What Are The Best Quality Control Methods In China?

By HX Wenli
April 19, 2022

This guide will show you the best quality control methods in China.
Basic types
Things to consider
How to conduct
Lots more
So if you want to go from China sourcing rookie to winner, this guide is for you.
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Chapter 1: Quality control methods in China manufacturing basics

What are quality control methods in China manufacturing?

Before heading to quality control methods in China manufacturing, I have a simple question. How often do you order from the China suppliers? Do you ensure quality of products and services? If the answer is yes, that’s great. Otherwise, you must think about this aspect.
So, in the above example, what are quality control methods in China manufacturing?
Quality control refers to setting up the standard levels to determine the quality of products. Do you know why we make this standard? To ensure quality of products and services we might use. There are many different techniques to ensure quality of products and services. Today, we will thoroughly go through them.

1.quality of product

Is it essential to ensure quality of products and services?

I have seen many people who order China suppliers for the sake of lower prices. They don’t even pay heed to the quality of products. And in the end, they are crying that they can’t generate enough sales.
I can crack the secret behind their failure. You know, what failed them? Simply put, the lack of quality control makes them get low quality of products made in China. To bring potential customers, you must never compromise on the quality of the products.
That’s why I would say, “The higher the quality of products, the more sales you can generate.” By that means, with the high quality of products made in China, you can skyrocket your sales within days.

How to measure the quality control of the products?

Quality control is not a simple word to describe. Instead, you can understand it in different chapters of the article. However, I can tell you the basic measurement units here. It is like setting up a standard for your products.
For example, you need to order from the China suppliers. Since the quality of products made in China is the essential factor, you must tell your suppliers to provide you with quality products. Once you have ordered the products, you undergo the pre-inspection.
That’s what quality control comprises. Only preinspection is not enough. Instead, you have to follow the steps until the quality of your product matches your expectations.

2.quality control of the products

What is the cost of the quality inspection in China?

The cost of quality depends on multiple factors. If you hire a third-party imported good quality control company, it depends on the following factors:

  • Level of the expertise of the staff or imported good quality control company. The higher the experienced team, the more the price will be.
  • Distance of the imported goods quality control company from the inspection site might impose extra charges on you.
  • Fundamental or comprehensive analysis is another factor that imported goods quality control company might include in its list to charge you.

Now, the question is—how much will it charge you to hire an imported goods quality control company?
Usually, it takes $200 to 300 per day to audit. It is the price of a typical imported goods quality control company. Some might charge you higher than that as well. So, specify the budget accordingly.

Chapter 2: Why is Quality Control Methodology essential?

People have several questions in mind. One of them is, “Why quality control method is best for them?” If you have these sorts of questions in mind, no problem. I can help you find the answer effectively.

It ensures the production of the high-quality product on suppliers’ end

When you order a supplier, you must ensure that the supplier is efficient enough. You know, why? Because you are importing goods and need to ensure quality of products and services.
If you implement a proper quality control method, quality products will be on your side. Moreover, the suppliers will choose the best possible factory with quality products. In this way, you will get high-quality products from your suppliers.
Remember one thing. There are hundreds of scammers in China as well. You need to be careful. Only the right supplier will approach your desired expectations. So, give them a chance accordingly.

Depreciates the potential losses you might encounter

Potential losses occur when you get scammed. And when you get scammed? A serious question to answer. It is especially possible when you don’t implement the quality control methodology and order any random supplier.
The supplier might provide you with the inventory. But, the items are subpar and might put you at a loss. Especially when you look at the cheaper stock, you might not get the expected number of sales. What will happen, then? You will lose customers and potential revenue at the same time.
Any solution to it?
Yes. The quality control method can save you from potential risks. You might wonder, how? If you ensure quality of products and services, customers will get attracted to you. You might observe a boost in the number of sales. It will directly increase your revenue. It is what you deserve in your business.

Improves conversion ratio and sales leads

Do you know the conversion ratio? If not, no problem. Let me help you understand it. Conversion is the number of clicks on your products to the number of sales. In simple words, if you get more deals, this ratio will increase. In the opposite case, you might observe a decrease in this ratio.
So, now the question is to increase it. The quality Control method can improve it. You know, how? Simply put, it can provide you with quality products. If there is quality, you will get more sales. If there are more sales, guess what will happen? Obviously, the conversion ratio will increase.

