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Have the best price, good quality, and delivery on time from China are problematic for foreign buyers, which is why your business needs a trusted and experienced China sourcing agency. With over 11 years of experience,   Justchinait is a Top China Sourcing Agency that serves thousands of foreign buyers, helps them grow.

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Order details confirmation
Suppliers direct contact:1
Purchase price analysis and comparison
Advice on the quality level
Consultation on associated sourcing
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Grow your business with our China Sourcing agency

For your business and its decision-makers to make your sourcing procedures more profitable, better controllable, and more accessible. Whether you want to avoid fraud, compare the suppliers and prices, reach actual manufacturers, and get the best price, you can use our China Sourcing agency to achieve your goals.

As your partner, what our years-experienced China Sourcing agency can do for you as:

  • Cheaper buying
  • cheaper storage
  • cheaper shipping
  • Get you the appropriate suppliers and the best price
  • ensure the quality

You can verify if you reached the appropriate suppliers and have the best deal if it is possible to change to another supplier with the same quality but cheaper, shorter lead time.

If you do not have suppliers yet,we can help reach the best one against your need.

We give the direct manufacturer contact to you service charge only.

That is why many famous companies such as Falabella, Walmart, and Cencosud chose us, Justchinait. Our sourcing growth (we have successfully helped more than ten thousand foreign buyers with their sourcing plan) and client experience make us an unparalleled partner for sourcing today.

Start to reduce costs from your sourcing procedure, from purchasing to shipping, with a custom Sourcing strategy from Justchinait. Contact us to get started today!

Why choose JUSTCHINAIT as your China Sourcing company?

Great question! Foreign buyers across the world choose our Sourcing company for a few reasons, including:

1. Get a China Sourcing agency with 11+ years of experience

With our 11+ years of sourcing experience, your business partners with one of the most professional agencies and sourcing services. Through our cross-industry sourcing experience, our team will create a customized strategy to achieve your specific sourcing goals.Since 2010, we have used our experience to help thousands of foreign buyers.

With our help, our clients have been able to achieve their quarterly and annual procurement goals and expand their teams, start new projects, and source new products or services to grow their businesses even more.

2. Work with a dedicated manager that knows your business

When you choose our purchasing company, a dedicated  manager will connect with you

Your manager is like an internal team member. In terms of communication and reporting, they will understand your company information, product, business, and your purchasing needs. With Justchinait's purchasing manager, you will get an external purchasing manager.

In addition, you can quickly contact (and listen to responses) your manager.

Whether you have questions, want to share information, or pass on some resources, you can directly contact your manager via email, phone, or video chat. You also do not have to wait for a long time for your manager to reply.

3. Compare your Sourcing in real situations and with reports

As a China Sourcing agency that has been in business for 11+ years, we deeply understand the importance of your sourcing procedures in real situations. When you can get your sourcing procedures in real cases and with reports, your company can see the value and impact of sourcing.

That is why our sourcing services include regular reporting for:

  • Suppliers detail info
  • Inspection
  • Comparison data
  • Suggestions
  • And so on

With these reports, you (and other company members) can quickly tell if your sourcing process is in real situations and check your sourcing score.

Our report is exclusive to our clients, allows you to learn the performance of all your sourcing strategies. Check the number of suppliers and purchases driven by the Sourcing strategies, for instance, or review the best-performing purchase.

4. Get fantastic service with fast responses, reasonable pricing, and measurable deliverables

Our client repeated purchase rate is 78%.

Our Chinese sourcing company has maintained such an excellent customer repeated purchase rate due to the convenient services and perfect profit growth we provided to our customers. They also contribute to our impressive customer recommendation score, higher than the national average of 165%.

In addition to helping customers achieve their sourcing goals, we also provide a customer-first experience, including timely quotation responses, transparent pricing and deliverables, and trackable deliverables. As your professional purchasing agency, our mission is to simplify your purchasing.

That is why so many companies choose and recommend us for their purchase.

Read our recommendations and case studies to learn more about our customers'  comments on working with us!

Inside our Sourcing process

Get a preview of working with our China Sourcing agency with R.S.I.C.V.N, which are our main processes to show what we have done with thousands of foreign buyers since 2010.


