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Grow Your Profit Margins with the Best China Shipment Management Services

On average, shipping and fulfillment costs in your business will be 15 -20% of the total net sales. Reducing freight costs will improve your profit margins and give your business a competitive edge. Thanks to our optimized shipping management services, you can now reduce your shipping costs.

You can rely on our freight forwarding services to keep your costs down and give you improved visibility. To begin with, we will send you a standardized, all-inclusive quote.

This has helped many importers save money and establish reliable vendor relationships. Our freight forwarding experts use a data-driven approach to forecast and meet customer needs.

Save even more money on shipping costs with our consolidated shipping service. By consolidating your consignment, we make it possible for you to get volume discounts. Cargo consolidation also reduces custom fees and allows for better cargo management.

All these will reduce your shipping costs and grow your profit margins.

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Pay Less with JUSTCHINAIT China Shipping Services

At Justchinait, we use trained and seasoned local teams to offer custom freight forwarding and concierge-level customer service. We are popular in the industry for offering a complex set of shipping services at a cheaper price.

Our full range of shipping services include:

  • Preparing the required shipping and export documents
  • Cargo insurance and filing of claims
  • Negotiation of freight charges with the couriers
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Booking of cargo space
  • Warehousing
  • Inland transportation racking

You can also get additional services as part of our professional shipping and fulfillment package. For example, you can have our professionals add custom packaging services to your order.

What Do JustChinait China Shipping Services Include?

We are a full-service shipping and order fulfillment company based in China. As such, we offer all the services you will need to successfully import products from China. We will take care of everything you need to get your products from a manufacturer in China to your doorstep.

Our shipping services include:

  • Procurement through our cheap China sourcing and wholesale services
  • China warehouse and order fulfillment services
  • Ancillary services like Insurance and customs documentation
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Non-vessel operating common carrier and Bills of Landing documentation
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Correct filing of export documentation
  • Advice on international payment methods
  • Arrangements and negotiations with the carriers
  • Inland transportation tracking
  • Booking cargo space
  • Negotiating Freight costs
  • Advice on how to move goods safely, efficiently, and affordably

 Additionally, we offer an array of supplementary services. The additional services include inventory management, IT systems integration, reverse logistics, data exchange, and reporting. For all these, we charge modest rates. We also get shipping discounts from time to time, which can help lower your costs even more.

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How Can I Ship My Parcel from China?

International shipping is rather complicated, especially long-distance freight from China. This is particularly the case when you are a beginner. Choosing the right shipping companies and methods can reduce your freight costs and time.

Our expansive track record makes us the right shipping management company to hire when importing products from China. These are the four main shipment methods you can use when importing goods from China:

  • Mail Services
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Express Freight

We will help you choose the right option based on your budget and delivery time requirements. For instance, you can use mail services when shipping small items. Airfreight is the fastest shipping method. This makes it the best option for moving time-sensitive international shipments.

Airfreight is reliable and safe, but is expensive—freight costs are mainly determined based on cargo volume and weight. Ocean freight is rather slow, taking 20 to 30 days for shipments from China to the USA. Despite this fact, about 90% of international shipments are delivered using ocean freight.

Ocean freight is a cost-efficient method when transporting high volumes of cargo. As compared to air freight, ocean shipments have fewer restrictions. Express freight is a preferred method when delivering cargo on short notice.

Choosing the right mode of transportation for your products can save you both money and time. We will also handle all the complications associated with the shipping process on your behalf.

No matter your shipping needs, we will tailor our recommendations to meet them.

Our Process: How Do JUSTCHINAIT China Shipping Management Services Work?

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with an established shipment management agency like JUSTCHINAIT?  This section explains what happens from the time you contact us until your goods are delivered to your location.

With such a high customer retention rate, you can rest assured that we offer exceptional services. Our shipping management services are offered in four main steps:

  • Meet your Shipping Manager
  • Get a Shipping Analysis Based on your Timing and Budget
  • Get a Custom, Profit-Driven Quote
  • Track and Receive your Shipment

So, what exactly should you expect at each step of the shipping process?

1) Meet Your Shipping Manager

Our main goal here is to keep the process collaborative and focused on value creation. You will be assigned to a dedicated customer manager the first time you contact us regarding shipping services. The skilled and experienced professional will work with you to develop a solution that works best for you.

