Guangzhou to USA Shipping Time

By Sarah
July 9, 2024

Shipping from China is a global concern for the companies. Hundreds of international trades are happening every single day. Many companies look into sourcing and shipping products. But their ultimate concern is:

  • Where to find shipping teams?
  • What is the best shipping option?
  • How much does it take to ship?

Are you the one who is shipping from Guangzhou to the USA? Then, you must be curious about all the shipping methods and times. Today, we will deep dive into the Guangzhou to USA shipping time and explore shipping options.

Let’s have a detailed discussion!


1. Guangzhou to USA shipping time


Shipping time from Guangzhou to the USA depends mainly on the shipping methods. With express delivery, wait for less than a week. With sea freight, wait for at least a month or more in some cases.

Guangzhou to USA shipping time

1) Express shipping

Leave your shipping to the fastest option— express delivery. However, not all shipping companies offer express shipping.

Here are the details of express shipping.

Shipping provider

Many reliable US shipping companies offer express shipping. It is a super fast and dependable service. Common names include:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • TNT
  • FedEx

Transit Time

Since it is the fastest option, get delivery in less than a week. The transit time is 3-7 days, but look, it is the shipping time, not the processing or production time.


  • It is the fastest delivery option that ensures timely delivery of your products.
  • You get excellent security and real-time tracking services.


  • On one hand, it is fast; on the other hand, it costs at a humongous cost.

2) Air freight

Do you have a higher product weight up to 100 kilograms? Look no further than air freight. Even if you have sensitive products, air freight offers premium handling security. Moreover, it is the second-fastest delivery option after the express shipping. Costs are higher but less than express shipping.

Transit Time

It takes 5-10 days on an average. If your shipping is late, contact the shipping provider or ensure there are no holidays around.


  • Delivery speed is commendable, allowing timely delivery.
  • Easy tracking and better product security keep air freight as a top choice.


  • It is expensive if you have lightweight products.

3) Sea Freight

Who doesn’t praise the sea freight for its quality shipping and affordable costs? It won’t be wrong if we regard it as the most inexpensive choice.

There are two shipping containers provided in the sea freight.

  • FCLis the full container load of an almost 40ft container. It is suitable when your products are sufficient to fill the complete container.
  • LCLconsolidates multiple shipping into one container. This option is good when you have fewer products and need affordable shipping.

Transit Time

The shipping times can be pretty high compared to air freight or express shipping. Expect a time of 20-50 days for your shipment to arrive from Guangzhou in the USA.

Eastern ports are near and consume less time. It takes around 20-30 days when shipping occurs in Eastern ports. For Western ports, expect a time of 30-50 days for your product delivery.


  • It is the most affordable option.
  • Sea freight is the number one choice for bulk inventory.


  • Shipping speed is plodding.

4) Rail Freight

Welcome to the intermediate shipping option. If you can’t settle for both air or sea freight, then go for the rail freight. It offers decent shipping speed and affordable costs compared to air or express shipping.

Transit Time

The shipping takes 15-25 days, depending on the availability of routes. If routes are busy, you can expect delayed shipping, too.


  • It has a fast shipping speed of just 3 weeks.
  • Prices are less than air or express shipping options.


  • Limited routes raise concerns about timely delivery.


Shipping Method Port-to-Port Delivery Time West Coast (e.g., Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle, Oakland) East Coast (e.g., New York, Savannah, Charleston, Miami) Inland Areas (e.g., Houston, Chicago, Dallas)
Air Freight 3-7 days 5-10 days 6-12 days 7-14 days
Express Courier 2-4 days 3-5 days 4-6 days 5-7 days
Sea Freight (FCL) 15-25 days 25-30 days 30-35 days 35-40 days
Sea Freight (LCL) 20-30 days 30-35 days 35-40 days 40-45 days



2. Basics of Guangzhou to USA Shipping


1) Guangzhou: Trading Hub for US businesses

Guangzhou is a city in the Guangdong province of China. It is a trading hub where you can explore many textile, automobile, and consumer goods manufacturing factories.

Trading Hub for US businesses

Brands in the US target Chinese suppliers to get high-quality products at lower costs. Therefore, goods are transported from Guangzhou to the USA.

2) Why is Guangzhou to USA shipping important?

Shipping from Guangzhou to the USA is crucial in many aspects. For example:

  • Guangzhou is a massive city with well-established trading facilities. Shipping can be an easier way to transport products.
  • Shipping ensures the timely delivery of goods and stabilizes the business operations.
  • The supply chain becomes smooth and efficient with timely shipping processes.
  • Brands can highlight their presence while delivering goods to their consumers while reducing backorders.

