The Ultimate Guide to AliExpress Order Consolidation: How to Save Time and Money on Your Online Shopping

By Sarah
March 7, 2023

hWWWAre you tired of dealing with multiple Aliexpress orders and shipments?

If so, you’re not alone.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to consolidate your Aliexpress orders and save time and money in the process.




1) What is AliExpress Order Consolidation?


It is known as Order Consolidation when you send any items from an order in a single shipment. Multiple orders shipped to the same shipping address are mixed into a load to ship at once.

Less package waste and ensuring that your buyers receive all their orders at once helps cheap shipping costs. Your shipments can be easier by consolidating them. And this lets you improve the fulfillment experience in various ways.

Aliexpress consolidation

2) Why is Order Consolidation for AliExpress shoppers so important?


Order Consolidation is important for AliExpress shoppers because it offers them cheaper shipping fees. AliExpress is a reliable company as they look for ways to improve its service. They can deliver your products at no extra cost.

You could have your orders in one package even if you got it from various sellers. It allows you to process faster and give you less time waiting for their orders. It is easy and efficient to consolidate orders.

You can get various discounts if you want to buy many things. It will allow AliExpress to ship all your orders in the same package. It will improve customer joy and give your company a good name.


 2.How does AliExpress Consolidation work?


AliExpress Consolidation works from only some of the products, and standard shipping cost is included. You can only choose this option from a few vendors. It would help if you remembered that all your orders must be paid at once.

There are ways you can find your products at AliExpress that can be done with consolidated delivery. You can filter the product search, which is your most basic option. What’s more, you can see the “consolidated delivery” in the newly added filter. You can see the products from various stores that you can combine.

You can place an order if you look first for specific products. Add your orders with consolidated delivery to your shopping cart. Then, look for and select the product you want to order that belongs to it.

You can also search the shopping cart to place your orders with consolidated delivery. You will see the products on AliExpress that are fit for delivery. Your orders must be made at the same time.

Only the products with consolidated delivery will share the same AliExpress order number. You will need to pay for the orders separately if they are not fit for the consolidation. So, it will be better to look for products that sellers offer for the same delivery. It will let you save money and receive your orders fast.


 3.What are the advantages of Consolidating AliExpress orders?


AliExpress Consolidated Orders will simplify your orders by combining them. And this allows you to improve the fulfillment experience in various ways. Here are the advantages that you can get with your orders:

1) Accurate Orders


You can collect and review your orders before they are shipped out. It lets them see if the order is complete to avoid wrong shipments. It will not give customers a problem once they receive it.

Giving them what they want will improve the customer experience. Also, it will avoid returns which may cost you more for other shipping costs.


2) Avoid Damage


Damages to orders are still possible, even with the progress in load shipping. Your orders must go between the seller, consolidation center, and customer. But with consolidated shipping, handling your products will be safer and more efficient.

It will not need to go on and off a shipping truck at no extra cost. The chance of damaged goods is low with fewer touchpoints. Also, shipment will use less time as orders are constantly traveling.


3) Easier Shipment Tracking


You can now track AliExpress orders easier. Having all your orders in one packaging allows you to track them with just one tracking number AliExpress. It is because your orders are in one shipment. All the details of your order are transparent and realistic, with the transit status of one shipment.


4) Improved Quality Control


Consolidated shipments also allow you to take control of your goods earlier. You would normally have to wait for the supplier to send a replacement if quality control warns you of an issue with your shipment after it has already been shipped.

It would tell that you are now in control of when they will deliver your order. Thanks to load consolidation, quality control checks as soon as the product goes to storage.

It lowers the chance that you will lose time and control because of unanticipated issues with your order. It lets you be sure that their orders are good.

Improved Quality Control

5) Save Money


Many shippers view this as the main advantage of order consolidation. You will still be required to pay for the entire space, even if you only use half or most of a trailer.

Using AliExpress shipping consolidation, you can combine multiple LTL shipments going in the same way into a single full truckload shipment. You will only pay for the amount of space their freight occupies.


6) Sustainable Shipping


Order Consolidation allows more eco-friendly shipping as it uses less plastic and smoke. Your orders are packed and shipped together, which reduces smoke to the environment. You can have a good impact on the feelings of your customers who have concerns about nature.

Customers, especially younger ones, are now choosing brands that save nature. Practicing green commerce will help you appeal to this group. It will allow you to have more customers and a good name. You will gain more gains and also save the planet.



 4.Steps to Consolidate AliExpress Orders


AliExpress Consolidation will need an effective union between partners for your fulfillment process. It will let you simplify and optimize your effort. Here are the steps which you can take to consolidate AliExpress orders:


1) Choosing a consolidation service provider


You will need to work seamlessly with all parties involved. It may include business partners, distribution companies, and fulfillment centers. But more notably, you need a trusted shipping partner to take your orders.

