The 20 Hottest Electric Vehicles Taking China by Storm

By Sarah
May 7, 2024

Do you want to run in the race for electric vehicles? Globally, Tesla owns the crown for electric cars. I don’t think Tesla is the sole winner since BYD is coming along.

Even the electric vehicles market cap is a sign of future domination. Statista states it is expected to reach 600 billion USD in 2024. The decreasing petrol resources have led to an increase in the usage of EVs. Soon, you might see the complete supremacy of electric vehicles.

Imagine for a moment. And think, what are the top companies and electric vehicles? We have listed the top 20 electric cars with their peculiar features. Compare their features and buy the best one that falls under your budget.


1. Our Top 20 electric vehicles in China

If you are looking for the best EVs in China, look no further. We have added the top 20 electric vehicles you should consider for your next purchase.

1) BYD Qin Plus

In 2021, BYD added another model to its Qin series. BYD Qin Plus is an excellent car with a high-speed performance. It takes 5.5 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km/hr.

1 BYD Qin Plus

Depending on what variant of car you are using, features change accordingly. For example, one variant has a 420-kilometer range while the other has 610 kilometers. It has a battery of 8.20kWh to 48kWh, depending on your use.

2) Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric vehicles. High performance and excellent range have boosted its reliability. Tesla Model 3 comes in three variants.

2Tesla Model 3

  • ● Tesla Model 3: Standard Plus
  • ● Tesla Model 3: Long Range
  • ● Tesla Model 3: Performance

Range varies from 423 km/charge for standard plus to 568 km/charge for long-range vehicles. The starting price is $53,200 and increases based on your chosen model.

3) Tesla Model Y

Another popular electric vehicle from Tesla is the Model Y, which was announced in 2019 and has gained popularity because of its many features. It also comes with three models.

3Tesla Model Y

  • ● Tesla Model Y: Performance
  • ● Tesla Model Y: Long-range AWD
  • ● Tesla Model Y: All-wheel Drive

The starting price is $47,240, and the range varies from 303 miles for the performance variant to 330 miles for the extended range.

4) BYD Song Plus

The BYD song series has attracted many people since it was announced in 2020. Because of build quality and affordable costs, it must be under your radar for the purchase.


The excellent top speed of 180 kilometers per hour with a range of 505 kilometers makes it a top choice for car lovers. Plus, the cost is $27,500.

5) GAC Aion S

Another aesthetically pleasing and good-looking SUV is the GAC Aion Y. Unveiled in 2021, it has various purposes. It comes with three variants with a slight shift in the features.


Its attractive shape puts it among the top vehicles ready for consumers. The price is reasonable, reaching $32K.

6) GAC Aion Y

Another aesthetically pleasing and good-looking SUV is the GAC Aion Y. Unveiled in 2021, it has various purposes. It comes with three variants with a slight shift in the features.


All three variants have the same range of 410 kilometers. The high-power battery of 60-80 kWh is astonishing for $17,200.

7) Wuling Hong Guang

In 2020, the Wuling EV company announced a mini EV, Hong Guang. However, it is small and suitable for four people. Its distinctive look and affordable prices differentiate it from other brands.


It has a range of 280 kilometers with a cost of $4.1K. Extremely cheap option, right? Even the top speed of 100km/hr is decent.

8) BYD Dolphin

Do you love having the power bank around? Try the BYD dolphin, which is not only cheaper but also comes with a battery of 44.9kW. Just seven seconds and it reaches the 100-kilometer speed. The top speed is 160 kilometers per hour; it is pretty impressive.


You’ll be shocked to hear about the cost of the given features. Get it just for $18,800. Isn’t it a cheaper version?

9) BYD Atto 3

BYD unveiled the Atto 3 in 2022. This model is still booming for its excellent features. You get a top speed of 150 kilometers per charge with a range of 420 kilometers.


Excellent build quality puts it among the top models of electric vehicles. The price is $48K, which is decent compared to the features.

10) BYD Han

Continuing its competition with EV brands, BYD has announced another model, HAN! It has a super fast charging of 0-80% within 30 minutes. The range is pretty decent at 516 kilometers.


With such features, it is a bit expensive compared to Atto or Dolphin. You can expect prices over $71K in the market.

11) BYD Tang

Plan the adventure with all your family. It is no longer a dream when the BYD tang is here. Coming up with giant features of 528 kilometers and a battery of 82.8 kW, it offers a fast charging option, too.


