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Effective Tips on Avoiding China Supplier Scams

We can help you save money on purchases. Our services include: check suppliers, offer legal, warehousing, shipping support, and maintain quality control.

We get you a 100% transparent sourcing experience at your doorstep.

Feature of Fraud Prevention Service

Cost-Effective Solutions: Get you the best value while focusing on quality.

Customized Service Packages: Tailored to meet your specific needs.

Flexible Engagement Models: Allow you to engage for your unique business.

Professional Expertise: Support you with extensive experience and expertise.

Efficient Logistics Management: Guaranteed timely delivery while optimizing your inventory.

Risk Management Strategies: Identify and mitigate potential risks to protect your interests.

After-Sales Support: Address any post-delivery concerns and ensure complete satisfaction.

Seamless Communication
Market Insights and Advisory
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4 out of 5 clients reported immediate peace of mind in sourcing after using JustChinait.

What Fraud Problems Can We Solve for You?

There are many ways that Chinese suppliers can deceive you, and it can be hard to spot the traps if you’re not careful. Here’s a list of the most common scams:

Fraud and Scams

Engaging with non-existent companies or those that disappear after payment is risky.

Dishonest Practices

Suppliers are not truthful about their capabilities, product quality, or delivery times.

Quality Failures

Receiving products that fail to meet the quality standards or mentioned specs.

Payment Security Problem

The risk of losing money through insecure payment practices or upfront payment demands.

Logistics and Shipping Issues

Managing international logistics challenges include delays, lost shipments, and customs complications.

Post-Delivery Disputes

Difficulty addressing issues with products once they have been delivered, such as defects or non-compliance with contracts.

Do you think you won’t get cheated? Think again!

Misrepresentation, including companies showing themselves as manufacturers when trading companies, is a known issue in global trade.

Major Chinese B2B platforms such as Alibaba, China Manufacturing Network, and Global Resources have attempted safety. They introduced the new verifications of suppliers and provided certificates. This hasn't decreased the frequency of scams. Scammers are still on the vertex!

Secure Your Sourcing Today

What will happen if you get cheated?

Financial Loss

Supply Chain Disruption

Reputational Damage

Legal and Compliance Issues

Operational Delays

Emotional Stress

Increased Costs

Loss of Competitive Edge

Market Exit

Why do you quickly get cheated?

Lack of Local Market Knowledge

Cultural and Language Barriers

Distance and Inability to Verify

Reliance on Online Marketplaces

Limited Legal Recourse

Lack of Local Networks and Contacts

Pressure to Find Cost-effective Solutions

Inexperienced in International Trade

High Expectations for Trust

What Benefits Do JustChinait Bring To You?

By utilizing our sourcing service, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Safeguard your investments. Enhance your operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

Risk Reduction

Comprehensive supplier verification and due diligence significantly reduce the risk of fraud. It also ensures that suppliers are reputable, reliable, and capable of meeting demands on time.

Cost Savings

By preventing fraud and ensuring deals with legitimate suppliers, your service helps buyers avoid monetary losses and undue expenses, leading to significant cost savings in the long term.

Increased Efficiency

Get end-to-end sourcing process management. From supplier selection to product delivery, we save buyers time and resources. Allow them to focus on their core business activities.

Access to Trusted Supplier Networks

Buyers gain access to your vetted network of trustworthy suppliers. Eliminate the guesswork and time involved in finding reliable partners.

Supply Chain Stability

With supplier verification and continuous monitoring, your service contributes to a more stable and dependable supply chain. Minimize disruptions and ensure timely deliveries.

Competitive Advantage

By ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient sourcing process, your service helps buyers maintain a competitive edge in their market. Enabling delivery of quality products to their customers reliably.

