China Shoes Wholesale Services

Make your shoe importing from China hassle-free with our China shoes wholesale services. Our sourcing experts help you to find reliable factories. We also find excellent shipment sources for you. JustChinait provides China shoe wholesale services. These services help you from finding a supplier to shipment of the order.
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Quality Guaranteed with China shoe Wholesale Services

JustChinaIt offers high-quality wholesale designer shoes China. Our company deals with the suppliers that meet our standards. For quality control, we build the database of suppliers in China and work with the top ones.

JustChinait may provide you with quality wholesale sandals from China. There are many shoe sellers in China. That’s why you need the best China shoe service to find an authentic one.

We can research China shoes wholesale for you. We ensure to provide guaranteed shoes.

Furthermore, we conduct shoe inspections for our customers. It is crucial when sourcing from China. We know quality control is one of the most important factors. It helps to build client trust in us.
We understand — sometimes you prefer to speak directly to the source. To speak with a Made in China expert about our sourcing and shipping services, feel free to reach us at:
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JustChinait is a breath of fresh air. We worked with other wholesale experts to get our shoe orders produced and shipped from China for seven years. Guess what? We have learned the insight, knowledge, and skill more than we had in the past with our former suppliers. JustChinait made us feel extremely comfortable and confident in buying and shipping. We feel like it is a true vested partnership! It's rare in China.
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What Are China Shoes Wholesale Services?

China shoe wholesale services mean:

  1. We buy shoes from sources our customers select.
  2. JustChinait deals with powerful China wholesale shoe suppliers. We provide quality shoes at competitive China shoes prices to our global customers.
  3. We charge fees ranging from 12% to 15% for our services.
  4. You can save about 30% of your money, on bulk buying.

By choosing us, JustChinait, as your service agency.

Inside Our China Shoes Wholesale Services

  1. China Shoes Wholesale Demand Analysis

Our services include demand analysis of the shoe wholesale market. We analyze, for you, the best:

  • Material
  • Distribution channel
  • Target price
  • Customers

We also work on:

  • What trends are in?
  • Why people like to buy shoes from China wholesale?
  1. China Shoes Wholesale Strategy

JustChinait makes plans and marketing concepts for our customers. As a China shoes wholesale service provider, we design our customer actions. These actions increase the customer profitability of the wholesale business.

  1. China Shoe Wholesaler Development

Our services include wholesale shoe development and how it works. We guide our customers to contact an authentic manufacturer. It helps them to get the correct number of products based on sales data.

  1. China Shoe Order Confirmation

JustChinait offers China shoe wholesale services include order confirmation. You will receive business emails as soon as you confirm the order.

  1. Production Follow-up

Furthermore, we offer our customers a complete production follows up of their shoe order. We facilitate you with the information about the essential operation. It includes knowledge of the shoe design they're developing, to packing and shipping.

  1. Arrange the Delivery

Our company also provides services in which we arrange shipment for our customers. We prefer what is safe and affordable for our clients. Our wholesale services facilitate our customers to feel like a part of the company.

China Shoes Wholesale Services: Our process

JustChinait sales and marketing teams operate for our customer satisfaction. Our team motto is to source Chinese wholesale shoes of top quality.

JustChinait is the best China sourcing company. We help you to find reliable factories. Here, you may get products at competitive rates.

We also ensure the quality of the products. Moreover, we make sure your order shipment is on time.

A sourcing company can reduce the rate of risk. Your purchasing experience doesn’t matter while getting a sourcing agency from China.

Our company has professional sourcing agents. We provide you with one-to-one service. It's our goal to reduce the trouble for our customers. We facilitate you in the process of importing cheap trainers from China.

You may get guaranteed products at the best deals. Whether buying directly from us or using our factory sourcing service.

Getting China shoes wholesale services allows your business to make more profit. In this way, you can develop your supply chain.

If you want to buy cheap Gucci boots from China, you can contact us. Our customer services team may guide you about China shoes wholesale market.

We can guide you about how it works. Here is a brief description of how our sourcing company processes.

Get Product Details from the Buyer

Our sourcing process starts when we get the product details from the buyer.

