4PX Delivery Times: How Long Does it Really Take

By Sarah
May 28, 2024

Shipping is a game-changer for any business. Fast shipping can elevate your reputation by 50% and orders up to 90%. The reverse can happen if you keep consumers on waitlists due to longer shipping times.

When shipping from China, the 4PX shipping company comes out on top. You get fast shipping times and reliable delivery. Even Amazon and eBay trust such a company. But what are the estimated shipping times? How does it ship? Do you want to get answers to all your questions?

If yes, this guide is for you. We have discussed 4PX shipping time, delivery options, and tracking services in detail.

1. 4PX Delivery Basics

1) What is 4PX shipping?

4PX is one of the top shipping services and has earned respect for its flawless delivery services. Starting in 2004 and launching new options in 2024, it has become the leader of the shipping industry. All credits go to its cross-border shipment, which reaches on time and provides accessible shipping services.

Don’t worry; it is, therefore, consulting and warehousing services. Treat it like that even if you consider it your sourcing and inspection. The team will assist you in finding the top suppliers in China and dealing with them.

2) How does 4PX delivery work?

The 4PX shipping process is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is decide on your shipping country and let the team pick up your orders. If you want them to source the products from suppliers, they also offer this service, offering ultimate ease.

Here is how exactly they can pick up and ship your orders.

  • Choose your shipping option.
  • The team will pick, pack, and ship orders to your doorstep.
  • If you are from the USA, they have contracts with USPS. Local delivery is dependent on such reliable shipping partners.

The best thing about 4PX shipping is its speedy delivery across the border compared to other companies. Moreover, it has partnered with Amazon and eBay to ship its orders to consumers, which is how it has been rising upward for many years.

3) Is 4PX shipping suitable for global delivery?

Yes, the 4PX shipping company is 100% worth it for shipping products to foreign consumers. If you are shipping from China, an order might take at least two weeks to arrive, depending on the destination location.

However, this does not mean the time is the same for all shipping countries. The 4PX shipping company has seven different warehouses in global countries. Because of this, you can expect 4PX shipping to be more effective and fast.


2. 4PX Delivery Times

4PX shipping time is short until you use their 4PX express service. However, their service is quite reliable because of the ease of shipment from China to your destination. And finally, a reliable local shipping partner delivers your order on time.

Let’s discuss the different shipping times now!

1) Shipping times for different countries

Shipping from China to foreign countries takes a lot of time because of customs clearance. Moreover, the distance to the destination country also matters a lot in defining the shipping times.

Shipping times for different countries

Let’s take a look at the different shipping times.

  • Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Taiwan, and New Zealand are not far away. Moreover, their clearance process is easy, leading to faster delivery than in other countries. It takes 4 to 14 days for an order to get shipped to these countries.
  • Suppose you are shipping to France, the United States, Morocco, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Denmark. The shipping time is 12-25 days. It might increase due to various reasons.
  • 4PX takes more time when shipping to Japan, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and South Korea. An average delivery time is 18 to 35 days.
  • Russia, Brazil, Serbia, El Salvador, and the countries of the African continent are at a longer distance and require more time to ship to. It takes more than one month to ship products to these countries.

2) What affects the 4PX delivery times?

Shipping times may not necessarily be the same. Do you know why? Because of various reasons that affect the delivery and define when you can receive the order. We have listed the five central reasons.

● Area

Think about a simple rule of life. What would require more time for delivery in China or to foreign countries? The answer is simple— China. This is because the domestic locations are not far away.

Apply the same concept when shipping globally. Some countries, such as Africa, are far from China compared to Singapore. Therefore, the shipping time is longer. Moreover, the area association and current conditions can also affect. For example, structural government rules affect the delivery process. Therefore, every company must know the area and set up an estimated shipping time.

If your area is far away, consider the late delivery compared to other nearby locations.

● Peak season

There are various negative points if you are shipping during peak season.

  • Workers and companies are less likely to be available.
  • Low competition can cause higher costs. So, you have to ship at higher shipping bids.
  • Shipping might take more time as fewer staff members are available.