Your shipping partner plays a vital part in the whole process. They ensure that your order is complete and accurate. It is why it helps to work with a skilled 3PL that also offers storage and packing services.

Having trusted a service provider allows you to leave the process to them. It will help you avoid the risk of mistakes that may happen when too many parties are involved. It will also let you save money from extra fees due to errors.


2) Registering and creating an account


You must create an account on AliExpress before you can begin shopping (or doing anything much, really). You can follow along with this guide to make one.

  1. Open your web browser and go to Click Join on the right-hand side, above “My AliExpress”(or click Join Free in the drop-down menu that appears).
  2. You must first enter and validate your email address. Click the “Email”box and enter your email address. Then, click the mouse button on the slider to the left where it says “Verification,” and drag it to the right until a new box appears.
  3. Type the distorted text you see there by clicking inside the text box, then click the “Submit” Lastly, select Next.
  4. You will receive an email from AliExpress confirming your account. Find the email titled “Please Confirm Your Email Address on!”in your email client after logging in. click on it to open it. Click the Continue button inside the email once you’ve opened it.
  5. You must now enter your name and choose a password after you have confirmed your email address. Type the following into each of the boxes you see highlighted in the screenshot above:
    1. A password for your account’s security
    2. A duplicate of the password you selected.
    3. First name
    4. Last name
  6. Click Confirm after you’ve completed filling out all four boxes.
  7. Your browser should take you to the AliExpress home page now. A big congratulations on creating an account!


3) Adding items to your consolidation cart


The “Add to Cart” button is typically used to order two to three different product pieces. Choose the order type first and add items to the shopping cart. The entire process only requires a few clicks. Your shopping cart will display items from various categories, and you can place orders from the same seller.

It is odd to add items one by one to the cart when placing big orders. What if there were tens of them, each with a unique product? Fear not. There is a way out. Speak with the seller before placing a sizable order.

Every item in the cart and under “My Orders” has a message button. Tell them you want to buy wholesale and inquire about the best way. Some merchants advise placing 30 pieces in your cart and writing a comment. The seller will be able to gather the appropriate order in this manner.

Every size or color may occasionally have a unique item number. In this scenario, the seller will request that you place individual orders for each item and specify your needs in the comments.

Some clients worry that the products might need clarification in such circumstances. It’s not the case, though, if you buy from a trustworthy vendor.

How Aliexpress consolidation works

4) Completing checkout and payment


You must enter your shipping information and confirm your shipping choices after you decide to check out. Let’s first set up your shipping information.

Click on each of the boxes and drop-down menus beneath the phrase “Please Fill In Your Shipping Information,” and type or choose from them the information shown below:

  • A name that you can use to contact you and identify you
  • The nation or area in which you reside
  • Your mailing address (your unit address is optional)
  • The city where you reside
  • The country, state, or territory you call home
  • Your postal code
  • Either your home or cell phone number (one or the other)

Click Save and Ship to This Address when you’re done.

You must now confirm the shipping options for each item in your order. You can select the drop-down menu next to each item’s quantity box to see your shipping options (and their cost). Please choose the option you want by clicking the button next to it, then select OK.

Additionally, you can choose a coupon to lower the cost of your order by checking the boxes next to “Apply AliExpress Coupon” or “Apply Seller Coupon”; then, if necessary, click Apply (see our AliExpress Coupons article for more information). Click Place Order when you’re ready to proceed.

To pay for your purchases, you must next enter your billing information.

We’ll assume you want to use a credit card as your payment method, so begin by clicking the button next to it. Click on each of the boxes shown in the screenshot above to the right, then enter the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • The cardholder’s information
  • Your credit card’s expiration month
  • Your credit card’s expiration year
  • The security code for your credit card.

Click Pay My Order once you’ve finished entering all of your information.


5) Tracking your consolidated shipment


Visit the AliExpress website, log in using your account and password, and then follow these steps to begin tracking AliExpress orders from AliExpress:

  • Click “My Orders”after selecting your account in the top right corner.
  • Click “Track Order”after you have found the item you want to track.
  • Your order’s current status and your AliExpress tracking number should be visible.

Please be aware that the numbers for your order and tracking are different. A tracking number is used to find where your order is. An order number shows the number of your item.


 5. Tips for Successful Order Consolidation on AliExpress


As you’ve seen, this new option for combined delivery can be beneficial, but you can only purchase it at AliExpress with shipping to China. We won’t need to keep track of multiple tracking numbers to make a purchase. You frequently ask us for advice on successfully consolidating orders on AliExpress.

Tips for Successful Order Consolidation on AliExpress

These are a few:

1) Consider shipping time and costs


Standard shipping is one of the least expensive choices available to you compared to other shipping options on AliExpress. It usually includes free shipping. If you must pay, the cost ranges from $1 to $3.

