China Toys Wholesale Services: Increase Your Profit Margin

JustChinait is the leader of one-stop China toys wholesale services. We optimize the supply Chain for companies. You can always get the best source of toys supplies from us.

Our professional team helps you from sourcing to delivering China goods. We aim to increase your profit margin. As your profit grows, you can achieve your business goal.

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China Toys Wholesale Services that Ensures Affordable and Quality Products

More companies find ways to source China toys from China. China toys wholesale services like JustChinaIt are the one-stop solution. We can solve many problems for you.

We helped 900+ global companies to buy quality yet affordable products. Our company has 11 years of experience serving 156 countries. We deal with millions of factories, wholesalers, and traders to find the best.

Over the years, our team gained a lot of skills and experience in wholesale toy service. You’ll find responsible project managers here at JustChinaIt.

We believe that low costs and quality goods could drive your profit margin. That is why we always get the best deal for you. JustChinaIt is the name you can trust.

Are you ready to start importing products from China? Contact us with experienced sourcing professionals. Our professionals can also help you understand the sourcing strategies we use to guarantee the best quality at the lowest price points.

We understand — sometimes you prefer to speak directly to the source. To speak with a Made in China expert about our sourcing and shipping services, feel free to reach us at:
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JustChinait has always been very informative about placing orders and shipping from China. I appreciate that we always see the best solution before it is implemented. They never act like "you should know everything," they ask us what we expect. We have tremendous confidence in what they're is doing for our business.
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China Toys wholesale Basic

China takes up 90% of global toys production. The Chinese toy manufacturers never stop improving their production skills.

In China, you can get a wide variety of best-selling toys. They are low costs and of high quality. Popular toys like the Beyblade China and Chinese dragon toys could earn you big profits.

The Toys Categories

The China toys market sell toys for all gender and age. Favorite toys made in China include electronic toys. For instance, a China remote control car or a China toys car. Chinese plush toys like a China teddy bear and China soft toys also sell fast.

Companies import toys like China’s inflating toys, action figures, and educational toys. Besides Chinese Beyblades and China plastic toys, there is a Chinese dragon toy type. Some unique toys like happy nappers China and wooden toys China are also in stock.

With the comprehensive options, you can increase your business advantage.

The production base

Are you buying from a China toys manufacturer? Choose wisely. Whether sourcing online or offline, you should know the production base.

The leading China toys bases are Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shandong. You can also buy from Fujian, Zhejiang, and Shanghai.

Guangdong’s production centered around Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shantou. It is the leader among all. Also, Shantou’s Chenghai owns 30% of global toys production.

China toys suppliers started by making products for other brands. Today, they built their brands very well. You can either make OEM or directly purchase their branded products. Toys made in China are your tools to earn high profits.

The toys wholesale market

These are the places to find a suitable China toys supplier. Let’s take a look:

#1 Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

#2 Shantou China Toys Market

#3 Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market

#4 Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City

#5 Baigou Plush Toys wholesale market

#6 Yunhe Wooden Toys China market

#7 Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market

#8 Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market

Each China online toy store has hundreds of wholesalers. Among all, the Shantou China toys wholesale market has the most suppliers. You’ll find all sorts of toys from different markets. You can also hire wholesale services to save time and costs.

How Do China Toys wholesale Benefit Your Business?

China is the best source of hot-selling toys. It is very beneficial to import toys from China. No wonder China takes up 90% of worldwide toys production.

China toy manufacturing companies give you various choices. Want My Little Pony China toys? Or RC truck China toys? Even the trendy Bearbrick in Chinese? China has it all.

These toys are high-quality at low prices. You can receive your order toys from China fast. Besides, the toys are up to the trend. They allow a very profitable business. Companies buy toys made in China for more business opportunities and bigger market shares.

What are China Toys Wholesale Services?

China toys wholesale services like JustChinaIt source affordable goods. We customize our services for your needs. You can save your time and budget with our service.

Firstly, we check the credibility of each China toys supplier. Our staff research and check on their qualifications. After analysis and face-to-face negotiation, we will follow up on your order. We keep our prices transparent so you can get the lowest costs possible.

Before shipping, we do strict quality inspections. Our experienced team always ensures good packaging. We will arrange all necessary documents with you.

Finally, we arrange delivery, so your order toys from China arrive timely.

Our China Toys Wholesale Process

JustChinaIt is the one-stop China toys wholesale service company. Our services start even before your order. We handle after-sales service professionally too! You can save your hassles by working with us.

