How do you import cars from China?

By Sarah
June 11, 2024

China has been at the top for importing cars globally. As per the data, there have been 45 billion USD in car exports from China. That is quite high sales levels.

However, the key question for importers is: How do they import cars from China?

Do you want to know the detailed import process for shipping cars from China? If yes, great! We have written this guide based on the China import process. You’ll get a detailed introduction to customs clearance and import documentation at the borders.

1. Import Cars from China

1) What is importing cars from China?

Have you ever heard of importing cars? In actuality, importing cars from China means purchasing vehicles in China and shipping them to your country. Whenever you need to follow through with cross-border shipments, it becomes an import-export process for foreign countries.

import cars from China

China is quite famous for its quality cars, which run around the world at competitive rates.


2) Why should you import cars from China?

There are so many countries. Why should you consider China only? If that is the question, the answer is quite simple because of the many benefits of importing cars from China.

● Competitive Rates.

One of the most compelling reasons behind the popularity of Chinese cars is their competitive price. There are many reasons behind such lower COSTS:

  • Large labor
  • Developed industries
  • Competition among suppliers
  • Raw material access

So, you’ll grab quality cars at a cheaper rate yet with better quality construction.

● Easy Import Process

Don’t fret due to complicated import processes. In China, there is another world of shipping companies. Hundreds of companies even try to explore and contact their clients to offer affordable shipping costs.

First thing, they offer guaranteed timely delivery. Second, they also promise the customs clearance. That saves you from the hectic task of preparing documents and getting clearance from customs.

● Technological innovations.

China is ahead of the world in terms of technology. Every single day, you can explore innovations. From preparing long-lasting batteries to cheaper phones, Chinese companies are peerless.

Apply the same concept to Electric Vehicles or Simple Cars. Most cars come with autopilot mode, allowing high speed and efficient detection of obstacles. You can even get 100% control of your vehicles as well. Invite nothing but the total luxury when importing cars from China.

● Wide range of car options.

Many companies. Variety of factories. Quick and diverse car production centers. It is the promise from Chinese suppliers. Moreover, if you don’t like one supplier, shake hands with another, more unwavering supplier.

Dig into hundreds of car options. TESLA or BYD? Even Geely electric vehicles are at the top due to their ultimate quality production.

2. Find and Verify Car Supplier

China is a big market, with thousands of suppliers working at a single time. Listen. Not all suppliers are 100% reliable — scammers are there too.

Quality scams, hidden fees, and other charges can shatter your business. Uncover the right suppliers on the following platforms and verify them before you commence working with them.

1) Search on

  • Supplier directories. A directory is a place of abundance of anything. In China, many suppliers’ directories are there. For example, Alibaba. Hunt down the best car suppliers.
  • Google. Many companies, such as TESLA or BYD, have their official websites. Head over to Google and specify your research terms. Finally, explore the top companies working globally.
  • Trade Showsare the places where people show off their creativity. Approach the top car owners through the expos and trade shows. Trade shows occur globally. So, take time to visit and take a first look at their flagship products.

2) Look for

  • Supplier reputation. A reliable supplier is often popular globally. TESLA is quite famous for its fantastic cars. Similarly, you can find new suppliers with excellent reputations in the area.


  • Company registration. Suppliers or manufacturers have the companies under which they are working. A legal company gives better confidence. Therefore, the company registration number and relevant legal information should be discussed.
  • Quality control. Nothing is better than grabbing a bunch of quality cars. Customers always love to buy long-lasting products. Therefore, look into the quality control systems. If it is excellent, that supplier can be the right choice.
  • Check out reviews. Finally, reviews speak loudly about the supplier. Review positive and negative feedback to determine which points the company is best or lacking. That can help people to decide faster about the car companies.

3. What to look for in your Favorite Car?

If you are looking for the top car, look into various features. Research effectively and avoid the mistakes before you get late.

Check the following points to deem when exploring the right vehicle type.

