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Cheaper buying, cheaper sourcing, cheaper shipping. That's Made in China services from JustChinait. With a years-experienced and full-service, plus tech-driven insights from Microsoft and Alibaba, we'll help your business boosts the profits of your business, from sourcing to shipping.
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Made in China Services for Growing Your Business:

Made in China is a term used for products imported from China. The term is used for several services offered to foreign buyers when they want to import a product. China, over the years, has evolved into a business and economic hub of the world.

China recognizes it and has moved to offer unparalleled services, comfort, and ease of access for importers, to their markets. Made in China includes the following services:

The above-mentioned services are the main components of a smooth supply chain. If your company doesn't want to allocate resources for importing, hire Made in China services, it will help grow your business. A lot of small businesses have survived and thrived by using Made in China services.
We understand — sometimes you prefer to speak directly to the source. To speak with a Made in China expert about our sourcing and shipping services, feel free to reach us at:
Working with JustChinait has been a fantastic experience. The communication was great, and my purchaser asked specific questions about my orders and what I was looking for. They care about their customers and have been so helpful in simplifying sourcing and shipping from China. We will keep working with them.
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China Sourcing

If you are a business owner, then you must have a procurement department in your office. This is responsible for purchasing goods necessary to run your business. Consider China sourcing as a procurement department. The only difference is, it works on your behalf, not for you.

China sourcing can best be described as a process where a foreign buyer hires a sourcing agency, which then visits manufacturers and suppliers. They also choose the best one, share the detail with the importer, and then proceed to make the deal.

JustChinait has been in the business for over 11 years. Naturally, our agents and we know all the tips and tricks to navigate our local businesses. We stick to your order specifications, contact the respective sellers and acquire samples. If necessary, bargain on the rates, and then notify you. We are thorough with our market research. We only approve suppliers that offer good rates.

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China Wholesale

The term China Wholesale means buying directly from the source without involving any middle man. One of the reasons why China has become the preferred destination to import products is the free access to its wholesale markets.

Wholesale markets offer the same product at cheaper rates than the retailers. Naturally, this makes them an ideal choice for buyers and importers. Secondly, since China is a major industrial nation and produces almost everything, its markets offer more quality and variety than any other market in the world.

JustChinait buys 100% from the source factory. We negotiate with the owner of the source factory and established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. When you buy the same quantity of goods, it is cheaper to choose us than the official international express. Partner with JustChinait and discover advanced strategies can do for your business.

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China Warehouse

As the name suggests, any warehouse used in China by a foreign business or an importer is called a China warehouse. Due to the large volume of goods, warehouses have become a necessity in China. Even local businesses are now looking to rent warehouses to store their products.

About 70% of international customers have storage problems. JustChinait can help foreign buyers store the goods they buy from China. We can help consolidate and ship in batches to maximize customer demand and profit. Gain profits, loyal customers, customer satisfaction with competitive trading strategy from JustChinait.

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China Shipping

China shipping means exporting all the goods to the buyer's country. In broader terms, it means dispatching goods to a predefined address, be it an importer or a customer. China shipping has evolved over the years and forms an important chain link in China's business processes.

Almost 90% of international users are worried about the transportation cost. JustChinait can help international buyers to purchase goods from China. We ship them back to the ports or airports of their own countries. We take quotes from multiple freight forwarding companies, negotiate and send them to the importer. We advise them on the best companies and methods of transportation that save time and cost.

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Price Comparisons

China is a unique country. It is abundant in natural resources which have fueled its industries to grow rapidly. This has given rise to relentless competition among the same type of manufacturers.

Chances are, if an importer wants to buy a product, there will be 20 products of the same type but with different manufacturers and prices.

Approximately 50% of customers have a lot of trouble with the price. JustChinait has a great advantage over other companies in the industry. This is not only in terms of price negotiation but also in terms of efficiency.

We can get a result within 4 hours, after comparing at least 10 manufacturer prices. We then send a summary to our clients. With 65% of the customer feedback, JustChinait is a sourcing and shipping agency you can trust when it comes to finding out the best rates.

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Consolidated Shipping

Another unique service that China offers is Consolidated shipping. The main aim of this service is to consolidate goods arriving from different suppliers in China in a single warehouse. Quite often, an importer will find their products in different cities. Shipping them separately will burn a hole in the importer's pocket. So the best solution is to consolidate all the shipments in a single place.

