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JustChinait is the best Product wholesale agency in China, and we have served more than 7,000 clients with profit growth. With our wholesale experts and a well-organized suppliers database, JustChinait can reach the source suppliers and discuss with the business owner directly, then help you simplify your sourcing. Start growing your business and increase the profit today with our China product wholesale services.
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Explore China Product Wholesale service plans

Aggressive Plan

15% of invoice amount

INVESTMENT: $399 + 15% Service Fee
$1,000 MINIMUM
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$0 - $15,000 invoice amount (paid to sources)
Up to 15 products purchased
Suppliers Audit
Price comparison and
Production follow-up
Quality Control
Delivery Arrangement
Market Leader Plan

12% of invoice amount

INVESTMENT: $299 + 12% Service Fee
$2,000 MINIMUM
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$15,001 - $50,000 invoice amount (paid to sources)
Up to 50 products purchased
Suppliers Audit
Cost analysis, price comparison, and negotiation
Production follow-up
Quality Control
Delivery Arrangement
Enterprise Plan

12% of invoice amount

Service Fee
$3,000 MINIMUM
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$50,001+ invoice amount
(paid to sources)
Up to 50 products purchased
Suppliers Audit
Cost analysis, price comparison, and negotiation
Production follow-up
Quality Control
Delivery Arrangement

China Product Wholesale Services - that Cut Cost and Guarantee Quality

If you buy bulk from China and want to grow your profit, China product wholesale service is your strategy.

Why does it work? Simple! You can go deeper, reach the Chinese wholesale suppliers from the Chinese wholesale website, China wholesale suppliers list, or wholesale market.

That's what you can't do, as you source from B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-in-China.

A China product wholesale service with JustChinait finds the best suppliers against your demand and discusses the most competitive price. That includes things like China wholesale vendors comparison and negotiation with the owner of wholesale companies in China. Everything we do to help you have the best deal.

Not only that but our years-experienced team of China product wholesale experts (and your dedicated manager) will help you with the whole procedure till you receive your goods.

Are you ready to start China goods wholesale? Contact us to talk with an experienced expert from our China wholesale team about guaranteeing quality and decreasing your cost.

We understand — sometimes you prefer to speak directly to the source. To speak with a Made in China expert about our sourcing and shipping services, feel free to reach us at:
The team at JustChinait has continued to exceed our expectations the last nine months with both wholesale and shipping efforts. We have seen how big the business opportunity in China – our sales are better than ever. Our profit has improved because of their supply chain about wholesale and consolidated shipping recommendations, and our business continues to grow. They are super professional and hands-on with our business, which we appreciate a lot. The whole company is committed to excellence and trustworthiness. Thank you, JustChinait!
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What is China Product Wholesale Services?

With our China product wholesale service, you can buy wholesale from China at the most competitive price, as you can reach the Chinese wholesale vendors from Chinese wholesale sites, such as 1688, HC360, makepolo, and so on.

Also, there are plenty of local wholesale markets, such as the giant China clothing wholesale in Guangzhou. The biggest China jewelry wholesale in Yiwu, the huge China toys wholesale, China watches wholesale and China bags wholesale in Guangzhou, China sunglasses wholesale, and China Brand wholesale in Shenzhen.

With these channels, you won't miss any cheap China wholesale and grab more business opportunities.

Looking for decreased cost and quality guaranteed? We got you covered.

If you are looking to grow the benefits of your business, you need a company that provides China product wholesale services that can help you reach the most competitive deal and earn the highest profits in return. Our team can do that.

We've helped our clients create more than $29 million in profit growth alone in the last six years.

At JustChinait, our china product wholesale experts have developed the perfect China wholesale suppliers list to select trustworthy Chinese wholesale vendors to avoid any possible risk, such as overpay, poor quality, or delayed delivery.

With our custom, profit-driven wholesale made in China plans, your business can reach the best Chinese wholesale suppliers and have the best deals.

Whether you want to place a bulk order from China or a small quantity, China's product wholesale service can make you an industry leader.

Discover our pricing table to learn what our holistic China product wholesale services include.

If you're curious to learn more about our cheap China wholesale packages, from how we find the sources to how we fulfill your orders, contact us online for more!

Custom China Product Wholesale Services at Transparent Prices

We create a powerful suppliers' database to get the most competitive Chinese wholesale suppliers. And develop customized strategies for every business we work with. The price table will give you a brief idea of what it's included.

