Your Best and Reliable China Shipping Agent

By HX Wenli
August 16, 2022

These are the 20 best China shipping agents for 2022.
I bet you definitely worked with them if you are buying from China. Maybe you were not working with them directly but used a second agent to work with them.
So if you want to empower your China supply chain, you’ll love these fantastic shipping agents.
Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: Shipping Agent In China

Are you sourcing products from China? Are you seeking the best and cheapest china shipping agent to assist you? Or perhaps, do you have any doubt about working with Chinese shipping agents? If you have these inquiries in your mind, this article will help you!
Hiring the best shipping agent in China is among the wisest decisions you can make to save money and ensure that your cargo is safe. With so many scammers, it is only best to protect yourself and your business. However, it may not be easy to do so, so we’ve put together this guide to help you. 


What is a China shipping agent?

A China shipping agent is an individual who offers shipping services to importers worldwide. Some of the things they performed were arranging the customs clearance, local operations, and charges. For this reason, they performed their jobs in their preferred China ports.  

What is the role of an agent in china for shipping?

When importers and buyers buy from China, they need to ship the products. It is where a shipping agent in China comes in and offers their services. These agents plan transportation, arrange cargo, and ensure that the shipment will arrive at their client’s location safe and sound. 
Furthermore, these shipping agents play a huge role in the following:

  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Labeling
  • Documentation

Why is a shipping agent so important?

Shipping agents in China have vast knowledge and experience regarding the shipment process. They ensure that they meet the clients’ demands and criteria, especially ensuring that their cargo will arrive complete. If this is your first time shipping products from China, these agents will help your process fast and with no risk. 

Chapter 2: The Pros And Cons of Shipping Agent In China

Choosing a Shipping Agent China to USA to any other place is crucial, mainly if it’s your first time doing business in China. By working with them, you can access many of their warehouses, store your items, and even set the shipment of your cargo. The best shipping agent in China also works with reputable firms to ensure that all your goods arrive on time and without damage. 
These agents might be notable for their job, but they can still give you a downside. So for this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring shipping agents in China:



Offers professional service

One of the problems that importers face when they source products from China is shipping. You may have difficulty finding the best shipping line or managing to ship daily. It is why it’s best to find a shipping agent in China since they know what to do that will help you with shipping and deal with any possible issues.  

Offers better deals

You can find the cheapest shipping agent in China to offer you the best deal. They will do most of the shipping processes and provide you with the cargo services you need. And since they serve a large number of consumers and ship packages in bulk, they were able to lower the prices for their customers. 
You’re missing out if you do not want to hire a shipping agent China to USA, the UK, or directly to your location. You will only rely on your supplier for higher shipping costs since shipping your products is an added fee. 

Save Time and Money

Your time is valuable and essential as business owners. Hiring the best shipping agent in China is ideal for saving time and money. They are professional in what they do, are experts in the shipping fields, and will do most of the work at a fair price. They can also help you avoid possible errors in your shipping process. 

Save Shipping Time

Many “Shipping Agent China to USA, Shipping Agent in China Alibaba, and even Drop Shipping Agent in China have been in this industry for many years. They have worked with numerous clients, overcome hurdles, and learned hard. They also have strong ties with many people and firms in this industry, so getting custom clearance, documents, and any paper you need is a piece of cake. For this reason, they are professional, are experts in what they do, and will save you the shipping time and high cost. 

Easy to communicate

When buying from China, the first challenge is the language barrier. As we all know, English is not the first language of Chinese, so they will find it hard to communicate with you, and in the same way, you’ll find it tricky to understand them. It is where the best shipping agent in China can help you, as they are natives who can bargain, talk, and understand on your behalf. 

Get high-quality items

Most businesses want to strive for low prices, high-quality products, and shipping. Even the cheapest China Shipping Agent can assist you in looking for top items on the market, assist you in negotiating the best deal, and ensure that the shipping process is working well. When you find a shipping agent in China, you can expect them to provide an excellent final product. 