● Find out the vehicle type.

Whenever choosing a vehicle, there are a few questions to keep in mind. One of them is the vehicle type:

  • Electric cars or other types?
  • Buying Luxury vehicles?
  • Do you need heavy vehicles such as trucks or other such cars?

Think about the choice before it is too late to purchase the right vehicle. You can even consult suppliers about the best products and get the right opinion about your cars.

● See model.

A single vehicle has different models. What is the change in the model? Varying features occur in the newer and relevant variants. Even colors and costs also vary based on the model.

Therefore, dive into the different models of the single electric vehicle. Compare the other range, speed, and efficiency. Buy only if the car provides you value with competitive costs.

● Check brand name.

Have you heard of Rolls Royce? It is quite popular and a symbol of luxury cars. The brand indicates all about the vehicles.

If you have plans to show off your luxurious life, then look at the brand name. Compare one brand with another to check the costs, quality, and popularity.

Go for the best brand with ultimate popularity and after-sales support.

● Sort out costs.

Competitive price with quality construction is the prime goal of every buyer.

It is only possible if you keep ten cars in your option. Compare all the cars with their specs and costs. Which one do you buy at such a point?

Obviously, it is a car that offers the best features but is in your budget range, right? That is always a great choice.

● Know about limitations, if any.

Some companies might not export the cars. They have some limitations. Sometimes, you have to arrange the shipping. Therefore, consider all the shipping and buying limitations to avoid future troubles.

Iron out all the problems before they become even more complex.

4. How to Ship Products from China?

Shipping products from China needs a few steps. For example, you need to look for the companies and then choose the shipping options.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

● Search for Shipping companies.

China has many shipping companies. Top companies such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL are actively shipping products from China to other countries.

If you are shipping through Alibaba, you still get different shipping options. However, finding your own shipping company is quite effective because you can save extra costs and keep more control based on your demands.

But where do you search for the shipping companies? Scan the top websites for searching shipping companies.

  • Alibaba
  • Globalsources
  • com
  • Made-in-China

Look for shipping options.

Shipping from China comes with various shipping options. Take a look!

  • Roll on/off. This shipping option is the top choice for working vehicles. Huge shipping vessels secure such cars as the parking centers. The primary charges are relevant to customs duties and import charges at the borders.
  • Shared container Service. It is more expensive compared to the roll-on/off option, but it offers the facilities to users. You can hire the shared containers of 40 ft and pay for your part of the shipment. Such shared container services are available in sea shipping.

cars container shipping

  • Full container load. Another sea shipping option for the vehicles is the full container load. When you have a large number of cars to ship in a single time, a full container load is a worthy deal. It not only saves costs but also provides fast and safe shipping without delaying or relying on other members.

5. Import Process in China

Assimilation of the import process in China can pump your confidence. Don’t you want to know? Let’s discuss the import process in China in detail.

1) Legal Obligation

First of all, go through the import laws in China. For cross-border shipments, you must follow all the Chinese regulations. Here are a few documents necessary for early-stage clearances at the Chinese borders.

Car import process

  • Import Permits. The name is a clear-cut definition of the import permit. You need to get governmental documentation that allows import from China. Most often, your suppliers or shipping companies can get you the import permit. Remember, you get the clean chit with the permits.
  • Customs Forms. Customs need the importers to fill out forms. What does their form include? Forms include the essential information about the product.
  • Vehicle compliance certificates. Does your car comply with the quality standards and safety options? Well, certificates can feature such details. Therefore, get the vehicle compliance certificates and submit them for clearance from the authorities.

2) Documentation Requirements

In cross-border shipments, there are a few necessary documents to keep under your radar. These can be:

  • Bill of Lading. It is the most necessary document which contains the details of the vehicles. This bill includes from ownership proof to quantity and destination details.
  • Commercial invoice. The invoice tells the price of the cars and import-export duties at the borders. It can be a necessary deal for the clearance.
  • Certificate of origin. Governments often decide to get the origin certificates for legal purposes. The origin certificate describes the factory and supplier details and the car’s specifications.
  • Import licenses and permits. Permits get you an easy clearance at the borders.