If you are shipping during peak season, first of all, avoid it. If you can’t, hire a reliable shipping service that is true to its promises. Get an estimated time from different shipping partners. Choose the one that is ready to ship within the given timeframe. 4PX express shipping can be the best alternative in case of a fast delivery.

● Country conditions

Local country rules and conditions affect everything. Customs have to go through the products in different phases, but it doesn’t take much time. If there is a high load, the customs will not have time to check your products. That means you’ll be on their waitlist.

It will also cause a delay in the delivery. Moreover, shipping chemicals or some prohibited products that are allowed only in medical or specific conditions is also a significant factor. The checking process and documentation with product verification might consume more time. So, the delivery time can be longer too.

● Any festival or holidays

Is there any festival coming around? Then, many things happen.

  • Shipping companies will go on holiday.
  • You will get fewer workers and companies to be available for you.
  • Transport gets closed temporarily.

4PX - 4PX Global Order Tracking

All such scenes cause shipping delays. Keep one thing in mind. If the festivals occur in the destination country, expect the delay also. The local delivery services will not be there to ship to your address.

The only solution is to ship weeks before the festivals, keeping an eye on the yearly calendars of both the shipping and destination countries.

● Pandemic crises

COVID-19 is the most prominent example of the shipping delays. Pandemics can cause a sudden stir in activities, leading to blocked transport and precautionary measures around the globe.

In pandemics, you can’t do anything except wait and let the condition settle down. Later, you can receive products.

3. 4PX Shipping Tracking

Suppose your order is in transit, and how will you know its location? It is simple to grab the Tracking ID from the 4PX shipping. Let us see if you can track your 4PX shipping.

1) Get tracking ID

Tracking ID is a specific code applied to each order. It helps to know the real-time location of the orders.

Usually, there are 13 digits in the tracking ID. These show different codes and numbers related to each country. Some examples of the tracking IDs are:

  • RR051452333FI
  • LX823457789CN

Most often, the first and last two digits are alphabets showing the origin and destination of countries.

2) Track online on different tracking apps

Once you’ve got the tracking ID, it is much easier. Go to Google and write the best online 4PX tracking apps.


You can even track it on the official 4PX delivery site as well. Some of the most popular tracking sites online include:

  • AfterShip
  • Ship24
  • OrderTracker

Enter your tracking, and boom! You’ll get the real-time location and know when you will receive your order. Some tracking apps even help tell the estimated date for delivery based on other users’ tracking IDs and order deliveries.

3) Different tracking statuses you should know about:

Whenever you are tracking the order, there are different prompts you often get. These can be:

  • Arrive At the Airport. The order has arrived at the airport and is ready to ship for the next step. The shipping service will load it onto the plane.
  • Shipment Arrived At the Facility. Your product has reached the nearby delivery facility and is ready to be on your doorstep.
  • Arrive At Facility. It features the same work arrival of products at the local distribution facility.
  • Shipment Operation Completed. Once you get the products, they will show up as shipping completed or delivered.
  • Shipment Information Received. The shipping service receives all the details, including your address and destination country.
  • Arrival At Processing Center. The order is ready to get shipped. It might take some time to process before the final shipping happens.
  • The Item Is Yet In Transit. When your item is still in the shipping process, you’ll get it in transit.
  • Arrival At Destination. Such results come out when your order is either in your country or city where you’ll get it.

Shipment tracking statuses

  • Shipment Ready. Your order is ready for the shipping process and will soon be with the carrier.
  • Delivery Fail. Delivery can fail if you are absent or sometimes a delivery person or team can’t find the address.
  • Shipment Departed From Facility. Once the shipment leaves the processing center, it appears on the top.
  • The Item Is On Its Way To The Destination Country. If you are from the US, the plane ships your order to the US.
  • Dispatched To Overseas. For all foreign deliveries, you can get this status.
  • Depart From Overseas Processing Facility. Once your order has been processed, it leaves the processing facility.
  • Depart From Airport. From one airport to another, the departure flight shows this status.
  • Received From Customer. For returns, you can get this status. Sometimes, the supplier hands over and shows this state as well.