To get the best China goods wholesale, we will tour you China wholesale websites and the biggest China wholesale online market. 95% of your competitors don't know about it. If you act firstly, you will thrive.

We reach the Chinese wholesale vendors that you can never get from any B2B platform. Our company does not utilize Information Asymmetry to make a profit from price differences.

We always negotiate with the suppliers, manufacturers, and factory owners face-to-face to get the best products at the most competitive prices for your business.

It's transparent as it's listed in the price table.

When you choose JustChinait as your Chinese wholesale products service provider, you can pick from three different plans for our services: our aggressive plan, market leader plan, and enterprise plan.

Against the plan you choose, you will pay a specific amount for each order. We ensure you it's the most valuable and transparent investment you have ever made.  Pick one, get started!

Our Data-Enabled China Product Wholesale Process

Check our featured China wholesale online process that has served 26,871 clients and more than $29 million in profit growth. Please find out how our China product wholesale expert will speed your sources reach, cut costs or optimize the supply chain, and grow profit numbers.

Communication is the key. When you are on board, your dedicated China products wholesale consultant begins doing a deep dive into your business and your industry. Such as the details requirement, quality, target price, quantity, delivery expectations, logos, design, how you would ship them, when you will repeat your orders, how to sell them, and so on. We will work as your private detective and use our suppliersdatait to create a custom solution for you.

From price to quality, we will discuss with our industry expert to understand what exactly you need. And what would be the most critical points for your business? We will sort out your needs finally.

This step will help the Chinese wholesale vendors understand what we need, what we don't insist on. It will be beneficial to get the best price.

With a dedicated shipping team, our China products wholesale agency can also take care of your packaging design, helping you decrease your shipping cost, expand your supply chain.

By utilizing our powerful suppliers' database, we have the lists of the China product wholesalers and China wholesale suppliers who are most likely to meet your order requests. We often try to obtain relevant information from the potential suppliers to proceed with the qualification process. We seek to understand if they are responsible and capable of fulfilling your order now and in the future. We check with them with all details related to your orders.

Having attained vital information from potential China product wholesale and China wholesale suppliers, we audit them carefully to bring out the best suppliers. We will compare the companies against each other to find the difference. Our supplier comparison covers many things, including:

  • Quality against product pricing
  • Cooperative communication
  • Professional norms

We believe suppliers are the key to business success. We insist on visiting suitable suppliers and manufacturers. During the visit, we seek to verify:

  • Real manufacturer
  • Production capacity
  • Quality control
  • Team Management
  • Ability Order details
Negotiation is an integral step when buying something, as every penny saved would turn to profit instantly. Before that, we already knew the cost structure, the reasonable price, their competitor, and everything related to the quality. Our expert would use our skill and knowledge to bargain with the wholesaler or suppliers owner for the best deal. We will win the battle, as we did a lot of homework and kept doing this for 11 years.

How can China Product Wholesale services turn my orders into profit?

Buying wholesale from China is one of the best sourcing strategies to help you turn your order into profit.

That's why China product wholesale is a critical part of a successful business model.

So we keep trying to hire elite purchasers, analysts, and auditors to be our team members to make our wholesale made in China service to the top.

 Our suppliers' database gives you a great advantage. As a leading China sourcing, wholesale, and shipping company, we keep optimizing your supply chain to deliver growth for you.

Let's talk about some core China product wholesale principles that we use to optimize your business to buy wholesale from China.

Professional and Standardized

A business will continuously succeed and flourish if you have worked with the right partner.

At JustChinait, our team underwent intensive and professional training to meet the clients’ requirements and standards.

We ensure that your business is in brilliant minds and good management, and everything we do to attain your business goals.

We will fail without intelligent and professional China wholesale vendors who persistently meet the needs that you require.

That's why we built the suppliersdatait, work only with professional and standardized suppliers. And we constantly organize and check the performances of our suppliers to carry out services efficiently as possible.

Sincere and Cooperative

Win-win is the only way to get an excellent repeat purchase rate with the client or suppliers.

To get so, the suppliers must work sincerely and cooperatively to help the client achieve their goals.

Being a partner with JustChinait is beneficial, as we have the same belief. If there is any problem, it's much easier to fix it.

Our adept and experienced team often ensures that you get the best suitable suppliers with the most competitive prices, good quality, and service.

We visit the prospect suppliers, manufacturers and traders face to face to make an advanced appointment which will help build a good rapport.