This is another service that JustChinait provides to its clients. We will take care of receiving the product, labeling, and packaging. We then store it in a controlled environment. After the shipment is complete, we start making preparations for its delivery.

The shipment can be sent as a whole or in parts. This depends on which solution is cost-effective and easy for the importer.

A recent client had us consolidate goods arriving from 25 different cities in China. The deliveries took 3 weeks to complete. Once completed, we inspected the items, labeled them, consolidated all the products in a single shipment, and dispatched it to our client's country. So don't worry, when it comes to size or areas from where the products are coming.

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Meet your Made in China Services Company, JustChinait is a sourcing agency that helps foreign clients get easy access to China's wholesale markets. We are the definition of Made in China services, and our growing success is down to the trust our clients have shown in our services.

We have been in the import/export business for over 12 years and have 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide. Moreover, there are enough verified suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and traders on our database. We aim to provide all the services that are associated with exporting goods. We want our clients to sit back, relax and wait for their shipment while we do all the hard work.

Our Made in China services are designed to give maximum benefits and boost the profit of our client's business. Whether, it's related to warehousing, price comparison, or just a simple inquiry. JustChinait will aim to provide the best solutions that are according to the client's wishes.

Following are some of the benefits that a client gets when they hire JustChinait for Made in China services;

  1. Multiple party price comparisons to get the best rates and avoid procurement corruption.
  2. We only buy directly from the manufacturer or their authorized suppliers.
  3. We prefer talking to the owner of the factory, ensuring we get the best rates.
  4. Warehousing solutions for all categories of products and goods.
  5. Special and controlled warehouse to protect and store your shipment.
  6. We give the direct manufacturer contact to the buyers, service charge only.

These are just a handful of benefits. If you want to know more about us and the ways we help in the growth of your business, then have a look at the following points.

Made in China Services that Drive growing:

JustChinait's Made in China service's main aim is to provide easy access, relaxed dealings, and worry-free shipment transport to the importer's country. This is the reason why businesses prefer Chinese products over all others.

China is perhaps one of the few countries that manufacture almost everything and are in abundance. Apart from cheap rates, the services offered make it an ideal choice for businesses to trade with Chinese companies.

If an importer is looking to bring in products from China, he doesn't need to travel. He just needs to contact JustChinait. From selecting the best suppliers to the cheapest transportation solutions, JustChinait will handle everything.

For small and medium businesses Made in China, services are an important factor behind their growth. With services providing such comforts, it is no surprise that JustChinait is one of the best sourcing agencies when it comes to driving positive results for a business. Following are the Made in China services, JustChinait is providing.

  1. China Sourcing

As China's full-service company, we know many sourcing agents in China and can help you find the best Chinese sourcing agents. JustChinait is a very professional and authoritative sourcing agent located in Shenzhen, China.

We want to help small trade businesses import products from China with good prices & quality when facing lots of suppliers for the identical product in Alibaba. We have almost 50 professional local Chinese employees to deal with your projects. So, if you are looking for a sourcing agent in Shenzhen, JustChinait is the best place to look.

  1. China Wholesale

In 2019, China's GDP was an estimated $14.1 trillion (current market exchange rates). The real GDP was up by an estimated 6.1%, and; the population was 1.4 billion. This significant growth is down to the world's interest in China's wholesale markets.

As discussed above, China manufactures almost everything now. Due to the abundance of goods, the prices are lower. This directly affects the revenue and the profits of a company positively.

JustChinait, through years of experience, has made contacts with the best manufacturers and wholesale dealers. The prices and the discounts we get are hard to find in any other sourcing agency. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted partner to exploit the riches of China's wholesale market, then JustChinait is the company for you.

  1. China Warehouse

JUSTCHINAIT knows many warehouses which are about 10000 square meters and at a great location. At the same time, they have a rational layout, multi-functions, and advanced storage protocols. Your goods will be kept well by our professional administrator.

We guarantee that your goods will be supervised round the clock. As we work systematically, your goods will be processed suitably and efficiently. To modernize and normalize our customer services, we have developed a new technology warehouse management system. This can strengthen our operation and help us perform more efficiently.

