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Combined shipping, also known as consolidated shipping, it means we include products from your different suppliers simultaneously into one single order and ship it to your desired location.

JustChinait is an experienced shipping agency that provides goods to people and companies from all around the world, with JustChinait you wouldn't have to worry about dealing with many shipments, also it saves a lot of freight for you.


Why JustChinait is one of the best China combined shipping agencies?

JustChinait isn't any ordinary combined shipping agency. We aim to provide our clients with the best experience like they have never experienced before. This agency has been working for 11 years, making every client satisfied. There are 900 clients whom we have dealt with till now. We take it as our responsibility to make sure every client is completely happy with our services.

In all these years, we have done various successful combined shipping projects. One of our prominent projects is with a client who ordered from 27 different clients. He instructed those clients to send all the 27 deliveries to our warehouse. This whole process took three weeks. We received all these deliveries within these three weeks. Once we received all orders of that client, we gathered them and shipped the combined order to the client.

We have trained our team to receive and manage the orders carefully. You may get worried about the misplacement of any order, but let us tell you that you don't have to. We ensure that every order is received and placed carefully in the inventory until all the orders from a single client are received.

We guarantee that none of the orders will be missing once you receive the combined order. But, if any supplier fails to deliver your order to our warehouse, we will inform you about it. After that, it would be upon you to wait for the delivery or discard it from the combined order.

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Get a profit-driven combined solution with our China combined shipping agency

It is very costly to order single goods from various suppliers to your desired location. In addition, each order has different customs and delivery fees. Not just this, dealing with each delivery and making sure every order is up to the standard is quite hectic.

That's why you need to choose us for the combined shipping and make your life easy. The time and money spent on separate deliveries can be saved and invested in your business. It will help your business to grow better and bigger.

We are responsible for receiving and storing your orders until no more orders remain. Then, we wait peacefully for the orders to arrive and don't bother our clients. Our goal is to make our clients satisfied. Every order is then combined into a single shipment. Finally, we deliver the cargo to the address mentioned by our client.

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We offer reliable and relatively affordable combined shipping services. It helps businesses in saving their money. We combine products from various suppliers into one large shipment. JustChinait offers wholesale importing charges, lower risks, and quicker delivery.

Customs are something every business worries about whenever ordering from an overseas supplier. You wouldn't have to worry about customs with us. We take complete responsibility for customs clearance. Everything from planning, organizing to the shipment is under our control.

We charge reasonable rates from our clients for the combined shipment. The rates are quite beneficial and less if you compare them with a single delivery. The packages offered by us are budget-friendly and effectively formulated.

The pricing varies from client to client because of the difference in requirements. If you want to know the prices, you can share the details of your combined shipping with us. We will generate a reasonable quote for you according to your requirements.

FAQs about our China combined shipping company's services

Q: What kind of product can our China combined shipping firm handle?

Our firm can handle a lot of products related to electronics and car parts. There are five major categories;

Phone Accessories: portable chargers, headset, earbuds, camera holders, Bluetooth selfie sticks, etc.

Digital Electronics:

Keyboards, flash drives, cameras, speakers, PUBG mobile controllers, digital audio converters, and PC Speakers.

Car Parts:

Dash recorder, car holder, car mp3 player, car interior mirror, car purifier, etc.

Smart Devices

Smart bands, smart camera, floor mop robot, VR box, smart learning robot, 360 camera, etc.

Live Screen Equipment:

Live stream light, fill light, tripod for smartphones, USB microphone, live streaming mic, etc.

Q: Does your China combined shipping company need a long-term contract?

No, you don't need to form any long-term contract with us. We allow our clients to have as much comfort as possible. You can hire us for a single project if you want. But, you can also form long-term contracts. We let our customers decide it for themselves.

Q: Where does your combined shipping office locate?

We take shipments from all around China. The shipping offices are located in four major cities of China. Those cities are Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Ningbo.

Q: What are the opening hours of your combined shipping?

We strive to provide uninterrupted services to our clients. Thus, the opening hours for our combined shipping services are 09:00 to 18:00.

Q: How much your combined shipping services cost?

The prices of the combined shipping services depend vary from one order to another. The number of combining orders, delivery area, and other factors determine the price. You can contact us anytime you want, and we will discuss the order with you. We will generate a price quote for you according to the requirements of your order.

Should I use a China combined shipping agency?

The simple answer to this question is "yes". There are many reasons why people prefer combined shipping or consolidated shipping. It has many benefits. Some of the common benefits of combined shipping are:

Cost Advantage:

This is one of the most prominent benefits of consolidated shipping. It is more expensive to order through separate suppliers and having them delivered to your place. Whereas ordering as combined shipment through a shipping agency is inexpensive.

Not just this, you would have to pay to store them until all your shipments arrive. Whereas the company handles storage until the whole order arrives at your location in combined shipping.

The Risk Of Damages Is Reduced:

Handling the products is easier in this process. The product comes directly to the shipping warehouse and then to you.

It minimizes the off-again and on-again handling of the products. The touchpoints are reduced, which decreases the risk of damaging any product. The combined shipping companies like JustChinait are very effective. It takes excellent care of customer's orders until delivered.

Better Quality Control:

One of the significant benefits of combined shipping is better quality control. With it, you get more control over your products quicker. If you don't choose combined shipping and you get an alert about any issue in the quality of the product after it has been shipped, you would have to wait for some time until the supplier provides you a replacement for that product. This whole activity takes up a lot of time and might affect your business. On the other hand, combined shipping allows you to become free from this tension. You can get the quality inspected as soon as the items reach the warehouse. So, if we find out any problem, we can resolve it very sooner. It would not only save your time but also provides you relaxation.