Our clients love the clear-cut experience with us. JustChinaIt assures 100% price transparency. We have multiple pricing plans and custom quotes for you. We also ensure simple processes during the deal. Learn more about our wholesale services:


JustChinaIt offers sourcing services for toys buyers. We match your need with trustworthy China toy factory manufacturers. We’ll need your budget, minimum order quantity (MOQ), and lead time to start.

We visit and compare to find the best suppliers. With our price analysis, you’ll get the best price options. Also, you can get quotes within 4 hours.

Before the deal, we audit the factories to ensure high standards. We study factory profiles, facilities, and production abilities for you.


Strange words, laws, and processes are problems in negotiation. They might cause communication failures. Choose JustchinaIt to help you deal with the Chinese toys manufacturers.

JustChinaIt helps you get toys of the right quality.  We follow your budget and lead times. Also, we choose suitable shipping methods and payment terms. You can leave all the negotiation process to us.

Rest assured that we make sample testing beforehand. You can also get product prototypes for review.

Order Management

Manufacturers must work on the proper schedule. Rushing could end up with low-quality products. On the opposite, slow progress causes delays.

That is why you need a professional project manager. JustChinaIt has the solution for you. You need not be in China to check on updates - We track the production on your behalf. You will receive timely updates from us. We also follow up closely for on-time delivery.

Quality Control & Inspection

JustChinaIt provides quality inspection services. We check for consistent quality and zero defections. We also check the production lines via on-site visits. It is to ensure they follow ISO standards.

Our team follows quality assurance steps. We inspect when products are 30%, 80% & and 100% complete. Finally, we review the white label company and filter out damaged goods. We will then deliver the final toys products.

Documents & Delivery

We’ll arrange the documents to export toys made in China. It includes the Certificate of Origin, the Import License, the Bill of Lading (BL), and the Commercial Invoice.

JustChinaIt offers various shipping methods. We always match your lead time and budget. You can choose whether by express, air, sea, or rail. We also have private label solutions and cargo consolidation services. Talk to us to know more.

How can China Toys Wholesale Services Help Your Business Grow?

Toys made in China are profit-makers. Yet, challenges are insourcing them. You might worry about overcharges or scams. Some even face communication and currency problems.

The China toys wholesale services are your solution. We are professional in sourcing, dealing, and delivering your goods. Many businesses achieve profit growth after wholesaling toys from us. Let’s see how we can help you:

Lower Costings

Traders mark up 30 - 50% more than the source suppliers. Yet, foreign buyers can hardly reach the China real factories. These real factories are the 1% source supplier.

China toys wholesale services are your one-stop solution. We source toys directly from a China toys manufacturer. This is because these real factories offer better prices and terms. From here, you get higher flexibility and margin. With only small sourcing costs, you end up earning more!

Better Quality

We have long-term businesses with suitable suppliers. We also follow a strict Ethical Sourcing Policy in selecting suppliers. Our lists contain suppliers with different qualities and vast products choices. That means a shorter time and lesser troubles.

We also do factory audits, product inspections, and sample testing. With JustChinaIt, you can buy cheaper yet quality toys from your preferred China toy shop.

Time Savers

Delivering goods fast increases your business advantages. It also cuts your cash flow. As a result, you can improve customer experiences.

We work with suppliers under many categories. What if a China toys manufacturer fails to deliver? No worries, we have another to avoid shortage issues. We also source products from different suppliers. You can save more lead times for fast delivery.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimized supply chains cost 15% lower. You’ll also get three times faster cash flows. It is an essential factor that many miss out on. China toys wholesale services can help simplify your supply chain.

We make transparent communication and timely order.  With our multi-channel solutions, you can improve your business’s supply chain. Your business performance will improve. As a result, you get more satisfied customers.

Increase Competitive Advantages

Businesses import from China for high-profit margins. A good China toys supplier provides good product sources. From here, you can sell at 30 - 50% cheaper and be more competitive.

Besides, these products are innovative. Be it bearbrick China toys or happy nappers China produces, we have it all. They can boost profits and generate repeat sales.

Why choose JustChinait for your China Toys Wholesale services?

JustChinaIt has been the one-stop China wholesale solution since 2010. We are leaders in China sourcing, China warehousing, and China shipping. Our team professionally handles your deal.