For us to understand what you need, we will require you to give us accurate information. In most cases, the manager will ask you for copies of the packing list and commercial invoice. You may also be asked to provide the MSDS, certificate of origin, and fumigation certificate.

To save time, you should get these documents from your Chinese supplier beforehand. If you are buying through our sourcing or wholesale services, we will get all the relevant documents on your behalf. In case you are handling the procurement on your own, we will require you to give us your supplier’s contact details as well as yours.

At this point, you need to provide accurate pickup and delivery contact information for your products. Depending on the type of services you require from us, the manager may also ask you for the following:

  • Shipment weight and volume
  • Shipment ready date – when will the product be ready for picking?
  • Your preferred shipping method
  • The value of your shipment – this will be used to assess your insurance and warehousing needs
  • Product HS Code – this code should also appear on the commercial invoice
  • Incoterms used for your shipment
  • When do you expect the shipment to be delivered?

Our shipping experts will analyze the data you provided and use it to optimize your shipping process. Just give us accurate information as requested by your dedicated manager. This will allow us to plan better and optimize shipping costs.

2) Get your Shipping Analysis Based on your Timing and Budget

The information you gave to your customer manager will be formatted in line with our internal goals and rules. Our shipping experts will then work on the data to come up with a shipping solution that best fits your time and budget needs.

To save you money and time, our experts will first try to optimize the load, route, and shipping method. Our experts understand all the important cost factors in the industry. Again, we have worked with thousands of foreign buyers in the past.

Therefore we know precisely what will work for your supply chain. We use this experience and expertise to prepare you preliminary reports and dashboards for your approval. At this point, you can either approve our recommendations or have our experts change a few things.

We will only proceed to send you a quote after you have approved our analysis.

3) Get a Custom, Profit-Driven Quote

Now that we understand each other and have agreed on the best way forward, we can now prepare you a custom quote. Our freight forwarding quotes feature a layout that is fairly easy to understand. Each quote is customized to the specific needs of each customer.

Therefore your quote will have all details specific to your shipment. As opposed to some shady shipping agents, our quotes feature the transit time for the entire shipment (not just for the main transit leg). Again, you will find that the transit time has been tailored to suit your delivery schedule.

Freight charges vary depending on many things. Even so, we offer the most affordable freight services in China. The amount will mainly depend on your cargo type, volume, and weight. It will vary based on the services and shipping method used.

For example, a door-to-door freight rate (for EXW) will be different from a door-to-door freight rate (for FOB). The quote will also include all the charges you will incur while importing goods from China. Our quotes are broken down to explain every cost in detail.

To this end, you will find us to be very transparent and honest. With our professional shipping services, you will never incur any hidden charges. Once you have approved our quote, we can then proceed to book you a cargo space. This is where we will require you to sign the forwarder contract so that we can get started.

4) Track and Receive Your Shipment

With our shipping services, you will gain better visibility. You will be continuously updated on the expected time of arrivals (ETAs). We will keep you on top of the shipping process with real-time shipment tracking and weekly reports.

No matter the shipping method you choose, we will update you on the progress now and then. We also allow you to manage the exceptions in real-time. This way, our customers can take advantage of opportunities as they come up.

Whether it is shipping by air, ocean, or express freight, you will always know where your cargo is at any given moment. We also try to learn and adjust throughout the freight shipment cycle. This way, we guarantee an even better experience and cost when using our service for the second and subsequent times.

In-depth: China Shipping Service Features

We make it our business to build productive vendor relationships () on your behalf. These are just a few of the things that can help you improve the efficiency and reliability of your supply chain. Get the level of support and assistance you need to import products from China with our shipping services.

Here are some of our customizable freight shipping services:

1. Storage Services

State-of-the-art computer systems accurately select slotting and picking locations as well as track incoming products at our warehouses. The systems also help maintain FIFO control and stage products for loading in our warehouses. Accurate tracking of items allows us to know where each product is stored in the warehouse.

This goes a long way in preventing internal theft and damage to your products during storage. We are one of the best, full-service shipping companies in China for a reason. We tailor our in-house functions to the unique storage and shipping needs of each client.

