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What is buy from China?

Buying from China means importing products from China. The Chinese government has released lots of policies to support export trade. From a piece of paper to equipment, you can buy anything you want. You will build your brand and get more profits when you start your business in China.

Why buying from China is Important?

China has rich resources. Compared with other countries, Chinese suppliers can give you a better logistic service. Chinese factories can support you with products of good quality. Labor in China is low-cost and high-cost. You will pay a low tax ratio when you buy goods in China.

How to buy from China?

Buying from China is safe and easy. You had better learn some Chinese business culture. Accurate communication in business will help you save time and money.

Firstly, you must be clear about the details of the product. Then you should find out a reliable supplier to design your product. After that, you can start your trade with the supplier you choose. Further, negotiate on the price, packing, and label. Then arrange a shipping method. Finally, confirm the payment items with the supplier. So let me direct you importing in China.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying from China

If you hope to set a long-term relationship with Chinese suppliers, you should learn basic things before buying from China. You can buy all kinds of products between Chinese online and offline markets. Now let us find what you need.

1) Find China Wholesale Market - buy from china

There are so many products made in China. The best six products to import from China include pet, dressing, electronic, computer, office products, kitchen supplies, outdoor and travel products.

• Yiwu Wholesale Market - best way to buy from china

Yiwu Wholesale Market is well known Yiwu trade city. Yiwu trade city is the largest commodity wholesale market in China. It was built in 2001. It has five districts. Procurement Service Center for foreign trade enterprises is a key center. It is on the 3rd floor of the No.1 district. You can connect to this center if you have trade problems. More than 90% of the shops do export business. So you need to know the main products of each district and find out what you plan to buy.

District and Main Products are shown below

District Number

Main Products

No.1 District

Fashion accessories

No.2 District

Bag & Watch & Household appliances & Hardware

No.3 District

Cosmetics & office & Sports supplies

No.4 District

Dressing & underwear & shoes & socks

No.5 District

Home textiles & Car suppliers & Outdoor supplies

• Shenzhen Wholesale Market - buy straight from China

Shenzhen wholesale market is famous for Huaqiangbei electronic market. Huaqiangbei electronic market is the biggest electronic market in the world. You can find all kinds of electronic gadgets and devices you want. All the brands related to technology have at least one store here. There is a lot of people coming from all around the world purchasing electronic products here every day. Then they will sell them in their country.

So you must come here once a time. You will find what you need at a lower price. Then you will start your new business.

• Guangzhou Wholesale Market - best products to buy from China

Guangzhou is a big trade city in China. There are all kinds of goods you can buy from China in your country. Dressing, medicine, toys, tea, leather goods, jewelry, and jade wholesale markets are famous here.

The Wholesale markets are not concentrated. So you should make a plan when you come to Guangzhou.

2) Get information on websites to buy from China

An online platform is a helpful method for you to find what you need.

  • Alibaba - buying from alibaba guide
    Alibaba is a global platform. It has 22 years of experience in serving millions of businessmen. Most of the members are from China. You can buy any products on Alibaba. You also can talk to them to ask for a low price.
  • Made in China - buy made in china
    Made in China is also a popular platform with more than 20 years of trade experience. It contains 27 categories and more than 3500 subcategories. They service all kinds of good quality products you need. Eleven languages are accepted when you visit the website of Made in China.
  • Global Sources - buy China wholesale
    Global Sources is a well-known platform with at least 50 years of trade experience in China. 1.5 million buyers from 240 countries visit here to search for what they need because of the professional service. It is easy and comfortable for you to purchase at Global Sources.
  • DHgate - buy from china
    DHgate is a B2B platform with more than 30 million products. DHgate not only helps you find suitable manufactures in China but also service safe shipment for you. The sales agent can help you deal with the order issues. You will be satisfied with DHgate.
  • AliExpress - buy straight from china
    AliExpress is an online platform for small businesses all over the world. Seventeen different languages are used at AliExpress. It’s set for international buyers. AliExpress’s business models contain B2B, B2C, C2C, and others. So it can support your business no matter what type you plan to perform.
  • 1688 - best products to buy from China
    1688 is a platform that belongs to Alibaba. B2B, B2C, and wholesale methods are accepted here. Lower price attracts many buyers. Chinese is the only language used in this platform. So maybe you should hire a sourcing agent to help you negotiate with Chinese suppliers if you have no basis for Chinese. Sourcing agents will remove time waste for you.
3) Visit China's Export and Import Trade Fairs

There are many trade fairs held in China every year. You must visit one time if you plan to come to China. You have a chance to talk face-to-face with Chinese suppliers. You also can get ideas from exhibition products. The trade exhibition can help you find suitable suppliers. It's useful. Recommend Canton Fair and East China Fair.