If you are shipping from Guangzhou to the USA, always focus on the companies and shipping options you get.


3. Factors deciding Guangzhou to USA shipping time


Guangzhou to the USA shipping times depends on numerous factors, including the company and shipping option. Take a look at the following points.

1) Shipping option

Express leads all the shipping methods regarding speed. If you want a product that is fast and timely, go for express shipping. On the other hand, sea shipping is the slowest shipping mode.

Whenever fishing around the speed, place the shipping option at the top. Measure your requirements and choose the shipping process that falls under your budget.

2) Availability of shipping staff

Take an example here.

A company has 100 staff workers available at a time to ship. It takes 10 days to ship such a large number of workers. What if the order load is the same, but workers are reduced? The shipping time will jump to twice what it was earlier.

This is what happens when workers are on holiday or busy with other shipping projects. So, consider the workers also to keep yourself away from late deliveries.

3) Peak and off-peak season

The season is also the deciding factor. There are two primary seasons to understand the shipment industry.

  • Peak seasonis the period when shipping companies have work overload. Their workers are busy. Since demands increase in peak seasons, prices jump to higher levels. September to November and, sometimes, December are the peak seasons of the industry.
  • The off-peak seasonconcludes the time when companies have fewer orders to handle and more staff available. Fewer demands decrease the costs. The first few months of each new year are the off-peak season.

Shipping can occur late in peak season while arriving on time or even faster in off-peak season. Therefore, consider your shipping season as well.

4) Festivals

Festivals are a big halt to the shipping facilities. China has many festivals around the clock.


Here are some major festivals in China, along with their typical dates:

  • Chinese New Year— Varies from January 21 to February 20.
  • Lantern Festival— Occurs on the 15th day of the first lunar month.
  • Qingming Festival— occurs on April 4 or 5.
  • Dragon Boat Festival— 5th day of 5th lunar month
  • Mid-Autumn Festival— 15th day of the 8th lunar month
  • National Day— October 1
  • Double Ninth Festival (Chongyang Festival)—9th day of the 9th lunar month

During these festivals, workers go on holidays, and less to no staff are available for work. So, you can expect a halt in business operations, including the shipping industry.

Keep an eye on the calendar according to these days.

5) Natural disasters

The US is home to natural disasters. Every year, it hits many disasters. From hurricanes to floods and wildfires, all the natural disasters hit the place.

Whether hurricanes hit the US or China, you can expect the block on both sides depending on where your shipment has reached. So there can be delayed shipping.


4. Guangzhou to USA shipping costs


Guangzhou to the USA, shipping time and costs vary depending on the shipping option. Moreover, you have to decide on your favorite shipping option based on costs. We have listed some popular shipping methods to assimilate!

1) Express shipping

Express shipping is the most pricey package for shipping. It costs you $5/kg of weight up to 150 kilograms of weight. Remember, these rates don’t stay the same forever. Some companies charge higher, while others might charge lower costs. Moreover, fuel charges can also affect shipping costs.

2) Air freight

Air freight is a bit expensive compared to sea freight. However, it depends on your shipping method. For instance, flat-rate shipping has a fixed price compared to weight-based charges.

Typically, you must pay $3-$5 per kilogram of weight for shipping products from Guangzhou to the USA. Prices can increase or decrease, so consult shipping experts for your accurate shipping costs.

3) Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the cheapest option, but it depends on whether you are using an FCL or LCL. Costs change accordingly. Here are the sea freight costs.

Sea freight FCL vs. LCL

  • FCL. There are two types of containers in the FCL option. One is the 40-foot container, which has a base rate of $3000-$4000. Another one is the 20-foot container costing $1500-$2500 per container.
  • LCL. You are not the owner of the LCL, so pay a price for a cubic meter of the area. Costs are $50-$100.

4) Additional costs

Additional costs are not directly related to company charges or fuel costs. Instead, they relate to customs and import duties. Be ready to pay up to 30% or more in some cases of your total product values to the customs and import duties. Again, these prices vary from China to the USA and change according to the environment.


Shipping Method Estimated Time Cost Common Routes
Express Shipping 1-3 days Highest cost. It depends on weight and size Guangzhou to major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
Air Freight 5-10 days $3-5 per kg Guangzhou to major US airports such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta
Sea Freight (FCL) 25-40 days $2,000-$4,000 for a 40-foot container, $1,500-$2,500 for a 20-foot container Guangzhou to major US ports like Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle, and New York
Sea Freight (LCL) 30-45 days $50-$100 per cubic meter Same as FCL but shared containers



5. Factors deciding Guangzhou to USA shipping costs


Guangzhou to the USA shipping might seem to charge higher, but you can reduce the shipping costs. Here is the breakdown of costs.