This is complemented by the exceptional customer service we offer our clients during and after the shipping process. At JUSTCHINAIT, every shipping service is optimized to add a significant value to your supply chain. After we have inspected the products at the receiving dock, we proceed to store them safely in the warehouse.

Using highly evolved systems, we have changed logistics management for the better. We use a holistic approach whereby your supply chain is complemented by streamlined collaboration among all the players. Therefore, we currently operate at the highest level of efficiency in the industry.

2. Fulfillment Services

Our order fulfillment is a sum of multiple services and workflows that were designed for speed and efficiency. It is essentially a product management solution that includes the storage of your goods and the packing of your orders. These make it an integral part of the entire shipping logistics process at JustChinait.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment to us will reduce your operating costs and shipping rates. Our fulfillment services are already revenue drivers for some of the top eCommerce brands across the world. We manage and keep track of all orders placed by our customers, right from when they are placed to when they are delivered.

Additionally, we also track the individual status of each order we process (it will show as processing, on-hold, or delivered on y our portal). We also coordinate and schedule shipment pickups with the leading carriers in the country. With the level of transparency we offer, you can accurately plan your expenditure ahead of time.

You will have all your orders processed accurately and delivered in time without having to invest in warehousing, systems, and staff.

3. Cargo Insurance and Filing Claims

Let’s just face it, goods in transit are prone to damage. About 21% of the products imported to the United States arrive damaged. It is also possible for your products to get lost during shipping. On average, 1,390 containers are lost from ships every year.

What is one of the damaged or lost consignments was yours? If your consignment was lost at sea because a container sank, the carrier liability will not be enough to cover your loss. This being the case, it is advisable to get insurance to cover your products before shipping.

This may seem to be obvious, but many importers tend to choose the wrong cover. What’s even worse is that they don’t realize this mistake until their goods are damaged or lost. You can avoid such frustrations by working with our shipping experts.

These professionals have the skills and experience required to get you the right cover and save you money while at it. First, they will help you choose between freight and cargo insurance. Secondly, our professionals will help you understand and choose the right insurance policy for your goods.

We can get you a cover that protects your cash flow from unforeseen stoppages. We are renowned in the industry for the simplified reporting of losses. We also offer efficient claims procedures and unmatched customer services if your products are damaged or get lost in transit.

4. Intermodal and Drayage Transport Services

At JUSTCHINAIT, we use creative ways to improve the efficiency of your supply chain, reduce shipping costs, and avoid delays. In this regard, we use multiple modes of transport to deliver different shipments.

Rather than relying on just one mode of transport, our intermodal transport service uses rail, road, and sea to cover the desired distance. Our drayage transport service mainly deals with the transport of cargo over short distances as part of the longer distance.

Depending on your budget and delivery time requirements, our professionals will select the perfect mix of transport methods to use. That said, we only use secure, reliable, and cost-efficient means to move your cargo from the manufacturer to your location.

Talk to our shipping experts about your shipping needs. They will assess the situation them decide on the right mode(s) of transport to use. We will get you the best balance of flexible transport solutions and prices.

5. Customs Brokerage Services

We are a leading provider of freight forwarding services in China. As such, we arrange and track the transportation of your products. This may seem simple enough, but there is more to the process than meets the eye. For us, it is more about cargo care than it is about cargo transportation.

Our customs brokerage team will handle the regulatory clearance of your products. They will prepare all the documents required by the harbor and customs services to clear your products for shipping. As you may be aware, importation requirements vary from one country to another.

With our shipping service, you don’t need to worry about such details. Well, this is just the easy part. We have an in-house team of licensed customs brokers for this task. We also have an internal operating structure. These have allowed us to perfect the process over time.

With such streamlined data flows, we have achieved an efficient customs entry process. Depending on the type of products you are importing, we also deal with PGA and FDA compliance requirements. Again, we have remote filing systems that are designed to verify the data and prevent errors.

Let us help you avoid ISF as well as other non-compliance penalties.

6. Analysis of Emerging Markets

Businesses are always trying to find the most favorable sourcing opportunities. Therefore so many enterprises have shifted their focus to China for their procurement needs. Importing products from a high-growth emerging market like China has a lot of benefits to offer your business.

To begin with, such a sourcing strategy can save you up to 20% in production costs. However, you will need to establish relationships with the right suppliers for your initial entry. Again, establishing an effective procurement strategy for such a market required a range of related inputs.

