The Shipping Agency that Drives Profit Growth with Shipping from China

JustChinait is your best bet if you want to opt for a China shipping agency. We help international buyers ship their cargo from China to their port, airport, or door. With the cost-effective products and services from China, you can drive your profits to grow.

We connect you to suitable carriers, get you the best rates, and then deliver the right quality products. Get dedicated teams who will be responsible for rendering the services to your business.


Grow With A Full-Service Shipping Agency

To grow with a full-service shipping agency. First, you need an agency that understands your business. So, to provide the best services. A full-service shipping agency will handle all your trade-related issues in other parts of the world.

When you hire JustChinait for full-service shipping or shipping from China, we connect you with our verified manufacturers and traders. This interaction will get you the best opportunity to grow as a business. We bring you the best prices and ensure quality products' delivery in time. Grow your business with services that add value to your business.

How Our Shipping Agency Makes Your Delivery Well Organized

To our shipping agency, every order matters, no matter how small or big. We connect you to manufacturers and deliver the products to the provided address. We are always on the lookout for the quality of the products. Our unique team visits the manufacturer to check the quality in person when your order gets prepared.

We understand that you trust us for quality deliveries, so that is never compromised. The team schedules your shipment to your location. All the export documentation completes on time. So, you face no difficulties on the way.

Deliver Anywhere With Our Shipping Agency

Partnering with JustChinait provides you instant access to the entire world. You name the place, and we deliver it. Most of our customers are from the USA and Europe. However, we successfully have made deliveries across seven continents.

We use multiple mediums to deliver the shipments. We use express, air, rail, and sea to get your shipment to reach you in time. International buyers who want urgent deliveries are also getting accommodated here. We closely work with our customers to ensure their satisfaction and to be the best China shipping agent.

Explore Our Shipping Agency's Case Studies

Browsing our case studies, you can learn how our China shipping agency drives profit growth for businesses from various industries. Please read what our clients have to say about our services and how we have helped them power their growth. Their experiences will help you make the right decision for your business.

Everything You Need

JustChinait is your one-stop shop when it comes to shipping from China. You can quickly access several benefits and skillsets when you have us as your partners. We have solid 12 years of experience serving as a shipping agency. Through these years, we have helped tens of thousands of international customers and businesses to grow.

Our shipping agency has everything you need, wherever you reside. We get you the best prices from well-rated manufacturers. We follow through with the process to guarantee the services we promised and deliver on time.

Contact Our Shipping Team For A Fast Quote

Do you want to learn more about our pricing and packages?

Then, feel free to contact us. We will share a quick quote with you.

How Our Shipping Agency's Services Work

You can connect with the best manufacturers in China, but it is useless if you cannot get the shipping on time.

Here's a preview of what our shipping services look like:

1) Our shipping firm discovers your weighty and volumetric product

We always work at our best capacity to get you top-notch shipping services. When your order is ready to be shipped, we pay special attention to the weighty volumetric products. We know you will pay much more on the shipment if the products are heavier than the standard deliveries.

Our team is tactical in this. Rather than using the gross weight, we consider the volumetric weight on heavier items. Volumetric weight based on the space package takes more than the actual space. That saves customers a lot.

2) Our shipping company gets you the best shipping solutions for your timing.

JustChinait is committed to getting the best possible shipping solutions to the customers. Share your requirements with us, and our team will get you a quote in less than 4 hours.

We are also available if you are looking for fast shipping services. We deliver the quickest shipping services with our express deliveries. We make sure that your shipment reaches you in record duration. This service is specifically designed for customers who want us to meet their urgent deadlines.

3) Our shipping agency consolidates cargo or splits them.

We help foreign buyers to store their products purchased from China and consolidate or split them for delivery. No matter if your orders are with different manufacturers. We will use our warehouse services to store your products until all of the shipment arrives. Then we converge them before sending them your way.