Reduce risk

Buying items in China has its sets of advantages and drawbacks. There is always a bit of risk that you need to face, especially if you’re sourcing from another country. And because the suppliers you are looking for are in China, the best way is to look for a shipping agent in Guangzhou China, a China shipping agent in Zhengzhou, or the region where your product industry is high. They will assist you first-hand with legal work and processes without putting your business in danger.

Avoid culture misunderstanding

If you find a “Shipping Agent in China Alibaba” or “Shipping Agent China to USA,” ensure that they have native Chinese or their company has offices in China. It is because you need to hire a China shipping agent who can speak Chinese, aware of the Chinese markets, and knows the business culture.  

Verify laws and certificates

One of the benefits of working with a shipping agent in China is how they can quickly verify and certify if the supplier you have chosen is legit. They can also check if the product cargo is legible to be shipped outside by visiting their factory and conducting inspections. Because of the agents’ strict process, they eliminate the bad suppliers that can affect your business.  

Experts with custom clearance

Customs clearance is a process that is tiring and strict when you source from China. However, with the help of the best shipping agents in China, they can help you ship your products without them being held in customs. They can also obtain any papers, documents, and legal works you need to ensure that the cargo arrives safe and sound at your doorstep.  


Offers too low prices

One of the red flags you should note is hiring the cheapest china shipping agent that offers too low prices. It’s most likely that they are scammers who want to pitch clients by using the “best deal” scheme. These low rates entice businesses and firms to choose what they offer.  

A lazy shipping agent in china

When you find a shipping agent in China, you should beware of the lazy and unreliable ones. They are sometimes incompetent and messy to work. They will also be unable to locate suppliers, conduct visits to the factory, and ship your cargo.   

Refuse to show bill of landing

Find Shipping Agent in China that will not withhold the landing bill, making you pay for extra fees and fines. For this reason, always be alert to the process they make and double-check their money demands. You can also request formal paperwork to prove why you should pay.  

Provide undone papers

One of the tricks of shipping scammers and the cheapest china shipping agent presents inaccurate and missing papers. Because of this issue, there’s a possibility that the customs will hold your products at the port. This issue will also lead the agents to demand money to fix them. 

Has delay strategy

There is cheap Shipping Agent in China who perform their job well; however, there is some difficult-to-spot trap that these shipping agents set to earn more. A prevalent one is the delay strategy, which leads to products arriving late and being loaded and shipped, but not in reality.  

Provides no proof of container photo

You have to remember that the containers used by shipping agents in China are reused and have some physical decay. Because of this issue, it can damage your shipment too. Always ask for a photo of the container for inspection; it’s concerning if the agent doesn’t want to give them. 

They don’t mention sub-port

One of the reminders to keep in mind is there are different sub-ports in China. It is vital to know which sub-ports your cargo is so you can monitor and track it. Because there are so many ports, you can likely lose your shipment if not stated.                                                                                                                 

Chapter 3: How To Find A Shipping Agent In China

The China shipping agent industry is rising. However, finding the best shipping agent in China is not easy. The following are some of the ways and methods you may opt to do if you want to find a shipping agent in China:

Internet search

The first thing you can do when you find Shipping Agent in China is to search the internet. Nowadays, shipping agents put on websites and profiles to reach a wider audience. You can also use the internet to do your research; you can just input keywords in google like “shipping agent in Guangzhou China,” “best shipping agents in china Dalian,” or “cheapest china shipping agent.” 

Licensed Company

Foreign importers are sometimes duped by shipping agents in China. They even deceive buyers by offering low prices. For this reason, you need to double-check if your chosen agent has complete documents and is registered. 

Find a shipping agent in china Alibaba

Shipping agent in China Alibaba is the same as any other agent in the market. You can use Alibaba to look further at the information, such as a list of licensed, verified, and top-rated Chinese shipping agents.



An ideal way if you want to find Shipping Agent in China is to ask your friend or co-business if they source and ship things to China. They will help connect you with a cheap shipping agent in China but top-performing and delivering results. 