This is where we come in. Upon request, we offer you a long list of verified suppliers. We also evaluate the attractiveness of different industries and suppliers over time. This way, we continuously identify the best opportunities to get more value and reduce risks.

We already understand the market diversity for different products in China. Working with us gives you the data and flexibility you need to optimize savings as market dynamics change. Our data-driven approach to this process can help you lock in a low price for an extended period.

We also incorporate a certain level of flexibility into supplier contracts. This allows our customers to make swift adjustments in line with an upcoming change in the market. Our unique procurement strategies will help you identify changes and modify your procurement efforts accordingly.

7. Get a Dedicated Customer Manager

At JUSTCHINAIT, we have a strict customer-first approach to business. When you contact us, we will assign you a dedicated success manager. The professional will help you choose the right shipping solutions for your cargo. They will also assist with onboarding throughout the shipping process.

Drawing on their skills and experience, the professionals will focus on solving short- as well as long-term supply chain needs in your business. To achieve this, they will consider your budget, timeline, and other shipping needs. They will then use strategic planning to get you the fastest, affordable, and safe transportation options.

These professionals are active listeners and have an eye for details. This makes it easy for them to identify your needs and tailor a shipping plan to meet them efficiently. It is also the responsibility of these problem solvers to interact with you and respond to your questions promptly.

By prioritizing your unique needs, our customer success managers ensure that you are getting the best shipping services. This goes a long way in improving the efficiency and sustainability of your supply chain in the long run.

8. Booking Cargo Space

We have an in-house team of freight forwarding agents on the ground. Let these experts handle the often complex process of booking appropriate cargo space in carrier ships, planes, and trucks. All this is done in line with the space and timeline requirements of your cargo.

They will also compile all the documents required to book cargo space. Our experts will also handle contract management for your carrier reservations. With more than 11 years of experience, we already established relationships with some of the best carriers in the country.

Ranging from trucking companies to air freighters, and ocean liners, we have a long list of reputable carriers. We have worked with these companies at some point in the past and have verified that their services are safe and reliable. Most importantly, we use the most economical route to save you money on shipping costs.

9. Real-Time Reporting

By default, we send our customers the relevant shipping reports once a week. You could also use our convenient reporting tool to analyze the performance of your shipment in real-time. Using this tool, you could search, select, and sort various shipment details.

In line with our transparency standards, we give you access to all the shipment information you need. With our reporting service, you can choose from different options to generate the appropriate report. You could also search through your shipping data by shipment type, reference number, due dates, or freight type.

These are some of the shipping reports we offer our customers:

  • Outbound in-transit reports
  • Outbound delivered reports
  • Inbound in-transit reports
  • Inbound delivered reports
  • Time-critical shipment reports
  • Past-due bills

Just view your preferred shipment report online for easy downloading or sharing. The system allows you to modify, create, and save personalized reporting options as well. These will come in handy for quick reference in the future.

With our warehousing and shipping services, you get accurate information when you need it.

10. Regulatory Compliance Consultancy

To transport goods across international borders, you need to meet certain regulatory requirements. Failing to do so can lead to hefty fines, personal liabilities, or a business shutdown. To make matters worse, shipping regulatory requirements vary from one country to another.

We have hired certified international trade and shipping consultants to help you understand and meet compliance requirements. Our regulatory compliance consultants can help clarify different things regarding customs and shipping requirements.

Do you need clarification on any of the compliance services we offer? Talk to our consultants about any compliance-related problem you are having.

11. We Use Advanced Shipping Technologies

Improved visibility into your supply chain can help you adjust to changes as they happen. Well, this is only possible with the best supply chain management practices and technologies. At JUSTCHINAIT, we have installed different technologies to streamline this process.

We continually collect, store, and analyze relevant data to accurately monitor the flow of materials through your supply chain. XML, the Internet, and other advanced technologies help us to drive advancements in shipment tracking, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and data integration.

Right from tracking and EDI to customer relations, we use some of the best technologies in the industry. This allows us to offer the best shipping level of service and customer experience in China. What’s more, we offer competitive shipping rates and personalized attention to our customers.

With the help of innovative technologies, we can now offer the best shipping rates and improved customer service.

