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JustChinait is the most competitive sourcing agent Guangzhou China, as we help you access a network of wholesale clothes, watches, and bags suppliers in Guangzhou. Working with suitable and reliable suppliers makes your business in China never be challenging anymore. We ensure your orders with fewer hassles. Growing your business begins with our experienced team!

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Grow Your Business with Guangzhou sourcing agent

China is still the world's largest market for wholesale clothes and shoes. And Guangzhou is the country's most important source of cheap garments, shoes, and watches. So, it's only best that you have a presence in this city. If you don't have access yet to its guangzhou sourcing agent suppliers, then we can help you compete.

As your Guangzhou sourcing agent, we help you tap the Chinese market. We maintain a database of Guangzhou wholesale suppliers. These guangzhou wholesale markets offer a wide range of products from wholesale clothes, shoes, watches to headphones. If you work with us, we can connect you to the correct guangzhou wholesale markets. We have a sourcing process in place. Our team checks the price, product category, and in-depth analysis of customer demand. Also, you get price quotes from at least 30 suppliers. With these, it's easier to check and compare offers. And growing your business is made easier.

Are you ready to start importing products from China? Contact us with experienced sourcing professionals. Our professionals can also help you understand the sourcing strategies we use to guarantee the best quality at the lowest price points.

We understand — sometimes you prefer to speak directly to the source. To speak with a Made in China expert about our sourcing and shipping services, feel free to reach us at:
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Our JustChinait team was on top of Made-in-China solutions. The best part is our manager felt like she was one of our team members. She understood everything about our business so quickly and was able to be very efficient with our requirements. Focus on what we needed or wanted to fulfill made us feel so comfortable with the whole sourcing procedure!
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Introduction of sourcing agent guangzhou China

Did you know that Guangzhou is China’s ‘shopping paradise’? Here, you’ll find all types of garments, fashion, and electronic items at low prices. The city is home to hundreds of factories and thousands of shops. Almost everything you need is here. Whether you want wholesale clothes or low-priced headphones, you can get them here. Thanks to this unique selling point, the Guangzhou wholesale markets are popular among business owners. If you are running a wholesale business, this city should be part of your plan. Get cheap clothes and shoes from the city suppliers. And get these products with our help!

It’s time to Source from Guangzhou using JustChinaIt

For all your Guangzhou sourcing agent requirements, let JustChinaIt cover your needs. We are your eyes and ears in Guangzhou. To succeed, you partner with the correct suppliers. They should offer the best products and at low prices. JustChinaIt makes it happen. As a leading Guangzhou sourcing agent, we find the products and ship these to you.

What are Guangzhou sourcing agent services?

We are a full sourcing team. Our business solutions cover everything from supplier selection, packing, and shipping. The sourcing process starts at the first contact. We review your request and find matches using our database. From here, we ask for quotes from many suppliers. We make sure that quality, shipping, and price are set.

How JustChinaIt Can Help

Our full sourcing solution covers the Guangzhou wholesale market. The Guangzhou market online boasts a wide variety of products. Whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, watches, or electronic accessories, the market delivers. So, you want a partner who is there for you. We are an experienced team and worked with hundreds of Guangzhou online sellers. Our experience and happy clients are our guarantees! Contact us now to learn more!

We Research

It all starts with research. We assigned a manager who will work with you to begin the sourcing process. At this stage, we focus on your business, target products and prices, and suppliers. Guangzhou clothes market online shopping is made easier with us. We always start with a getting to know you stage. Then, we use our data of guangzhou sourcing agent suppliers to find matches. Finally, a supplier and price analysis follows to help you decide.

Source for Suppliers

After we list your needs, we find the right guangzhou agent suppliers. With years’ worth of experience, we have worked with thousands of clients. We have built a database of Guangzhou shoe market suppliers for many years. Using this data, our team can find the best wholesale suppliers. Our list boasts thousands of Guangzhou wholesale market suppliers of shoes, bags, and clothes. Whatever you need, we find the right guangzhou agent supplier for you!

Send Inquiries

Aside from Guangzhou sourcing agent, our manager will send inquiries to target supplies. Our target is to get lots of quotes for each product. If you are looking for Guangzhou clothing wholesale items, we aim to collect at least 30 quotes. This can help you compare, assess, and decide which supplier is best. We know the Guangzhou wholesale markets. Let our team do the work of finding your next China supplier.

Collect and Compare

After collecting multiple quotes, our team creates a report. Our manager compares the prices to bet the best set of quotes. This report lists all vendors and their prices for a product. For our Basic Plan, each proposal comes with 30 suppliers. We send this supplier list to you for checking. In this phase, you get the best quotes and the right supplier data.

We Visit

We make the Guangzhou clothes market online shopping easier. When you work with us, you don’t need to be present in China. Our team handles the legwork while you focus on growing your business. As part of our process, we visit these factories.

Some foreign buyers may not know who they are dealing with. They only work with Guangzhou wholesale markets suppliers online. What they often get is online information. And these may not be the real situation.

As a leading Guangzhou sourcing agent, we cover the ground for you. We visit the Guangzhou clothing market and factories. With this step, you only work with genuine guangzhou agent suppliers with the right skills.

Why are we the best Guangzhou sourcing agent in China?