It is vital to get the proper and in-depth understanding of your needs. It helps us to contact a suitable manufacturer.

Here are some of the essential details you have to provide us that include:

  • Budget
  • Lead time
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Tolerances
  • Shoe style you prefer
  • In case of customization, a rough draft of the logo design in HD quality

JustChinait team or experts use this data to match the manufacturer factory.

Select the china wholesale shoe suppliers

The second and the most crucial step is to select the shoe supplier. For this, we build database about the China wholesale shoe suppliers.

JustChinait is a top sourcing company. We work with the leading suppliers who can meet the standards. We inspect:

  • How long do they have in the shoemaking field?
  • How many wholesale designer shoes can they produce in minimum time?
  • Who are their primary clients?
  • Are they professional in their respective area or not?
  • Do they work efficiently?
  • Do they deal with international clients and buyers?

We ensure that China wholesale shoe suppliers cooperate and are willing to work with us. Also, they are happy to provide us with product samples. We select the shoe manufacturing factories that work very carefully.

Our priority is to select a punctual supplier who fulfills customers’ requirements.

Make the Best Deal

After selecting the shoe manufacturer, it's time to make a perfect deal. The deal is according to our customer budget. We negotiate according to your priorities.
Our experts work out with the supplier until they reach an agreement. It is because sourcing experts have skills in negotiating with suppliers. Negotiations and making the best deal out of it play a key role in improving profits.

Take Approval from Buyer

After finalizing the deal, it's time to take approval from the buyer. We provide the first draft of the shoe to you to complete the order.

You can decide what you want to change and how you want it to change at this stage.

Ensure the Quality

At this step, we make sure the quality of the product. For this, JustChinait offers quality control services that include quality inspection, supplier audits, and more.

We check the quality of the shoes. After checking we ensure the insistent production quality and reduce defects.

We check quality with the help of a very detailed structured process. This process is customized according to the needs of every customer.

Our team makes sure every product is up to the quality scale. In case of damage and fault, the factory has to pay compensation.

Safe Packaging
JustChinait ensures to deliver your shoe order in safe packaging. Our services include special packaging of the products. Our packaging services make sure our customers receive the products without damage. For this, we provide a variety of freight forwarding packaging. We ensure these packaging are under your budget. We ensure that this packaging also suits your time requirements.
Fast Shipping

Our last step is providing shipping services. We arrange the services that help you handle all the essential documentation and requirements.

Following are some of the cost-effective shipping methods. JustChinait often uses these methods to deliver products:

Ocean freight - This shipping method is one of the standard methods. It is used for international shipping. It is perfect for orders with huge weight and quantity.

Airfreight - It is the fastest delivery method. It is sixteen times more expensive than the ocean. However, you can use it if you want to import it immediately. This delivery type is safe and reliable. It takes a few hours for products to deliver to your doorstep.

Express freight - You can say this is the best delivery way for dispatching orders on short notice. It is perfect for transporting small orders from China.

Why Should I Get China Shoes Wholesale Services?

Businesses worldwide are now looking forward to sourcing out shoes from China wholesale market. The reason is that Chinese factories offer excellent manufacturing abilities. They also offer affordable rates.

China wholesale services can help you from an early stage of getting,

  • Raw material
  • Sample testing and prototyping
  • Shoe designing and production
  • Final shipping stage

You can get in touch with wholesale services company. You may get the following advantages.

Quality of Product You Source

According to a survey, more than 50% of buyers in China purchase premium shoes. It is due to their high quality. You need to be careful while selecting and sourcing shoes from China.

China shoes wholesale service can improve the quality of the shoes your source. It helps you maintain your fame in your market. You can sell high-quality, durable, and reliable shoes.

For this, you need a reputable China shoes wholesale market. If you are a foreign buyer, the source company can deliver you quality shoes at the right price.

Save Your Time

China shoes wholesale services save your sourcing time. We understand the importance of lead time in businesses.

If you get our services, you may avail shoe items to your customers in less time. Consequently, we bring advantages for you over your competitors.

Time is like a money machine. If you save your delivery time, your cash flow will also reduce. That's the reason we try to minimize the delivery time for our valuable customers.