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Find Reliable Suppliers in China

There are millions of suppliers with different backgrounds in China. Which supplier will meet your demands is a good question you should think about. Following the tips below, you will find reliable suppliers in China.

1) You should be a good potential client

People worldwide travel to China or on the Internet to find Chinese suppliers every day. A good supplier will judge the right customer in a short time. Will you connect to your potential suppliers successfully? The answer is that you must be a good potential buyer.

  • Be clear about your import product
    You should have a product abstract in your mind. Any things you could think will help you close to your aims. Before placing an order to the supplier, you’d better have an investigation of the products. When you negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, you’ll get more time to optimize the product.
  • Familiarize with all import rules and regulations in China
    Knowing import rules will help you talk well with Chinese suppliers. If you are absent of knowledge in these filed, you should learn something on the Internet. When you know all the import rules in China, you’ll save money and time.
  • Get an import license
    Import Normal products in China; an import license is not required. An import license is required if you plan to purchase alcohol, copyrighted materials, tobacco, animals, firearms, food, and more. These items are regulated by the individual agencies governing that type of good. An import license will make your business in China legal.
2) Communicate with potential suppliers efficiently

To find reliable suppliers, you’d better communicate with them efficiently. Efficient communication will give you more time to do business with Chinese suppliers. Three tips for you are below.

  • Use efficient communication tools(recommend WeChat)
    WeChat is a popular communication tool in China. If you have a chance to connect with potential suppliers, you can use WeChat to negotiate with them. WeChat is useful and efficient.
  • Show experience in international trading
    Your experience will gain the trust of suppliers. When you find reliable suppliers in China, They judge you at the same time. Professional words and good performance in business negotiation and others are your good experiences in international trading.
  • Use simple and specific words to express what you need in just one E-mail
    You should use concise words to express what you need to these potential suppliers. Experienced suppliers can get your information to know if you are a suitable business partner. They get lots of E-mails every day. Your specific E-mail with simple words will help you get a good supplier.
3) Evaluate suppliers you choose

You can evaluate a supplier with the tips below to find a reliable choice. Think about that if they?

  • Give quick response to you
    Professional suppliers in international trade always respond to their customers within 24-48hours. They don’t want to miss any potential business partners.
  • Own good reputation and export license
    A good reputation comes from their long-term customers. You can enter their official website to investigate suppliers' honor, development, services, and qualifications, especially export licenses. Legal business depends on the export license.
  • Own advanced technology and equipment
    You should communicate with suppliers to know if they own advanced technology and equipment. Advanced technical and equipment will bring high-quality products for you. You will get products in bulk in a short time. Advanced products will bring you more profits.
  • Own long-term and stable raw material sourcing
    A reliable supplier must own long-term and stable raw material sourcing. They must give you the right feedback from their source partner database. Stable raw material sourcing will meet your mass production requirement. So you’ll build a stable relationship with your customers. Your reputation and profit will get guaranteed.
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Negotiate with the Suppliers

You can start your negotiation after you find a reliable supplier.

1) Inquiry

After confirming your products information with the supplier you choose, you can begin to negotiate the product's price.

  • Be clear about the total cost
    Remember that the total cost is not simply the cost showed on the order list but includes taxes, tariffs, shipping, and insurance fees.
  • Ask for a FOB quotation and a catalog
    A FOB quotation and a catalog will help you be clear about the price items.
  • Ask for a discount
    You’d better ask for a discount from your supplier. Every penny you save will become your profit.
2) Confirm the quality and quantity of your product

Product quality affects customer satisfaction in your country. Product quantity affects your sales profit.

  • Show your demands and ideas of products
    You should tell your ideas of products to your supplier. They help you design your products to meet your demand. Customized products are more popular with customers.
  • Ask for samples and test reports
    Before you place a big order, you’d better ask for a product sample. You should also ask for a test report. You can check the product quality through a sample. Test reports will make your business easier in your country.
  • Define minimum order quantities
    If you cooperate with the supplier for the first time, you’d better not place big order. Minimum order quantities can communicate with the supplier. If you show your sincerity, they will meet your MON requirements.
3) Confirm Packing and Labels

You should negotiate with the supplier to confirm the details of packing and labels. The items include materials, size, weight, logo, cost, and others. Suitable packing and labels guarantee not only your product’s quality and safety but also short cost waste.