In building an important business, it’s best to start with your sources. Where do you find your cheap clothes, shoes, and electronic items? How do you know that the guangzhou shoes online shopping supplier is legit? We understand these questions. As your Guangzhou export agent, we help you find your guangzhou wholesale shopping online suppliers, and the most comprehensive guangzhou market list.

Aside from experience, we have the skills, the network, and technology. Our team brings more than 11 years of experience in the Guangzhou sourcing business. We worked with more than 900 clients with profit growth. And our database boasts more than 90,000 wholesalers and suppliers. In short, we can easily connect you to the right Guangzhou surcing agent suppliers. Whatever product or price range you need, our team provides it for you. Also, we speak Chinese and know the culture. This means we can negotiate on your behalf. You can get quality products at cheaper prices. All these are yours even if you don't visit Guangzhou!

Why should you work with a Guangzhou sourcing agent?

The success of an importing business largely depends on the suppliers. Since Guangzhou is the center of trade, you need a team on the ground to help you. This is where a Guangzhou sourcing agent can help. The sourcing agent Guangzhou China can find the right supplier for you. With its network, the agency can easily collect multiple quotes for your business. Whether you are looking for clothes, watches, shoes, or dresses, the sourcing agent Guangzhou China delivers. Also, the team can negotiate on your behalf. Since they know the guangzhou shoes online shopping market and speak the language, you get the best deal.

Language Barrier

Our on-the-ground personnel in Shenzhen can assist you in sourcing products from Shenzhen. Due to our significant expertise in the field, we have a thorough understanding of the Guangzhou clothes market online shopping. All you have to do is tell us what products you like in buying and selling, and we will handle the rest. We would love to be a part of your successful online business.


Yes, there are scammers online. The guangzhou clothes market online shopping is filled with these, too. For sure, you have read some client testimonials online. They ordered cheap clothes and watches. However, no shipment arrived on the set date. Some ordered items with specific sizes and designs. In the end, they receive products of different designs and details! Don't let the scammers win. If you partner with us, you'll only work with trusted clothing sourcing agent.

Find the Right Products

The Guangzhou wholesale market clothes industry is the biggest in the world. Here, there are thousands of factories and suppliers. And each company boasts a portfolio of dozens, if not hundreds of products. So how do you find the right products? We help you make sense of the busy Guangzhou wholesale market. As a data-driven agency, we approach each contract with precision. We use your database to match you with products, sellers, and your target prices.

Multiple Quotes Available

If you're not from China, sourcing quotes can be an issue. But when you work with an agency, this step becomes easy. Just provide us with the product. Based on the plan, we can provide you with multiple quotes. We also add in-depth analysis of customer demand. Our basic plan comes with up to 30 quotes for a product. With more quotes, it’s easier to plan and decide!

Negotiate a Contract Remotely

It can be costly to visit China. And it's even tough to visit each supplier on your list. Get the best wholesale deals without leaving the country. Our team sources the suppliers and items on your behalf. We maintain a network of Chinese suppliers and shippers. Once you ask for a proposal, we start the sourcing process. We contact the target sellers and request quotes. Once a shortlist is ready, we visit and inspect. We can negotiate so you get quality products at low prices. All these are possible without leaving the country. Guangzhou shopping online is fast and easy!


What is a sourcing agent Guangzhou China?

It’s a company based in China that can source the products for you.

What types of products can I get when working with sourcing agent Guangzhou China?

The Chinese wholesale market is one of the biggest in the world. With an agency, you get cheap clothes, shoes, dresses, watches, or even headphones. Just send your request, and the agency can assign a team to work with you.

Can I get multiple quotes for the products I want to order?

Yes, it is possible with a Guangzhou sourcing agent. Depending on the plan, you can get at least 30 quotes. There is also a plan with up to 150 quotes! Agencies often offer different packages to meet your needs and budget.

How is working with a sourcing agent Guangzhou China different from buying by yourself?

Did you know that the Guangzhou wholesale markets are the biggest in the world? It's where a sourcing agent Guangzhou China helps you. An agency can connect you to suppliers. Instead of visiting China, the team does the legwork. In short, you can save time and money when you work with an agency.

What are some best practices for the sourcing agent Guangzhou China?

Sourcing products require planning, skills, and the right team. A sourcing agent Guangzhou China does all these to deliver results. Before they begin, the team conducts research to know the client. Understanding the needs and budget can help find the right suppliers. The agency also relies on data. It lists top Guangzhou shoe market suppliers. They ask for quotes so you can decide. Finally, an agency can negotiate on your behalf.

How much does the Guangzhou sourcing agent cost?

We offer flexible plans to meet your needs. Currently, we offer three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The Basic Plan is best for small businesses, and it costs $297.00. This plan comes with up to 30 quotes. There's also a Standard Plan at $697.00 with up to 90 quotes. Finally, the Premium Plan is best for our enterprise clients. For $997.00, you get up to 150 quotes. In all plans, you work with a sourcing expert.

Grow your business with JustChinait Guangzhou sourcing agent service

When it comes to running an importing business, you need a trusted partner. It should be a team that knows the Guangzhou clothes market online shopping. Also, it should have the skills, technology, and commitment to help. JustChinaIt is your team. We help you buy from China. With our network, we can find the best sellers. You can also get your clothes, shoes, and watches at low prices. Since we are an all-around sourcing team, we can pack and ship these to you.

It's time to make your business work. Let our team represent you in China, today!

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