Cheapest way to overnight shipping

By Sarah
June 25, 2024


A supply chain has three inevitable components: sourcing, Warehousing, and Shipping. If you miss one component, failure is near.

69% of the consumers abandon purchasing from sellers who deliver items more than two days late!

That shows how important it is to deliver the package overnight. Today, we will discuss the cheapest overnight shipping. Also, we’ll shower light on trusted shipping companies such as USPS.

Let’s shower light on this aspect.


1. Overnight Shipping Basic

1) What is overnight shipping?

Overnight shipping is the fastest option which saves time and ensures the delivery of the products within 24 hours. For instance, you placed an order at yesterday night. The shipping team will pack and process the orders during this downtime. During the evening of the next day, ship it in 24 hours.

What is overnight shipping

Yet, no need to worry about weekends which push the delivery by one to two days within the same week. Moreover, some firms provide an individual time limit too. If the cut-off time has already passed, you can ship within the next 24 hours on the following day.

2) Why is overnight shipping so crucial for a business?

Overnight shipping is not a privilege but a necessity for most businesses. Sometimes, you will make fast delivery promises to the customer, which is a vital component.

Yet, the pros of overnight shipping are consigned below.

  • Punctual delivery of orders is a guarantee that customers are pleased with and trust your business.
  • Furthermore, product safety could be another advantage of this approach.
  • That way, you will be able to deal with your supply chain most efficiently and strive for the top with unstoppable business development.
  • With more competitors in the same area, your business is a dominant option for customers looking for fast delivery service.
  • You can build a favorable business profile and reach even more clients. Success is a short step away, and your company will become much more appealing!

3) How does it work?

How can they do same-day delivery?! In that case, we have uncovered everything concerning the process.

  • Customers must place their orders within the stipulated cut-off time. If you order too late, expect to see the next day’s delivery.
  • After the customer places the order, the workers identify the parcel. Select, pack, and stick the labels that will guarantee on-time delivery.
  • The shipping process begins, and parcels are handed over to the courier.
  • The shipping company ships the parcel to the nearby overnight hub.
  • The final shipping takes place from the hub to the consumer within 24 hours.

A prominent shipping network makes the delivery possible. Without involving the right shipping resources, it wouldn’t be possible.


2. Why finding cost-effective options is crucial.

Overnight shipping is equally valuable for businesses and consumers. None can go for the higher costs and expect profitable businesses. Therefore, exploration of the cheapest way to overnight shipping is the need of the time.

Here are a few essential points regarding overnight shipping.

● Importance of overnight shipping for business

Overnight shipping is heaven for businesses. Let me tell you hundreds of reasons why it saves costs.

  • Businesses can meet customer demands and bring in a massive wave of new consumers.
  • Supply chain management is next-level because of the constant delivery of products.
  • Cost-effective rates increase the profit margins. That helps you save additional costs and promote your business better.

● Importance of overnight shipping for individuals

Consumers can also enjoy fast delivery and devise better solutions. Here are a few positive points about cost-effective shipping.

Importance of overnight shipping for individuals

  • Affordable overnight shipping keeps the prices lower if consumers have to ship products longer.
  • It helps continue the jobs for which customers are shipping.
  • Overnight shipping is an urge for consumers to buy emergency supplies.

● Common use cases

Overnight shipping shows off its essential need in the following cases.

  • Time-sensitive documents such as Legal contracts, financial paperwork, and academic transcripts must reach their destination in a single day. Overnight shipping makes it happen.
  • Prompt delivery of manufacturing replacement parts can speed up production. Minimal delays can’t halt the millions of dollars in production systems.
  • Food to flowers can’t stay alive for more than 24 hours. Their fast delivery becomes essential. Overnight shipping is often prominent at this point.
  • Emergency supplies also need such shipping options for fast delivery.
  • Valuable goods such as jewelry and electronics should also be considered overnight shipping options.


3. Who offers overnight shipping?

The shipping rates the companies charge for overnight delivery vary from one to another, such as USPS which has various rules for overnight delivery. For instance, FedEx and UPS also have the policy regulations.

Who offers overnight shipping

Let’s explore how these firms offer same-day or next-day delivery options.

● USPS Overnight Shipping

USPS is one of the fastest shipping methods provided to users. Guess what? It is lowest for the amount of money under two pounds in weight too.

First-Class Mail Express is the ideal option for all packages below the pound weight limit. Using flat shipping decide the weight and dimension of the packages. With this, you will be saving money and leaving your pockets full.