1) Distance

Suppose you have to ship a product for 10,000 kilometers and another product for 1000 kilometers. Indeed, the shipping costs for 10,000 kilometers will be higher than the first one.

This is why the distance between two countries matters a lot. You might wonder why it is so. It is because of fuel surcharges, import conditions, and workers costs who have to travel for so long to deliver the products.

2) Shipping courier

Some companies are quite cheap and offer affordable pricing structures. On the other hand, shipping companies like DHL or FedEx are reliable but propose higher costs.

Shipping rates also vary from DHL to FedEx. Moreover, local and new shipping carriers offer a better affordable cost. Whatever pricing you aim at, think about reduced costs when choosing a carrier.

3) Shipping options

Hundreds of times, I have discussed this fact. Shipping methods such as air freight have a higher cost.

You might wonder why.

This is because of the fast shipping speed and greater demand compared to sea freight. Moreover, fuel costs are higher.

Factors deciding Guangzhou to USA shipping costs

4) Product dimensions

Not all cases of product dimensions affect the shipping speed; instead, only a few do so. Flat-rate shipping relies on the product dimensions. You’ll get a package of a specific dimension and be allowed to fill it with the products.

It depends on your capacity to add as many products as possible. Once the shipping starts, it won’t depend on weight but instead on the dimensions of your package.

5) Product weight

Standard shipping methods charge for the product weight. Air shipping charges $3-$5 for shipping from Guangzhou to the USA. On the other hand, express shipping charges a higher rate.

If you want to ship products, either decrease weight or ship lightweight inventory. Only then, you’ll decrease the overall costs of the products.

6) Shipping season

Are you shipping during peak season? Get ready for humongous costs. In the peak seasons, fewer companies are available to pick up the shipping orders. It causes monopoly, leading to higher rates among the freight forwarders.

If you want to minimize the extensive costs, subtract the peak days from your calendar. Work with forwarders who are more affordable.

7) Fuel costs

Fuel surcharges are crucial. Longer distances create the usage of more fuel. Therefore, you have to pay more if your origin and destination countries are far away.

Fuel costs vary from country to country and fluctuate globally. So, shipping costs increase if the fuel costs are high.


6. How to ship from Guangzhou to the USA?


If shipping from Guangzhou to the USA, follow the below to transform your dream into reality.

1) Locate a freight forwarder.

A freight forwarder is a shipping company that receives the goods and promises the timely delivery. Whenever hunting down a suitable forwarder, go for the following points.

  • Expertise of your freight forwarder.
  • Shipping options and ports through which you can ship.
  • What is the shipping cost?
  • Is your freight forwarder legal? It is due to many scammers trying to steal your inventory. So, keeping them away is reasonably necessary.

Where can you locate the freight forwarder in China?

It is simple. Try Alibaba or use Made-in-China. You can also fish around top shipping companies on Global Sources as well. Ensure the verification of your shipping company.

2) Look for shipping options.

Shipping options are the decider of the shipping speed. For example, if you use express shipping, products arrive fast.

Delayed delivery is expected for sea freight. Here is the list of shipping options for Guangzhou to the USA shipping.

  • Express delivery is the fastest option available at many shipping companies.
  • Air freight is the second-fastest option after express delivery.
  • Sea Freight is the slowest shipping option available.
  • Rail Freight can offer an intermediate shipping time.

Decide on what shipping option suits your budget and required speed.

3) Explore costs and additional Factors.

Express shipping offers the fastest delivery but at expensive rates. Don’t jump into the shipping process unquestioningly.

Measure your budget and cost margins. Higher shipping rates can also affect your profit margins. Here are a few points to consider at this point:

  • Are you shipping sensitive goods? Air freight is the best option then.
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your profit margin goals?

Costs also vary from one company to another. Therefore, ponder about the expenses as well.

4) Use correct packaging.

Packaging is a necessary station. Every product has to be packed before the shipping occurs. Make your warehouse workers agile.

Use correct packaging

Pack your products with optimal dimensions. If you are using flat shipping, then try to amass two products in one package or more, depending on the package size.

Place your products in the right direction to add more products in a single packaging.

5) Get insurance.

Is your product worth high? Then, insurance must be your first stop. Explore the insurance companies in the local area.

Understand their terms, plans, and insurance costs. Get the best insurance plan for your product shipping.


7. Tips for Guangzhou to USA Shipping


Do you want to commence your first Guangzhou to the USA shipping adventure? Our experts have sorted out some tips to help you ship with optimal experience.

1) Find out top forwarders.