JustChinait is a one-stop shop. We offer a variety of shoes in different sizes and styles. You don't need to go to various manufacturers to get varying products. JustChinait is here to do the research work for you.

Offer Competitive China shoes Prices

You can get transparent China shoes prices if you choose the best China shoe wholesale services. Our company consists of the best pricing structure. This detailed structure helps our customers to understand what we are charging for.

China shoe wholesale services assure you a hundred percent clarity. We give you access to China's wholesale market pricing and plans.

We have a record of sourcing high-quality products. We provide products that are affordable to our international clients.

Perfect Delivery Services

Our China shoe wholesale services also include perfect delivery system. This service can hold great value whether you are an experienced importer or not.

After analyzing the logistics and supply chain conditions, our expert team can save time and cut costs.

We provide different freight forwarding that ensures product safety until you receive it. China shoe wholesale services offer shipping include air, sea, and express rail.

These shipping options also contain private label solutions and cargo associations.

Guarantee the Better Customer Service

Our China shoe wholesale services guarantee better customer service. Our customer service team listens and notes down all your requirements. These demands can be regarding the shoe style and quantity you want to source from China.

We conduct product inspections. We ensure our customers can receive the best product available in the Chinese market.

The experts at JustChinait also guide our customers by giving reliable tips. They help you to choose a genuine factory.

We give you a helping hand to get a successful sourcing experience.

Reduce the Risks

A well-known wholesale sourcing company like JustChinait can assist you in finding a potential supplier in China.

China shoes wholesale services can cut down the potential risk you may face while sourcing. These services work as a vital link between you and the Chinese shoe supplier. So, we are making this whole sourcing process transparent.

Your involvement in the deal minimizes the risk of:

  • Fraud
  • Excessive profits
  • Inappropriate deliveries

Undoubtedly, it's a great deal for your growing business.

Always Offer Samples from the Factories

Getting a China shoes wholesale service is a great thing. The sourcing companies always request samples from the manufacturing factories on behalf of their customers.

We value your money and time. That's why we request shoe samples. That is an ideal thing to do to narrow down potential shoe suppliers. China shoes wholesale services offer shoe samples from reputable suppliers.

So, customers can conduct testing and comparison against different samples. In this way you can pick the one you want as your supplier.

Furthermore, we offer to customize China Chappal wholesale market services for each customer.

FAQs with China Shoes Wholesale Services

Here you will find answers to some common questions about wholesale shoe services. Let’s get started!

What Is China Shoes Wholesale?

China shoes wholesale sells and buys shoes in large quantities. We sell shoes at lower prices. You can import shoes from China wholesale market through different sourcing websites. For example, you can count on us, JustChinait.

What to Consider When Choosing a China Shoes Wholesale Services?

  • Years in shoe sourcing business
  • Working experience with foreign buyers
  • Communication
  • Financial stability
  • Location close to the shoe industrial cluster
  • Lead time
  • Payment
  • Guarantee
  • Shipping methods

Give Some Benefits of Using China Shoes Wholesale?

  • Save money and time
  • Guaranteed high-quality shoes at reasonable rates
  • Increase your brand efficiency
  • Risk reduction
  • On-site inspections
  • Verification of factories
  • Removal of language and cultural differences

What Type of Shoes Do China Shoes Wholesale Sell?

Casual sandals and sneakers are in style despite the fluctuating fashions. You may also get from wholesale designer shoe vendors in Chine the,

  • Trainers
  • Gucci boots
  • Designer shoes
  • Chappals
  • Jelly shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • Wedges
  • Heels
  • Hiking shoes
  • Flats
  • Canvas shoes
  • Industrial shoes
  • Cheap China shoes wholesale

How Much Do China Wholesale Services Cost?

The cost of China wholesale services varies according to the demand of the customers. The average service fee of the China wholesale service is 12-15%.

Except for this service, you have to pay:

  • Custom clearance charges
  • Tax
  • Duty
  • Landing transport charges

Why Choose JustChinait as the Best China Shoes Wholesale Services?

China wholesale services are the best when it comes to getting shoes from China shoes wholesale market.