Maybe you wish to know why USPS Priority Mail Express is the fastest choice. We owe that to the local routes and the daily delivery of products. People receive their orders by the next day.

● UPS Overnight Shipping

UPS is also the champion for the night delivery. Its competitive prices and quick shipping grab the attention of US consumers. Although the boast like a boss brand is associated with the fastest shipping, it still uses the UPS Next Day Air delivery option.

If you are worried then you should know that there are many other shipping options that users can choose from. If you are on the hunt for the cheapest option among these three things, watch out for the three options below.

  • UPS Next Day Air Early. However, when making use of this shipping option, your shipment will be delivered before eight a.m. precisely the next day.
  • UPS Next Day Air. This shipping option offers overnight delivery with guaranteed arrival before 10:30 am the next day.
  • The UPS Next Day Air Saverservice ensures that your package will be delivered by the end of the next business day. You can ship it quickly, so it suits you.

● FedEx Overnight Shipping

Moreover, FedEx is highly competitive with all the other shipping companies. Its fast delivery, cannot be ignored by users. In addition, quick service and tracking contribute to the customers’ assurance.

The rollout of overnight shipping has made it as popular as ever before among the consumer population.

FedEx provides customers with three shipping options to ensure they maintain their consumers’ confidence.

  • FedEx First Overnightis the fastest shipping service in the FedEx Shipping system. Most US locations receive products by 8:00:00 AM the following business day. If you are in a remote area or destination, delivery occurs by 2:00 pm.
  • FedEx Priority Overnight: Shipping time may vary depending on a particular location. If the area is close to the fulfillment center, you can expect delivery by 10:30 am on the following business day. For all remote areas, delivery is 6 hours late; reaching 4:30 pm may change due to different places.
  • FedEx Standard Overnight. The shipper will deliver the products to most areas in the US by about 4:30 pm.

● Small and medium local delivery firms

We still cannot underestimate the performance of USPS, UPS, and FedEx when it comes to shipping. Among these companies, many of them also cover the US with their same-day delivery option. They can also present reduced pricing models with improved safety assurance.

  • OnTrac
  • LaserShip
  • Eastern Connection
  • Spee-Dee Delivery
  • Lone Star Overnight

All the large shipping companies offer overnight delivery at more affordable prices than FedEx and USPS. You can talk to them about having an overnight delivery.


4. Factors which decide Overnight Shipping Rates

Overnight Shipping costs count on various factors. The delivery speed is affected by the following factors:

Factors which decide Overnight Shipping Rates

● Package Dimension

Flat shipping relies on the package dimensions. However, some shipping carriers also define the package dimensions and weight to confirm which is higher.

Dimensions include the length, width, and height of the package. Divide this by the DIM divisor of the products and calculate the value.

● Shipping speed

If you are shipping with overnight delivery, it is the fastest option. Other options are cheaper and include a delivery time of 1-3 days. When considering the budget, set up the needs for your delivery speed as well.

● Shipping distance

Longer shipping distances mean longer it will take for the delivery to arrive. Therefore, overnight shipping to nearby areas occurs fast and within time. Sometimes, you are located in remote areas, leading to more shipping time. You can get delivery a little bit late in such cases.

● Shipping Carrier

USPS is the cheapest option for overnight shipping when you are shipping below 70 pounds. It becomes even more affordable if your package weighs below 2 pounds.

Therefore, shipping carriers should be considered when calculating shipping costs. They can decide the overall impact of the costs.

● Additional Factors

Do you need some additional services? Get ready for the increased costs. Some common examples of the additional costs include:

  • Insurance
  • Special handling
  • Signature confirmation

Such factors can affect the overall shipping costs and increase the prices.

5. Cost Comparison and Analysis

Overnight shipping service rates don’t stay the same. In the off-season, you are provided with reduced rates as compared to these peak seasons. In some cases, overcoming the obstacle through additional negotiations can also lead to a decrease in costs.

Cost Comparison and Analysis

The matter of the shipping rate is here!

● Comparison of costs

Shipping Carrier Shipping Cost Shipping Time
USPS Priority Mail Express $28.75 (at post office) Overnight guaranteed
USPS Priority Mail Starting at $9.35 1-3 business days
USPS First-Class Mail Starting at $0.51 1-5 business days
FedEx First Overnight Depends on weight and destination. Overnight, as early as 8 AM next business day.
FedEx Priority Overnight Depends on weight and destination. Overnight, as early as 10:30 AM next business day.
FedEx Standard Overnight Depends on weight and destination. Overnight, as early as 5 PM next business day.
UPS Next Day Air Early Around $100, depending on weight and destination. Overnight, as early as 8 AM next business day.
UPS Next Day Air Around $60, depending on weight and destination. Overnight, as early as 10:30 AM next business day.
UPS Next Day Air Saver Around $50, depending on weight and destination. Overnight, by the end of the day.