The best sourcing strategies begin with research, which is why your dedicated manager will start with researching your business, industry, target supplier, and existing supplier.In this stage, you can expect our Sourcing company to: Complete an in-depth supplier analysis.Audit your sourcing procedureConduct a price and service analysis


Next, we focus on sourcing for buyers.Since we have been building up a database of sourcing suppliers for many years, it is easy for our team to help foreign buyers find the best supplier effectively.

Frequent goals in this stage include:

  • Suppliers options
  • Target price
  • Detail order requirement


Besides efficient sourcing, your dedicated  manager will send many inquiries for acquiring lots of quotes of your needed products.

Since we are very good at dealing with domestic suppliers, you don't have to worry about the quotes we get from them.


After obtaining accurate quotes from a certain number of target suppliers by our Sourcing agency, your dedicated  manager will compare prices to find the best quotation and send you the supplier information for your checking.

This stage includes deliverables like the following:

The best quote

Accurate supplier information


As a China Sourcing company, we are stress-free with visiting domestic factories. Many foreign buyers could never know what suppliers they are dealing with; they get the suppliers from the online platform, which may not be real situations, so we will help visit the factory and ensure you work with a genuine factory.

General steps in this stage include:

Confirming the date of the visit

Going for the visit

Creating the visit record with videos and photos


Unlike most sourcing agencies who give the quote without negotiation, we love to help you discuss with the supplier again and again to get better terms.

Elements that your dedicated manager will negotiate include:

Trade term


Unit price

Shipping cost

Want to see our negotiation process in action? Browse our client case studies!

What can your Sourcing agency do for my company?

When starting your import business, finding the primary resources required is one of the most vital steps.

Your sourcing agency can efficiently find the most suitable supplier for you. There are many amazing benefits that your business can obtain when you work with a sourcing company.

1. Decrease cost for your purchasing

One of the most sought-after benefits of working with a Sourcing company is the ability to decrease cost for your purchasing.

When purchasing from China, you will face many problems, such as communication problems. Because you come from different countries and have different cultures and languages, it is difficult for you to integrate into China suppliers, even do not expect them to give you a lower price.

But a native China Sourcing agency is different. We speak Chinese and understand the negotiating habits of China suppliers, the better competitive price we can help you get from suppliers.

Besides, suppose you find suppliers in the B2B platform. In that case, over 90% of suppliers are traders, they would add at least 30% profit on the price from manufacturers, but we will help you work directly with the genuine manufacturer. We only charge for service, which significantly decreases the cost of your purchase.

2. Reach the best manufacturers for your need

Seeking Suppliers in the B2B platform seems the most convenient way. You can only sit in front of a computer reaching tens of thousands of manufacturers, but you can not distinguish them one by one.

Peter Steiner said, "On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog." in 1993.

You usually ask them if they are a manufacturer. No one would tell you the truth, even the platform. As suppliers pay the B2B platform to exhibit their product and company info, virtually suppliers are the only client of the B2B platform, so the B2B platform will not hurt their client interests.

So you are more likely not reaching the genuine manufactures, let alone choose the best sellers from them.

But work with a China Sourcing agency, you can freely access their genuine manufacturers' info database, which is easy for you to reach the best manufacturer against your need.

3.Save your time with countless suppliers

You will be inundated with countless suppliers if you work on the B2B platform. It takes a lot of time to talk to some of them, obtain the quotes you want, and pick out several supplier candidates.

There is no 100% guarantee that these candidates will not rip you off even if they are with"Golden supplier," "Accessed Supplier," and"Trade assurance" badges. You have to spend more time check out the suppliers before going ahead and ordering, such as going through the company website, Google researching, and even asking Third party inspection.

But your China Sourcing agency can do all the above things for you in a very efficient way!  We are a very experienced sourcing team and have the skills to deal with manufacturers. We can get a result within 4 hours after comparing at least ten manufacturers!

You do not have to research as we get the results from our genuine manufacturer database, which we have already verified. We will help you save much time with countless suppliers!

4. Earn more profit from your business

Your supplier is the backbone of your business. A good supplier translates to high-quality products, satisfied buyers, good feedback, repeat sales, and profit. In contrast, a lousy supplier means low-quality products, dissatisfied buyers, negative feedback, sluggish sales,  and ultimately less profit.