The China wholesale vendors trust our clients and us and are willing to support our business, making your business grow.

Having performed sincerely and cooperatively with our potential clients and suppliers is a critical strategy that we successfully employ at all times. Sincerity to business and services will bring goodness in return.

Committed and Responsible

Commitment to work is indeed a vital part of a flourishing business.

In our company, we choose the suitable suppliers against this, and it ensures you have the biggest possibility to grow your profit.

With over 300+ testimonials, we believe it's the right thing we should insist, committed and responsible teams we were and will remain.

JustChinait as a growing partner, has already established a great impression among our clients. Our expert team integrates themselves into the work demands to contribute successfully to your business plans and goals.

Here are some of the benefits that you will gain from having JustChinait as a partner:

expertise and in-depth knowledge in exporting businesses

dedicated manager for each project

on-Staff Experts in sourcing, trading, warehousing, And shipping

Dedicated and punctual

On-time delivery is an essential part of the order procedure. 87% of clients complained their suppliers delayed delivery.

JustChinait wholesale experts have done over 100,000 successful China sourcing for business, which means we know what kind of wholesaler can finish their products on time and fulfill commitments to the clients.

With 11 years of working hard, JustChinait has become a well-known China sourcing and shipping company for delivering the best outcomes to our client's business needs.

Though getting the best suppliers and shipping the orders on time may become so complicated and laborious, the JustChinait team always gives their entire time and effort to fulfill your business goals and needs.

And the same time, our team requires our suppliers must be dedicated and punctual.

How to choose the best China Product Wholesale company?

There is a qualities China wholesale companies list that you will find in the best China product wholesale company. When comparing China wholesale suppliers or agencies, you need to consider these features critically. You will lose at the beginning if you are working with the wrong wholesaler. It would help if you had an expert partner.

If the price matters to you, you can't miss the Chinese wholesale site, as many cheap China wholesale can only be found there. China product wholesale agencies are the perfect match for you!

They have China’s first suppliers’ database.

When it comes to sourcing and wholesaling services, JustChinait delivers services excellently. Having eleven years of expertise in the sourcing and shipping business motivated JustChinait to design and create an organized China wholesale companies list and manufacturers database system. Using this database system, our company can provide the clients with long China wholesale suppliers list, manufacturers, and traders who will be the best options in meeting their business goals and needs. This system has made the services offered more direct and organized and to more successful business endeavors. A business will constantly succeed, as we continuously provide the leading suppliers.

They have over 300 clients’ testimonials.

Testimonials are ways for previous clients to tell potential clients about the experience they had with an agency. They come directly from genuine clients who have worked with a China sourcing and shipping company before, and it’s a vote for confidence about the company.

They also shed light on that JustChinait's online reputation and track records.

If a China sourcing and shipping service provider has obtained less than 100 testimonials, they may not have been in business long enough.  The potential clients will assume that the company does not yet know how to provide the best results for their business needs. Most critical, they might not provide high-quality work when it comes to the services they offer.

Did you know that JustChinait has over 300+ client testimonials from satisfied buyers? Just find out our testimonials to see what other business owners, importers, and companies say about partnering with our team of sourcing and shipping specialists.

They are the leading sourcing experts.

We have been purchasing and exporting since 2010. Eleven years of experience, skill, and knowledge make us an expert on China wholesale industry. We can quickly help our clients get near to their goals. Over the past eleven years, we are proud to share that we have already served over 900 clients that drive growth.

Ordering decisions are not instantly being closed. We primarily have online consultations and meetings to meet the specific requirements that they need for their business. With SuppliersdataIT, our powerful suppliers' database system, helps deepen your knowledge about your suppliers and their competitor. Through all the relevant undertakings that JustChinait encountered, the company became even more known with all the testimonials that our sincere clients have stated.

These positive feedbacks gradually made us the leading sourcing export in the world market.

How can China Product Wholesale services help your business grow?