12. Optional Shipping Services

Does your cargo require more than just pick up, storage, and delivery? If so, you need to spend a little more to get the additional shipping services you need. By so doing, you can ensure that your cargo is handled the way it is supposed to.

This is where our specialty shipping services come in. Here are some of the optional shipping services you can get from us:

  • Notification Service – At a small fee, you can have us notify you when your shipment has arrived so that you can pick it up.
  • Expedited Freight – This service is suited for urgent and time-sensitive shipments. It tells us to move your goods as priority freight and deliver them to your location by a certain date.
  • Lift Gate ant Delivery/Pickup – If your shipment requires a lift gate to load or offload, we can provide i
  • Limited Delivery or Pickup – Do you need the shipment to be delivered in an area with restricted access for freight trucks? Select this service and we will do the rest.
  • HAZMAT Services – Are you importing hazardous materials from China? We will take care of everything required to clear and ship such materials.
  • Oversized Freight – This service is for shipping extra large consignments (regarding the length, width, and height). This applies to consignments that are larger than the standard trailer footprint.

Even with such optional shipping services, our prices are still the lowest in the industry. To get an accurate quote, be sure to inform us of all the services your cargo requires.

Why Partner with a China Shipping Management Agency?

Working with a reputable shipping agency can transform your supply chain for the best. They can help you reduce shipping costs, streamline your supply chain, and simplify operations.

So, why should you only work with the leading shipping companies like JUSTCHINAIT?

  • Get the best shipping rate
  • Gives you access to the best carrier and route
  • Improves your one-time delivery
  • Optimizes your supply chain
  • Saves you valuable time

a) Get the Best Shipping Rate

Cheaper sourcing is the main reason why so many businesses are turning to China. Right from sourcing to shipping, our services are some of the cheapest. We apply different strategies to offer you the best shipping services at the lowest rates possible.

To begin with, we apply efficient packaging when packing your goods. This can reduce the volume of your cargo, which has a direct effect on the shipping cost. We can also offer cargo consolidation services. With this service, you only get to pay a fraction of the container shipping cost.

Having been in this business for so long, we have established good relationships with the leading carriers. As such, we are in a better position to negotiate for the best shipping rates. Finally, we will tailor our intermodal transportation services and optimize the routes to save you even more money.

b) Gives You Access to the Best Carriers and Routes

We have a long list of reliable, safe, and cost-efficient carriers. Most of these are companies we have previously worked with. Once we have assessed your transport needs, we will advise you on the best possible routes, modes, and carriers.

At the center of our logistics is proper planning and organization. We also apply relevant analytics to reduce costs and supply chain risks. Just dedicate your procurement and supply chain management needs to the professionals.

c) Improves Your Delivery Time

To make important modal decisions for your cargo, we consider many things. One of the critical considerations, in this case, is delivery time. Our main objective is to deliver your cargo in time. We are good at identifying problems that can cause delays and addressing them accordingly.

On-time deliveries have earned us a repetition in the industry. It is also one of the reasons we have so many satisfied customers.

d) Optimizes Your Supply Chain

To optimize the supply chain in your business, we offer you customized services to prevent unnecessary wastage of resources.  Supply chain sustainability is another aspect we will help you improve. Our customized warehousing and shipping services can reduce time and money wastage in your business.

We also streamline the various logistics, right from procurement to delivery. All these are meant to offer you a seamless sourcing experience. The result is cost savings, reduced damage, and timely delivery of products.

What Determines the Cost of China Shipping Services?

Shipping costs are influenced by many factors. Some of these cost factors tend to fluctuate with time. With so many variables at play, some shady shipping companies tend to include hidden costs in their quotes.

Understanding the various shipping charges can help you avoid this extortion. Your shipping cost will mainly depend on the following:

  • The minimum LTL freight carrier charge
  • Cargo dimensions/volume
  • Cargo weight (and sometimes density)
  • Delivery timeframe
  • LTL base rates
  • Customs duty and other Tax charges
  • Cargo destination
  • Delivery Surcharges
  • Freight classification
  • Cargo insurance
  • Handling requirements for the cargo

This is precisely why we offer a quote-based pricing structure for our shipping services. We also tailor our charges around the services you will need to import goods from China.

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