JustChinait is the ultimate solution. We offer countless facilities, high-quality products, and amazing services.

JustChinait is famous for its customized services. We provide solutions according to the need of every brand and individual.

Competitive China Shoes Prices

We offer transparent prices. You can increase your profit margin with JustChinait wholesale services.

Our customer services team can guide you with the policies of Christian Louboutin China wholesale. We also provide you with an organized price sheet. It can help you to understand what we are charging for.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every business has different requirements. That's why our professional team talks with you about the wholesale designer shoes you want to source from China.

After that, we tailor the order according to your specific needs. You can avail the facility in many ways. Get custom colors, sizes, designs, and styles.

Product Requirements Check

JustChinait offers complete product requirements. We may guide you to give us the shoe requirements you want.

These demands give us a better understanding of what you want from us.

The document includes:

  • Minimum order quantity
  • Delivery time
  • Design sketches
  • Budget
  • Tolerances

It is necessary to be transparent with the required documentation. The whole sourcing process depends on it.

To win the China shoes wholesale market, getting product requirements is necessary. It helps us to set up a base for the product range, vision, and cost.


JustChinait helps you to negotiate with Chinese suppliers. We understand that our foreign customers may come across different situations. The situations include:

  • Laws
  • Unfamiliar principals
  • Government policies

Another factor that affects your negotiations is the Chinese language. However, JustChinait helps you handle these difficulties. Our experts can negotiate the correct terms, quality, and price for you.

Shoe Supplier Audit

JustChinait works to find trustworthy shoe suppliers by checking out their products. Our experts carry out factory inspections to check the potential before signing the deal.

These shoe supplier audits help us to know:
  • How reliable is the manufacturer
  • Suitable working conditions

We conduct in-depth audits. Our experts start the audit with system inspection. We scale the management system of the trainers from China to get the top potential supplier.

We ensure that we bring someone for you who has got all the factors of a good supplier.  Furthermore, we bring suppliers who follow effective processes.

Our experts look at their,
  • Factory profile
  • Facilities
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Organization
  • Production capacities
  • Workflow charts

JustChinait team verifies whether the shoes are compatible with the desired standards or not.

Our company also ensures that Chinese factories provide top-quality products. The companies must meet our client's quality standards.

We process these audits to make sure that factories produce shoes expertly. For this, we visit the factories in person to assess the working procedures.

Sample Testing

JustChinait is famous for providing samples to its buyers. It is necessary to ensure that the product is according to your demand.

When we find the perfect supplier, our sourcing expert will get prototypes. In this way, you can also review the product.

We can provide you with samples. You may see and feel the original product before confirming the order. It is the best way to check whether a supplier is up to the task.

We offer sample testing services to compare product design. You can also check the overall quality of shoes of different factories.

This testing process will help you to understand the manufacturing ability of the factory to deliver good products.

Our company can compare and test various sample types from different suppliers, including:

  • Factory samples
  • Production samples
  • Customized wholesale work shoes

You can select the best manufacturer by comparing variable samples. By this method, you can also have a backup supplier. In case of any emergency with your first option, you can switch to the other.

Guaranteed Inspection

JustChinait also offers inspection services to our international customers. Our company ensures that we provide services from high-quality manufacturing factories.

JustChinait values your time and investments. It is the reason we conduct thorough inspections.

We make sure to decrease the chances of defects. JustChinait customizes the commitment and guarantees according to the needs of every customer.

We follow ISO standards for production inspection. Also, our professional team inspects every batch of the product for defects and damages.

Professional Management

JustChinait is a top sourcing company based on management rules. Our company contains a team of professionals and experts.

These individuals know the China shoe wholesale market the best.

Our company takes care of steps required to source shoes from China shoes wholesale market.

We have project managers who deal with our sourcing projects. They ensure to avoid problems.

Get a Master China Shoes Wholesale Agency for your Business

JustChinait offers complete services. It includes:
  • Quality inspection
  • In-depth supplier research
  • Inspections
  • Sample testing
  • Many more
Choose us as your China shoes wholesale agency. You can get complete services from buying to selling.
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