Why people Trust JustChinait

Morgan P.
Verified Buyer
I've worked with several sourcing agents, but JustChinait stands out for its one-stop solution.JustChina helped us perform due diligence on all of my China suppliers. Finally, finally, I have the transparency to select suppliers now. It was my most brilliant decision to work with them this year!
Alice H.
Verified Buyer
JustChinait impressed us with their honesty! They guided every step of our sourcing and connected us to the local wholesale market. It's totally out of my mind. Such a game-changer! Think about it: 365 days open at the canton fair, you buy everything with your eyes.
Verified Buyer
JustChinait's solutions have greatly benefited us, as their service is flexible and helpful, no matter if it's big or small; we are just a start-up business; we started with a small package from Dewu and Taobao, and I am super happy.
David. W
Verified Buyer
JustChina is a fantastic partner! The insights they share are unlike anything I've ever heard. If you're also sourcing from China, you should connect with them to see how to improve your supply chain. You would thank me!
Verified Buyer
The JustChinait team is trustworthy and professional! Fraud killer! I lost 70K USD in China before; it's crazy. Now, I am confident I will keep buying from China with China. I am happy for it.
Verified Buyer
We are happy to have JustChinait on board! Their services are a game changer for our business. As a small but growing company with a lean team, we need real professionals to help us survive in this business. They give us the confidence that our sourcing efforts are in good hands.
Eduard. L
Verified Buyer
JustChina is fantastic to work with! They break down everything we need to know about our orders and shipments. They also provide insight into suppliers' due diligence and guide us in ensuring a smooth process. It's a pleasure to work with them!
Claire. M
Verified Buyer
I've tried many China-sourcing companies, but JustChinait stands out as the best I've ever worked with. It's not even a competition! We need lots of customized consolidation and pick and pack service; they delivered as I expected! JustChinait provides value for money!

How We Help You Avoid China Supplier Scams?

Our service operates through a structured and comprehensive process. It ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient sourcing experience for you.
Start with an in-depth consultation to understand your specific sourcing goal.
Perform extensive due diligence for Supplier Identification and Verification.
Assist in selecting the most suitable supplier with Sample Evaluation.
Offer support in negotiating and legal assistance for Contract Negotiation and Signing.
Monitor the production process and implement Quality Control.
Arrange and manage shipping coordination.

Recommended by professional buyers who have been sourcing from China for over 20 years.

JustChinait stands out by not being just another middleman. Instead, we help you bypass the middlemen and scammers.

Victor Selman

Founder of Smartlabs

Navigating China's sourcing and shipping landscape without a thorough knowledge of your suppliers and freight forwarders poses significant risks. This lack of insight can erode your profits, elevate your business risks, and increase the likelihood of failure. However, when you partner with trustworthy suppliers and gain mastery over your supply chain, your business can truly flourish!

For just the cost of three cups of coffee, you’re on the path to success.

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Select JustChinait
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Experience our support— JustChinait connects closely with you.
Step 3
Witness definite success at your fingertips.

JustChinait Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed

Our service offers a suite of solutions tailored to you. Navigate the complexities of sourcing from China securely and efficiently.

Mitigate Risks

Conduct thorough due diligence and supplier verification.

Ensure Quality Compliance

Rigorous quality control checks and production monitoring.

Legal and Contractual Protection

Provide expert legal support for contract drafting, negotiation, and review.

Streamline Sourcing Processes

Manage the entire sourcing process from supplier selection to delivery.

Pick and Pack

Optimize your supply chain with consolidation or pick and pack.

Optimize Logistics and Shipping

Coordinate logistics and manage shipping arrangements.

Offer Financial Security

Minimize the risk of payment fraud.

Provide transparency

Keep reports on each phase of work to stay on top of progress.

Resolve Disputes

Provide mediation and legal support.

Provide Post-Sale Support

Offer after-sales support.

Deliver Local Market Insights

Offer insights into local market trends, regulations, and business practices.

Customize Sourcing Solutions

Tailor sourcing strategies to meet the specific needs of each buyer.

JustChinait vs. other China sourcing companies


Comprehensive Supplier Verification

We insist on rigorous and thorough supplier verification processes. Go beyond basic checks.

Tailored Solutions

We offer customized sourcing tactics carefully designed to meet unique needs.

End-to-End Service Offering

Our service covers every aspect of the sourcing process.

Local Market Insight and Expertise

Our deep understanding of the Chinese market allows us to navigate market nuances and cultural complexities better than competitors.

Transparent and Ethical Practices

Our commitment to transparency and ethical business practices builds trust and reliability among clients.

Proactive Risk Management

Our proactive approach to identifying and mitigating risks.

Common scams and tricks you may encounter

You may encounter various forms of fraud and tricks when purchasing and shipping goods from China. Being aware of these common scams can help you take preventive measures.

Bait and Switch:

The supplier sells good samples at competitive prices, but the shipped products are harmful.