You can typically find vendors who offer free standard shipping and tracking. Delivery may take 15 to 20 days, but depending on the location, it may take as long as 60 days.


2) Compare prices of different consolidation service providers


You may need to choose a shipping agent in Hong Kong to help you gather the goods, consolidate them into one package, and ship everything together if you need to buy from various suppliers and ship in one package. Make sure to select the dependable option at a lower cost.


3) Check for any restriction on items eligible for consolidation


Enforcement actions, such as issuing severe warnings, limiting access rights, removing all online items, ending membership, etc., will be taken against parties who display items that violate the platform’s policies.

It includes those related to product posting to maintain and protect as a reliable platform in the e-commerce industry.


4) Choose the right shipping method


Remember that the shipping costs, fees, and lead times vary depending on the product. Try the next item in the line if you see a product with a high potential for sales but slow shipping. Each seller offers a variety of shipping choices for their products, each of which is unique.


 6. Common Questions and Concerns about AliExpress Order Consolidation


1) Is order consolidation safe and secure?


Consider this: When you purchase a single item, it is placed in a single package. With a means of securing it, this package may wind up being thrown from one corner to the next while in transit, potentially damaging the item.

Consolidating shipments reduces the amount of handling and space each item has to move around in transit, reducing the chance of damage.


2) What happens if my consolidated order gets lost or damaged?


On the eleventh day following the day the order was marked as shipped, you can file a dispute to request a refund. If you and the seller cannot agree in 5 days, AliExpress will step in.

Please remember that filing a dispute would prevent your money from going to the seller while not delaying the delivery of your package as usual.


3) What are the customs and duties involved with order consolidation?


The customs involved with your order consolidation is AliExpress USA Customs. For your orders on AliExpress, you might be assessed customs duties and taxes because:

  • Duties and taxes are often excluded from item prices and may not be accounted for in the total shipping charges you pay to the seller.
  • When you shop on AliExpress, you are purchasing from foreign vendors. You may sometimes be required to pay customs duty because of this.


4) How long does the consolidation process take?


When you transact with the supplier, this time will start and end when your products are given. The consolidation process normally takes 15 to 45 working days to deliver packages. The amount of time it takes to deliver your package depends on various factors.


5) How do I track my AliExpress package and where can I find tracking number AliExpress?


Tracking your orders is easy. You can track your AliExpress package in your order details. The seller will update your order details within 5-7 days after they send your package.

  1. Go to AliExpress in “My Orders.”
  2. Select “View Detail.”
  3. Your AliExpress order numberwill be under “Logistics Information.”


6) How much is the AliExpress consolidated shipping fee?


AliExpress’s consolidated shipping fee depends on where they will go or the AliExpress consolidated warehouse. You will be paying the shipping fees and your order’s price. Typically, AliExpress Standard Shipping would cost between $2 and $3.

But if you bought a lot of products or in bulk, as the products go through customs in your country, you might need to pay additional customs fees. You can apply discounts if they are offering one to save money.


7) Is there a disadvantage when combining deliveries from AliExpress?


Combining deliveries from AliExpress is fine, but you may face some challenges, like securing a carrier. Not all carriers are willing to deliver consolidated shipments. Even when you can find a carrier willing and able to send your shipments, be sure that you know this carrier and that you are being charged rightly.

Consolidated shipping needs more time to organize and plan your orders. You will need to be careful and aware of factors such as pricing, size, timing, and other things to guarantee that their delivery arrives safely and on time.

As mentioned before, this shipment may take more time than other shipping ways. It needs additional steps within the process. You must know the whole process and plan before making consolidated shipping.


8) What if the sellers I want to buy from do not accept combination shipping?


You are free to cancel your order if that is the case. If you want to cancel your order before it is delivered to you, you must do so as soon as possible. Sellers will handle the shipment quickly, and it’s likely that the order has already been delivered by the time you request the cancellation.

You must cancel not all the promotional items; only those you don’t want to purchase should be. The best action may be to get in touch with the seller as soon as possible to see if you can modify the order without having to cancel it.

What if the sellers I want to buy from do not accept combination shipping

Another best option is to hire the services of a sourcing company like ours, JustChinaIt. We can do order consolidation for all your orders in AliExpress, or any supplier from China.




AliExpress is described as selling cheap yet quality products from China. You can find trendy brands and low prices. It allows you to make small and few orders. However, this advice is different depending on where you are.

You can buy small products and combine your shipments. You will receive everything at once without worrying about multiple tracking numbers. A good option to track several orders is to look for a mobile application that lets you add your tracking numbers. It allows you to see where your orders are going at the same time.

Another advantage is for those who buy from countries that limit the number of packages received abroad annually. In this case, receiving products from various sellers in a single order saves you money and time when handling customs because you will only have one package.

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