One of our customers asked for products from 27 different suppliers. We waited three weeks for all the products to arrive; Finally, our team merged these goods into one delivery.

Similarly, we can help you by splitting the cargo into multiple shipments if need be; we work under your guidance.

4) Our shipping firm analyzes the delivery performance.

We closely observe each delivery to ensure it reaches its destination on time. In case of an urgent order, we use express or air channels to ensure timely delivery. No matter the components, each shipment is handled with extreme care.

Our team takes complete responsibility for getting the shipment safely to you. Furthermore, in case of any damage, the liability is on us.

5) Our shipping company provides reports against each delivery.

JustChinait pays special attention to the quality of the shipment. That is why each delivery is followed with a report. This report helps us to improve future deliveries. It also allows instant feedback on the delivery made.

We always work in the customers' best interest. A faulty delivery would mean losing a valuable customer. Losing a customer means that we have failed as a whole. As the best China shipping agent, that is what we do not want for our company. The report also helps us to check the manufacturers who work with us. After negative feedback from the customer, we discontinue working with fraudulent manufacturers.

FAQs About Our Shipping Company's Services

1) Can I trust you with my order?

We have been in the business for the last 12 years and have catered to more than ten thousand customers. We have partnered with famous companies like Falabella, Walmart, and Cencosud. We only take orders that we are confident we can manage. Through the years, we have managed to ensure 100% client satisfaction. You don't have to take our word for it; instead, trust us with a small order and decide for yourself.

2) Which Shipping channels does your Shipping agency use?

As one of the leading shipping companies in the industry, our shipping channels include express, air, rail, and sea. You can choose one that suits your requirements. The pricing and packages for each channel are different. The delivery time for each shipping channel is also varied.

3) How is shipping done to the USA and Europe since they are so far away?

Shipping from China to the USA and Europe gets done through air, rail, and sea via our shipping agencies. As our customers' testimonials say, we provide the fastest shipping from China to the USA and Europe. Cheapest shipping to China and fastest shipping from China to the USA or any part of the world is all that gets done here.

4) Can we track our orders while shipping?

Track shipping from China and cheapest shipping from China to the USA, Europe, and all other parts of the world is why businesses love to work with us. They need to track shipping from China because they have their deadlines, and they look at us for the fastest shipping from China, but unlike the China Marine shipping agency, for the lowest prices.

5) How much time will you require to get me a quote?

We take up to 4 hours to get an accurate quotation and supplier information. We ensure we bring only precise information when we present you with a quote or "How to find yourself a shipping agent" information. That is why we might take a little longer than our competitors. Any information that you get through our sources is 100% accurate.

6) Is there any time of the season when the deliveries are slow?

The Chinese market has two peak seasons in the year, and that is when we have the most orders. Though we try our best to eliminate any delays. In case of any delay, the customer gets informed timely. Our two peak seasons are:

  • Mid-August through Mid-October
  • January to February Chinese New year

7) Does JustChinait have any case studies?

Yes, our case studies are evidence of our top-notch services.

Case Study 1

Puregear mainly uses screen protectors, phone cases, power banks, audio devices, car parts, phone mounts, etc.

They had no prior experience in plastic product manufacturing. That is why Puregear needed a company committed to Universal Phone Mount production. As a result, JustChinait was able to find a mobile phone holder supplier for Puregear in less than four hours.

Case Study 2

Jenskin is a French customer. He mainly sells 3C consumer products. Before Christmas, he wanted to carry out promotional activities. He required 50,000 mobile phone holders in 20 days. JustChinait took it upon itself to find the right manufacturers. Through daily monitoring, we could get the orders shipped in time.

8) How much do your Shipping agency's services cost?

The service costs depend on several factors. We always encourage our customers to contact us with all the details, and we will get back with the quotes.

A question mainly asked by the USA customers is what is the exact shipping cost from China to the USA?