So when your China sourcing agency quickly finds appropriate suppliers with their high-quality products, you can take the first step of profitable business.

In addition, your sourcing agency can find you another supplier according to your sales plan change. It guarantees your smooth supply in the market and helps you get more profit from your business.

5.Beat your competitors

If you work with a top China sourcing agency and your competitor doesn't, it's a no-brainer that your company will come out on top. When you work with a leading sourcing agency, you'll be able to easily reach the suppliers and products that your competitors can't.

Not to mention, our Sourcing agency can help you save much time and energy you should have spent there but sent on other areas to beat your competitor.

A good Sourcing agency should help you do your business smoothly and help you beat your competitors.

Should I hire a Sourcing agency?

After you have decided that sourcing is the strategy for you, the next question is whether you should hire a Sourcing agency to do the heavy lifting. You may consider sourcing in China by yourself, but there are a few things to consider before making the decision.

Is anyone on your team knows about China Sourcing?

The Chinese supplier base is incredibly expansive. While the country imports a substantial portion of sub-components and materials from other countries, many assemblies work for consumer products is done in China's factories.

Sourcing of apparel, textiles, consumer electronics, plastics, toys, car products, lasers–China offers manufacturing networks supporting a vast swath of industries.

Due to the low cost of production, most foreign buyers want to source in China. But when they are swarming into the Chinese market, the vast business opportunities also breed many trades. They pretend to be manufacturers to gain buyers' trust.

Very bad is you hardly tell they are traders or manufacturers. They can easily pass the verification of Alibaba,  Global Sources, Made-in-China so that every buyer would see manufacturers.

If no one on your team knows about China Sourcing and does not know how to avoid being deceived, your sourcing experience is likely to be very terrible.

Is anyone on your team available to learn about China Sourcing?

If you don't want to hire a sourcing agent, you must learn about China Sourcing by yourself to avoid pitfalls.

When sourcing on your own in China, you will encounter many difficulties. In the beginning, you have to do a lot of investigation, review, and comprehensive information evaluation, and a great deal of work is needed. That means creating and implement a successful procurement. You need to be proficient in all aspects of procurement.

Is anyone on your team available to teach you or other employees how to execute the procurement process successfully?

Suppose you are short on time and can not afford the learning resources, analytics tools, or other information about China Sourcing. In that case, it might be best to leave it to an agency, which knows the ins and outs of effective sourcing and will be able to get all your sourcing strategies implanted for you.

Do you have time to fullfill a Complete Sourcing process?

Sourcing is successful because it is a complete strategy that is continuously updated and improved by an experienced team to ensure that you are always working with the best supplier.

Running a business can be highly difficult as a lot of sourcing work need to do, and it's time-consuming.

To have a successful complete process, you have to give 100%, and if you are running a business, that is merely impossible. Your sourcing should get all the attention it deserves to create remarkable growth for your company.

Hiring a Sourcing agency is your best bet if you do not have the time to dedicate to your sourcing process.

Do you need help with sourcing? Do not hesitate to hire a Sourcing agency!

What can our Sourcing company do for you?

Discover how our Sourcing company helps your business and supports your team, day in and day out. Plus, learn the ins and outs of sourcing in addition to our sourcing services and how those actions grow your bottom line.
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How to find the perfect China Sourcing agency for your business?

There are thousands of China sourcing agencies in China. That can make it highly difficult, and even frustrating at times to find an agency that fits your procurement requirements.

Then, how to make your decision as soon as possible?

Do your research

Doing your research is our first recommendation because it is one of the most important things you must do to help you decide on the perfect agency.

What do I need to research when searching for procurement agency services? a lot!

Before choosing each agency, you should obtain as much information as possible from them to know all the information you need to know before hiring them for procurement planning.

Before adding a sourcing company to the shortlist of agencies you are interested in, you should dig into their website to see what you can find.

What services do they offer? If you are interested in the sourcing process, then carefully ask them about the specific sourcing steps. If they're a full-service sourcing firm, they will offer everything from sourcing to shipping and everything in between.

It is a massive benefit because it simplifies everything when you can use the same agency to do all your sourcing. If you want to know more about it, research their other offerings as well.

