships. You will get China order fulfillment and warehousing solutions of the right size, at the right place, and for just the right length of time. To achieve this, we offer a flexible warehousing model that is customizable pick and pack services China to your business needs.

Such aspects ensure that foreign buyers get flawless end-to-end storage and delivery solutions. Again, we only use a few logistic service providers. The use of fewer logistic partners has helped to reduce the complexity of our warehousing process. With our China warehouse shipping services, you will have outsourced the vital China warehouse processes to the professionals.

We will optimize all the China warehouse processes to offer your business a streamlined supply chain. Such efforts can help you reduce warehousing costs and errors and achieve a near-perfect order rate.

We also have different types of China warehouse spaces to meet different needs.

For instance, you can choose to have a private, public, consolidated, or a bonded warehouse. Our professionals will help you choose only the warehousing services, technologies, and infrastructure you need. Most of our customers love our simplified China warehouse layout, design, procedures, and processes.

Why is Our China Warehouse Management Service Second to None?

When importing products from China, the best warehousing process can add value to your supply chain. Think of it as a node that links the flow of products between the suppliers and your business. In today's competitive business world, you will need the best warehousing services to stand out.

We will ensure that you get the right machinery and logistics partners in China for an efficient supply chain. Our China warehouse and China order fulfillment experts will work with you to find a solution that works best for your business.

Here are other aspects that make us stand out from other warehousing service providers in China:

1. Staff Screening and Training

When hiring, we screen all our China warehouse employees to ensure that they are qualified for their posts. All our workers are skilled and experienced in their fields of operation. These go a long way in improving workplace safety and efficiency.

We also train and test the employees from time to time. Training ensures that the employees are conversant with our safety protocols.

2. Heightened Level of Security

Throughout history, thieves have been targeting warehouses. China warehouses that store high-value products are often a target for thieves. China is no exception to this trend. To prevent this from happening at our premises, we employ world-class security systems and measures.

A layered security system has been helping us to prevent cargo theft during storage. To begin with, we have installed surveillance cameras at our premises. Our security team carries out patrols now and then.

We have also installed access control and alarm systems at our China warehouses. We even have specialized cargo cages that we use to store high-value items. Our security measures do not stop at that. We employ other security measures that are unique to our company.

We regularly test and improve our security measures to ensure that your goods are safe and secure during storage. Rest assured that your cargo is safe and secure with us.

3. Closeness to Markets

Our premises occur in well-connected areas that have easy access to roads and railways. This connection to transport lines allows for easy movement of goods into and out of the warehouses. Our logistics partners have an easy time moving goods from suppliers to our China warehouses.

Similarly, we have an easy time moving your products from our warehouses to any sea or airport in the country. Such proximity has helped us to cut on transport costs and time.

4. Storage Space

We have enough storage space at our premises. You will find everything in the warehouses neatly arranged. As such, we can use the storage space efficiently.

Again, it makes it easy for us to locate and move items in and out of the warehouse. By so doing, we also prevent damage to your goods during storage.

5. Parking Space

We have plenty of parking space at our premises. We use this space for the parking and movement of vehicles transporting your cargo.

By optimizing and reserving some spots, we ensure that there is always free space for loading and offloading cargo.

6. Emergency Protocols

At JUSTCHINA IT, we understand that an accident can happen at any given time. Should that happen, we have ways to cover you against loss. We have procedures to protect your cargo in the event of an accident.

You will be glad to know that our protocols are compliant with industry standards. We only use tested and approved protocols to pick and pack services China.

What Do Our China Warehouse Management Services Include?

Our objective is to offer foreign buyers a cost-efficient way to source and store their goods. We charge a low, all-inclusive price for all our warehousing services. We optimize the process at every stage to streamline your supply chain.

These are the pick and pack services China we offer:

  • Receiving Service

Receiving is the first and one of the vital processes in our pick and pack services China. Our staff checks to ensure that they have received the right products. We will also ascertain that the products are in the correct quantity and condition before accepting them.

We have optimized pick and pack services China process to ensure that we receive cargo correctly and effectively. We also have the ideal facilities and machinery. For instance, the conveyors and pallet trucks help prevent the accumulation of stock at the receiving docks.

We also employ the appropriate technologies to help us anticipate upcoming shipments and plan accordingly.

  • Put-Away

The received goods are verified at the receiving dock. Our workers then sort the products according to their storage needs. Thereafter, they move each item to its most ideal location in the warehouse. This prevents damage to your products and ensures proper storage.

This also makes it easy to locate and retrieve the items when the time comes.

