Shenzhen to USA Shipping Time

By Sarah
July 2, 2024

You probably have been wanting to order products from China. But you need to figure out shipping. Your common question is, how long? Can it take weeks or months? You would be happy to know that it is now faster!

Shenzhen is in Guangdong Province, one of China’s busiest ports. It is the main shipping center for importers and exporters from different countries. When you buy from Chinese suppliers, most packages will ship out from this port.

Are you from the US and want to buy from China? You will learn helpful info from this guide. You can receive your package in three days using the express service and as fast as 15 days for sea freight.


1. Introduction

1) Shipping from Shenzhen to USA

Importers from the US that ship regularly know that shipping time varies. Due to many factors, shipping can be quick or delayed. Buyers and suppliers plan their shipping time and method. A 16-20% increase yearly in US imports to China. Every year, shipping also improves.

Shipping from Shenzhen to the USA

From Shenzhen, there are top states in the US that receives cargo. They are Long Beach California, Texas, New York, Savanah Georgia and Chicago Illinois. All of these ports serve as gateway to different states in the US where the goods will ship.

2) Why should you ship from Shenzhen to USA

Shenzhen is a major port known as Export City for more than 30 years. You can trust that your ordered goods in China are safe for transport in the US. You can choose from the 5 major states where you want your goods to land.

There are different methods you can take for shipping from Shenzhen. From express to the standard sea cargo, you can select the best deal that suits your needs or budget. There are freight forwarding companies in China that can help in safe and fast shipping of goods.

3) What is the standard shipping time from Shenzhen to USA

Here’s the standard shipping time using different methods:

Air Express– from 24-36 hours

Air Freight– 7-10 days

Sea Freight– 15-45 days


2. What to Know When Shipping from Shenzhen to USA?

Shipping from Shenzhen to USA is convenient. You can ship the items in different methods and we will explain each.
Types of Shipping Method

1) Types of Shipping Method

  • Express Air Shipping 

You can choose these options when you want to ship your packages fast. Express service couriers like DHL, UPS, or FedEx are great companies. So when you order products from China that must be on time, this is your option.

The Pros? Quick, safe, and reliable. The cons of this service is the high fee especially if the cargo is heavy, bulky, and in huge volume. The rate varies on the type of goods you are sending. If you choose this shipping option, the shipping cost can be very expensive.

  • Air Freight Shipping

Shipping packages from Shenzhen to different USA airports is more practical than express. Usually, the cargo’s weight and volume will determine the air freight cost. Air freight from China to the US may cost between $4 and USD 8 per kilogram (kg).

Some factors can make the cost of air freight more expensive. Some of these factors are the following:

  • demand
  • particular route
  • fuel prices

You can cut costs by allowing your lower-priority cargo to ship later. Adding a few days to the travel time, or deferred shipping, can reduce shipping costs. Defer shipping is the least expensive air freight option. But it is still faster than ocean freight.

  • Sea Freight Shipping

Most importers use this method because of cheaper, practical costs. Many ocean ports in the US receive cargo from Shenzhen. It has been a safe and reliable way of shipping for decades.

The downside of this method is the number of days or weeks it can take to get the items shipped. You need to wait up to 45 days to get the package shipped. Sometimes, it can be longer when there are causes of delays. These delays can be bad weather, peak season, or ship problems

2) Timetable per Shipping Method

Given that there are unavoidable situations, the schedule of shipping varies. In this table, we indicated business days because there are changes at any time of the transport.

Shipping Method Timetable (Days)
Express Shipping 1-7 Business Days
Air Freight Shipping 7-15 Business Days
Sea Freight Shipping 15-60 Days


3) Shipping Costs

Shipping Method Price Estimate Unit Remarks
Express Shipping $4-$18 Per kilo Lower price if >6 kgs
Air Freight Shipping $4-$9
$2.50-$7$2.60- $6.80
( 45 kgs)

(up to 200 kgs)

(300 kgs)

Prices can go higher on Holidays or speed and load
Sea Freight Shipping $50-$100



LCL per cubic meter

20 Ft FCL

40 Ft FCL

Price depends on the Seaport location in the US



3. What Can a Freight Forwarder Do?

Freight forwarders play an important role when you need help on shipping your goods. They do not handle the physical transporting of goods; they partner with companies. Planning with them on how to get your goods moving is always necessary.

What is a freight forwarder

1) What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders help you find the most cost-effective shipping method. They help arrange storage and transportation. You can count on them in other logistics processes to prepare your goods before shipment.

Freight forwarders are knowledgeable about transporting the goods to any address you want them sent. They can tell you what methods you should take, the best routes, and even the best time to transport.

There are different stages or processes of freight forwarding. We will explain each of these things because this is where a freight forwarder becomes a great help.

  • Export Transport or Haulage

The transportation provider brings the goods from the supplier to the warehouse of a freight forwarder. Usually, they are picked up by trucks. Then, the mode of transportation depends on the type of cargo and the warehouse’s distance.

  • Export Customs Clearance

Customs officials in China (country of origin) must authorize the shipment of the goods before they leave and enter another country.