What makes a great China combined shipping agency?

Combined shipping or consolidated shipping agencies takes care of your orders. They send them to you after combining them correctly. Not every consolidated shipping company will do its job with keen interest. JustChinait makes sure that its clients get the best experience.

We allow our customers to get their orders shipped from anywhere in China. We have developed our warehouses in the top four cities of this country. So, we receive orders from anywhere you want in China. We place the orders with great care in our warehouse until all the orders reach.

We don't disturb our clients if any of the orders don't reach our warehouse on time. Flexibility and comfort are offered to the clients, so they don't have to go through any trouble. Once all your orders arrive and a single order is formed, we supply the combined order to you. But you can ask us to store the combined shipment for as long as you need.

While deciding the best shipping agency, the experiences of previous customers matter. You can check our reviews and testimonials and see how we have made our clients happy.

We offer transparency in every stage of our process. Once you discuss your order, we provide a price quote to you. We don't charge any extra amount other than the charges decided between us at the beginning. If you avail any extra service, we inform you about its charges on time. We keep you updated throughout the process until you receive the combined shipment.

How do I pick China combined shipping agency that's right for me?

To pick a reliable combined shipping agent, you need to consider some crucial aspects. It's not practical to select a shipping agent without doing prior homework. You might end up hiring an experienced or scam combined shipping agent. You wouldn't only lose your money but also your time and efforts.

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin your research, you must find out that how much you can afford. Considering your budget helps in filtering out options properly. Unfortunately, many people skip this step which creates issues afterward. If you are unsure how much your budget is, you might have to reject a shipping agency you have selected after research only because you can't afford it.

 Your efforts and time spent on finding that agent would be wasted. One important thing to note here is that don't set your budget too low. Hiring a cheap but low-quality combined shipping agent would cause you problems later. You would ultimately have to spend even more. So, set your budget after careful thinking.

Experience Matters A Lot

Experience of the combined shipping agency matters when it comes to picking the best one. Make sure that the agency you are dealing with has a complete understanding of the shipping policies, rules, and regulations.

Most companies are well aware of the basic rules and regulations. But there are many complicated regulations that many companies don't know about. A company that isn't knowledgeable won't be able to tackle problems that can arise at any stage of the combined shipping process.

Do Your Research

You need to perform thorough research about each company you are considering. There are many websites that can guide your combined shipping agency and how they are reputed in the industry. In addition, you can get to know the positive and negative elements of each company. Other than this, you must visit the website of each company and see what they have done, how many clients they have satisfied and other related material.

Ask For Suggestions

You can ask your colleagues or someone else who had a good experience with a combined shipping agency. The benefit of this practice is that you will be able to know complete and genuine details about the agency. Asking someone you trust is very effective because they will suggest you only the best. However, you shouldn't trust anyone blindly and still do a little research yourself.

Check Their Testimonials

Testimonials speak the truth. What's better the knowing the actual experience of the customers? Check out the websites of each agency and read the testimonials. Find out how they have done their job and what is their level of perfection. Apart from the company website, you should also check the customer feedback on the reviews' platform. These websites allow customers to post their genuine opinion about their experience with the company.

Know Your Product Type

Whatever you intend to get shipped, know its type. You need to ask the combined shipping agency about the products they cater to. It is essential to know the shape, size, and type of products they can carry. There are some companies that don't ship expensive and fragile items because the handling is quite tricky. Thus, knowing the type and discussing where the shipper handles it or not is an important practice.

Shortlist Companies

Once you have done extensive research, checked the reviews, and everything else, it's time to shortlist the few best agencies you have found. It can be four or five, less or more, depending upon your research. Try not to shortlist too many companies; otherwise, it would create confusion.

Discuss Price with Shortlisted Companies

Now that the list of the best agencies has been formed, you need to discuss charges with them. Many companies don't mention clear prices on their website due to the customization of the services. Therefore, you need to ask about the charges through chat or call. Discuss your complete requirements with them, and they will generate a price quote for you. Then, depending upon the budget, you can choose the agency which suits you the most.

Why is China's combined shipping so important?

China combined shipping is significant if you want to get products from different suppliers. It helps business owners who want to get products delivered safely. One of the major reasons why it is important is that you can save your cost with this practice. Often only a small space in the trailer is utilized, but the shipper charges for the whole space.

 With combined shipment, the shipper combines various shipments in a single full truckload which are meant to be sent in similar areas, and you would only be charged for the space of your freight. The touchpoints of the products during the delivery are reduced, which ultimately minimizes the chances of products getting damaged.

The fuel costs are reduced because rather than multiple long-distance deliveries, a single delivery takes place. In a nutshell, combined shipping makes delivery easier for you and your business.

Work with JustChinait — full-service China combined shipping agency

Now that you have got all the information about consolidated shipping or simply called combined shipping, it's time to choose us and trust our services. We guarantee that working with JustChinait would be a great and beneficial experience.

You will face no inconvenience while working with us. We take the requirements of our clients quite seriously. It is ensured that your combined package will be delivered to your address safely. We can wait as long as you want so that you can relax.

Paperwork and customs are a great headache. We release our clients from this tension and handle everything on our own. There would be little to no paperwork for you. We generate the quote by making sure that no injustice regarding price takes place. Our services are transparent, so everything is discussed and decided at the beginning stage. With us, trading has become quite easy. Our motto is to help you so that you can grow your business.

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