3) Import duties, fees, and taxes.

Import duties and taxes are more dependent on vehicle costs. For example, if you are shipping high-end luxury cars, import taxes will be different from other cars and vehicles.

So, assess the import duties and relevant taxes to know the overall taxes. Take a look!

  • Import duties are applicable to almost all types of vehicles, but the costs vary. For example, a truck has to pay 25% import duties compared to 2.5% of the car. Similarly, car worth and other features also describe the total taxes.
  • VAT or GST is also applicable on most of the vehicles. You need to confirm this with the customs website or government resources for your cars.
  • Other fees. Some of the hidden fees are also there. These can include customs inspection, port handling, and administrative costs.

6. Customs Clearance Process

Customs are the authorities that decide the taxes and accumulate all the fees. They verify your products with the original documentation before you get a green signal.

Check out the steps.

● Customs inspection

First of all, customs go through the products. They test the quality and consider the accuracy of the documentation.

Beware if you are shipping the prohibited products. Shipping unsafe cars gets your clearance obstructed. Usually, your products arrive.

Customs authorities charge a fee for the inspection. Therefore, get ready for the cost deduction.

● Document Verification

Do you have a document or invoices? Have them ready because customs will verify all the documents discussed earlier.

After the document verification, customs will go through the duty and taxes.

● Duty and Tax assessment

Customs calculate the duties and taxes applied to the cars. They also charge before you import products.

● Customs Forms

Here comes the customs form that has vital information about your cars. These include the necessary details about the documents and play a crucial role in the clearance.


7. Top 9 Electric Car suppliers in China

You don’t have to look for electric car suppliers in China. We have already sorted out some of the top suppliers in China.


Who doesn’t know about TESLA? One of the most famous pioneers of electric cars is TESLA, founded in 2003. It works globally, shipping electric vehicles to 100+ countries.

The car’s shape is quite impressive with higher performance. But one thing is con here— expensive costs.

Why is TESLA the best? Take a look!

  • TESLA is the most famous company in the world. It has headquarters in many top countries like the US, China, or many others. They have partnership with shipping agents. So, expect the timely shipping of your cars.
  • Quality Cars. Tesla cars are going nowhere in a decade. Their excellent construction allows their use for 10+ years without decreasing performance.



Welcome the Chinese EV giant BYD, which has recently crossed the TESLA in terms of sales. With its quality production, it is in a race with the TESLA.


BYD has many production centers in China. Select your favorite cars in the nearby showrooms or visit the trade shows to catch a glimpse of their flagship products.

Top points behind BYD’s popularity.

  • Affordable Costs. BYD electric cars are quite affordable. With high-performance and long-lasting batteries, you can grip some good quality stuff at affordable costs.
  • Technological Innovations. BYD is ahead of its competitors because of its flawless technology. Get automated cars or ship quite effectively to your doorstep.



JAC Motors has stepped into electric vehicles with its variety of products. Established in 1964, it has gained popularity for becoming the top choice for so many decades.


From trucks to electric vehicles, you can dip into tons of quality cars. Here are a few reasons behind JAC motor’s preference.

  • JAC motors has 50+ years of experience in the vehicle industry. Is it quite impressive? Because of its excellent products, it has survived the race.
  • Wide selection of cars. Keep an eye on the truck or think about the electric cars. You’ll get all types of vehicles from this China supplier.



Have you heard of Great Wall Motors? You must have heard of this top electric brand for its utility vehicles and quality cars. It has been working since 1984 and has provided consumers with a lot of car options.


Great Wall Motors is the best for the following reasons.

  • Experienced Company. This company has pioneered vehicles for 40 years. That is quite a huge milestone for any company. So, you can rely on this brand for your next car purchase.
  • Affordable Costs. Don’t fret due to higher costs. Great Wall Motors offers affordable prices for all of its cars. You can purchase quality at meager costs.