Shipment Statuses

  • Hand Over To the Airline. Air Shipping companies need to load and ship products.
  • Notification Of Shipment Confirmation. Confirmation of shipment includes all the details regarding the address, name, and phone number.
  • Arrival At Destination (Exchange Office). Once the order is in your locale, you can receive this output on tracking.
  • Shipment Delivered-signature By Consignee. You’ll get the shipment and receive the order. That is when you need to sign and confirm the reception.
  • In Transit. The product is still in the shipping process.
  • Processing, Sorting. Order processing and sorting include the picking, packing, and labeling services.
  • Customs Clearance In Progress. Both customs, including the export and import countries, check the products the customer receives the delivery.
  • Shipment In Transit-delivered By The Post Office. Shipping is still in process, and the post office will deliver the product.
  • Received At Processing Facility. Your products are at the nearby processing center before the shipping occurs.
  • Processed Through Facility. Processing centers take time to pack and label the order. Once complete, you’ll get this status.
  • Leaving The Operating Point. Once the carrier has processed the order, it leaves the operating center.
  • Packing The Operating Point. Packing takes time, and the status updates once the packaging is complete.
  • Arrived At USPS Facility. In the US, USPS delivers the orders locally. You might receive it at the USPS facility.
  • Preparing To Dispatch. The supplierhas processed the order and is ready to pack it for handing over to the shipping company.


4) Tracking problems and solutions

Not always do you receive the tracking issues, but they happen in some cases. There can be various tracking issues. Here are a few discussed.

● Lost 4PX tracking number

Tracking numbers is crucial for the order. Undoubtedly, you’ll get the order without a tracking ID, but peace of mind is possible by tracking the order.

Here are a few ways to get your lost 4PX tracking ID.

  • Revisit the website and order section to find and save the tracking ID.
  • Explore the email or messages where you’ve already searched and saved it.
  • Contact customer support if you can’t find your tracking number. Let them know the details of your orders. They’ll help you get your tracking ID.
  • Remember the last warehouse and talk to them regarding your order. They might help you get the tracking ID.

● Can’t track the package

4PX Order tracking is not a big issue, as you can grab the various apps to track the order. The problem can be monitoring the order itself. Here are a few reasons for their solutions.

  • The 4PX system is down and is not offering tracking support. In such a case, you have to wait for the system to recover, and you can track the order again.
  • The merchant hasn’t yet handed over the package to the shipping service. There are two options. Either wait for the updated shipping status or confirm it from the merchant.

That is how you can track all your orders instantly and get the solutions.

● Tracking not updating

Is your delivery stuck at a single point? Mind it, you are not the first one facing such issues. There are many issues with various people. Here are a few reasons that can cause the tracking to not update for many days.

  • The products are with the sea freight forwarders. Sea shipping takes a lot of time, and tracking might be slow until the products reach the shores of your destination country.
  • Holidays or pandemics are going on in your country or China. In that case, shipping is often late, and tracking stays in the same state for so long.
  • There can be issues with the local delivery centers also. Confirm it, too, by talking to customer support and knowing the real-time status of your order.


4. 4PX Delivery Key Features and Benefits

You might wonder what services the 4PX delivery service can offer. Is that so? Then, forget it, as we have listed the different features and benefits of your shipping service.

● Easy registration

4PX delivery offers a seamless experience while registering for your company. You can head over to their website and sign up. Let the cursor take some time and verify your email account for registration. Once registered, the process is relatively easy and smooth for the orders.

Guess what? Registration is 100% free— no need to pay a single penny for the registration process.

● Globally working

4PX carrier is not only a Chinese company but also an international shipping service. If you have suppliers from China, that is even great. 4PX shipping company will ship products from China suppliers to consumers in 100+ countries.

4PX Partner

In its global location, it has the following warehouses:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Australia

For example, you’ve ordered 100 pieces of earbuds from a Chinese manufacturer in Australia. The 4PX shipping team will pick up products from your supplier to the Australian warehouse. Then, it will ship products to your locations.