It is a seven-seater SUV that offers ample space for seating and adventure. The cost starts from $70K.

12) Aiways U5

The first Chinese EV brand to enter the European market was Aiways. It has announced its EV U5, which has a range of 400 kilometers per charge at affordable costs.


It offers fast charging for 35 minutes at 80% charge with a battery power of 63 kWh. The starting price for this car is $40K.

13) MG4

MG has also entered the electric vehicle race. With its MG4 model, you’ll get intelligent battery storage, a good range, and an excellent driving experience. Comfortable seats add up to your luxury in multiple ways.


A modern and sporty look with a driving assistant nurtures better driving confidence. It has a range of 450 kilometers and comes for $30K.

14) Xpeng P7

A sleek design with pleasing aesthetics will attract you to the Xpeng P7. P7 is already available in Europe from the Chinese EV manufacturer Xpeng.


Combined with its good looks and comfortable experience, it has gained popularity because of its super fast charging. Reach 80% charge within 28%. You don’t get it from other brands, do you? A range of 530 km is another pro of this electric car.

15) Leapmotor T03

Leap Motor is a Chinese EV manufacturer that entered this market recently. Its ultra-compact T03 is power-packed with driving assistance and innovative designs; it stands out from its competitors.

15Leapmotor T03

Feeding the affordable costs to the users with a range of 280 kilometers and battery power of 41.3 kWh is quite reasonable. The charging speed is quite admirable at 36 minutes for an 80% charge.

16) NIO ET7

Chinese EV company NIO discloses the ET7 with multiple features. You get different cost structures, ranges, and acceleration with three variants.


Excellent design and research facilities made it up to the 1000 km range per charge. Within 3.5 seconds, it reaches the speed of 95 kilometers per hour. The starting price is $69K and varies based on your version.

17) Polestar 3

Unique, outstanding, and high range in a single, get all the features in a single car— Polestar 3. On a single charge, you can run it for 600 kilometers non-stop. Super fast charging takes only 23 minutes to reach 80%.

17Polestar 3

The sporty finish gives it a peerless glance. Plus, its battery of 111 kWh doesn’t leave you before you end your long journey. You can expect a high price of around $88,000 based on its features.

18) Avatar 12

Welcome the joint venture of Changan, CATL, and Huawei. Avatar 12 is a four-door electric vehicle that looks precisely like the Sedan and has many excellent features for vehicle lovers.


Access the two powertrain options. The battery capacity of 94.5 kWh turns the game in its favor. Both variants of this EV have the best range of 650 km and 700 km compared to other options. Excellent display with a flawless interior wins your heart for this EV. Paired with various technology features, anticipate quality production.

19) Zeekr X

One of the GEELY brands is an electric car, Zeeker X. It is structurally robust and has quite robust material construction. You are inviting a rock-solid quality build of the EVs to your doorstep.


19ZEEKR XIt comes in two versions— One engine and two engine variants. It takes 3.7 seconds to achieve a speed of 100km/hr. Isn’t it amazing? Listen more. Its rear-wheel model has a range of 560 kilometers. The pricing is under $30K. Get many good features for your journey at such an affordable cost.

20) XPeng G6

XPeng G6 is truly a beast in the electric vehicle industry. It comes with a high-capacity battery and lightning-fast charging options. Run it for 300 kilometers at just 10 minutes’ charge. Cool, right?


What’s more? It has a range of 755 kilometers on a single charge. Equip with the robust security features. And introduce a safe driving experience with such cars. Undoubtedly, the higher performance and latest technological options will fire up the competition and give competitors like Tesla and BYD a tough time.


2. electric vehicle basics

1) What are electric vehicles?

EVs or electric vehicles are cars with a definite battery to charge and dissipate it in the event of driving. Nowadays, electric vehicles have emerged as a powerful technology among car lovers.

There are many reasons why they are incredibly famous.

  • ● Eco-friendly process.
  • ● No environmental pollution.
  • ● Electricity is available in excess, promising a bright future compared to petrol or diesel vehicles.
  • ● The cost of fuel is relatively less compared to diesel.

2) How are they different from fuel vehicles?

Standard vehicles are dependent on petroleum products for fuel. They rely on two types of fuels.

  • ● Heavy vehicles use diesel.
  • ● Light vehicles use petrol.

Electric vehicles don’t use any of these. Instead, they rely on the electrical supply charging Lithium Ion batteries. These batteries help provide continuous power to electric vehicles and help them run on roads. Such a phenomenon is quite different in electric vehicles than other fuel vehicles.

