Clothing Manufacturing Companies in China – The Definitive Guide in 2022

By justchinait
September 25, 2021

Today we are going to show you the definitive guide about Clothing manufacturing Companies in China.
China produces 39% of the clothing and textiles industry. In 2022 alone, China produced 43.6 billion items of clothing to a value of $153.2 billion.
That’s no small feat.
So, you are looking to China to get your clothing manufacturing companies in China too.
But where to begin looking? And how to know if you have the right clothing factories in China?
I want to help you separate the good from the bad and only find the very best Chinese clothing manufacturers for your needs.
Ready to take a look?
Let’s dive right in…

Chapter 1: About Clothing Manufacturers in China

1.1 What Kind of Clothes Are You Making?

This is the very first question you need to ask a Chinese clothing manufacturing company.
Think very carefully about what it is that you want to make. You cannot just start searching on Google with a vague statement like silk shirt manufacturers in China.
You will get thousands of responses and most of China clothing suppliers will be useless to you.
You need to have much more detail about China clothing suppliers than that.
China clothing manufacturers can make pretty much everything. But you need to look for the exact China clothing manufacturer that understands what you are trying to make. And can produce it for you.

1.2 What Is Your Price Point?

You can’t just email a factory and ask clothing manufacturers in China how much to make 100 t-shirts.
You need to figure out your price point and work backward. Reverse engineer what it will cost you and the Chinese clothing manufacturing company to make your clothing.
How much will each item sell for in the shops? That can give you a good indication of what price you are selling them for. Which then tells you how much to play with to make them.
Once you know a clear answer to both of these questions, you can then begin your search for the China clothing suppliers.

Chapter 2: Quest For The Best Clothing Factories in China

This is where the work really begins…

2.1 Chinese Clothing Manufacturers, Wholesaler or Sourcing Company?

There is a world of difference between all three.
You may not need a China clothes manufacturer. A wholesaler might be able to supply you with the made in China clothing you need.
A China sourcing company can help you save a lot of time, money, and heartbreak. They can find the right China wholesale clothing manufacturers for you in a fraction of the time it could take you to do it.

2.2 Finding clothing manufacturers in China

It is not easy to find a good China clothing manufacturer. China clothing manufacturers rarely have a website, so you can’t just look them up online.

2.3 Where Are The China Clothing Manufacturers?

It’s a good idea to see where most of the clothing manufacturers are located in China.
You can mainly find China clothing manufacturers here:

  • Guangdong(clothing manufacturers in Guangzhou China)
  • Fujian
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangsu
  • Jiangxi
  • Shandong

This is where around 70% of the textile China clothes manufacturers operate.

Chapter 3: How To Find The Clothing Suppliers in China

I want to break down all the methods of finding a China clothing manufacturer and which methods are better than others.

3.1 B2B Platforms – best China clothing website

There are dozens of these the best China clothing website platforms online. The most popular being

In theory, it sounds like a great idea. Just do a quick search and BINGO! You have the China clothing supplier of your dreams.
In practice, it is not like that.
Unfortunately, many of the best China clothing website platforms are now filled with resellers and middlemen.
These are the very contacts that you need to get rid of!
Plus, you are not dealing with the factory face-top-face. You need to do business with the person who owns the factory – or at least is part of the operation.
That way, you can explain exactly what you want and they can tell you if they can help you or not.

3.2 Trade Shows

This is your best choice for finding a China clothing manufacturer.
But it involves traveling to China and being in-country.
You might think this is time-consuming and costly, but it will save you both time and money in the long run.
At a trade show, you get to talk to the factory face-to-face. You can now ask them any questions and get your answers.
You can see for yourself what kind of people you are dealing with – and if they are a good fit for you.
In one day, you could talk to many China clothing factories all under one roof.
The best trade shows in China are:

Also, visit this site for a full list of current trade fairs in China

Apparel & Clothing Trade Shows in China

3.3 Industrial Meet Ups

You could also seek out any fashion and textile meet-up groups in your own country.
This might be a good idea so that you can talk to other people. They might be able to give you some good leads – and certainly give you some advice if they have experience of buying from China.

3.4 Your Own Contacts – Finding a Clothing Manufacturer

And ask anyone and everyone you know that does business.

  • Where do made in China clothing buy from?
  • How did they find their suppliers?
  • What steps did they go through?
  • And what would they do now if it were their first time buying from China?

3.5 LinkedIn

I know I said that online sourcing clothes from China platforms are not a good choice, but many manufacturers use LinkedIn.
This might be a good place to do your initial searches, but you should still consider getting on that plane and heading to China.
So you have been to a trade show and met a few China clothing manufacturers firsthand.
Now you need to talk about MOQ and regulations.

Chapter 4: MOQ – China Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

MOQ stands for minimum order quantity.
In the made in China clothing and textile industry, MOQ is between 300 to 500 pcs per design.
That can add up very quickly!
If you have six designs it means you may have to order 3000 pcs.
No small amount of money…
Talk to the clothing manufacturing companies about their MOQ. If your order is too small, they will not be able to help you.
And if this is your first time, chances are your order will be relatively small.