We are transparent when dealing with foreign buyers. We pride ourselves on giving the best prices options. With good product sources, you achieve better profits. That could lead to business growth.

Extensive Lists of 100,000+ toys supplier in china

With JustChinaIt, there aren’t shoddy products and wrong suppliers. Our Suppliers Data IT contains more than 100,000 suppliers. We understand the toys industry and the global market well.

Whether you want a China toys car or a China teddy bear supplier, we can fulfill your needs. We even have trendy toys like a Chinese dragon toy or Chinese Beyblades supplier.

Skilled Team with 11 Years of Experience

Many toys seller face low-quality products or high costs challenges. It hardly happens if you hire China toy wholesale services.

JustChinaIt has been the one-stop solution from sourcing to delivery for 11 years. We are familiar with the China toy industry. You’ll get the products you want at the best price.

Strong Portfolio of 900+ Satisfied Clients

We started by only product sourcing in 2010. We always provide the best services. To date, we have 900+ satisfied clients with us.

Our clients have grown $29 million profits in the past years. We also get 78% repeat sales. Deal with JustChinaIt for customized services! You will get a fantastic wholesale experience.

One-Stop Solution From Buying to Shipping

JustChinaIt has strong portfolios of supplier databases. We are your best China toys wholesale service solution. Warehousing, price analysis, or consolidated shipping. You name it.

In JustChinaIt, we understand that each client is unique. We also know that time is money. That’s why we always work fast and efficiently. We source only the best products at the lowest prices. Besides, we deliver them in the shortest time.

Committed and Friendly Customer Service

Clients repeat their purchases for our excellent services. We always care for your need. Our project manager will study all your concerns. We will convey them when choosing your preferred toys company in China.

All staff in JustChinaIt undergo proper training. We are strict in sourcing, managing, inspection, and delivery. Our staff is always committed to businesses. Welcome to communicate your needs to our friendly team!

FAQs - buy toys online china

Before you order toys from China, let’s see the common questions from our clients:

Where can I buy wholesale toys from China?

Foreign buyers usually search on Google. Some visit the online marketplace too. Besides, there are many famous China toys wholesale markets. For instance, in Yiwu, Shantou, Lingyi, Yangjiang, and Baigou.

Are you looking for a made in China remote control car supplier? Or China plastic toys seller? They are all here.

Why should I buy wholesale toys from China?

A China toys supplier can offer you quality products. These products are often low-in-costs. You will get a lot of choices. For example, Beyblade China toys or Chinese stuffed animals.

A toys company in China can make export simple. They are professional in manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Most of them have years of wholesale toys experience.

How do the China toys wholesale market help my business?

Importing toys from China toys wholesale market costs you 30 - 50% lower. It means lower costs than competitors. As a result, you get bigger profit margins.

You can also sell trendy toys - for instance, a China remote control car or a Chinese teddy bear type. With the right toys supplier in China, you can receive quality products on time.

How is working with a China toys wholesale agency different from buying by yourself?

How should I buy wholesale toys in China on my own?

You can visit the China toys wholesale market or the online marketplace. China toys wholesale markets like Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Baigou are well-known places.

China online toy stores are also resourceful websites - for instance, or Yet, you need to audit carefully before purchasing.

How much can I save from working with a China toy wholesale agency?

JustChinaIt has lists of verified toy manufacturers in China.

Source suppliers sell goods at 30 - 50% cheaper than international suppliers. You can get China soft toys like a Chinese teddy bear or Beyblade toys from China. They save you 30% lower costs.

Grow Your Wholesale Business with JustChinait China Toys Wholesale Services

Toys imported from China save you more costs. They also give you better profit margins. With 11 years of wholesale toys China experience, JustChinaIt is your reliable China toys agent. We provide one-stop solutions to ease your business.

Choose JustChinaIt as your China Toys wholesale service provider.  We are experienced, certified, and professional.

Our team sources any toys, like a China toys car or Chinese Beyblades. We can also get toys like a China teddy bear or a China dragon toy. They are all of low-cost and high quality.

Work with JustChinaIt to grow your toys business! Call us at +86 150-1926-7452 to kickstart your China toys wholesale journey. You can also talk to us via email. We can’t wait to hear from you!

China wholesale agencies like JustChinaIt saves you hassles. Besides inspecting and monitoring, we source hot toys China produces.

We are good at choosing a trustworthy toys company in China. You can avoid scams, fakes, inferior products, and bad services.

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