Customers’ expectations get fulfilled

Customers believe in you. Will you break their trust? I would say no. You know, why? Because businesses depend on clients. If there are clients, you will achieve the targets on time. So, why not prefer them? It is what a good business person will do.
Keep your customers’ ideas on the front line of advice. If they recommend bringing changes, try to apply them if possible. So, it will put you in the race with the top brands of the local area.
The quality control method can fulfill expectations. Clients need what? Quality products. How will you fulfill their desire? No doubt, it will be a quality control method there for you.

There are the least number of variations in the products

Have you ever noticed the variations in the products? Maybe you have done this already. Can you guess the primary reason behind this? Maybe not. It is a problem with the manufacturing process and quality control. That’s why you can expect it to have variations.
Now, the question is, how to decrease the possibility of variations in the products? It is possible by quality control methods in production. When you inspect the factory yourself, you can evaluate the statistical process in the quality control method. It will make sure you get quality products with minimal variations.

3. variations in the products

Chapter 3: 3 Basic types of Quality inspection China manufacturing

Are you going to monitor the quality control methods in production? If yes, you must know all the steps. If not, you can try quality control methods in China company. However, there are three basic steps. I have listed them to help you understand the whole statistical process.

Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production inspection refers to quality checking methods before ordering a higher quantity of products. For this analysis, you can check the raw products and tell the factory about your desired quality. Remember. Chinese factories produce cheaper products. But, you need to make sure you get the right quality.
To get this, you can send the sample products to the lab for testing. You know, what will happen with that? You will be able to determine what you are getting. The prototype of the product will define the mass. You can try different product samples and give them exact advice.
Never compromise on it. Even ask the factory whether they have got you or not. If not, better explain them. If you get the right, they will get you the right product.

4.Pre-Production Inspection

During production checkup

During production, there is another scenario. For production checkup:

  • You must check the products on time.
  • Never check the products too early or late
  • Determine whether the product is as per expectations or not.

What if the products are not what you want? If it is true, take early measures. Be in touch with the factory staff and explain what you want. It is better to present early to prevent confusion. If you get late, you can expect what will happen. Products will be unable to sell.
Different countries have different criteria for selling. Moreover, visual defects might also cause the loss. So, it is better to conduct the quality checking methods earlier.

5.During production checkup

Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is precisely an inspection before shipping the products. It is when you have 100% of your inventory ready to transport. Earlier I told you, every country has its rules of import and export.
Some products can not be imported. Even there are quality standards to ensure the right and standard quality items enter the market.
So, a pre-shipment analysis will make sure the quality of the products. It is only possible by testing one product in the batch. You can not check every item one by one. So, take the sample from one product and send it to the lab.
Wait until the report arrives. If it is as per standards, great! Moreover, you can identify the possible number of defects as well. It will enhance your trust in the China suppliers and let you import quality products per quality criteria.
You can hire quality control methods in China company. It will fulfill all your requirements in the given timeframe.

6.Pre-shipment Inspection

Chapter 4: Things to consider during the quality control methods in China manufacturing

Everything has a proper time and criteria. You can apply this case to product shipments and quality control. Whether it is the statistical process or quality control techniques, you need to consider the following things.

Product Analysis

Product analysis includes multiple factors to check. Even a single element is vital to meet the standards. For example, weight is quite important. You might wonder when weight is substantial?
It is crucial, especially during shipment and when a client orders the product. Some people are quick enough to assess the quality by checking the weight. So, what should you check in the product? Here is what:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Relevant important factors

You can check multiple other factors to ensure the quality of products made in China.

Packaging and Labeling Quality

Packaging and labeling quality is another factor to notice. Some people don’t pay attention to it. I think they are doing wrong. There are unique criteria for the packaging and labeling. No matter you have a brand label or not. Made in China label is quite essential to export products from China. So, check for it.
Moreover, you can apply the statistical process to the label quality. It will help you evaluate the quality of your product package and label. Moreover, different dimensions of the package are also critical.
Look. Every laboratory can not check the products packages. Some products need to be reviewed by certified labs. So, to import items, you need to make sure the statistical process is accurate.

7.Packaging and Labeling Quality

Defect Classification

Let me give you an example. If you have ordered 1000 pieces of some products, can you guess the number of defective parts? Maybe not. However, I can put a rough estimate about it. For example, there are ten pieces defective even after proper quality control.
So, in which type of defect will you keep them? There are three types of defects expected during the quality control techniques.

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Critical

Always keep a sample and send the report to the quality control China company. It is better to keep it in the form of images and videos.