  • Storage

As part of the warehousing process, we sort and place your goods into the most appropriate storage space. This makes it easy for us to retrieve them when the time comes. It also helps prevent damage to fragile goods during storage and improves labor efficiency.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are then tracked closely to further optimize storage in our warehouses. We have the right software that automatically tracks the right KPIs to help us understand how efficient each process is.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art warehouse storage system, we have been able to maximize the vertical and horizontal spaces for enhanced warehouse efficiency.

  • Picking

This is the process we use to collect the items we have in the warehouses while fulfilling customer orders. This is the costliest process in a warehouse, accounting for up to 55% of the overall expense. We have found ways to optimize this process and reduce associated costs significantly.

We have also streamlined the process to achieve higher accuracy and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Packing

This is where we consolidate the picked items in your sales order and prepare them to be shipped to your location. We take all the necessary precautions to minimize damages to the products as much as possible.

Again, we keep packaging light enough to avoid increasing the weight of the goods—which would increase shipment costs.

  • china warehouse shipping

This is the last of our warehousing services, in which the goods are transported to your location. We only consider China warehouse shipping to be successful when the right order is sorted, loaded onto the shipping vessel, and dispatched to the right customer. We also ensure that every order is transported using the right mode and delivered safely to the buyer on time.

Why is JUSTCHINAIT One of the best China Warehouse Management Service Providers?

We have some of the best cargo handling and storage procedures in the industry. Our track record speaks for itself.

So, what exactly makes us stand out from our competitors?

1. Transparent Pay-Per-Day Pricing Structure

In line with our transparency standards, we let our customers know exactly what they are paying for. You can see this in the pricing structure you will get from us. After all, the objective is to offer the best services at the lowest price point, right?

With our comprehensive range of products and services, you will always get the best quality at the lowest price point. Furthermore, our quotes are well illustrated and broken down to show every single charge. Using quoted prices means that every customer is charged for only what they need.

The quote you get from us is self-explanatory in that it explains every single thing we charge you for. We'll listen to your storage and fulfillment needs then piece together a plan that best meets them.

With such a sourcing partner, you can rest assured that your interests are taken care of.

2. We Handle Your Cargo as if It was Ours

Truth be told, most of the damage to goods in transit occurs as a result of poor handling. You will have peace of mind knowing that your products are being handled with utmost care. Just like our quotes, our services are personalized. This is to say that every item will get the kind of handling and storage it requires.

Once we have received your products, we will sort them out to ascertain the storage and handling needs of each item. Specialized handling and storage prevent the products from getting damaged while in storage. This means that you will get your goods in perfect condition.

We even have purpose-built sections in our warehouses. We use these sections to store hazardous products. We also observe strict safety standards when handling such products.

Finally, we keep an accurate track of the items in our warehouses. We monitor the products progressively to ensure that they are stored in the right conditions. We monitor your products to ensure that they are stored in the right conditions.

3. We Rework Your Cargo

Damage to items during storage and China warehouse shipping is a major problem for foreign buyers who wish to import from China.  As much as 10% of e-commerce merchandise arrives damaged. Much of this damage is caused by poor handling and storage of goods.

Each item under our care gets the kind of handling and care it deserves. This goes a long way in preventing damage to your products during storage. As part of the packing process, we assess the packaging needs of your products. We often have to rework the packaging to prevent damage to the products as they are being shipped to your destination.

For example, we use polybags above the packaging of a product to prevent it from water damage. For smaller items, we often use padded mailers for enhanced protection. When shipping heavier items, we may use corrugated boxes or flat-rate mailer boxes.

Would you like to have two fragile items shipped together? If so, we will introduce partitions between them. This prevents them from knocking against each other while they are being transported. If this does not seem to solve the problem, we may result to shopping the fragile items separately. We need to isolate liquid products from the rest of the consignment.

We may even decide to wrap them in polybags to prevent spillage. Cargo damage can also be caused by human error. To avoid this, we label products before they are stored or shipped. For instance, using signs like "FRAGILE" and "This Side Up" ensures that each item gets the attention it needs.

4. We Consolidate or Split Your Cargo

Are you looking for a cheap and efficient way to import goods from China? Well, our Cargo consolidation services can save you both time and money. This is where we combine smaller consignments and ship them as a single load.

This is a great service for importers who cannot afford a full container load (FCL). Consolidating your cargo allows you to enjoy the benefits of importing products in bulk. With larger loads, you end up paying less shipping cost per unit. What’s more, you only pay a fraction of the total--proportional to the weight and volume of your cargo.

We also offer cargo splitting services when you need them. This is done to resize overweight loads or to meet airline requirements for weight balance.

Just place a shipping request to have your freight split or consolidated and we will get it done at a moment’s notice.

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5. We Send You Weekly Reports

Get to know your cargo location and condition at any given moment. We will send you detailed reports every week. The objective here is to keep you on top of the importation process. As such, we will send you real-time inventory, progress, and delivery status reports from time to time.