When you choose our warehousing services, you get the following benefits:

1) You can pay more attention to your core business.
2) You can take advantage of new technology to increase profits.
3) You can use the reduction of fixed asset investment to accelerate the speed of cash flow.
4) You don't have to spend on the logistics of storing and maintaining products in a warehouse.
5) You can ship them directly to a customer's address without importing the whole shipment to your country.

  1. China Shipping

China is a superpower, producing the vast majority of the world's consumer goods. The successful strategy of many enterprises in global procurement is to import from China. Due to this global demand, China has developed one of the world's best shipping systems. China has some of the top freight forwarding companies globally, and JustChinait has professional terms with some of them.

When we need to ship our client's goods, we contact various shipping companies. We get the rates and send them to our client. Due to our experience in the industry, we are offered special discounts. This makes us an ideal choice. We offer shipping solutions that are cheap and fast.

  1. Price Comparison

There are 90% of suppliers who are traders in B2B platforms. Traders are neither wholesalers nor manufacturers. They sell products after calculating their profit on them. Usually, when a trader sells, they do so after keeping a 30% profit on the product. This 30% is what importers don't want to pay because it reduces profit and drives the cost high.

We at JustChinait have a policy to directly deal with the manufacturer or their authorized dealers and suppliers. This way, our clients don't have to pay an additional 30% which they would have to pay when they deal with a trader. This is what our Price comparison service does for clients.

  1. Consolidated Shipping

Consolidated shipping is a Made in China service offered by JustChinait. The main purpose is to consolidate, store and ship all the products in a single shipment. Sometimes, products are bought from different regions or cities of China. Shipping them individually will reduce all the profit and drive the expenses higher.

With JustChinait's consolidated shipping solutions, you can buy from different regions of the country, but all the products will be delivered at a single warehouse. We don't want to brag about our efficiency but just to give our clients an idea of the quality of our services we want to share a recent example.

All the above-mentioned services are there for the comfort of our customers. We have the right experience and connections in the market that help drive positive results for your business.

Perks of JUSTCHINAIT Made in China Services

With more than 12 years of experience, our services offer you a distinct competitive edge. That's why companies from across the globe choose and trust Justchinait with their China sourcing needs. There are several reasons why our sourcing and shipping service is trusted; the following are some of them.

1) We Reach the Source Manufacturer Directly

  1. JUSTCHINAIT can help foreign buyers connect with the manufacturers directly. Our policy to only deal with the source is what makes us unique among our fellow sourcing agencies. The purpose of dealing directly with the source is to get the best rates and trusted products.
  2. Procurement is one of the most corrupt links, whether internal or external. Contacting a manufacturer directly reduces the chances of fraud or misquoted prices.
  3. Because we are not involved in late trading, we also have no opportunity or motivation to fabricate information and make a difference.
  4. Due to our direct contacts, most of our initial inquiries are made and sent to the customer within 4 hours. Not only do we save money but we also save time for our customers.

2) We drive profit growth that top Made in China agencies can't touch

  1. Multi-party comparison to eliminate procurement corruption (both internal and external).
  2. We have been building a database of purchasing suppliers for many years, which can be fed back efficiently and quickly.
  3. Years of procurement and export experience.
  4. Quick quote, up to 4 hours to get an accurate quotation and supplier information.
  5. We only source directly from the factory.
  6. Talk directly to the source factory owner and have a greater say with relaxed terms.

3) We Partner with Your Sourcing Team

JUSTCHINAIT isn't just your purchasing and shipping company -- We're your Partner. If you've ever worked with another sourcing and shipping agency, you'll notice the difference right away. Whether you're asking our strategy team for a quote or talking to our Customers Relation Officer, we pay undivided attention to your company, order, and goals.

We will ask you a lot of questions about your business because we know that while we may have worked with your product before, we have never worked for your company. We invest in the success of every business we partner with, no matter what we help them do.

Whether we offer trade or a full-service purchasing and shipping program, we monitor and report results. We constantly make changes to improve results. In short, we do everything to become your effective and trusted sourcing partners.

4) We offer quality, reliable, personalized services

We provide quality, reliable, personalized service whenever you hire Justchinait. We don't dodge calls or put emails in our inboxes as other companies do. We'll get back to you right away.