●  Examine the pricing structures, fees, and taxes.

However, the price range isn’t determined only by the shipping. The fuel surcharges as well as the additional fees like the customs clearance also push up the international delivery expenses.

  • Base rates.These are the introductory rates.
  • Fuel surcharges. In a situation where fuel prices are getting higher, some companies levy fuel costs.
  • Residential delivery charges.Some delivery companies ask for an extra amount for clients residing in residential addresses.
  • Remote Area Surcharge. however, if you live in a remote village then you have to pay extra fees sometimes.
  • Additional Handling Fees. The careful handling of fragile items is necessary. Also, they can take money from you.
  • Insurance. Regarding product values, you ought to pay for insurance.
  • Signature confirmation. It is also the high costs of fees.

● Identify prospective discounts and cost-cutting opportunities.

One item packaging? Well, listen here; you may find it pricey. A large number of companies apply the discounts to their new customers. You will take advantage of their first discount promotion.

In the case of bulk order shipping, you are covered thoroughly. The vast majority of companies offer companies a flexible pricing system for bulk order shipping. They lower the costs by increasing the number of orders. As an illustration, assume they let you ship one parcel for $24. Now, you can have ten boxes shipped, and each will cost you around $23-$25 for each package or even less.

When you become a recurring customer, take advantage of the shipping discounts. Talks can be beneficial for your business. Speak to the cargo agents about rates and the market size you could get. They could reduce your costs in general, given the size of your business.

6. Cost-Saving Strategies

No one is happy with spending money, but somebody’s got to explain. We have explored all the means possible with our professionals. Comment on your wishes, choose a shipping method, and use the following hacks to reduce the cost.

Ready? Make a way now!

● Properly pack and minimize space to reduce the chargeable weight.

Flat shipping options measure shipping in dimensions. So, forget weight. Focus on dimensions. Purchase a package. Stuff the products just as many as you can so that they can go hand in hand with one another. In other cases, overloading stuff can also cause postal damages on some parcels.

That is precisely how you can lower expenses.

● Utilizing flat-rate or regional pricing options.

Some postal operators provide flat-rate shipping services. You can ask about this possibility. What do you need to do next?

It is simple. Package your products in a manner that allows you to ship them at a fixed price. Minimize the dimensions. Reduce the overall weight. Save the additional costs.

● Use off-peak or non-peak hours for shipments.

There are only two seasons.

  • Peak season.Businesses face a large number of shipments. So, workers are busy. For that reason, shipping is costly.
  • Off-peak season. Companies are often free. They just have fewer orders to deliver. Attending to products more is even.

Off-peak seasons have low cost. So, minimize the costs. Attempt to ship the goods during the off-peak seasons.

● Aggregating the shipments to a single location.

Do you have several parcels to be shipped? If the parcels are stored in different warehouses, do not ship them individually. Send also the shipping consolidation.

Cost-Saving Strategies

Consolidate all the parcels to be shipped in one go. Save the extra costs that will be charged when shipping them separately.

● Using loyalty programs.

Long-term transport is what carriers want to keep. Become their long-term deal. USPS with carrier account programs can bring you many benefits. For example:

  • Discounted rates.
  • Customized shipping.
  • Dedicated rates.
  • Flexible payment.
  • Tracking and reporting.
  • Volume-based discount.


7. Tips to Handle Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping. Are you ready? Wait a minute. Who should you choose? Who shouldn’t? We present some hints to land the best deal available.

● Find top carriers.

The majority of shipping corporations are a thing of the past. Avoid them. Go with reputed carriers at the top of the table. UPS, USPS, and FedEx are the companies you need to check for shipping. DHL is also an option to consider. Shipping companies’ shipping rates higher than what you offer is a way to steal customers from them.

top carriers

● Add goals for your preferred transportation service.

Do you need deliveries in 24 hours? Ultimate safety, remain in your notebook. Tell your carrier about it. Have the products shipped on time before the cut-off point is passed? Settle all your transactions in a timely fashion.

● Inspect the order amount.

If you have only one parcel to send, assess the prices and look for the one that is the lightest. If you are mailing more, think about the flat-rate shipping. Optimize the product dimensions. Timely fulfillment of your shipping orders to carriers. Make sure that the goods are not fragile and are not prohibited.