3) Why should you buy electric vehicles from China?

You May be here looking for the best electric vehicles. Isn’t it so? China is one of the biggest producers of electric cars. The immense popularity of China is due to various factors, such as:

  • ● Reduced costs. China vehicles are super famous for their decreased costs. It is due to lower taxes and affordable raw materials.
  • ● High performance. Don’t worry about the performance at all. Chinese cars always show off good speed with range on a single charge.
  • ● Reliability of companies. TESLA, BYD, and many other companies are symbols of trust and reliability in the electric vehicle world. They all are here, leading to vogue.
  • ● Variety of suppliers.There are several companies, either new or pioneers of electric vehicles. You can explore more consumers effectively.
  • ●  Own manufacturing setup. Own manufacturing setup allows better rates and minimizes the hassles. You can directly make the orders for your electric cars.


3. What To Look For in EVs?

Before you purchase your first electric vehicle, think about the following aspects for the best choice.

● Electric or Hybrid

Fully electric vehicles or hybrid? It must be your first question. Entirely electric cars don’t run on petrol or traditional diesel. It is because of their engine compatibility with the electrical systems only.

On the other hand, hybrid vehicles have both traditional engines and batteries. Whether fuel or electricity, they work on both types of fuels perfectly. You have to consider this aspect.

● Battery Range

How long will your electric car go on a single charge? That is the battery range that empowers the engines and defines the capacity. Remember one thing: in winter, the range decreases. For instance, if manufacturers claim to reach 280 km in a single charge. In the winter season, it will hardly get 220 km in a single charge. Think about this aspect whenever you are landing your first EV.

● Car Speed

Are you a sportsperson? Or an eager race lover? Whatever individual you are, high speed can give you an advantage if you are in an emergency. Look around all the electric vehicles and consider which vehicles offer the top speed yet at the budgeted prices.

Tesla has some good quality cars that offer 300 kmph. But the prices can be higher in such cases. 200+ kmph is an excellent top speed.

● Cost

How much budget do you have? It is a defining factor about cars. You’ll get a range of $30,000 to $100,000 or even more expensive electric vehicles. Budget can put the limitations and help you decide whether you should fall for a sub $30,000 car or more.

Don’t buy an expensive car that doesn’t work out for your purposes.

● Performance

High performance means constant driving experience and instant driving. If speed is crucial to you, consider it to achieve within seconds— that is what Tesla and BYD are already rocking in the electric vehicle industry.

A fully electric car doesn’t need gears. It can be automatic or manual or even has a high acceleration suitable for your needs.

● Durability

Who looks for a pesky car? Robust build with excellent constructions and impact resistance can guarantee a longer life. Sometimes, you need to check the safety levels for your driving.

A good practice is to know the brand name and warranties for your cars. That is how you’ll grab the best solutions instantly.


4. Top 10 EV Manufacturers in China

Are you looking for the top 10 EV manufacturers in China? Stay with us; we have added the companies with their respective details. Know the biggest EV manufacturers in China and buy your first electric vehicle.

1) BYD

BYD was founded in 1995 as an electronic company, but that doesn’t remain true. By acquiring Qinchuan Automobile Company, it entered the automobile company and has never looked back on electric vehicles. Recently, it has crossed the TESLA crowning as the number one Chinese EV manufacturer.

  • ● Since 2022, this company has focused only on electric vehicles.
  • ● It has the most sales in China compared to any other brand.
  • ● It has a handsome share of the European and American markets.

2) Tesla

Every EV lover knows Tesla for its hard work toward EV technology. With a passion for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, Tesla has come a long way for electric vehicles.

Founded in 2003, it has offered promising understanding to its users. Here are some key features.

  • ● Tesla has many manufacturing plants in China where it assembles and sells cars.
  • ● Cars are quite expensive but offer good quality production.
  • ● It has automated cars that don’t need you to drive manually.

3) SAIC Motor

SAIC Motor is one of the largest EV manufacturers in China— All thanks to its affordable costs and the premium aesthetic of all the cars. It has collaborated with many brands, such as Volkswagen and General Motors. I don’t think it is the sole Chinese brand, but its International presence is impressive. It has a 13% share of the total electric vehicle market.

Here are some key features of the SAIC motor.

  • ● New and innovative electric vehicles have raised their standards globally.
  • ● It is a domestic and international company offering cars in various countries.
  • ● Prices of electric vehicles are quite affordable compared to its rival companies.