Attend trade fairs

In China, trade fairs are super popular. It is a year-long event where hundreds of suppliers and agents put booths to offer their services. If you want to meet the cheapest china shipping agent, you should visit the following fairs:

  • Canton Fair
  • The Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair
  • Yiwu Trade Fair
  • Beijing Auto Show
  • The Bauma Fair

Use social media

The best shipping agents in China have a very informative and potent social media presence. They also include client feedback from the past and present. You can browse various social media platforms to find the most suitable one. 

Chapter 4: The Best China Shipping Agent

You can find the best shipping agent in China and the cheapest shipping agent in China that will offer you various shipping services. Here is the list of shipping agents in China that you can consider:


JustChinait is the best shipping agent in China to guarantee you quality, performance, and profitability. They have been in this industry for 11 years now, and through those time, they have worked with over 100,000 successful China sourcing firms and businesses to reduce costs, warehouse fees, and shipping freight. They also work with over 900 clients who can attest to growth, meet their industry goals, and ship their packages secured. 
Because of how excellent their services are, over 78% of clients have repeated their services. If you’re looking for agents to provide you with services other than shipping, JustChinait has a broad range of options. Here is more of what they can offer for you:

  • China sourcing
  • China wholesale
  • China warehouse
  • China shipping services
  • Consolidated shipping services


Leelinesourcing is a shipping agent China to USA, the UK, and various platforms like Amazon. They are based in China and offer their expertise to find quality items at the most affordable prices. This company focuses on providing sourcing and shipping services, which are a big help in the importation process. 


Evergrand Logistics

In 2012, Evergrand Logistics started its firm and rose to become another top agent in china for shipping. They offer various air and sea freight services to their consumers. And because they use multiple ports like Guangzhou, Ningbo, Tianjin, Shenzhen, etc., they can do fast shipping. Their air freight time is 1–7 days before arrival, whereas sea freight takes 28–38 days.


Forest Leopard Logistics

Another Shipping agent China to USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, and globally is the Forest Leopard Logistic. They started their firm in Shenzhen but now have offices in Foshan, Changsha, and Hefei. They also offer various services, such as:

  • International Express
  • FCL/LCL international air transport
  • FCL/LCL international sea transport
  • Transport by train
  • Purchasing, inspection, photography, and packaging


LHD is one of the leading China shipping agents that started its business in 2021 in Guangdong, China. They provide various shipping services, such as sea freight, which departs from Shenzhen for locations in North and South America, Europe, and many countries in Asia. At most, they can supply a cargo capacity of 5 tons daily. 


Seabay Logistics is one of the leading shipping agents in China, especially with FBA service. They have been assisting and supporting clients in placing orders, packaging items, and labeling for over 15 years. They are also a shipping agent China to USA, who can ship packages from China straight to the USA. 
Seabay offers various services like warehouse and trucking, sea and air transport, and Amazon fulfillment. You can use their services to order items, package them, and ship them to your location. They also have good customer service, so you can expect them to assist you 24/7 via live chat, phone, and any methods you want. 


Sino Shipping

A hong-kong based China shipping agent is Sino Shipping. It started its operations in 2003 and became one of the top agents in this field. Because they are growing, they put up numerous offices in Tianjin, Ningbo, Shenzhen, etc.
Sino Shipping also provides varieties of services, such as you have the option to ship your products via land, sea, air, and train. You can also have a few operators to handle your cargo, so there will be less risk. You will also not worry about working with them as they provide you with constant updates on the status of your shipment. 