This way, you can stay up to date on the shipping status and know when your products are entering or leaving our warehouses.

6 Ways China Warehousing Can Be of Help to Your Business

Are you looking for an easy and cost-efficient way to add resilience to your supply chain? This is what you get with our warehousing services. We also make it easy for you to scale your operations and reap great benefits in the long run.

Here are the top six benefits you will get with our warehousing services:

It's an Essential Transfer Station

Having a reliable warehouse in China serves as a central location for you to store your products. It is a place where you can receive orders, store items, and distribute your merchandise. These are important factors as far as the stability of a supply chain is concerned.

With professional warehousing services, you will get your products in time, in perfect condition, and save money while at them. Get professional help with all your sorting, picking, packing, storing, and dispatching needs. We will do all these for you at an affordable rate.

With our help, you will have a place to store your products when the demand is low. Just entrust us with your products and get them back in perfect condition whenever you need them. Are you considering importing products from China? Then we can help you stabilize your supply chain.

It Saves Your Freight Costs

More businesses are looking for a stable way to deal with fluctuating customer demands and save on shipping costs. This is now possible with our warehousing and shipping services. We seek to lower the costs you incur for logistical operations in China.

Just like many other importers, you can save some money by outsourcing your warehousing needs to us. Our professional warehousing is just what you need to gain control over the fast-growing sales in your business. As a third-party warehousing and logistics partner for your business, we will manage almost every aspect of your supply chain and save you money.

This way, you can focus on your core business while ensuring excellent customer experience as far as order delivery is concerned. For us, logistics costs mainly depend on the volume of merchandise and time. As such, you can achieve economies of scale with standardization, frequent task, and higher volumes along the supply chain.

This can result in reduced time per fulfilled order and reduced logistics cost for your business.

It's Flexible

As compared to even the best in-house warehousing solutions, third-party warehousing and logistics provider is more flexible and efficient. At JUST CHINA IT, we offer some of the best warehousing and order fulfillment services in china at flexible terms.

Whether you are a startup business, mid-size, or multi-location chain business, our flexible warehousing can help unlock new opportunities. By letting us optimize your supply chain and distribution, you can effectively boost business growth and maximize your profitability.

We combine different warehousing machinery, locations, and technologies to match every client’s needs. Such a flexible warehousing model has been helping different businesses to scale their operations within a fully demand-oriented manner.

We will ensure that you get easy access to professional warehousing, order fulfillment, and logistics services that best fit your order needs.

You Can Easily Manage Products from Different Suppliers

Whether you are using our China wholesale service or just sourcing for products from China, We will ensure that get what you need. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to import multiple product categories. In such a case, we can source and even pick your items from the different manufacturers and bring them to our warehouses.

Upon request, we can then consolidate the various products into a single consignment before shipping. This will save you a considerable amount of money and time in shipment costs.

Offers an Easy Way to Manage Your Supply Chain

The data-driven approach we use in our warehouses makes it easy for you to manage even the more complex supply chains. It gives our customers end-to-end visibility into the flow of services, information, and goods throughout the supply chain.

That said, data isn’t the only thing that affects the efficiency of supply chain management. We will work with you to understand the core processes, metrics, and long-term business goals. This way, we will be in a better position to deliver the right products to the right location at the right time.

We have an extensive network of reliable suppliers and only work with the right logistic partners. This gives us control over deliveries. It means that we can get you the products you need to your location at the right time. With such a partner in your business, you will never experience delays or product outages.

Again, we use some of the best cost control strategies to help importers manage their supply chains more efficiently.

It Increases Profit

The best warehousing and China order fulfillment (3PL) provider can improve the utility value for your products. It will also centralize your storage and distribution, hence reduce operational costs.

Working with a 3PL provider reduces your need for warehousing equipment, technology, and employees. This will have a direct cost-saving effect on your bottom line by lowering the cost of transportation and utilities.

At JUST CHINA IT, we offer several other value-adding services. For instance, we offer cargo consolidation/split, packaging of products, receiving, and cross-docking services. All these take place under the same roof, which adds value to your overall logistics system.

We will help you improve the efficiency of your operations with swift order fulfillment and flexible short and long-term storage solutions. Customer satisfaction is one of the metrics that drive profitability and business growth. We only use the best China warehouse shipping solutions to boost performance trade-offs and reduce shipping costs.

This also guarantees timely delivery of products, which has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction in your business. Our warehousing and order fulfillment services are designed to achieve just that and help foreign buyers boost their profitability.

Why Should You Work with a China Warehouse Agency?

There are many reasons why you should outsource your warehousing needs to specialists. First, it will streamline your efficiencies and reduce your operating costs. Secondly, it gives you access to the supply chain and logistics expertise you need to succeed.