  • Origin Handling

This stage is sending the products from the warehouse to the port where it will depart. The freight forwarders are in charge of the coordination.

  • Sea or Air Freight

Your goods will be shipped to their final destination by sea or air carriers.

  • Import Customs Clearance

The customs clearance processes will take place in the destination country.

  • Destination Handling

Then, your package will be delivered from the port of arrival to the actual location.

  • Import Transport or Haulage

It is the last step in transporting goods from the destination warehouse to the recipient’s address.


2) What Services Can a Freight Forwarder Do?

A Freight forwarder is not only working to ship your goods to your location. They offer services that can make your shipping easy and hassle-free. Your suppliers in China also partner with freight forwarding companies to provide you with the best transport services.

What Services Can a Freight Forwarder Do

The shipping time from Shenzhen to USA may not be as fast as you expect. But with the help of freight forwarders like JustChinaIt, you can free your mind from worrying about getting your shipment safe and sound!

Here are things and tasks they can do for you:

  • Prepare Paperwork/document 

Preparing all the paperwork required for the import or export of the goods. You or your company can free yourself of time from preparing these documents. They know what to do to complete the paperwork.

  • Selection Transportation

Selecting a transportation company to deliver the items to the place of delivery. They contact different carriers and check rates.

  • Freight Fee Negotiation

They are negotiating freight costs to get the best deal for their clients. What’s more, they can help you find a reasonable price but ensure everything is handled.

  • Package Consolidation

Consolidating or grouping several packages to make it as one package to deliver. You can buy from different suppliers in China and send them to the freight forwarder warehouse.

  • Managing the inventory

They are closely monitoring and checking on the goods when transported and stored. This can guarantee that the products or goods that arriving to you are complete and damage-free.

  • Filing of Insurance Claims

Making appropriate insurance claims submissions for clients. Some situations cannot be avoided, such as missing or lost packages, theft, or other unfortunate events. They can help you file your claims.

3) What are the Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Freight Forwarder

You will not regret the services of a reliable freight forwarder! Here are the valuable things you can get from them:

  • Save time and effort.

Getting help from someone who can do it fast and easy will save you time and effort. Time is a precious resource. A reliable freight forwarder will make the work easy for you, get your package shipped safely and arrive on time.

  • Worry-free Delivery 

Freight forwarders use tools to get access to real-time updates with shipping partners. You can have these details available, and they will update you. You will stop worrying because you know the status of your shipment.

  • Fast and On-Time

Most of the time, the delivery of your shipments is faster than the expected date. Freight forwarders help minimize delays by ensuring they follow the forwarding processes. They also want to earn your trust, so they partner only with reliable shipping partners.

  • Wide Network

Freight forwarders have vast connections and partnerships with shipping companies. It allows their clients more options and go with their budget. They can communicate with sourcing agents, suppliers, shipping companies, and customs agents.

  • Process Expertise

Being experts in this field results in effective logistics management. If you are importing high-value or time-sensitive goods, you need experts to help you ship them safely and securely. A company like JustChinaIt consists of professionals who are experts in logistics.

  • Get your low-cost insurance.

Some insurance companies cannot give you a deal that fits your budget. With the help of freight forwarders, they can find insurance at a reasonable cost, so you don’t have to worry about your shipment.

4. What factors do you consider on shipping time from Shenzhen China to USA?

As much as every freight forwarding would like to get your goods quickly, some factors can slow down the process. Delays can happen before or during the forwarding process. Let’s take a look at each factor below:What factors do you consider on shipping time from Shenzhen, China to the USA

1) Challenges 

Some challenges can make the shipping longer and cause frustrations and headaches for the client. Some delays can happen when the weather is not good. Stormy weather can prolong the transport of goods.

Holidays and peak seasons can cause long delays in the shipment. You must schedule your shipment before the long-expected holidays like Chinese New Year, Christmas, and global New Year breaks.

Port congestion can also result in longer days of delivery. When the ships cannot unload the goods and get stuck in the port, that can add days or weeks of delay.

Only complete or correct paperwork can result in getting a customs clearance.Your freight forwarder should ensure all documents are valid, accurate, and complete. Otherwise, the Customs can put them on hold or destroy the goods.

2) Types of Goods

The goods are categorized when you ship them by air or sea. Some goods can take longer to get customs clearance when they need to be checked. Time-sensitive goods should get an accurate shipping method because they can spoil or expire.

Sea transports different types of cargo like:

  1. Container cargo (different goods that are joined together)
  2. Roll on/off (heavy machines, vehicles, etc)
  3. Dry Bulk  (e.g., salt, cement, fertilizer, sugar, etc.)
  4. Liquid Bulk (petrol, oil, etc)
  5. Break Bulk (art, vehicle parts, furniture, etc)

3) Legal documents

The documents that are important and required for every import/export of goods are the following:

  • BL – Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of Origin (CO)
  • Packing list
  • The Import License
  • The proof of import

4) Restrictions

When goods are labeled as restricted or prohibited, they must undergo a tedious process. Hazardous goods need a longer time for preparation for shipment and clearing.