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Place your Order and Confirm the shipment

1) Release your order
  • Finalize the total cost of your products
    When you confirm every item of your products, you should finalize the total cost of your products. The final price of your product includes unit price, packing price, label price, and tax. Make sure the total cost of the product then places your purchase order to the supplier.
  • Give your purchase order
    A complete purchase order contains all the confirmed details of the order. You can ask the supplier to give you a paper or electronic file that states the quantity, category, price, packing, shipment items, deadline, and other specifications of your products.
  • Sign the purchase contract
    You must sign a purchase contract when you place your order. A clear contact will make every imported item clear. These items include order, shipment, payment, and international commercial terms. A complete purchase contact will guarantee the safety of your products and property in China.
2) Confirm shipment terms

Shipment is a key procedure in your import.

  • Be clear about the delivery place
    Delivery place affects the arrival time and cost of your import. You must negotiate the delivery address with the supplier. The delivery types contain FCA or FAS or FAB, or DAF.
  • Make sure the security of your product
    Security of your product includes product integrity and use safety. High security of your product will remove problems after sales and guarantee your profit.
  • Plan the deadline with your supplier
    Deadline is a key item you should confirm with your supplier. If you can receive your goods on a deadline, then you can trust your supplier more.
3) Choose a suitable method for shipping from China

Common methods for shipping from China include:

  • Air Shipping
    Air Shipping is the best service for smaller orders and samples but will be costly. You should set up an account before you cooperate with companies like EMS, UPS, DHL International.
  • Sea Shipping
    Sea Shipping is a good choice for you to save money if you have bigger orders. Sea Shipping method contains a full container load(FCL)and a less than container load(LCL). You can choose a suitable shipping type which depends on the quantity of your order. FCL is cheaper, and the order is larger.
  • Rail Shipping
    Rail Shipping is allowed for seasonal products that must be delivered fast. If you plan to import products from China to France, Russia, UK, and other countries, you can choose the rail service. The delivery time is often between 10-20 days.
  • Door to Door Shipping
    A door-to-door shipping service supports the delivery of products from the supplier’s door to your door. It just depends on your demand to choose any mediumship service.
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Finalize the payment

1) Define the price terms

When you import products from China, you have to pay a Value-added Tax (VAT) and import duty before being cleared for entry into your country. It depends on the product classification.

2) Confirm the payment

Payment methods are important. Chinese suppliers often accept payment of Credit Card, Cash, Checks, and PayPal. Most Chinese suppliers use a credit cards. PayPal is a better way to paying whether you are online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person. Remember that you just need to pay the deposit before you receive your imported goods. If you are required to give full payment before shipment, you should consider the business safety seriously.

3) Ask for the invoice

You can ask for an invoice after you finish the full payment of your goods. When you sell the import goods in your country, your customer may ask for the invoice. So you should calculate the tax point. Invoice provided by your Chinese supplier will help you save money.

Hire A China Sourcing Agent to Buy From China

Sourcing Agent in China is a good choice for you to remove import problems. If you are absent of import experience, you’d better hire a China sourcing agent. They provide efficient service, excellent sourcing, reliable supplier, lower-cost manufacture, and safe shipment for you. The one thing you should treat seriously is to offer extra money to them for the satisfying service.

1) Keep your business safe in China

The most benefit of hiring a sourcing agent is that they can keep your business safe in China. They guarantee every procedure before your products are delivered to your country. Security of products, shipment, and payment will remove time waste and cut costs brought by misunderstandings in communication.

2) Help you define your product and supplier

If you still have no idea of a product in your mind, a sourcing agent is a good recommendation. They help you customized your product. They also help you inspect the quantity and quality of your product. They will provide experienced suppliers for you at the lowest cost. You have more time and energy in your sales.

3) Recommend agents to you


Making sources more profitable is the goal of Justchinait, which owns 11 years of sourcing experience. Justchinait provides a thoughtful team for you to find powerful suppliers and high-quality products. They make your import process easier through legal and specific contact. So you’ll get a best-price product, on-time delivery, profit-growth business.

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