● Manage orders effectively.

Each seller must do order handling. Contact with the top shipping carriers. It can do just that and, as a result, you appear on the list with USPS or FedEx.

Moreover, there should be discounts for a long-term relationship discussed.

● Flat shipping fees work to reduce shipping costs.

Flat freight costs are calculated from package dimensions. You can send several parts with the same cost. Optimize the product dimensions. Trying to extend the line of products would be a good move. Don’t also neglect sensitive product safety. Avoid tight stuffing. That is the way to save some dollars off the flat overnight shipping.

● Ship in off-peak seasons.

Non-peak season has several advantages.

  • Reduced shipping costs.
  • Increased attention to products.
  • Availability of staff.
  • Better customer support.

Look at the calendar. Get the shipping seasons. Wait and ship during low demand. In case the shipping company is busy, you may ask other companies, too.

● Get tracking IDs.

More than tracking numbers are also significant. It is of assistance to find product location. Have an ID to track customers, or you may lose them. Firstly, the best companies will provide the phone number. Get the number. Use online tracking apps. Another thing you can try too is using official trackers.

In the case of a tracking mistake, contact customer support for additional help. You now have an instant answer to all your problems.

● Provide customer service.

Your client might be worried about whether the delivery is on time. Be active. Be available 24/7. Disclose it to them. Give them a tracking number. Help them track orders. They are counting on you.

Are you ready for overnight shipping? Wait a minute. Who should you choose? Who shouldn’t? We have listed some tips to help you land the best deal in town.

8. Causes of Delayed Overnight Shipping

Not 100% of the time, your delivery arrives in 24 hours. Natural disasters are a big deal. Your shipping carrier has to deal with it, too. Many more reasons also affect the shipping speed.

We have listed some factors.

● High volume

If a company receives hundreds of orders, it’s a big problem! Tackling such a high number of orders needs the availability of all the staff members and workers.

Surges in sudden shipping delay your packaging. You might experience a delay of a few hours in shipping.

● Transportation issues

Lack of transport. The country is facing some critical issues. There is no availability of fuel. Accidents. Mechanical failures. Even pandemics block the transport.

All such issues have no way but to delay your delivery. Confirm it from your shipping company.

● Global shipping problems

One of the best examples of global shipping issues is COVID-19. Flights were blocked, and no transport was allowed. The whole world was in fear.

Such shipping issues are a big deal. Companies such as USPS or FedEx faced delivery problems. Customers have to suffer in all such cases.

● Weather conditions

What if the US is shaken by the earthquake? Cyclones are common in some states, and extreme rain conditions affect delivery.

A temporary block in transport causes hours of delay. Sometimes, you experience delays for days until conditions become normal.

● Address issues

Have you entered the correct address? Have you changed your address? Is your address reachable? Are contact information missing?

Address issues are severe for a shipping company. An inaccurate address returns the delivery. You may receive products late, or sometimes no delivery arrival occurs.

● Operational challenges

Common operational challenges include:

  • Inefficient labor is available.
  • The technical system has broken down.
  • Sorting issues.
  • Hackers have penetrated the system.
  • Equipment breakdown.

All such challenges can’t ensure timely shipping. You often face delivery delays.

9. FAQs

  • What time do I need to drop off my package for overnight shipping?

Consult your shipping company staff. Ask them about the cut-off time. Drop off your items before the time is over. That is how your delivery will arrive on time.

  • Can I track my overnight shipment?

Yes, it is 100% possible to trace down all your shipments. But make sure one thing— your shipping company offers the tracking ID. Once you get the tracking ID, many online sites such as Order Tracker or ParcelApp can help track it. Know the real-time location of your orders.

  • Are there any restrictions on items eligible for overnight shipping?

Oversized packages and hazardous materials are often prohibited when shipping overnight. However, contact your shipping provider about the prohibited items. They will better guide you through this point and help clear up any misconceptions.

  • How is overnight shipping different from next-day delivery?

There is no difference between overnight shipping and next-day delivery. You can use both terms interchangeably. Enjoy a faster delivery route for your order shipping. And get direct entry into the consumers’ hearts with your efforts.

  • What happens if my overnight shipment is delayed?

Weather conditions and transportation issues are the common problems behind overnight shipping. You can receive the parcel whenever the conditions become normal.


Overnight shipping rates fluctuate with the company and over time. Hunt down a company that offers reliable shipping without compromising on product safety. Moreover, avoid shipping hazardous or ultra-sensitive products.

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