Overcharging on Shipping:

Forwarders may increase shipping costs after a deal has been agreed upon, claiming there are extra fees.

Fake Companies:

Fake companies pretend to be accurate but don't do any business. They disappear after receiving payment.

Ghost Shipping:

A tracking number is provided, but does not match the shipment. Sometimes, no goods are shipped.

Intellectual Property Fraud:

Suppliers agree to produce goods. But then create and sell counterfeit products or knock-offs, infringing on intellectual property rights.

Substitution of Materials:

Goods are manufactured with cheaper materials or components than agreed upon, compromising the product's quality.

Advance Fee Fraud:

Buyers are asked to pay upfront fees for various reasons. Once the fees are paid, the supplier becomes unresponsive.

Quality Fade:

The first shipments are ok, but the quality declines in coming deliveries.


The supplier fails to ship the goods even after receiving payment, often citing fabricated reasons for the delay before disappearing.

Partial Shipment:

Only a portion of the ordered goods is shipped, with promises to send the rest later, which never happens.

Misuse of Deposits:

Suppliers request a deposit to start production but use the funds for other purposes, such as delaying production or not producing the goods.

Customs and Tax Scams:

Buyers are informed that their shipment is held at customs and that additional unexpected fees must be paid to release it.

The Common Redflag you may get cheated

You should be aware of red flags that may indicate potential fraud or dishonesty when dealing with suppliers in China. Recognizing these warning signs can help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Unusually Low Prices

Seeking competitive prices is normal. However, overly low quotes can be a lure compared to the market rate.

Lack of Business Documentation

A legal supplier should readily provide business licenses and certifications.

Request for Unusual Payment Methods

Be cautious if a supplier insists on pesky payment methods.

No Verifiable Physical Address or Contact Information

A legitimate business should have a physical address. They should be happy to share their location details.

Pressure Tactics

Suppliers pressurize to make quick decisions or payments. It happens before you've completed your due diligence.

Changes in Banking Details

Pay attention to last-minute changes in banking details.

Inconsistent Product Samples

If the quality of product samples varies greatly or the final product does not match the samples provided.

Unrealistic Guarantees

Promises of no-risk or guaranteed high returns with little rationale for achieving these outcomes.

How can you avoid fraud when you buy and ship from China?

Preventing fraud when buying and shipping from China involves a combination of due diligence. Use secure payment methods. Maintain careful contact throughout the transaction process.
Conduct Thorough Supplier Verification
Utilize Secure Payment Methods
Insist on Detailed Contracts
Implement Strict Quality Control Measures
Maintain Clear and Regular Communication
Educate Yourself on Common Scams
Use Reputable Logistics and Shipping Services
Seek Professional Assistance
Network and Seek Recommendations
Be Cautious with New Suppliers


Protecting Your Investment: Our Commitment to Safeguarding Overseas Buyers

If you've been a victim of fraud, we invite you to provide us with the relevant details. We will investigate ways to protect your investment to the fullest extent possible.

This service is free of charge. We are also happy to help you avoid scams.

Don’t stay silent on scams—share your story with us. Together, we can turn your experience into a powerful tool for prevention and protection.

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Our Promise to you

We are sure that JustChinait will streamline your sourcing from China. Also, empowers you to expand your business confidently. However, we recognize your reservations. So we offer a straightforward guarantee. Experience noticeable improvements with just one attempt or receive a full refund.

The Coffee Challenge:

JustChinait may be new to you, and understandably, trying something new involves risks. However, we believe that significant changes start with taking small steps. So, we're inviting you to take a 'three-cup-of-coffee' risk. Try JustChinait once, and we're confident you'll feel the benefits.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you're unhappy with the JustChinait Fraud Prevention Service or it hasn't inspired you, we're glad to offer you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Get the most out of your business

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Give it a shot – you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.
JustChinait provides a total solution team that will progressively guide you through impactful changes to your import, helping you stand out from your competition.
We work with a fabulous team with a beautiful understanding of and vision for China. They continuously develop new strategies and ideas to find better suppliers and manage my orders.
We've enjoyed working with JustChinait. They have great people who take the time to learn about your business and build a strategy. We couldn't be happier!
The team is pleased with the growth that our business drive is progressing. Our Sourcing Manager is highly knowledgeable and ensures an excellent breakdown of all the procedures for the team to understand.

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