4) Changan Auto

Maybe you have heard of Changan Auto, which is a large manufacturer of passenger cars. Yes, it is 100% true, but it has also emerged as an EV brand thanks to its flawless quality and reasonable pricing structure.

It has a long history of manufacturing, dating back to 1862. Some key points about Changan Auto are:

  • ● It has partnered with Huawei to manufacture electric vehicles until 2025.
  • ● Its partnership with CATL(one of the largest EV battery manufacturers in China) is quite impressive.
  • ● Prices are affordable with excellent quality.

5) Geely

Geely is one of the top EV manufacturers in China — Not just in quality production but also in big-scale production setups. Founded in 1986, it is still booming as an EV company.

Some peculiar features of this brand include:

  • ● Geely sold over 2.79 million cars alone in 2023, with a rise of 20%.
  • ● It has more than 40 manufacturing plants in different sectors and countries.
  • ● Partnerships with many EV brands, such as Volvo, show its dedication.

6) Xpeng Motors

Four founders started this company in 2014 and marked their names in the electric vehicles. It has headquarters in Hangzhou and offers the best experience to its customers regarding reasonable costs and autopilot driving experience.

Here are some key features of Xpeng motors.

  • ● It has grown over 200% since its inception period.
  • ● Xpeng electric vehicles are semi-autonomous, driving the attention of users globally.
  • ● Consider it as a Chinese Tesla brand.

7) NIO

Welcome another EV leader to this industry— NIO, founded in 2014. It has gained a considerable share in the intelligent EV market, offering the best prices and excellent quality to the users.

  • ● Automated battery exchange stations are a revolution in the EV industry.
  • ● It has more than 800 EV charging stations in China.
  • ● The main focus of NIO is to empower electric vehicles with the latest technology solutions.

8) Leap Motor

Leap Motors hasn’t passed a decade of production yet and has gained immense popularity. Implementation of the latest technology is its symbol. It has offered the best electric vehicles to its users over the years.

  • ● In 2020, it revolutionized the market with its unique AI chips.
  • ● Leap Motors focuses on the autonomous driving of electric vehicles.
  • ● Innovative technology has boosted its growth within a few years.

9) Hozon Auto

Hozon Auto is a Chinese EV brand working globally. Founded in 2014, it has delivered electric vehicles to consumers globally. It announced its first EV under the name NETA of the group. Now, you can explore various electric cars with the name of NETA.

Here are some points about this brand.

  • ● Hozon Auto has grown over 360% in the few of its announcements.
  • ● This brand is selling over 100K cars annually.
  • ● Electric cars look amazing and provide a comfortable driving experience.

10) Skywell

Skywell started its journey in 2011 and has commercial and passenger car licenses. Official EV production commenced in 2019, and this brand has delivered some top-quality electric vehicles to its consumers.

Here are some critical points about Skywell.

  • ● Most of the EVs have excellent features and a comfortable driving experience.
  • ● Good construction and range offer you ultimate quality.
  • ● You get affordable costs for most EVs.


4. FAQs

1) What is the most popular EV in China?

Many EV brands are popular. For example, Tesla is on the top for its quality electric vehicles. The Tesla Model Y is a good choice. If you do not rely on Tesla, consider the BYD. It has cheaper cars with good-quality construction.

2) Which Chinese EV sells more than Tesla?

BYD has become the number one brand in China for its affordable EVs. It has crossed the Tesla and many other brands as the number one brand of electric vehicles in China.

3) How much does an EV cost? 

It depends more on your preference. An average rough of $30,000 to $100,000 is the causal price for electric vehicles. There are many expensive cars, too, based on their power, efficiency, and top speed.

4) Why are EVs cheaper in China?

It is a good question why China has cheaper electric vehicles. The answer lies in the depth of:

  • ● Reduced taxes.
  • ● Minimized labor costs.
  • ● Excess labor.
  • ● Many electric brands compete, leading to more competitive costs.
  • ● Local manufacturing and assembly are also reasons for the lower costs.

5) Are Chinese EV cars good?

Yes. Chinese vehicles have the best features and excellent top speed. You also get access to affordable costs.



Whenever purchasing electric vehicles, know the local import and export rules. Consider the different costs to know how much an EV costs you. Plus, you can think of purchasing from the top brands for good quality and reliable options. Go ahead with your first vehicle purchase.

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