YCL Logistics

YCL Logistics is your option if you want to find a reputable shipping agent in China that can cater to your needs. This company has been in the industry since 2009 and has committed to providing shipping services in various forms. They also help their clients look for and deal with the best suppliers. 
Here are some of the unique services they provide:

  • Supplier management
  • Quality control
  • Product development
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Shipping


Among the best shipping agents in China is Omni, which is significant as the 3PL service provider. Omni provides shipping services to 14 countries. They achieved this rate because they have 60 facilities and 2200 employees worldwide. They also offer various services, including:

  • Airfreight and ocean freight services
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Distribution both domestically and internationally

DDPCH Company

DDPCH is another agent that offers its shipping services on various global sites. You can send your packages to any location like Germany and UEA. You also can choose if you would like another shipping company to ship your products. They can make this work because they partnered with UPS, DHL, FedEx, and TNT.    


EJET Sourcing Co., Ltd

If you want to find Shipping Agent in China, a top player in the industry yet offers a fair price, EJET Sourcing is best. This company, since 2006, has delivered its services and expertise to customers worldwide. They have excellent customer service, aim always to meet their client’s demands, and offer the lowest cost possible. Because of how competent they are, they ship at least 1546 containers per year.


USA84 Freight Forwarder

USA84 Freight Forwarder is a top shipping agent China to USA. They handle and offer a broad range of shipping services in the United States. Some of the most excellent services that you can make use of are:

  • A whole service
  • The sea freight
  • The air freight
  • Discounted price
  • 24/7 Customer Help 
  • warehousing and storage
  • Courier/Express Service
  • FBA Service by Amazon

Shenzhen Marine Shipping Agency

In 2002, Shenzhen marine shipping agency started its business. They offer sourcing and shipping solutions to buyers worldwide. They can assist you in looking for the best items and suppliers and help you with all your shipping needs. You can also work with them to deliver your cargo from US ports to international ports.


Kingstar Shipping 

If you aim to source the best and the cheapest china shipping agent, deal with a logistic that will handle everything you need. The best option for this is Kingstart Shipping since they offer a one-stop sourcing and shipping solution. They will also help you with all shipping requirements. 


Guangzhou Shengcheng International Freight Forwarding

Among the best Shipping Agent in Guangzhou China is Guangzhou Freight Forwarding. They offer vast services to their clients, including inspecting the goods before they transport them. They also export hazardous and fragile items like glass and chemicals.


Shengyu Freight

Shengyu Freight is among the cheapest china shipping agent since they offer affordable freight rates. They also provide various services, such as taking care of your customs declaration, arranging shipping papers, and inspecting for imports and exports. 

Blue Bull

Another shipping agent China to USA is Blue Bull, specializing in air and sea freight. They have numerous departure ports such as Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. From these ports, the final destination will be the US. 

Paramount Logistics

Paramount Logistics is one of the biggest shipping agents in China that focuses on global logistics. They also focus on building strong ties to major shipping companies, express companies, and airlines. For this reason, they can transport goods to sites like the US, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, and even Dubai.

Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping

Jinjiang Shipping has been in the business since 1983. They have shown their expertise and how well-established their network is throughout the years. Some of the services they have listed are transportation, shipping logistics, and other related services.


Beijing Linde International Transport Agency

This company is a global freight forwarder that has been providing top services. Their primary transport focus is air freight; they also excel in delivering sea freight shipping. 


Chapter 5: The Services Provided By A China Shipping Agent

There is numerous cheapest Shipping Agent in China that will offer a unique set of services. If you want to make your sourcing and shipping experience in China excellent, you can find Shipping Agent in China that will give you all the services listed below:


Delivery and pick-up

One of the services you can expect when you find a shipping agent in China is delivery and pick-up. These agents will pick up the product from your supplier and bring them to the port. An example would be, if you are in the US, you can find a shipping agent China to USA for an easy transaction.  

Inspection of the packages

Even the cheapest shipping agent in China can assist you with inspecting the supplier’s factory. They will confirm if the factory abides by your standard and ensure they meet your standard. 

Safe storage facilities 

Storage is also available with a cheap shipping agent in China and a drop shipping agent in China. This service is usually free, but you may charge fees to store your belongings in some cases.

Assist with cargo insurance

There are cases where your cargo can goes missing at sea. Who will make up for that loss? Because of this issue, shipping agents in China will assist you with cargo insurance. 