Chapter 5: Your Country Standards About Sourcing Clothes from China

Another thing you need to check is the standards of your own country.
The last thing you want to do after you have found your dream China clothing manufacturing company is to have all your items held at customs.
The best way to avoid that is to check with the factory before anything is made.
There are organizations that administer these clothing regulations. Four of the most prominent are:

5.1 Chinese clothing Factories are Unaware

Most Chinese clothing factories are completely oblivious to these regulations. They mainly produce clothing for the China market – and the regulations for color, fabric and substance content are totally different there.

5.2 Fabric from Other Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

Another problem that the factories – and you – could face, is that the fabric could come from other clothing manufacturing companies in china.
There could be many of the best Chinese clothing manufacturers.
The factories don’t have the time to check with every single supplier to see if they comply with your country’s regulations.
Check with the above organizations to see that your China clothes manufacturer complies with the regulations of your country.

5.3 Use Two China Clothing Manufacturers

The best way to make sure the fabric complies with your country’s regulations is to use two suppliers.
One for the fabric.
And one for the China clothing manufacturer.
It may seem like a big headache to do this, but you are protecting yourself long-term.

Chapter 6: Interview your clothing manufacturers in China

So you have defined your choice down to 4 or 5 clothing suppliers in China.
Now you need to interview all of them.
Treat this like a job interview and you are seeking the ideal candidate to work with you.

6.1 Clothing Vendors in China Questions

I have compiled a list of questions for you to use when interviewing you’re shortlisted clothing manufacturers in China.

  1. What kind of clothing and textiles do you China clothing manufacturer?
  2. Can you supply the names of some companies that you work with? What brands have you worked with in the past?
  3. What is your MOQ?
  4. What are your average prices? (This can give you a rough idea when calculating price points)
  5. What equipment do you use?
  6. Where do you source your fabric manufacturers in China? Do they comply with my regulations?
  7. What services do you provide? (Think of patterns, samples, fabric sourcing, and packaging)
  8. What are your finance terms? (Some companies offer credit)
  9. Are you scalable? (You may have an initial order of 1000 pcs, but later wish to increase to 3000 – can they handle this?)

6.2 Show Respect

Even though you are the customer and you are giving the China clothes manufacturer business, you should treat them with respect.
Do NOT talk to them as if they need you.
Instead, give them the impression that you would be a much-valued customer and you hope to have a long and lasting business relationship with them.
Finding the right clothing vendors in China is like trying to dig for gold.
You find the right one and you will want to hold on to them for life.

6.3 Are They Responsive?

That said, you can quickly determine if they are being serious with you.
Are they responding to emails in a timely fashion?
Do they sound keen to talk to you on the phone or in video calls?
You can gauge how serious they are with you by checking these simple things.

Chapter 7: You Find Your Perfect China clothing manufacturer

You have found your perfect China clothing manufacturer. Or your shortlist is down to 3 or 4.
But wait – you can’t just get them to start making your clothes.
You still need to check that they can produce your designs to the standard you want – and your country’s demands.
Here is a simple checklist of what you need to do next:

  • send drawings
  • make samples
  • check schedules
  • negotiate terms
  • Sign the sales contract

7.1 Send Drawings

You should send your China clothing manufacturer all your clothing drawings and any designs that you have.
In fact, give them as much information as you can.
If you have a tech sheet, give them that. But also give them fabric swatches and all of the research you have done for your collection.
The China clothing manufacturers should get back to you very quickly and tell you if they can produce your items.

7.2 Make Samples

Now you need to get samples made. This is no simple task.
Samples are essential and can give you a very clear idea of the finished product.
Also, by making samples, you can figure out what the finished product will cost you.
Short List Your clothing manufacturers in China
Surprisingly, many China clothing manufacturers fail at making samples. Between 30-50% of suppliers fail at producing quality samples.
This is where you can weed out that one last supplier who just cannot come up to your expectations.
Ideally, you should ask around 3 or 4 suppliers to produce samples at the same time.
You might think this is costly, but let me say this again – it will save you time in the future.

7.3 Check Schedules

Three or four weeks later you should have all your samples back. Now you can thoroughly inspect all of them.
Now you need to check the factory’s schedule.
Can they accommodate you and your order? Or do they have a huge order to process ahead of yours?
Check their schedule and make sure that they can squeeze you in.

7.4 Negotiate Terms

You are happy with your samples. And the manufacturer can process your order.
Now you should negotiate the terms between you both.
You will have no bargaining power at the first order. But maybe later, if you increase your production line you can get better terms.

7.5 Sign the Sales Contract

And the most important thing – sign a contract!
This will prevent any disputes between the both of you.
Put everything in the contract. Make sure you detail the specs of your product and compliance regulations – or the order is null and void.


This really is just the beginning. Once you have found a shortlist of China clothing manufacturers – and that could take some time – you then need to get samples made and check these thoroughly.
The next stage is production.
And that is another process altogether.
But for your initial search for your first China clothing manufacturer, please follow the steps above.
As long as you check all the procedures outlined above you should save yourself a lot of trouble and find a great manufacturer for your clothing collection.

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