Guide to USPS Tracking Status Meanings

By Sarah
June 4, 2024

USPS is one of the most reliable shipping services working. Have you made your first shipment with USPS? If that’s the case, tracking comes first to mind. How do I track USPS shipments, or is tracking available with my orders?

Sometimes, you need clarification when a specific tracking status appears on the screen. Today, we will explore the different USPS tracking statuses and explain each to help you assimilate the necessary information you should know.


1. What is USPS Tracking?

1)What is the USPS tracking status?

The US Postal Service, or USPS, is one of the reliable delivery services in different regions of the US. Not only does it enable international delivery to consumers around the globe, but Whenever you track your orders, the results show up. This prompt is USPS tracking status.

What is USPS

2)Why is USPS Tracking status so important?

USPS tracking is quite essential for all the users who have shipped orders. It is because of:

  • Provides the necessary information about the product’s arrival.
  • Users can get peace of mind by tracking their orders on time.
  • It offers when and how users can receive their orders.
  • Shippers can get an estimated shipping date for all the orders.

USPS tracking service nurtures various pros and features for the users. Here are a few discussed in detail.

● Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking refers to the accurate position of the product at any instant of the time. Knowing the exact location of the products and how many miles they are from the destination is crucial for a business.

That’s how users can get an estimated date. Sometimes, it is essential to know the real-time location of the products for pick up or delivery.

 ● Notifications through emails and SMS

USPS tracking facilities extend beyond expectations. For example, you can customize the email and SMS tracking. You will get an instant message about the tracking update whenever your product leaves a specific location.

With quick messages, you can learn about real-time locations or monitor specific locations where your shipment passes.

 ● Delivery confirmation

USPS confirms the delivery before it gets into the shipping process. That’s time, which makes the user confident about the order shipping.

Email updates further increase the reliability of the users and provide necessary information on the orders.

 ● Signature confirmation

Do you want to ensure that the recipient leaves the signature? USPS tracking makes it necessary when you request for the signature confirmation. You can gain the recipients’ attention and let the right person receive the orders.

 ● Shipment History

Make your tracking a walk in the park. USPS is good at providing a detailed history of order tracking. From its origin to processing at different in-transit facilities, you can explore the details of each step.

Sometimes, it also details the shipping process for the correct order. Also, get the previous shipping records through the USPS official websites if you have an account.

 ● Precision

Precision is a heart-winning fact. USPS implements its 100% force to deploy the correct shipping method. Then, it takes all the orders locally or internationally with accurate timing. If there are no obstacles, such as upcoming events, you can get all your orders on the precise dates. Sometimes, orders arrive even before the time.

 ● Multiple options for tracking

USPS has different shipping options, such as:

  • Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail
  • International shipments.

Know the real-time locations of all the shipping options without any hassles. Whether you have a mobile app or are using the official website, tracking USPS orders is effortless.


2. How to Track your USPS Packages?

Do you want to track USPS shipments? A few steps are enough to know the results.

Step 1: Get a Tracking ID

A tracking number is necessary for tracking orders. Whether tracking on an official website or online apps, a tracking number is a hit of the time.


But where do you get the tracking ID? You can visit the order dashboard and find the unique 22-digit tracking number. Sometimes, the tracking number comprises 11 or 13 digits as well. It would help if you kept an eye on the digits.

 Step 2: Track Your Order

Let’s hit the tracking button! Four options can get you to the target. Follow them!

 ● USPS official website

USPS’s official website supports the tracking of orders. You can directly visit their tracking section and input your tracking ID. It will show the real-time status of the orders.

 ● USPS Mobile App

Another straightforward option is installing the USPS Mobile app. It is smooth and quickly gives results. Enter your USPS tracking number and get instant results.

 ● USPS Text Tracking

Register your phone number on the USPS server and get updates on your orders. Whenever your shipping status changes, you’ll receive updated tracking messages.

 ● Through Third-party Apps

Many online apps, such as Order Tracker or ParcelApp, are the most accessible options and give an estimated delivery time. You can harness their magic and get the tracking results.

How to track your USPS packages

Step 3: Review Tracking information

Once you’ve entered the tracking ID, the status will appear on the screen. All you have to do is interpret each status based on our different tracking statuses. Know their locations and get peace of mind by tracking the orders.

3. Different USPS Tracking Statuses

USPS tracking is a no-brainer. However, when you track the orders, it shows various statuses regarding the situation and location. We have listed the details of each USPS tracking status.

1) Pre-shipment

Pre-shipment refers to all the processed parcels that will soon be coming to their destination. One tracking status shows the products in pre-shipment.

● The label created still needs to be in the system.

USPS shipping service created the label, but it has yet to be needed to be scanned through their systems. It takes almost 24 hours to scan and fasten the labels to the shipping packages.

2) In-transit

In-transit status discloses that the products are on the shipping journey. Once the USPS tracking service has assigned and scanned the labels, the in-transit status appears on the screen.

Different types of statuses include:

● In transit to the next facility

The package has passed through the main facility of the USPS international tracking shipping services. It is now moving to the following processing facility. The staff will scan it and confirm the arrival of the package.