● 4PX Delivery Affordable Costs

Do you want to reduce the shipping costs? Forget the heavy rates with the 4PX shipping carriers. It offers affordable costs for global shipping. Why? Because:

  • There are fewer taxes implemented on the shipments.
  • China boosts its companies by giving subsidies to the companies.
  • China labor is the most significant reason behind lower costs of inventory storage, loading, unloading, and shipping to the consumers.

Because of these reasons, you can expect lower shipping rates than many other companies.

● 4PX Delivery Warehouse management

Shipping always needs warehousing to store the products. The good thing is the built-in shipping storage by the 4PX carrier. Seven warehouses of 4PX carriers offer the management.

  • China (Shenzhen)
  • China(Hong Kong)
  • China(Shanghai)
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia

The strict management and real-time monitoring allow you to monitor all the orders. You can know how many stocks are left there and make a new order instantly when stocks are below the required levels.

● 4PX Delivery  Order fulfillment and Handling

4PX shipping company has a special team to pledge for your order fulfillment. You only need to connect your order dashboard with the team or request the shipping company. Tell them your consumer’s location and ship the orders to your consumers.

The whole process is smooth and saves you extra time. Get a seamless supply chain and enjoy fast order fulfillment processes.

● 4PX Delivery  Inspection and Labeling

For all the brand owners, there is good news. You get inspection and labeling services.

For inspection:

  • Hire the 4PX delivery  inspection services for the specific charges.
  • Let them know the products and test the samples.
  • Go for pre-production, during-production, and pre-shipment inspections.
  • Get detailed reports on the inspection.

Before shipping orders to your consumers, you can request customized packaging and labeling services. The team will prepare your brand labels or logos and fasten them to all your packages. It will help you advertise your brand for free and enjoy a rush of consumers.

● Excellent Customer Support service

Have you got a problem? Ask for any queries to the customer service. It treats you as its VIP consumer and responds to your tickets within 24 hours.

There are two options.

  • Free email support
  • Phone support

Based on your local region, you can contact the support. For example, if you are from Australia, contact Australian support at +61 (3) 9416 8777. You can also email them and create a support ticket. They will respond to your request faster and get an instant solution.


5. FAQs

1) Who delivers 4PX packages?

If you are targeting the delivery within China, 4PX is responsible for the shipping. For international delivery, 4PX ships to the destination country’s borders. From there on, 4PX shipping collaborates with different shipping companies, such as FedEx or USPS. Such reliable partners finally ship products to the customer’s location.

2) How many warehouses does 4PX shipping have?

4PX shipping service has three warehouses in China and four global warehouses. For order fulfillment, it ships products from China warehouses to global warehouses.

Here is the location of seven warehouses:

  • China (Shenzhen)
  • China(Hong Kong)
  • China(Shanghai)
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia

3) Should I consider the 4PX express delivery?

If you want a fast delivery, 4PX express shipping can be a reliable choice. It takes 7-10 days or sometimes less time for global shipping in different countries. It can be a good choice for fast order shipping.

4) How do I track the 4PX delivery?

4PX tracking parcels is quite effective in the following ways.


  • Get the tracking ID.
  • Use different online tracking apps such as order tracker.
  • Know the real-time location or interpret the location results.

5) Why does China delivery take so long?

You might think China delivery takes two weeks or more, which is so long. There are many reasons behind such a longer delivery time.

  • It is because of the distance between China and the destination country.
  • Cross-border shipments take more because of inspection, customs duties, and different border checkups.
  • Most countries take time to inspect the products.
  • Shipping airport congestion can cause an extended delivery time also.



4PX shipping company can be a reliable partner if you utilize it for the correct shipping. From packaging to shipping, it can be your one-stop order fulfillment service. Raise your business reputation and shine higher with the flawless services from the 4PX.

If you don’t like the 4PX shipping very much, you’ve got much more to work like JustChinaIt shipping service. We can help you inspect your products, package them, and ship them to your consumers on time. Enjoy a seamless delivery experience and save time to grow your business at faster rates immediately!

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