We have mentioned above, and we will say again that cost of many factors could vary shipping from China to the USA. Shipping from China to the USA varies as some people want the cheapest shipping to China, and they get their orders slower than those who want the fastest shipping from China to the USA. The one thing we guarantee is the service and the cheapest shipping to China while comparing shipping from China to the USA cost. That thing is never compromised, whether you want your order fast.

9) What if someone else is shipping at a lower rate?

Shipping from China could be dangerous, and our shipping agency saves you from every point of view. We provide the best shipping to China and have the best shipping agents working for us. Our price depends on several factors, and we provide the cheapest shipping to China and the fastest shipping from China to the USA and Europe, as our biggest clients are.

7+ Reasons JustChinait is The Best Shipping Agency For Your Business.

JustChinait is the best shipping agency for your business for several reasons. We are a devoted team and strive to stand out from our competitors. So far, we have been successful in doing so. Here are the top reasons for choosing us:

1) Our Shipping agency only has experienced and dedicated staff

We pay attention to the people we employ as they are the face of our company. In addition to experience and dedication, work ethic is how potential employees are judged. We invest time and money into training them throughout their work with us and train them as the best shipping agents.

2) Our Shipping firm sees you as a friend, not just a business partner.

When you choose to work with us, we don't only consider you a business partner. We put in efforts for a deeper relationship with you. We can only make the best decision in your favor when we think of you as a friend. This practice is followed here at JustChinait.

3) Our shipping company features 100+ testimonials.

More than 100 testimonials are featured on our website. If this is not enough proof of outstanding performance, what is? We always take pride in the feedback that our customers share with us. They tell us how they found us as the fastest shipping from China and how they chose our cheapest shipping to China after comparing the prices. We believe that we as a company learn more from negative feedback than the positive one. Sharing the testimonials on the website keeps us motivated. These also answer every question.

4) Our shipping agency work with the best carrier

Quality is non-negotiable and working with the best carriers in the industry shows our commitment to the cause. When you get in touch, we will bring you the best pages with the cheapest shipping to China to save you from any kind of fraud. Hiring the best carrier will ensure that you don't only get the shipment on time but also not damaged in any way.

5) Our shipping firm can consolidate or split cargo for you.

This splitting and consolidation is a feature our customers love the most. We can consolidate as well as split your shipments for you. If you have ordered from 20 different suppliers, our agency will wait until all the products are delivered. We then ship them into one single cargo consignment. Similarly, if you want us to split your cargo into different consignments, that is also done here.

6) Our shipping company provides competitive pricing.

If you are looking for competitive prices, then you are at the right place. Our pricing structure makes us stand out and stand ahead of our competition by providing the cheapest shipping to China. We charge for our quality and nothing else. Each order that you place with us is considered to be highly important. An entire team works day and night to make the timely deliveries possible to you. We price each service strategically to get you the best outcomes.

7) Our Shipping agency offers a complete set of China Importing solutions.

If you want to import some products for your business from China, JustChinait can be your partner. Our shipping agency offers a complete set of importing keys. The services range from China sourcing to warehousing. We employ several channels to get your products delivered to you. We provide the cheapest shipping to China along with the fastest shipping from China. This luxury also comes with other benefits like tracking shipping from China, finding a shipping agent in China, and helping you do the best shipping to China.

8) Our shipping firm provides turnkey services.

A turnkey service can be defined as designed, fully supplied, and ready to be used by the consumer. The consumer has to turn the key to get the benefits from the product or services. You say, we deliver.

In our case, everything will be handled by us. You only have to place an order with your desired supplier. We deal with rest. We will follow the process until the shipment reaches its destination.

Our Shipping Services Include:

Our shipping services help international customers get their orders on time by providing the fastest shipping from the USA, Europe, and all the other parts of the world. So, they do not have to worry much about the process or the quality of the products. We deliver the consignments to the ports, airports, or homes. Our shipping services are thorough.

At the time of the shipment, our team inspects the shipment to assess the quality of the products. In case of even a minor defect, shipping is halted. The products must meet all our quality requirements deliver. Cargo consolidation and split are also options we offer.