There are restrictions when transporting goods by sea or air. All products or goods must be accurately packaged and labeled. Then, it should be declared when they are dangerous.

When shipping by sea, the goods must comply with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods or IMDG code. Shippers must comply with this code by providing notices about certain goods.

Some goods are restricted for air shipping. However, if the goods can be transported but are considered dangerous, they must have the Dangerous Goods Declaration. The shipper must comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to ensure safety.


5. Tips When Considering Shenzhen to USA shipping time

Tips When Considering Shenzhen to USA Shipping Time

1) Save on shipping costs.

There are several things to do to save on shipping costs. For example, you can take advantage of shipment consolidation offered by freight forwarders. When you have several orders from different suppliers, they can be combined as one package before shipping to you.

Accurately using packaging materials can also help you save on shipping charges. Too much packaging use can increase the fees. By using the proper packaging, you can save a significant amount.

Plan your shipping schedule. Do not ship goods during peak seasons or holidays, or you’ll pay more. Check the Chinese calendar and weather forecasts.

2) Choose the best freight forwarder.

Work with a trusted and expert freight forwarder. The delivery may also be delayed if you have a lot of brokers or middlemen. This is due to many complications that can occur in the supply chain. If this happens, there will be more miscommunication, errors, and delays.

Hire only a freight forwarder who can follow the right process and stick to deadlines. Choose a company that has good channels of communication.

3) Get an insurance

Insurance can cover you in cases of theft, damage, loss, or any accident during transportation. It protects you from expenses and gives financial support when the goods are damaged due to natural events.

Insurance is also a requirement for compliance. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that your goods can reach you, and you have confidence in buying from your suppliers.

4) Speed up Shenzhen to USA shipping time.

You can speed up the shipping time when you work with China freight forwarders. Local logistics and forwarding companies have lower prices and more local knowledge than international freight forwarders.

Most international freight forwarders operating in China will work with them. The freight agents in your country cannot handle goods directly from China.

5) Tracking of shipment

Tracking your shipment or cargo is part of your freight forwarder’s responsibility. However, you can ask for access to their tracking portal if you find it more convenient to check it. You can communicate with your freight forwarder and ask how often they’ll give you an update.

Through tracking, you can spot possible problems (such as delays, altered routes, or damage) early on. You can take proactive steps and reduce risks and losses when checking your shipment from time to time.


6. FAQ

1) How long is shipping from Shenzhen China to USA?

The shipping time from Shenzhen China to USA depends on the method you will choose. Air Express is the fastest that can be in as short as 2 days, but the most expensive.

Air freight can take up to 7 days as the earliest but costly for heavy items. The sea shipping can take up to 15 days as the fastest and the cheapest of all.

2) How do we reduce and avoid delays when shipping from Shenzhen to USA?

The most innovative way to reduce and avoid delay is by working and partnering with a reliable freight forwarding company. They can help you plan and choose the best options to ship your goods. By giving you quotes, you can assess which plan will work best for you.

You can also check the factors affecting the shipping time, such as delays, holidays, or peak seasons. You can discuss these things with your freight forwarder so you can plan.

3) How long does sea freight ship from Shenzhen to major states in the USA?

You can refer to the table below:

From Shenzhen to US Seaport Estimated Time of Transit
New York 33-35 days
Chicago 30 -32 days
Los Angeles 23 -25 days
Miami 33- 35 days
Seattle 24- 26 days
San Francisco 25 -27 days


4) What is the best way when considering shipping time from Shenzhen to USA?

The urgency and type of goods will determine the best way to ship them. If you want it quick and with fewer delays, you can use Air Freight. Just remember that the shipping fee for this method can be up to 3x higher than a Sea Freight.

For lower shipping costs, Sea Freight is considered practical and efficient. It can take more weeks to arrive but with the right planning, you can save a big amount using this option. 



The Shenzhen to USA Shipping Time is now easier and more convenient with three shipping options. You can use the Air Express, Air Freight, and Sea Freight shipping. Your goods can reach your US delivery address anywhere from 3 to 45 days, depending on the method to use.

When considering shipping time from Shenzhen China to USA you can choose which port your goods should land in the US. There are 5 US seaports to choose from:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco

If you are considering sea freight shipping, the Los Angeles seaport can be reached in 23 days, and the longest transit time is 33 days in Miami. The standard transit or travel time of any goods via sea freight is from 15-45 days or longer, depending on delays.

A reliable freight forwarder company can make Shenzhen shipping to USA time convenient and on time. With their access to wide networks of shipping companies and partners, they can give you the best option and deal for your shipping needs.

The China freight forwarder companies can do more than just ship. They also offer services like preparing documents, customs clearance, shipment consolidation, and more.

They can get you cheaper but more reliable insurance. With their knowledge and experience in this field, they can help you manage your inventory and negotiate freight fees accordingly.

Our company, JustChinaIt, can be your best freight forwarding partner. We offer services that give great value to all your business needs. Let us know how we can handle your shipping needs today!

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