Our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

This Privacy Policy will show you how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit https://www.justchinait.com (the “Website”).
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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This privacy policy is a blueprint of our customer retention regime. It guides our interactions and how we use, collect and store your personal information when visiting our website. We ensure that your information would be kept confidential during your interaction with us, and hence only authorized individuals in Justchinait to have access to this sensitive information.

Collection of Personal Information

When you come to our website, some information is automatically collected, referred to as device information. This information about your device includes your browser, time zone, IP address, and the cookies installed on your system; however, the information collected is not limited to this. When you browse through our website, we also collect information about the pages and products you view, what terms brought you to our website, and much more.

Certain information is collected when you utilize a form on our website. The information will be collected but is not limited to name, URL address, email address, company name, company mailing address, etc. Such collection of information is considered as ‘Form Information.’ The device information and the form information both are collectively referred to as personal information.

Utilization of the Information Collected

To communicate with the customers or visitors, we use the form information. The information will be used to share promotional details about the service or convey any general updates.

Sharing Personal Information

The personal information is not shared with any third parties until we are legally bound to do it. A few situations under which we do share the information with authorities are: if fraud is detected, legal action is required against any illegal activity, or we are faced with a situation that involves a direct threat to a person or property. If we detect a violation of JustChinait’s policies and terms of use, we make sure that we verify the personal information to eliminate any threat to the company's assets.

As the company grows and develops its business, we will be required to buy and sell services and stores. Company assets are also shared with third parties during these transactions, and visitor information is one of the transferred assets. Under such pretexts, it is impossible for JustChinait to not share the visitor information, but we make sure that the data is not exploited during the transfer. After the transfer, we are not responsible for the information.

Retention of Data

When customers or visitors fill an online form, the information is collected and stored on our servers for further communication. This information will remain stored until you ask us to delete it.

We recommend you keep an eye on our privacy policy for any updates. We may or may not update you about a particular change in the policies.

Contact Us

Someone in our team is available round the clock to provide support to our customers. In case of any query, feel free to reach out to us at the given address.
Attn: Legal Department
1122 Lankun Building, Nanshan
Shenzhen, Guangdong

Terms of Use

The usage of this site is subjected to these terms and conditions. By visiting the site or placing an order with us, you agree to accept these terms of use. JustChinait has the authority to update, delete or change these terms of use without any prior information. You can easily view the terms of use by clicking on the “Privacy and Terms of Use” link given at the bottom of the page. It is your responsibility to keep updated about any possible change here or in the privacy policy.

Terms of Services, Notices, and Revisions

Any privacy issues during your interaction with JustChinait will be subject to these terms of use. If you have any concerns with your privacy, damages, arbitration of disputes, or application of the law of China, send us your queries through [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our business is constantly evolving; that is why we are continuously changing our terms and conditions as well. Any recent changes will be conveyed through the website’s privacy policy page or terms of use.


The email addresses we collect are also used to send you occasional newsletters. However, these addresses are not shared with any third parties until required by the law. In case you want to unsubscribe to our newsletter, you can contact us directly or follow the instruction at the end of each newsletter. The newsletters are sent through an automated process to all the email addresses on our distribution list.

Permitted Use

We allow our visitors to view and download accessible information provided as long as it is not used for any commercial purposes. All the information you see on JustChinait’s website is an intellectual property of the company and shouldn’t be used without prior permission. The permissible content can be downloaded and copied using electronic, magnetic, optical, or similar storage media.

Restricted Use

Any copyrighted material available on the website is not to be sold or published anywhere. We do not, under any situation, allow copying, distributing, or reproducing of the data available on our website. With such an incident is reported, we will take strict lawful action.

Reporting violations

If you see any violations of Copyrights, Trademarks, or other Intellectual Property with the website, please contact:
Attn: Legal Department
1122 Lankun Building, Nanshan
Shenzhen, Guangdong

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