4 things you must consider when purchasing for international trade?

By justchinait
November 18, 2020

1. What kind of suppliers are you looking for?

It would help if you found the manufacturer directly, not a trading company; you can tell from the factory address and factory picture whether it is a factory or a trading company. If most of the buildings are trading companies, if the industrial areas are almost all factories, at the same time try to contact the export department.

Find China’s top ten famous brands and industry reports on Google or Baidu, and check the Google page display. The correct company URL is relatively short. If words such as ALIBABA and JOB appear, they are not the right company website.

If it is a large company or enterprise, the URL is generally easy to find. Open and check the content of the website. If the production is rough, the content is not updated, and the information materials are few, it is an incorrect website. The correct site is often refreshing and straightforward, and the content is updated promptly. There is a lot of information and detailed information on product materials and contacts. If it is not a good company website, we can use relevant information on Baidu Baike and Hudong Baike to verify user information. Recruitment information of companies can be found on relatively large recruitment websites. Find the phone and call to inquire and confirm.

The information materials on state agencies’ websites are relatively reliable (the general format of government websites is: WWW.******.GOV.CN). We can track the factory website and phone number we are looking for according to the government website. The ranking or evaluation of companies is also the part we want to record.

After finding the website, if you have any questions about whether you are looking for the right site, you can call the phone number provided on the website to ask and then you can distinguish the true from the false.

On the correct website, call the factory’s international trade department or export department and contact persons—only the manufacturer’s export department, not its sales company or office. If you want to find a big company, the bigger, the better the big company is regular, and the product is guaranteed. Each website must be opened for comparison.

2. How to search for suppliers?

When searching for factories, search by the smallest range of product names to find the same product or the closest product factory. If the range cannot be found, expand the field to find the category. For example, I need a bowling light that can be exported to KT. The first thing I search for is the bowling light that can be exported to KT. If you can’t find it, then search for the bowling light of KT. If you can’t find it, use the bowling light and expand the sun again. And so on. The same goes for finding factories. Find the factory based on the product name. You can also directly find a specific type of factory, search on Baidu, search on Google, and search on Alibaba.

When looking for suppliers, we should consider the following points:

Quality: When we make foreign orders, the class should be ranked first. Because of the distance problem, the transportation cost is relatively high. If there is a quality problem, it will leave a wrong impression in the minds of customers. Branded products will have a considerable guarantee for quality.

From the perspective of cost: To reduce travel expenses and facilitate contact with suppliers, we should first consider suppliers that are close to us. At the same time, we should also find some relatively large-scale suppliers who are not well-known relative to our brands. Come in.

Product category: If we have several products in our hands, we need to find suppliers. If we see them at the same time, it is best to consult the supplier’s products at the same time. This can save the time of searching for suppliers, but also When purchasing products, package purchases to increase purchase volume, and obtain price concessions.

3. supplier quotation follow-up

After finding the factory’s contact person, confirm the Email address, and send an Email to the factory for inquiries. After the first Email is sent, call to confirm whether the Email is received, so that the other party can quote as soon as possible.

After receiving the factory quotation, carefully check whether the seller’s information is filled in the factory quotation. If there is no seller’s information in the quote, let the factory fill in it completely. The delivery date, the name of the chairman, and the mobile phone must be filled in to facilitate archiving and query.

Every time a new product is quoted, we must ask the warranty period of the factory’s products (if we want to quote a product with a warranty period, it is indicated to the factory so that the factory can consider it);

Let each factory compare prices based on the same quality according to the uniform standards set by us.

4. Inspection and evaluation of suppliers

We must go through on-site inspections before we can conduct evaluations. To save time and cost, we cannot attend on-site inspections of every supplier, filter the information provided by the suppliers and our knowledge and information from the Internet, and select the nearest and strong Supplier inspection.

When we conduct on-site visits to suppliers, it is best to have a set of fixed questionnaires so as to save time and avoid omissions of essential assessment items due to negligence.

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