Functional Testing

Functional testing applies especially to devices. If you are importing electronic or medical devices, functional testing is better. It will ensure the quality of products made in China.
Take the sample. Outline to operate the device. Check whether it works efficiently or not. If it is what you need, you can move ahead to the bulk order and receive your products on time.

Special Tests

To import the items, you need to adhere to rules and regulations. So, there are some restrictions on importing. For example, you can’t import Cannabis products. Then, what is the solution? No solution. Just make sure your product follows the guidelines.
In chemicals, you need to apply special tests for checking purposes. It will ensure chemicals adhere to importing guidelines.

Carton Drop Test

Since your ultimate goal is to get quality products made in China. Am I right? When is it possible? It’s possible when you assess the quality. Carton drop test will help you check the durability of the item. It is one of the best methods of quality assurance.

8.Carton Drop Test

Chapter 5: How to conduct methods of quality assurance?

A good question to answer. Methods of quality assurance depend on various steps. If someone says methods of quality assurance are of two stages, they might be wrong. However, I have listed the steps to conduct methods of quality assurance.

Determine the information related to your products niche

There are hundreds of products. In those products, some might belong to a single place. Maybe all your products have different categories. So, a product type can determine the product niche.
In China, product quality determines the value of products. You must know the quality products made in China. To make the choices better, it is essential to compare the two products. Compare high quality products made in China with low quality products made in China. It will help you gain confidence in your supplier.
Check the product features, functionality, and even the design. If everything is fine, you can move ahead to quality control techniques.

Research and Cooperate with Quality Suppliers in China

Not all the China suppliers are of quality. Some will be quality suppliers.
So, how do you find quality suppliers?
The answer is quite simple and easy. To find the right supplier, you must contact the sourcing companies. They know which one can be better for you. For example, JustChinaIt provides you with sourcing services. Our extensive list of suppliers might be sufficient. More than that, we support our customers.
Overall, you can hire our imported goods quality control company for two purposes. First, we can find you, suppliers. Second, we offer quality control for your stocks.

Choose the criterion to define the quality product

Everything has a specific measure. No matter if you need quality or something else. What is essential is a standard to measure it.
You can’t be blind in product order. Instead, it would help to get in touch with an imported goods quality control company. It will tell you how to work with quality inspection. In this way, you can specify the parameters. Moreover, you might get some experience.

9.quality product

Thoroughly analyze the products you import

Remember, every country has some types of restrictions on product import. For example, in the US, you can’t import alcoholic products. So, you need to confirm nothing like that is in your stock.
Similarly, there can be other types of restrictions in other countries. So, you need to follow the instructions. Therefore, analyze your stocks thoroughly. If they have such products, leave them behind. Never mind the illegal system to import such items.

10.products you import

Chapter 6: Prevent quality problemsquality control methods in China

There are several quality problems. Sometimes, you don’t realize how much quality matters. In such a case, you need to face quality problems. Nonetheless, I have listed some tips to prevent quality problems with your products.

Know your quality standardsquality control methods in China

What are quality standards? Can you answer it? If not, no problem. I can define it.
Quality standards refer to the criterion to measure the quality of products. If you know how to get the product samples, it is no longer a problem.
The problem arises when you don’t know quality materials. You quickly get scammed by the scammers. When a client checks your products, and don’t have quality, they might not buy products from you again.
So, know the quality standards. It is better to consult professional companies and understand the quality control China manufacturing. If you get at the right product with desired quality, what will be better? Go now! Get your utmost product quality.

Pick up the suitable suppliers

Do you know what a suitable supplier is? In actuality, it is a supplier that meets your needs. If you are looking for medical devices, suitable suppliers will provide you with medical instruments with:

  • Quality devices
  • 100% workable in multiple aspects
  • Fall under your budget
  • Work for longer periods

It is what most buyers and brands want. So, choose a suitable supplier.

Check with your suppliers before order

There are many cases around the globe. I have seen people complaining about scams. It happens when they don’t conduct the research. They select random suppliers and don’t know about them. So, why not find the best for yourself?
The best practice includes finding suppliers. More than that, quality suppliers. By that means, those suppliers that offer quality products. For this reason, you can ask the supplier to provide you with details about the products. Even you can get the samples to send them to the lab.
After receiving reports, you can tell your supplier what exactly you need. However, believe in research and come up with effective suppliers.

Chapter 7: Which sourcing companies provide you with quality solutions?

Now, you have all the knowledge; the next step is to determine —Which Chinese companies are best to hire. You can’t randomly hire any company for your business. Instead, be specific. Find the exact one. I have listed Just China It as the best possible solution for your concerns. Have a look!