Geely is a reputed Chinese car brand founded in 1997. It ranks among the top 500 companies selling electric vehicles. With its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, it can ship products to its consumers globally.


Here is why you consider Geely.

  • Quality construction. Get durable cars from the Geely. Drive them for years without losing performance. Don’t you want that?
  • Fast Shipping. Sit back and relax until the Geely ships products to your doorstep. Shipping is affordable and fast, offering the ultimate.



Chery is one of the best companies working globally. It has maintained its reputation since 1997 because of the quality of cars and SUVs for users.


With 58+ countries’ access, it has emerged as one of the best brands for electric cars. Here are a few positive points.

  • Chery is working for an international company and has 20+ years of experience. It has more than enough reputation as a car brand.
  • Diversity of vehicles. From grabbing cars to buying SUVs, you can check out a large range of vehicles. Inspect all the quality vehicles available.



FAW Motors is one of the oldest companies working globally because of its popularity. Established in 1953, it has built its reputation as a heavy vehicle manufacturer. From luxury cars to heavy transport trucks, expect high-performance applications of the FAW motors.


Here is why FAW motors have erupted on the top:

  • Quality construction. FAW motors pours its heart into the vehicles. Run your cars for years without needing maintenance regularly.
  • Affordable Costs. The costs of vehicles are relatively low. If you have plans to import affordable vehicles, FAW Motors can be your station.



NIO has emerged as a top electric vehicle brand in the past decade. Smart technology and the latest solutions bestow luxury life to the NIO vehicles. With the upcoming cars, you can expect better quality because NIO prefers the production of top products. So, you get the value at times.


Following reasons compel you to choose the NIO.

  • Fast Shipping. NIO works with reliable shipping companies. Sometimes, you can even find some of the top shipping agents. Get your products shipped faster.
  • Affordable Costs. Quality construction at competitive rates is quite a peerless choice. Their cars have a good quality yet the prices are affordable. Get it right away!



Dongfeng has been working for more than half a century. Its vehicles have cutting-edge technology. The support for luxury is next-level.


Plus, manufacturing plants deploy the quality system for production. Here are a few reasons to prefer Dongfeng.

  • Dongfeng has been working in the automotive industry for 50+ years. You can expect a seamless experience when purchasing vehicles.
  • Quality control. Experts deploy quality control for the best car production. Be picky for your car choices.

8. FAQs


  • Can I import a car from China to the US?

Yes. You can import cars from China to the USA by finding an ideal shipping company. Confirm whether the shipping service offers all the facilities, including customs clearance and import charges. That’s how you’ll ship fast and on time while grabbing the real-time tracking facilities, too.

  • How much does it cost to import a car from China?

There is no exact cost as the import duties and customs inspection charges vary based on your car costs. Usually, it takes $2500 to $3000 to import a car from China to the USA. Charges might include import duties and other hidden fees.

  • What is the import duty on cars from China?

Import charges are applicable to almost all cars. For a vehicle, it is 2.5% of the total value. For instance, your vehicle is worth $100,000. The customs charges will be $2500. Remember the additional costs such as customs handling fee. These are also applicable.

  • What is the cheapest way to import from China?

Air shipping is often the costliest way to ship. Sea shipping is the cheapest option. However, you can consider the full container load, which is affordable when you ship the bulk cars. Shared container Service or roll on/off is the alternative option.

  • Is it profitable to import from China?

Yes. If you have plans on reselling cars in your local shop, then it is a profitable idea to import cars. Hire a full container load and ship a large number of vehicles to your country.


Whenever you import cars from China, work with the top exporters. Some China Sourcing Agents help not only get the top quality cars but also provide flawless import options.

Work with the top agents like JustChinaIt. Fetch the top companies like TESLA and ship products to your doorstep. Don’t worry; we offer affordable shipping. Get it now!

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