Here are other benefits you will get with our world-class warehouse and China order fulfillment services:

Skip Hiring Someone for All Your China Warehouse Things

Running in-house warehouse and order fulfillment services in China is not practical for many foreign buyers. With time, such an undertaking will prove to be cumbersome and costly. This is why more buyers are working with third-party warehouse service providers.

With our warehousing and order fulfillment service, you don’t need to do a thing. Our professionals will handle all the required schedules, policies, logistics, and regulations on your behalf. We will also keep you updated on the progress.

Our warehouses have easy access to the major transport channels. This has helped our customers to lower their logistics expenses. Transfer your warehousing and order fulfillment responsibility to the experts.

It Saves You Time and Money

Outsourcing your China warehouse management services will save you a lot of time. You could use this time to manage and strengthen your core business functions. Working with our experts, you can tailor our services to your needs and reduce the overhead expenses.

Our services allow you to share China warehouse facilities and use an outsourced workforce. These will result in instant savings on your bottom line. We will help you move your China warehouse costs from a fixed amount to a variable expense—depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Our flexible warehouse service model has helped importers achieve cost savings in different ways. For example, it improves productivity in terms of labor optimization, automation, and process design. Our shipping experts will work with you to choose the right shipping mode and service level at the right cost.

All these will result in direct cost savings for your business when sourcing from China.

Improved Scalability

Our complete range of services is designed to offer you the flexibility you need to set up and scale your operations. With our help, you will have an easy time growing into new markets to serve new and diverse customers.

Our experts in the field can help synchronize inventory across all your supply chain levels. Leverage our Omni-channel distribution, warehousing, and China order fulfillment to reduce your inventory carrying cost.

We possess the right skill set to continually streamline your operational processes according to demand changes. Our range of value-added processes allows us to modify orders and consignments to your specific business needs.

Let us help you scale your supply chain to meet customer demands and lower costs.

They’re the Exporting Experts

Expertise is the other reason you should use our China warehouse management and China order fulfillment services. Apply our skilled resources and talent to source the best products in China, store them, and Ship them to your location at an affordable rate.

Our experts will offer you specialized knowledge of the industry for improved productivity and efficiency in your business. At JUST CHINA IT, we have been in this business for more than 11 years. This has allowed us to know the requirements for different partners, product flows, and common importing challenges.

If you are having a problem importing from China, chances are that we have dealt with such a problem before. This is why we know how to best deal with various scenarios that may arise while importing goods from China.

Our experts can also help you optimize your supply chain processes, and continuously improve productivity, efficiency, and reduce cost.

FAQs About China Warehouse Management Services

What is a Warehouse in China?

A China warehouse is essentially a building where products are temporarily stored before they are shipped to another location. Different third-party logistics companies are known to offer this service to foreign buyers importing items from China.

Unlike our competitors, our China warehouses are specialized to handle different types of products safely and securely. For instance, we have specialized sections for storing hazardous materials. Some of our facilities feature advanced security measures for storing high-value items.

You will never go wrong with our flexible and affordable warehousing and order fulfillment services.

What are China Warehouse Management Services?

This refers to the oversight of all the operations that take place in a China warehouse. Such operations include receiving, tracking, packaging, and storing products. In addition to these, our China warehouse management includes thorough staff training, workload planning, and management.

Additionally, we also monitor the movement of your goods to ensure that they reach you in the right condition. Even with the best China warehouse management systems, in-house warehousing cannot beat the flexibility and efficiency of our warehousing and order fulfillment services.

What do China Warehouse Services Include?

Depending on the scope of their operations, different China warehouses offer different services. With our warehousing and order fulfillment services, you will get a complete range of services to streamline your supply chain. Our services include receiving, put-away, storage, sorting, packaging, and shipping.

As a bonus, we will send you weekly reports to keep you updated on your inventory and movement status for your cargo.

How Much do China Warehouse Management Services Cost?

Running an in-house warehouse can be costly for your business. The cost will include such things as utilities, rent, opportunity costs, and inventory costs. It will also include costs related to shrinkage, perishability, pilferage, and insurance.

You will only pay a fraction of these if you choose the best warehousing service provider in China. Just contact us to get a free quote that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Are You Looking for Supply-Chain Enabled China Warehouse Management Services?

Having an in-house warehouse in China is not a viable option for most foreign buyers. This would simply be inefficient and costly for the importer. You can now reap all the benefits of sourcing from China with our professional warehousing services.

Contact us and get to know more about our integrated warehousing strategy.

Drawing on their experience, our experts can give you a detailed road map on the most effective way to build and maintain your supply chain. We offer some of the most flexible China warehouses and order fulfillment solutions to suit your business needs.

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