Case Study | How long does it take to produce 1500 pcs USB cables?

By justchinait
December 22, 2020

PEAK-System is a German company engaged in hardware in the automotive and industrial communication fields. It was established in 1999. Its main business includes the sales of hardware products and the provision of software services. For example High-speed USB 2.0, PCI Express, PCI Express Mini, and M.2 CAN FD connection, etc.

The original Taiwan supplier of PEAK-System caused delays in delivery due to product mold repairs, and PEAK-System needed to purchase 1500PCS urgently. At this time, they found justchinait. Before that, they had never purchased in China. They found us this time. It is also compelling.

After Justchinait received the email from PEAK-System, it found that it had not purchased the CAN interface. It takes more than 15 days to repair the mold according to the normal mold. It takes more than 15 days to find a factory that has not done it before. The cycle is 30 days. In this case, the delivery time is even longer. .

With many years of experience, Justchinait cannot meet customer requirements according to the normal mold opening process. We communicate with customers to directly connect with the Taiwan factory to understand the entire product’s production status and the mold repair status.

Because we are very familiar with USB cables, hundreds of USB cable factories are in the database. Taking into account the urgent needs of customers, we do not have enough time to verify the CAN interface factory, let alone recommend a factory that has not cooperated with customers casually. So we selected factory A from the supplier database that is affordable, qualified, and can deliver 1500 USB data cables in only 3 days.

We recommend that customers purchase the CAN interface from the Taiwan factory, and then purchase the USB data cable from the A factory, and the A factory expresses the data cable to Taiwan. Then the Taiwan supplier uses an ultrasonic machine to weld the USB cable and the CAN interface together. It takes at most 2 days for the 1500 and data cable to express from Shenzhen to Taiwan. In this way, Taiwanese suppliers can receive these 1,500 data lines within 5 days.

Customers believe that Justchianit’s suggestion can completely solve their current problems. Moreover, after calculation, the purchase of USB cables from China has reduced the customer’s cost by $0.8/unit, and the shipping cost of 1500 USB data cables from Shenzhen to Taiwan is about $115. The customer saved $0.8*1500-$115=$1085 on this order.

Finally, the Taiwan supplier received the data cable sent from Shenzhen as scheduled. After the supplier soldered the USB cable to the CAN interface, there was no problem with the test product.

After this order, the customer discovered that the Chinese inland suppliers’ products are much cheaper than those of the Taiwanese suppliers. So the customer contacted Justchinait after the order was completed and asked Justchinait to help him find this CAN-USB cable factory in inland China.

Many foreign trade companies may encounter various problems, but not every foreign trade company has the ability to solve problems. So whether you choose a supplier or a trading company, you must take it seriously. Finding a high-quality supplier and trading company can save you a lot of time and money.

justchinait has a local procurement team in China with more than 10 years of experience and has 3000+ digital consumer product supplier information. Aims to make foreign trade procurement easier.

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