● Arrival at unit

Once the package arrives at the sorting center, the USPS tracking service updates the status of the arrival at the unit. What happens after? The product gets scheduled for delivery.

● Departed USPS Facility

A departed USPS facility means the products have left the sorting center. The city, country, state, and zip code pop up on the top to show the final location of the delivery.

● Arrived at USPS facility

If the product reaches the sorting center, you can know the location of the nearby sorting center. The processing will occur, and the shipper will highlight the destination address.

● Processed at destination center

The product has arrived at the destination center. Now, processing will kick off by exploring the relevant location of the address, such as the city with its zip code.

● Arriving late

Sometimes, parcels arrive late due to many reasons. You can check the status and estimated dates for arrival and compare them with the original date.

● Outbound

US Customs checks the parcel and tests whether it is allowed to ship. After the custom release, the product leaves the domestic facility for international shipping.

● Customs clearance

Customs has checked the product’s integrity. Once it is handed over to the USPS staff, you can get this tracking status.

● Received by USPS from customs

Customs hand over the package to the USPS. It takes products to the final overseas delivery destination.

3) Out for delivery

The package is in the nearest fulfillment center and ready to be delivered to the consumers. The USPS team confirms the address and delivers it to the given date or sometimes on the same day.

4) Delivered

Delivered shows the products are in the hands of the owners. Once you see such a status, there will be no more updates for the given order. There can be two ways.

● Picked up

Some users visit the post office and pick up their orders themselves.

● Delivered to Agent

If the recipient doesn’t pick up the order from the post office, the office staff hands it to the agents. Finally, the agents are responsible for the final delivery to the given location.

5) Delivery Attempt

Delivery attempt means the agents have made their delivery try, but no one has received the parcels. There can be various reasons, such as unknown locations or prohibited areas in the domestic areas.

Here are a few probable situations for the failed delivery attempt.

● Held at the post office customer request

Some customers request for their pickup. Upon their request, the package is kept in the post office until the customers receive it.

● Receptacle blocked

This status indicates the physical block of the pathway to the delivery.

● Receptacle total/item oversized

More space or oversized boxes can prompt this issue and prevent the ineffective delivery of the parcels to the given location.

● No secure location is available.

The safety of the USPS worker is a priority for the USPS tracking and shipping teams. If something is risky, for example, a dog blocking the mailbox, the mail carrier can request another attempt. Moreover, unsafe locations for leaving the package can also cause this delivery status occasionally.

● No authorized recipient

Some senders request the company get the recipient’s signature confirmation on the site. You can get this status on your screen if the specific person is unavailable for delivery. In that case, the customer requests a second attempt at package delivery.

● No access to the delivery location

The USPS team is quite efficient in delivering the parcels in all areas. But sometimes, the area is blocked, and delivery to the local community is impossible. In that case, you can expect this status.

6) Accepted

Accepted status shows the supervision of the USPS. It can be either the nearby destination facility or any other location than your address.

Various statuses come in this category. These are:

● Accepted at destination

Your item has reached its destination facility. USPS will decide its future delivery time to the recipients.

● Origin Acceptance

USPS also accepts orders at the origin points. The delivery starts from here once the package is in the hands of the USPS shipping team.

● Arrived at USPS facility

The package has arrived at the USPS facility before it takes attempts for the final delivery. The zip code and destination address are fastened to such packages.

● USPS in possession of the item

USPS holds the package and will deliver it to the recipient’s address soon.

7) Available for pick up

The package is in the USPS facility. Now, the customer can pick it up or wait for final delivery by the specified USPS agents.

8) Alert

USPS can face various issues with the delivery of the products. Sometimes, the scanning is going through, while you can sometimes experience delays due to other causes. Consider the following stances at such a point.

● Awaiting delivery scan

Before the package is out for delivery, a scan has to occur. If the scans get delayed after 24 hours, you can experience such issues regarding the delivery scan.

● Refused

USPS agents have visited the delivery location, but the recipient has refused to accept the order. Such cases can happen sometimes, and the USPS team has to note it down before reattempting the delivery.

● Unable to provide problem with address

USPS agents can deliver the product to the destination address when the address is correct.

● Forwarded

If the recipient has added one or more addresses, USPS delivers the products to a new address.

● Dead mail/Sent to a recovery mail

When the USPS can’t deliver or forward the products to the destination address, it returns them to the recovery mail.

9) Return to Sender

There are various reasons for sending back parcels. It happens when the address is unknown or the package is not feasible to deliver to the address.

Here are a few crucial reasons you must know!

● No such number

If the address parts are missing or not found, the delivery can’t occur to the given address. You can receive such status tracking.

● Insufficient address

Complete addresses like the street or house numbers help the USPS staff locate the address. When the address is sufficient, USPS can deliver packages.

Return to Sender

● Moved and left no address.

Suppose the recipient shifts its address to a new location. No new location is known in that case, and USPS agents can’t deliver the package either.

● Forward expired

The timeframe for the package forwarding to a new location has expired now.

● Recipient unknown

USPS agents try to find the recipient but are still waiting for someone to know!

● Vacant

There is no one at the delivery address.