Excavate the earth to find out the top freight forwarders in the market. Here is the secret way to land the right forwarder.

  • Go to Alibaba.
  • Find out the freight forwarders based on their transaction history.
  • Assess their previous deals and measure customer satisfaction.
  • Apply different filters to narrow down your research to a single best company.

Logistics marketplace Alibaba

Now, finally, you can talk to the company and get a quote for your shipping time from Guangzhou to the USA. Also, consider the shipping options and shipping times to ensure timely availability.

2) Choose the right shipping option.

Once you have the shipping company on hand, now everything is effortless. For example, get the shipping options.

  • Some airlines offer air cargo services only.
  • Seaport services offer only sea freight.

Confirm your company’s shipping options. Do they offer express shipping? Can you get the air shipping?

Now, sit down and decide on your preferred shipping option. For fast shipping, use the air freight. For slow to moderate speed, rely on rail freight. If you can wait a month, sea freight erupts as the number one choice.

3) Go for flat shipping rates.

Some shipping companies have methods that rely on flat rates. It can be the right time to set some money aside. Get the package to input your products. Instead of adding one or two products, fill the parcels with as many products as you can.

4) Optimize the packaging.

Is there any space left? You can add small shipping products, too. Remember, don’t overload the package, as it can tear up. Moreover, optimize the package dimensions to achieve fast success!

5) Decide and negotiate costs.

Who wants to ship products at a higher cost? True business minds don’t miss a single opportunity to cut down costs. Increase your profit margins by decreasing the costs.

Negotiation is the topmost method to reduce product costs. Follow the below tips when negotiating costs.

  • Tell the supplier about your business demands.
  • Be realistic about the profits.
  • Assure a long-term deal if the shipping company exceeds your expectations.
  • Get a general cost for your project.

You can also fetch costs from different forwarders and compare them to filter out the most suitable option.

6) Get customs clearance.

Don’t jump into customs as most freight forwarders offer this facility. Shipping companies have to submit products for customs inspections. Talk to your freight forwarder and discuss the customs clearance process. Know if the company offers facilities for customs clearance and payment of import duties.

If the shipping service doesn’t offer customs clearance, better to go for manual payments once products reach the US borders.

7) Ship allowed products.

Shipping prohibited products can block your shipping adventure. So, learn about the prohibited products. Here are a few products:

  • Weapons and Explosives
  • Illicit Drugs and Substances
  • Biological Materials
  • Animal Products and Wildlife
  • Counterfeit and Pirated Goods
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Electronics
  • Perishable Food Items
  • Cultural Artifacts and Antique
  • Pornography and Obscene Materials

Avoid shipping these items, and you’ll get a clearance from customs. Ensure a safe shipping journey with the correct product export.


8. FAQs

  • Why is Guangzhou’s shipment to the USA late?

Guangzhou to the USA shipping can be late sometimes. It happens for many reasons, such as:

  • Busy routes
  • Vacations are around.
  • The shipping company doesn’t have enough staff.
  • Natural disasters have hit either the US or Guangzhou.


  • Can I get a safe entry in cross-border shipments?

Yes, you can get a set of entries. It is possible when you are not shipping prohibited products and shipping eco-friendly inventory. Also, the company should focus on high quality as it can get a fast permit from the customs authorities.


  • How do I track my shipments?

Tracking a shipment is a no-brainer. All you have to do is to:

  • Get a tracking ID from the shipping company.
  • Use online tracking apps such as Order Tracker or ParcelApp.
  • Know the real-time location of your products.

Some companies also offer tracking on their official websites. So, track your orders on the official sources.


  • Can peak seasons affect my delivery speed?

Yes, 100% true. Peak seasons cause disruptions in delivery. Here is the exact:

  • In peak seasons, companies are busy.
  • Fewer staff and workers are available to ship products.
  • Costs rise, and sometimes, shipping gets delayed because of late transportation.

When choosing shipping time from Guangzhou to the USA, look for the off-peak season delivery.


  • How can I speed up my delivery?

There are many ways to speed up your shipping speed. These include:

  • Choose an air freight or express shipping.
  • Work with a reliable company that stands true to its promises.
  • Avoid shipping during peak seasons, as delivery can occur late.
  • Choose the right port. For example, Eastern ports delivery is fast compared to Western ones in Guangzhou to the USA shipping.


Guangzhou to the USA Shipping time depends on many factors such as shipping ports, method, and company. Ensure fast delivery with a suitable company such as JustChinaIt.

We can be a one-stop solution for your sourcing, warehousing, and shipping from Guangzhou to the USA. Fetch 100% timely delivery and strengthen your supply chain. Talk to experts right away!


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