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I buy from multiple suppliers.
I need quality control for many small orders.
It is expensive to ship each order separately.
It's time-consuming to manage separate delivery.

How Does Our Order Consolidation Help You?

Order consolidation is the process of combining multiple orders from different suppliers into a single shipment. It can save you money on shipping costs and make it easier to track your orders and receive them all at once.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a consolidated order service:

Save money on shipping costs:
By consolidating your orders, you'll be eligible for discounted shipping rates. It is an incredible opportunity to save money, especially if you're shipping bulky or weighty items.

Save time:
By consolidating your orders, you can save time by tracking a single shipment instead of multiple shipments. It can be beneficial if you order from various suppliers or shops. Ensure the quality: We inspect your orders for quality and damage before shipping them, so you can be sure you are getting high-quality products.

Receive your orders all at once:
By consolidating your orders, you can have all of your orders delivered at once. You can track them more easily and ensure they arrive on time. It is a more convenient and seamless shopping experience.

Improve your customer satisfaction:
Using a reputable consolidated package service lets you know that your orders are being handled properly. Your orders will be inspected for quality and damage and shipped using the most reliable shipping methods. It will be less likely to experience delays or shipping errors.

If you want to save money, time, and hassle on your shipping, then a consolidated package service is a great option.

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Feature of China Order Consolidation

Complete customized consolidated solutions for all your order combination needs.

Reduced shipping costs

We can help you save money on shipping costs by consolidating your orders from multiple suppliers into a single shipment. It allows us to negotiate better freight rates and save you money on shipping fees.


We can save you time by handling all the details of the shipping process for you. It includes tracking your orders, arranging customs clearance, and delivering your goods to your door.

Quality assurance

We inspect every piece of cargo that arrives at our warehouse to ensure it meets your quality standards. Knowing that your goods are in good condition when they arrive at your destination gives you peace of mind.

Less risk of damage

We take the utmost care in handling your goods to minimize the risk of damage. We also offer insurance to protect your goods in the event of damage or loss.

Better customer experience

We understand your customers are important to you, so we ensure your orders are well-organized and protected. It gives your customers a positive experience and helps you build trust and loyalty.

No hidden charges

We are transparent and honest with our customers, so you can be sure there are no hidden charges. We will always tell you exactly what you need to pay before we ship your goods.

Nationwide coverage

We offer nationwide coverage, so you can consolidate your orders from suppliers anywhere in China. This makes it easy for you to get the products you need, no matter where they are located.

Unlimited support

We offer unlimited support to our customers. We are always available to answer your questions and help you with any problems.

What Can Our Order Consolidation Service Do for You?

Our order consolidation service can help you with every step, from analyzing your needs to delivering your goods to your door. Here are some of the specific things we can do for you:


Analyze Your Needs

We will listen to you and get the details from you, such as how many suppliers you are working with, where they are located, which is the biggest volume, the best loading port for consolidation, your concerns, and your quality standards. We will then prepare a solution to your needs and answer your questions.

Take Delivery or Pick Up Your Cargo

We can wait for your suppliers to ship the cargo to our warehouse, or we can arrange for a pick-up. Once the cargo arrives, we will check the carton quantity and the document against your information. We will take the delivery and keep everything in our stock if everything is matched. We will then send you a note including product descriptions, quantities, models, number of cartons, and photos.

Quality Checking

We will inspect your goods against your quality standards. We will open the cartons and the gift boxes, test the product function, try it, measure it, and weigh it. We will check and take photos of every detail, including the product, the logo, the gift box, the printing, the protected material, the cartons, the shipping mark, etc. We will then submit an inspection report to you.

Return and Exchange

We will help you deal with your suppliers if any failed products are found. We will share the failed evidence, explain the problem, and return and exchange the products. We will test the exchanged ones after they are sent back.

Consolidate and Repack

Once all your goods have passed quality checking, we will consolidate them into a single shipment. We will take the product from the small cartons, discard the small carton, and combine them into a bigger one. We will make every product fit tight and well protected. We will also try to make the carton smaller in volume so that it is less likely to be damaged during shipping. We will send you the updated packing list to get quoted with the shipping cost.

Arrange the Delivery and Follow-up

After we repack your goods, we will put a sticker or mark the carton so it is easy to recognize and not get lost. We will then send you the document, including the invoice and packing list. We will suggest the best shipping method and quote you the shipping cost. Once it is confirmed, we will proceed with the delivery. We will also get the certificate of origin and send it to you if needed. We will follow up the whole process from start to finish until you have your cargo arrive at your door.
JustChinait has been great to work with to improve our China purchase and delivery. The team has learned much from their expertise, and I have already recommended them to friends.
JustChinait gives us more options and necessary help to my shopify business than I ever thought existed. The order consolidation solution is the next level.
JustChinait joined us and created an excellent plan for our delivery, worked hard on the whole procedure for us, and had excellent communication with my suppliers. Finally, everything became easy.

    What Makes Our China Consolidation Service Better than the Competition?

    China nationwide support

    We can consolidate your orders from suppliers anywhere in China, which makes it easy for you to get the products you need, no matter where they are located.


    Our remarkable team of industry veterans has an unparalleled understanding of the China consolidation market, so we can help you find the best possible solutions to your needs.

    Competitive pricing

    We offer competitive pricing on our China consolidation services, so you can save money on your shipping costs without sacrificing quality or service.


    We are incredibly flexible and excited to meet your specific needs. We look forward to working with you to create a solution that suits your unique requirements perfectly.


    We are transparent in our pricing and terms, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

    Excellent customer service

    Our team prides itself on providing first-class customer service, ensuring we can respond promptly to your inquiries and assist you with any challenges.

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