Just China It

Have you heard of Just China It ever before? Maybe or may not be. Whether yes or no, I can help you understand what exactly JustChinait is. JustChinait is a top sourcing company in China that provides its customers with the ultimate solutions regarding product research, suppliers, and quality control.

11.best China sourcing agent

However, quality control methods in China are significant features:

  • They have an endless list of suppliers. It makes them favorable for foreign businesses.
  • Their team knows how to handle complex projects regarding product research, sampling, and quality control.
  • Eleven years of purchasing and exporting products are their prominent features.
  • We have served 156 countries around the world. Just imagine such vast stats! Aren’t these enough to prove our ability?

What do we offer?

Just China It is not only a sourcing company. Instead, you can enjoy other services as well. I have listed our top services people love.

  • Sourcing services
  • Quality Control with high standards of criteria
  • Warehouse service to store your inventory for more extended periods
  • Product hunting and research to help you find the required stocks.

Why should you choose us for quality control?

Have you read about us? I suppose you think what I am guessing. Here is why you should consider us as your choice.
High standards of quality control
We believe in quality. That’s why we long for the best for our customers. If you let us know your requirements, our team will jot down the top suppliers from our endless list. If someone is perfect for you, we will recommend them to you.
Another great thing to find the quality is our high quality control standards. We perform pre-production and post-production assessment. It lets us access the quality inventory at reasonable prices.
The quality of products made in China is ensured
As we believe in quality, we provide our customers with quality. You might wonder, how do we do that? That doesn’t involve any rocket science. Instead, we apply the quality inspection steps. Have a look:

  • Grab product information like size, type, and category
  • Conduct sample analysis
  • Get the reports and check whether the quality meets our standards or not.

If everything is as expected, we recommend such suppliers and order them. It lets our customers believe in us.
Affordable prices are there
We don’t want to put burdens on our customers. That’s what makes us access multiple suppliers. We negotiate the price and settle on a single but affordable price. Remember. During all this, our focus is quality.
In simple words, if the supplier agrees to an affordable price along with the quality standards, we prefer such suppliers. In the end, we get what? Only quality products at wholesale rates. Isn’t it yet favourable for you?
Shorter periods and higher results
Nowadays, everyone is busy with work. In less time, we need more output. It is only possible when we put effort. Just China It has an efficient team. We work day and night to provide you with the ultimate supplier.

In short periods, we get you results. So, believe in our services and call us right away. We are available 24/7 to give you free proposals.

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect from methods of quality assurance?

Quality control techniques can ensure quality products made in China. There are multiple other facts also.

  • You can get high quality products made in China.
  • Potential customers will approach your brand
  • You can boost your business progress
  •  Product quality will assure you get the best

There can be many other advantages as well. Choose the product sampling, reports, and relevant things accordingly. Just stay at your primary goal of getting quality products at first.

How many times does it take to get the quality inspection report?

Multiple factors determine the time for the report. For example, if you want to get a report today, it may not be possible when an extra analysis is essential.
However, I can tell you the best for the report. Usually, it takes 24 hours to inspect when the samples have been sent. If you want reports earlier than the mentioned time, it is possible with some labs. They might charge an additional cost for quick reports.

How do statistical quality control tools take product trust to another level?

Product trust relies on quality. If a product is of quality, that’s great. You can buy such products. Even most clients thoroughly assess the effects before purchasing.
In this case, statistical quality control tools determine whether the product quality is excellent or not. If it is perfect, buyers will trust your product. What effect will happen with that? I think the trust level of the item will be more than your competitors’. Isn’t it what you want?

When should you hire quality control methods in China company?

A quality control China company can assist you in finding the desired quality of products. Every time you might not be available to apply quality control techniques. So, it is better to hire a quality control China company. Here is when you need quality control China company.

  • When you don’t have enough time to visit the place manually
  • You should hire when you don’t know how to conduct the quality control techniques
  • Professionals are always best to hire
  • You are importing goods from China

Quality control methods in China companies implement statistical quality control charts. These statistical quality control charts help determine the samples and their quality.

What is the best practice for quality control methodology?

There are multiple factors to focus on in this case. The best technique is to follow the steps.

  • Get the information about your products. It might include everything about your products.
  • Get the sample.
  • Send the sample to the lab
  • Wait for the report and show it to the quality control team.
  • Choose the experienced team to get the best out of them

You can ask your quality control team to ascertain the experience. Always ponder, then take further steps. It is one of the best strategies to follow.

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