How long does shipping from China take?

Normally, the time it takes to ship from China to the US depends on the types of shipping methods and the state of the US where the shipment is intended to reach. These shipping methods are listed below with their estimated time of delivery.

Regular Shipping: 1-2 weeks

Express Shipping: 2-7 days

Average Air shipping: 8-12 days

Sea Shipping: 24-40 days

Coronavirus is still causing delays in shipments.

Unfortunately, owing to the impact of the Coronavirus on China shipping at this time, shipment may take much longer than usual.

It’s advisable to acquire an estimate for your next shipment. This ensures preparation can begin as soon as possible if your shipment is at risk of being delayed. Our teams at JustChinait will respond to you within 24 hours. We guarantee the lowest pricing compared to other traders, suppliers, and shipping companies in the Chinese market.

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