With all this talk about the positive outcomes of JustChinait's China product wholesale services, how can you know for sure that it will help your business thrive and grow? You will learn how much you can increase your profit before you sign any contract with us. Just share with us your order plan, then wait. Within 8 hours, you will see it. You can rest assured that your importing will flourish into a more successful importing business and earn more profits.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • When you get more competitive prices directly from China wholesale vendors, it makes your business grows profit. Having the best price with quality guaranteed takes tons of time and expertise. We have a qualified and adept team to get you the best Chinese suppliers to give you a competitive edge through our comprehensive one-stop services. We offer custom China wholesale services for each client—right from individual buyers to large enterprises. We ensure that our company keenly manages all the needs of your businesses. It takes extensive experience and the right skill to set source goods from China safely and affordably. Our goal is to try to get you the best seller products at the most competitive price.
  • When you need better support from the Chinese wholesale supplier, we will negotiate with the Business Owners. Suitable Chinese wholesale supplierss can be one of the secret sources to a business’s success. Your business needs a partner who is professional to reach the cheap China wholesale. At JustChinait, we will always discuss with the business owner to get better conditions for you. When you use our China wholesale service to buy from China, you are sure of getting quality products at an affordable rate. Our China wholesale services for each individual or business needs are customized. As the top company in this business, our experienced team will reliably provide all the services perfectly suitable for your business.
  •  When you want more flexible delivery, our team will put your business in good hands. Your business is a top priority, and you will have a better supply chain that can help separate you from the competition. We can allow you to ship some first, but the rest in stock, and continue the delivery against your demand. The Justchinait warehousing team lays the relevant and excellent groundwork for your supply chain with flexible shipping.
  • When you can ensure the guaranteed time of International Shipping, you have the best chance to grow your business and build a good rapport with your clients. At Justchinait, our well-trained team would choose the reliable source forwarder and use the controllable route to deliver your orders. In this way, we can avoid crazy delays and keep your cargo safe. At the same time, we will try to offer the most competitive shipping rate. We will handle everything you need to get your products from a manufacturer in China to your doorstep.
To have maintained a 78% client repeat purchase rate and a high client recommendation score, JustChinait continuously provides the perfect strategy in giving the best service that corresponds high profits to our foreign buyers. Being able to design and create a powerful suppliers’ database system, our sourcing company is the best option in finding the made-in-China products that your business looks on. For over 97,328 proven best China wholesalers, we assure to provide the top suppliers for you. Being the leading service provider in China product wholesale and China wholesale suppliers, we keep following the latest and biggest exporting trends that successfully contribute to achieving your business goals. Earn more profit and make your business boom by contacting us online today!

Why choose JustChinait for your China Product Wholesale services?

If you search for a competitive and world-class China product wholesale company that knows how to drive profit growth, JustChinait fills your search criteria. We have been providing outstanding China sourcing, wholesaling, and shipping services to tens of thousands of clients for over eleven years, and each year, we get better.

We connected with over 1500+ suppliers and forwarders monthly. They are the certified and leading suppliers, manufacturers as well as traders. The latest information and years-experience make us the perfect team who know how to provide and analyze the growth we drive for your business. Plus, we feature a powerful suppliers' database system to ensure excellent services.

To date, we have been the best China wholesaler agency. Since we are a full-service China sourcing and shipping company, JustChinait is far from the other competitive companies out there which will professionally and effectively cater to your business goals.

China sourcing

Get the best source suppliers against the customer demand. JustChinait is the leading sourcing company in China—the long list of satisfied clients. With more than 11 years of skill, knowledge, and a team of qualified sourcing professionals, we can help cut your cost.

China warehouse

JustChinait is a leading provider of China warehouse services for foreign buyers. We have an in-house adept and experienced team of logistics, sourcing, and shipping experts.

Are you in the process of exporting goods from different China suppliers? Then we are the perfect company for professional warehousing services to combine your orders.

China shipping

JustChinait is one of the leading shipping and freight forwarding companies in China. The company provides competitive and excellent China shipping services. With a custom flexible storage option, you can get the best-managed supply chain and make your profit grow with the express, railway, air, sea.
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China consolidated shipping

Making your business grow more? Ship cheaper from China with our consolidated shipping services. With our combined shipping services packages, our years-experienced team receive, check, repack and consolidate parcels from your China suppliers. You can save a lot of freight and make your profit grow.

By following business trends, we ensure to shed light on your business success. Work with our skilled team to reduce risk to get the best products at the most competitive price points to improve your margins.

JustChinait is not just a top, leading sourcing and shipping company. With over a decade of expertise, we have delivered the perfect business strategy and win-win culture. We can’t wait to start driving profit for your business!

If you are dealing with bulk orders from China, JustChinait is the one for you! We will bring the best services in China product wholesale and China wholesale suppliers to grow your business!

We've delivered over 21,776 cheaper for clients. Find how we can help your business growing.

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