FAQs for Shipping

1) What is shipping from China?

China has become the world's business capital and reigns over world trade today. This means that consumers from all over the world are interested in shipping from China. Therefore, when you consider trade with China, you will be overwhelmed with the number of suppliers ready to render their services to you.

This type of trading also increases the chances of scamming. You will be surprised if you don't know the Chinese trading industry. When considering shipping from China, you will face two critical questions.

1.1) What are the shipping channels available?

The regular channels available for shipping from China are express, air, rail, and sea. The medium you choose will depend on the time available and the cost you are willing to pay.

1.2) How to find a shipping agent in China?

Getting a shipping agent is the most common question among all the users coming here. For that, we guide you to contact us, and we will send you a quote that will ease your way to finding the best China shipping agent.

1.3) Who will manage the shipping?

Next, you need clarity on whether you will handle the shipping yourself or hire a shipping company on your behalf. Doing it yourself suggests that you will have to get follow-ups. Check with the carriers. Also, handle all the legal aspects of the shipment yourself. For the latter, the shipping company will take on all the roles on your behalf.


2) What are some tips for choosing a China Shipping agency?

Set a Timing Goal and Budget and Stick to It

When you choose a China shipping agency, JustChinait will present you with so many options that you will be overwhelmed. It is essential to stick to your deadlines and the budget.

2.1) Look into each Shipping agency's delivery record to your destination.

Evaluating each shipping agency will individually help you to come to a decision. The most important thing for you is ensuring the shipment reaches your destination. Look at the delivery records to your destination. There is no better judge of service than the previous client. Delivery records and client testimonials will give you the exact picture.

2.2) Get to know each potential Shipping agency.

It is crucial to have your evaluation criteria and assess each agency. These evaluation criteria will be based on what is vital for your business. Each agency will have pros and cons. You have to make sure to never compromise on the non-negotiable of your business.

3) How to make shipping from China easier?

With the availability of several agencies, shipping from China has become exceedingly more straightforward. However, quite a few tips will help you find the best agencies with the best offers.

3.1) Get Quotes from Multiple Suppliers

Getting quotes from multiple suppliers is essential for time-saving and extra caution, giving you an edge over the suppliers. You will know the market rates and save you from getting scammed.

3.2) Use the Correct Packaging

You can ask your agency to use the most appropriate packaging. A good agency will most definitely comply with such a request. This luxury will only be provided when you have enough information to guide them.

3.3) Hire a Reliable Shipping Company to Handle Your Consignments

A reliable company will ensure you get your consignment in time with no damage. Moreover, it will take complete responsibility for your order, keep it safe, overlook the entire delivery process and ensure safe delivery for customer satisfaction.

3.4) Get Your Goods Insured

Before the shipping, your agency will ideally inform you of the goods' insurance. In case of an accident, if your goods are insured, you will be paid all the damages. By doing this, you keep your business on the safer side.

3.5) Consolidated Shipping is Cost-Effective

Consolidated shipping means getting goods from different suppliers, then accumulating them into one consignment, saving the costs you pay on individual orders.

3.6) Work on Building a Relationship with Shipment Companies and Suppliers

If you often trade from China, you should have a list of contacts with shipment companies and suppliers. They will help your business and get you better rates.

3.7) Utilize the Off-Season Time to Make Your Shipments and Save Time

Christmas time in the USA is the peak season; similarly, January and February, categorized as Chinese New Year, are China's peak seasons. Deliveries during this time are more expensive than the standard. Utilizing the off-season will get you a better price.

Partner With The Full-Service Shipping Agency For SMBs

With our full-service shipping agency, you can enjoy comprehensive features. We have you covered, from finding the right supplier to getting you the best price. We will serve as a contact between the consumer and the supplier. We manage everything on the consumer's behalf. Partner with JustChinait and quit worrying about the supply chain process.

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