Our team will quickly respond to your queries, answer any questions, and advise you on the best solutions. Our goal is to provide high-quality purchasing and shipping services. Our customers choose us because of the level of quality we offer.

Another reason why they trust us is our personalized approach to meet their demands and needs. We can cater to all your product specifications. No matter how unique or rare the product is, you can trust JustChinait. We can find it and that too at cheap and discounted rates.

5) We make transparency a standard

Unlike other online purchasing and shipping agencies, we pay attention to transparency. Whether you are looking for prices on our purchasing and shipping services or searching for the results of your latest inquiry, you can access them anytime.

We hold nothing back and share even the minutest of details about their order. When we provide customized quotes to your team, we explain each service and priority. This explaining might take time but it avoids any future disputes and discomforts.

All our employees strictly follow company protocols which ensure that our customers get the best service. We want to be the long-term partners of our clients. Being transparent and open about our dealings does exactly that.

How to Decide on the Best Made in China Service for your Business

Before deciding on what sourcing company to choose, you must first decide what service does your company needs the most. If it's the complete supply chain or just parts of it. Following are some of the ways you can decide on the best Made in China service for your business.

  1. Use Made in China services if you want to reduce cost

If logistics is taking too much out of your business while importing from China, then it's a good idea to let a sourcing agent in China handle it. You can go for a China warehouse or shipping. If storage is the issue, or you can ask the agent to forward the consignment.

In short, whatever is costing more for your business, Made in China services will surely bring the cost down. Since JustChinait is a trusted name in the Chinese markets. We can get special discounts on logistics. This brings the cost further down for the importer.

  1. Use Made in China services if you're looking for immediate growing

If you are looking to grow your business rapidly, then Made in China services are for you. There is never any shortage of goods or products, the shipments are made on time, and there are special warehouses that can hold almost all categories of goods.

You can import items in bulk and without any delays, which means your company will always stay a step ahead of its competitors. As the cost is already low, not only your profits will grow but your company as well.

  1. Use Made in China services if you want to beat your competitor

Many companies in the world have grown and eventually beaten their rivals into submission. Most of these companies, in one way or the other, were using Made in China services. Low cost, abundant resources, logistic support, warehousing, and cheap shipping, are all the reasons why a new company can easily beat its competitors.

JustChinait has more than 9000 suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers on its database. Therefore we always have better deals for our clients than any other sourcing company.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about Made in China services

What is the cost of Made in China services?

There is no fixed cost for some Made in China services. For example, China warehouse doesn't have a price plan. The cost depends on the shipment size and the area it takes. But for services like China sourcing, companies do offer monthly plans.

How do I hire a Made in China service company?

Most of the Made in China services companies are online. You just have to visit their webpage. Once there, relay all the information about your shipment, and an agent will get to work. He will contact you once he's gathered all the information about your shipment.

Do I have to pay monthly rent for a China warehouse?

China warehouses usually don't charge monthly rents. They charge for the duration a shipment is stored in a warehouse. The rent is calculated by weighing the whole consignment and measuring the size it takes in a warehouse.

How do Made in China services compare prices?

Since China is a large manufacturing country, it's natural to have the same product available at different prices. When a China sourcing company is hired for this service, they compare prices offered by different traders and then add up the transportation and other operational costs. The final summary with the cheapest solution is sent to the customer.

What kinds of services do Made in China agencies offer?

Every sourcing agency offers different Made in China services. The most common services include:

  1. China sourcing
  2. China wholesale
  3. China warehouse
  4. China shipping
  5. Price comparison
  6. Consolidated shipping

There are other services as well that these Made in China services can offer. It depends on what the customer is looking for.

Choose JUSTCHINAIT for all your Made in China services

Whether you're asking for a partner to deal with your China purchasing and shipping or need someone to find the right manufacturer, JUSTCHINAIT can help you in all matters. Our market experience and knowledge make us the ideal choice for all your sourcing and shipping needs.

We are committed to our customer's success and their satisfaction fuels our desire to further improve and grow our service quality. We guarantee you will not find the discounts, shipping, and warehousing solutions we provide anywhere else.

This is the reason why we retain our clients and most of them have been affiliated with us since the start of the company. We guarantee once you JustChinait, you will not go back.

We've delivered over 21,776 cheaper for clients. Find how we can help your business growing.

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