● Unclaimed/Unspecified

Agents have tried to deliver the product, but the recipient couldn’t receive it. It can be due to the recipient being decreased or other such reasons.

4. Reasons & Solutions Behind Same Tracking Status

Is your tracking status the same for many days? That can indeed be an issue. Don’t worry; we will tackle this issue by evaluating the different problems and coping with the right solutions.


Problems can arise due to various issues. Some of the biggest causes are the Natural disasters that obstruct shipping. Here are a few detailed problems!

 ● Weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions are a big deal when shipping orders. A significant tornado hits and destroys everything. It halts all the shipping orders and delays shipping with the same shipping status for many days.

Moreover, it largely depends on which area the is going through. The probability of weather fluctuations is relatively high from California to Grand Forks. Shipping battles with the weather conditions and delays happen often.

 ● The mail needs to be updated.

Technically, the USPS staff has to scan the items on arrival. Sometimes, for any reason, your package gets ignored or missed. It leads to no updates on the delivery throughout the processing of the orders.

You might get the tracking updates once the order reaches the next facility. Some shipping facilities scan the product when it leaves. That can also cause a delay in tracking updates, but orders arrive on time.

Reasons & Solutions Behind Same Tracking Status

 ● The package is not moving.

The packaging only moves for some time. It can be due to various reasons. When Christmas is around, everyone is busy delivering gifts or greeting cards. USPS officials are on vacation, and the package remains at the exact location due to fewer workers available.

Peak seasons cause the same business of the workers, leading to no movement of the packages from one location to another.

 ● The mailpiece has been lost in transit.

Not 100% of the USPS orders reach the destination. Some need help in transit. Such orders may be lost due to the negligence of the workers. Sometimes, the address must be corrected or more sufficient to deliver the products.

Once the package is lost in transit, the shipping status will be the same for various days. Sometimes, inaccurate addresses can also cause delays or returns to the sender. It would help if you kept an eye on this fact.

 ● The mailpiece has already been delivered.

Whenever a USPS mail carrier delivers the order, they must update the tracking status and show it as delivered. They need to remember to update the tracking status. It can be another usual cause for the shipping status to be the same for many days.

Sometimes, the order is in the post office and has yet to be delivered. You can monitor the shipping status and track the orders for some days until the tracking updates.


USPS delivers hundreds of orders every single day. Such a high frequency of shipping can cause delayed shipping or tracking statuses. Keep an eye on the following options to know the solutions for your tracking.

● Recheck the tracking ID and update it.

Do you have the correct tracking number? Recheck it and confirm it from your order dashboard. A single-digit change can also invert the results. If there is any discrepancy in the tracking ID, change it immediately and update the wrong one.

● Contact customer service

Another option is to contact customer support. Get a local USPS center phone number and call them. They will assist you in digging through the order tracking and location in the transits.

If you have the USPS email address, send them an email highlighting your problem. Also, create a support ticket if your tracking is the same for various weeks.

● Wait for a few days.

As mentioned before about the peak seasons and holidays, go through your calendars. Both can interrupt shipping if a particular event occurs in the origin or destination country. In such a case, you have only one option left.

Wait for some days. If you still need clarification, you can also discuss the matter with the customer service. They will tell you the actual reason behind the delayed tracking status.

 ● Visit the local post office.

Do you have a nearby USPS office? Head over to it and confirm it manually. It is the best option you can do. They will contact you at your head office or tell you the exact location of your orders. Furthermore, you can explore why the shipping status changes after weeks.

What if there is no post office? The solution is simple— use customer support, call them, and know why. Create a support ticket, wait for the reply, and get an instant solution for your orders.

5. FAQs


1)Can you face delays in USPS first-class mail?

USPS doesn’t guarantee a single timeframe. Based on the traffic flow, it gives an estimated time for all the deliveries. For example, if the estimated time for your delivery is 1-3 days, it might arrive earlier or late too. You need to confirm with the tracking and know if the weather or holidays affect the delivery time.

2)Why is tracking status at the same place for three weeks?

If the tracking status remains the same, don’t worry about it at all. Check the relevant schedules of vacations, events, or adverse conditions. Sometimes, carrier delays can also cause tracking issues. Contact USPS customer service tracking in case there are no updates for further days.

3)When does USPS update tracking?

USPS tracking updates often happen due to the packages’ arrival and departure. When the label gets fastened, you can check the tracking updates. Tracking status updates until the person receives the package.


4)Where do I get the USPS tracking ID?

The USPS tracking number is essential to trace your parcels’ location. You can grab the tracking ID from various sources, such as:

  • Check your emails.
  • Visit the order dashboard, where you can copy the tracking ID.
  • Confirm and get it from the USPS customer service tracking numbers.


5)How long is the USPS tracking ID?

Usually, the USPS tracking number is 22 digits long. It can comprise both the alphabet and numbers. Sometimes, USPS offers 11 or 13-digit alphanumeric tracking numbers. Validate your tracking ID and check the order status.



USPS shipping tracking has become a necessary phenomenon for peace of mind. The recipient can know when to receive the order and organize its inventory. Ensure you get the USPS tracking number and use the official site to locate your orders.

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