Prepare shipping papers

Preparing shipping papers and documents is a crucial and tricky part of sourcing from China. However, it’s easy for shipping agents in China to do so since they are experts and professionals. Some of the documents they can help you with are:

  • Bill of Landing
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Product Certification
  • Origin Certificate
  • Loading the goods into the container
  • Dangerous good condition

Help with custom clearance

When you find Shipping Agent in China, you should note that they should know Chinese customs and regulations. If they do, you are guaranteed that they will handle customs clearance easily because they know and understand the process. 

Dealing with any issues

Your chosen China shipping agent is your representative and will handle any issues. They will be the first to give solutions, especially when it comes to shipping failure. 

Fast process

One of China’s shipping agent’s services is a fast process. Thanks to the agent’s knowledge and expertise, all your operations are done fast. It is why you will save a considerable amount of time. 

Chapter 6: Things To Do To Avoid Fake China Shipping Agent

Look into the licenses

Before you contact a list of shipping agents in China, you must first verify their licenses. If the shipping agent does not have a franchise and doesn’t have complete papers, there is a higher odd that something will go wrong. 

Conduct background check

Doing a background check is also a way to see if the shipping agents in China are reliable and trustworthy. You can inquire to the agent and company and ask for their information, or ask someone who works at your chosen company.  

Check reviews from previous clients

The best way to avoid fake shipping agents is to reference feedback and reviews left by their previous clients. You will have an idea of how they work, their expertise, and the services offered. 

Inspect the websites of the agent in china for shipping

The China shipping agent’s website is the representation of their work. So, you can refer to look for the following as you browse:

  • Business email address
  • Company logo
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Case study
  • Social media performance

Trust the process

If supposed, you chose the best shipping agent in china or the cheapest china shipping agent yet still get scammed, the best way you can do it is to take it as an experience. You will be much more knowledgeable and expert with agents you’ll hire the second time around. 

Chapter 7: FAQs About China Shipping Agent

Choosing and hiring the best shipping agent is indeed not an easy task. So, the following questions can further help you understand and know your best and most reliable China shipping agent.

Is hiring the cheapest China shipping agent the best option?

There is numerous cheapest shipping agent in China that offers low prices but will be top-performing. However, you should beware of the hidden fees since you might be paying higher than expected. 

What are the standard fees of a shipping agent in China?

There are various shipping fee ranges that you can get from China. It will depend on the rules, expertise, and services you demand from these agents—the usual price that between $35 and $75; however, this might increase. It would help if you remembered not to get hooked with the cheapest china shipping agent that offers an unbelievable rate. Their services are not good in most cases, and you’ll likely get scammed. 

Do China shipping agents take care of customs clearance?

China shipping agents can assist you with customs clearance. It is among the typical service they offer since they have to handle shipping needs like paying taxes and duties, submitting papers, and other import duties.  

Do China shipping agents take part in quality control?

Most 3PLs can handle all your shipping needs, including quality control. However, not all shipping agents can offer you these services, so you need to ask them if they provide this one. 

Is it viable to send your goods from China without using an agent in China for shipping?

Yes, it’s possible. However, you must be ready for the issues that may arise. Some of what you’ll encounter are a complicated process, language barrier, scammers, and high prices. You will also deal with everything alone, which could be tricky. 

What is the distinction between a China shipping agent and a China freight forwarder?

A China shipping agent is a professional in charge of all vital shipment and cargo tasks. In contrast, freight forwarder provides added services like managing the entire process, shipping, trucking, etc.

Chapter 8: Conclusion

We have presented you with all the details you need to choose the best shipping agent in China. You should first determine the services you need, followed by the agent services, then compare based on fees, performance, quality, and returns. You also beware of the red flags we have listed to safeguard yourself from scammers. 
If you need a shipping agent in China, JustChinait is open to serving you. You can send us a quote, and we guarantee you we will respond in no time!

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