Not only should you research each sourcing company that you are interested in, but you should also do your research on the overall Chinese sourcing situation before searching. It will enable you to understand the pros and cons of the sourcing services in each agency and help you better understand the price of each service, what you can get from these services, and so on.

Purchasing regions is a crucial point of choosing agencies. For example, if you want to work with a Sourcing agency focus in China (like Justchinait), use that as a filter for finding similar agencies

Read the reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are two ways for you to understand how other customers evaluate the change of the sourcing process provided by the agency.

Reviews are what you can find on platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, and other third-party websites. It refers to previous customers voluntarily commenting on the interactions, experiences, and sourcing services a particular agency provides.

They are pretty helpful because when you read them, you will feel pleased to know that the person who wrote the review has been in your place and is satisfied (or not happy)

Whether it is a positive or negative review, it would help you find the best sourcing agency.

Testimonials are similar to reviews.  It can usually be found on specific agency websites and illustrate the outstanding results obtained from the sourcing company. They are different from reviews because testimonials are always positive.

While you can still tell more from the testimonials through the number on their website, the best purchasing agencies will have hundreds of testimonials on their websites.

Consider transparency

When you are looking for the perfect China Sourcing agency, their transparency also needs to be considered. In terms of pricing, transparency is crucial to potential customers, and it should be very transparent in terms of long-term relationships and expectations.

If the agency you will cooperate with does not publish pricing based on a specific sourcing process on their website, they may have hidden costs or inconsistent pricing. When it comes to a transparent relationship, the purchasing agency will contact you about the expectations you want.

Consider budget

Budget is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a sourcing agent to hire.

Although you may not be sure which agency to hire, one thing you should be sure of is your budget. Setting a budget as early as possible in the selection process can help you quickly narrow down your choices

And stick to the budget you choose.

Before setting the soft and tight budgets, you should research to obtain a realistic figure and understand how much it will cost to plan your purchase and implement the sourcing services you want. Keep in mind that not to set a budget without knowing the actual cost of the sourcing.

You may need to research when you have a realistic idea of how much you might need to spend to avoid surprises

Ask if they have worked on your products

When you talk to a purchasing agency over the phone, one of the most important questions you can ask is whether they have worked on your products.

If they do not have, it is not a deal-breaker, but if they do, it is always a plus, so you can make sure they know your products and all the nuances and details that need attention in sourcing.

Consider their expertise/how long they have been in the sourcing

Another thing to consider when choosing a professional sourcing agency is their expertise and the time they have been engaged in sourcing.

If they are a start-up sourcing agency and they have only worked with customers in other product areas, then you may need to wait until they understand your products better before considering working with them.

You will get the best sourcing results from an agency that knows your products well—especially those that have been in your product area for ten years or more. That is not to say that young agency companies cannot handle excellent sourcing processes, but the longer the agency stays alive and healthy, the better it will be for your purchase plan.

Are you looking for a Sourcing agency that drives profit growth?

If we have you convinced that working with a China sourcing agency is very significant to realize your purchase plan, now it is time to make your mind!

JUSTCHINAIT is a full-service China Purchasing and Shipping firm, which means we offer everything from Sourcing to Shipping. A few examples of the China Importing services we offer include:

  • China Sourcing
  • China Wholesale
  • China Warehouse
  • China Shipping
  • Price Comparison
  • Consolidated Shipping

You will directly work with a dedicated representative in the sourcing journey. He can offer you the specific service you want for your sourcing process.

Plus, typically, the sourcing company would charge 5-10% for the service charge. If they don't give the source manufacturer contact, it is risky they may do the same thing as a trader.

Add profit on the price from the manufacturer, then sell to you.

Also, their commission depends on the order confirmed, which means they may not tell the truth even the factory is not good because they want to close the deal quickly.

A freelancer sourcing agent is not a good idea, as there is just someone who speaks Chinese and English, nothing else.

They have no sourcing experience, no exporting experience, no skill, no suppliers database, no team.

So If you are looking for a Sourcing agency that delivers, JUSTCHINAIT will be a good choice!

You can feel free to ask for a quote online or call us at +86-15019267452 to know more about our sourcing service!

Come on, work with us now!

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