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You know China is a world factory. Still, you don't know China has the biggest wholesale market in the world. It's a goldmine with an unbeatable selection, quality, and price. Millions of ready-to-ship products are waiting for you. It's the easiest way to find great products without spending hours or days sifting. Today JustChinait would give you the secret competitive edge.
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Non-customized Product Wholesale Solution

I used to buy in bulk from English B2B platforms, like Alibaba, Global sources, and Made-in-China. After I knew about China wholesale, I could buy 10 pieces. It's amazing for business today.
-Tom. M
The wholesale service is the best solution to get non-customized products from China with competitive prices, low MOQ, and fast delivery. If you are starting your business or want to make a profit more easily, it's the best option.

Is This You?

I can accept Non-customized products but need a better price.
I need to find more new ideas and products.
I can't buy 100 or 200 pieces; I want to start with smaller quantities.
I need very fast delivery; I can't wait 20 or 30 days.
I need very fast delivery, preferably in stock.
Just Do it

I Get It

China has 1.4 billion people; imagine how big the consumer demand for the product is in the market. There are lots of new products created and upgraded every day. With the massive demand in the market, mass production is possible. That's why China is called as Factory of the World. Some of them are very useful, cheap, and of good quality.

But it may be hard for you to see them, as 99.50% of Chinese don't speak English. 90% of suppliers on English B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global sources, are trading companies but pretend to be manufacturers. They would show you a lot of "evidence" to prove they are a "manufacturer." You never know the truth. Only 10% are genuine manufacturers.

Most Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and traders don't export directly as the language barrier. They sell on the domestic market.

The source manufacturer produced the product, and they would sell to wholesaler firstly, then sell to English trading company, then English trading company sell to you. That's how exporting works if you are a foreign buyer.

So, once you know the source suppliers, you can decrease costs by 20-30%. I designed the wholesale service to help you cross the middleman and grow your profit.

How Do We Really Help You Succeed?

The wholesale solution works in 4 easy steps.

You share with us your planned order details.
You will have a list to understand what you should do and the whole procedure, and we will advise if there is a better way to meet your requirements.
We will search, compare, and quote you the best price from source suppliers.
Everything will be included in the quotation if you need a one-stop service, from ordering to shipping. You can easily find out if the product is profitable to import.
You settle the deposit; we will proceed with the order.
You need to pay 100% product value to confirm an order, as normally your order will be ready within 3 days. And 100% freight should be paid before the shipping.
We arrange inspection and delivery.
From confirming the order to shipping, we take care of everything, the best price, quality control, consolidation, and on-time delivery. You can rest assured that your order is in good hands.

Feature of Wholesale Solution

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Best Suppliers Guaranteed
Connecting to the best suppliers is hard for you, as scammers often know more about marketing. But your business depends on genuine, reliable, and professional suppliers. Only they can offer excellent products at competitive prices and ship on time. You have to work with them!
MOQ 1 Piece
Do you find it difficult to buy in small quantities? Do you feel like you have to make a large purchase to get a good deal? Well, those days are over! Now, you can even buy 1 single piece. This way, you don't have to commit to a large purchase, and you can get exactly what you need.
3 Days Lead Time
If you're sick of waiting around for your product to be delivered, then you'll love a short lead time. You won't have to worry about your product being stuck in production forever! What you see would be what you will get. 1-3 days you will have what you order ready for shipping.
Quality Assurance
Poor quality control is one of the top reasons why people hesitate to buy from China. If you're worried about the quality you're buying, this is the right place for you! We take quality assurance seriously, and every piece of product is checked before shipping. You can rest assured that you're getting exactly what you paid for.
No Kickback
We know how hard it is to find an honest business partner these days. Some suppliers will cheat their clients with a low charge to get orders and profit. But we promise you, we're different. We won't take any money from the factory under the table, and we'll always do honest business, whether you buy from us or not.
No Hidden Charge
Are you sick of being charged hidden fees? Tired of feeling like you're never really sure what you'll pay? Here, you'll always know exactly what you're paying. No surprises, no hidden fees. And best of all, you can relax and enjoy shopping without stress.
10 Times Categories
Are you struggling to launch some new products? Are you looking for ways to beat your competition? If so, this service is for you! With 10x categories, you can find lots of new ideas and products. This way, you can have more sales opportunities and take your business to the next level.
One-Stop Solution
Our one-stop solution is designed specifically for business owners who want to make a profit with "Made in China" entirely. If you're like most of our customers, you're here because you want to make money. Then it's perfect for you. Cut out the hassle and maximize your profits with our experienced team.

China Wholesale Solutions Include

1) Analyze and evaluate your needs.

Before we help you get what you want, it is important to analyze and evaluate your needs first. As the saying goes, No One Wants a Drill; what They Want Is the Hole. We must know what products you need, in what quantities, and with what specifications. Also, target price, quality standard, lead times, shipping method, etc. Once we understand your needs well, it will be easier for you to get them.

2) Search from all channels.

No Chinese search or buy anything from any English B2B platform, such as,, and As 90% of suppliers on these platforms are traders, it's the most expensive way. We only reach the source suppliers from the local wholesale market, Chinese B2B platform, local contacts, and the most powerful supplier database built by our team during these years. As the language barrier, Foreign buyers can't reach these channels.

3) Compare not just the price.

Before making any decisions, we will consider everything you care about. We will check the quality first to ensure it's an apple-to-apple comparison. Not just getting the best price, but the quality is terrible. It happens a lot as the price is the easiest thing to compare. Then, we will check the shipping times and support. Finally, focus on price negotiation. In this way, you will have the best deal.

4) Negotiate with the business owner.

The boss always has the most incredible support and the best discount. But you can't reach the boss if you are a foreign buyer. You usually deal with a salesperson, well-educated and can speak good English, but they have the highest price. If your order is big enough, you can ask to discuss it with their manager. Usually, they are English-speaker too. And you can get a better price and condition after a long time of bargaining. But it's the best you can do. For us, we talk to the boss directly at the beginning.

5) Inspection and Report

According to market research, 70% of foreign buyers, who purchase from China, are most concerned about quality. Therefore, they often hire third-party inspection companies to check the product quality before shipping. The one-day inspection would cost about $599, and there may be cases of cheating and kickbacks from the inspectors. Our wholesale service comes with a free inspection service at no extra charge. And we do not favor the manufacturer because we provide you with quality assurance. We will exchange the failed ones and ask for a refund if there is something goes wrong.

6) Order consolidation and delivery.

With our warehouse, you can group orders from different suppliers into one shipment to save shipping costs. We have you covered if you need labor to rework, repack, and label your product. At the same time, our shipping service can offer you a variety of shipping methods at the most competitive shipping freight rate. This way, you can use the best shipping solution to beat your competitors and satisfy your customers. We will always follow up on all-the-way shipping until you have the cargo at your door.

China Wholesale Service Pricing

Product Value
Service Fee
Less than $500
The team at JustChinait has continued to exceed our expectations the last nine months with both wholesale and shipping efforts. We have seen how big the business opportunity in China – our sales are better than ever. Our profit has improved because of their supply chain about wholesale and consolidated shipping recommendations, and our business continues to grow. They are super professional and hands-on with our business, which we appreciate a lot. The whole company is committed to excellence and trustworthiness. Thank you, JustChinait!
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