Shein’s “International Warehouse”: Where Is It?

By Sarah
December 13, 2022

1.Shein Overview

Clothing is one of the most saleable goods in China. Because China can produce cheap but fashionable pieces, business owners around the world who are into selling clothes choose to buy from Chinese sellers. There are so many advantages you can get when buying from them.

Today, Shein is one of the most successful clothing companies in China. They supply thousands of online sellers around the world. Many are asking where their main warehouse is. So in this article, we will give you information on where to find the Shein warehouse. Some of the questions buyers ask are:

Is there an international warehouse for Shein?
Is Shein main warehouse in China?

We will discuss each one as we go along, and we hope you’ll find this a helpful guide.

1)What is Shein?

Shein is a fast fashion clothing brand from China. It is a B2C online platform that aims to provide fashionable but cheap clothes to all. Millions of customers have access to the official online site and mobile apps. There, you can find all types and styles of clothing, from kids to men and women.

Shein Warehouse

The CEO of Shein is Chris Xu. This fashion giant has reached millions of customers in big countries like the US, the UK, Asia, and more. It is a $15 billion company that ships to 220 countries. You can find Shein International Warehouse US for fast delivery and order processing.

Most customers agree that their clothes can be compared to Zara or H&M brands. Their styles go viral, and many influencers are marketing this brand. You can get good deals and discounts daily, and they never run out of new designs and great pieces! No wonder they are successful, and many business owners buy and re-sell this brand for a good profit.

2)Why is it very popular globally?

Shein is popular because of its quality, price, style, good size chart, and unending choices. Customers say that their $50 can go a long way! They can buy 2-3 pieces already with that amount. Compared to other brands, they can only get one dress for $50. Shipping and paying are also convenient.

During the early launch, most sales come from India and Saudi Arabia. But since 2020, the most significant markets are Mexico, Brazil, and the US.

Their marketing strategy is effective. They introduced Chinese fashion and trends to the fashion world globally. Using social media, they dominated and created an empire through sponsorship, promotions, influencer marketing, and TikTok lives.

Why is shein very popular globally

Their marketing strategy is effective. They introduced Chinese fashion and trends to the fashion world globally. How? They used social media to promote their brand through different channels. They connect and work with small to big influencers to market their products.

3)Where is it located?

Shein’s main headquarter was established in Nanjing, and its main office was in Guangzhou, China, by 2016. When it changed its name from “Sheinsider” to “SHEIN” in 2015, the CEO also made it go bigger by gathering around 800 designers that manufacture the clothing for the brand.

By 2019, Shein was featured on US shows. Many fashion influencers are marketing the brand by making haul videos, and through TikTok, it has become even more successful. In 2020, it became the world’s largest online fashion shop.

4)Where is the Shein international warehouse?

Although Shein is from China, its products are available in the US and Canada through online shops. Gen Zs love the most popular brand, and it has been profitable to use this marketing strategy.

Shein put up some factories and warehouses. It aims to make shipping, distribution, and product delivery simple.

Shein warehouse guangzhou

If you are ordering from the US, the stocks come from Foshan, Guangdong. They deliver it to their warehouse in Los Angeles.

So, where else do they have the international warehouse? They have a few in some countries in Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East. It also has a warehouse in Dublin, Ireland. They are planning to expand it.

2.Shein Warehouse Location

We can say that Shein has the following warehouses located in:

#1 China – the central office and warehouse are in Guangzhou
#2 International Warehouses in the following:
•Saudi Arabia
•East Asia

3.Finding Shein Warehouses Near Me

Many retailers would love to know the nearest warehouse where they can purchase and get their Shein stocks. Knowing where the nearest one is can allow them to plan their orders.

If you are familiar with the Alibaba platform, you can tell where the items come from. You can directly chat with your suppliers and know where their locations are. You can also request from them directly.

When ordering from Shein, you place your orders directly from the website. The shipping process is easy. You can track your orders. But you cannot tell where the stocks come from.
Below are a few questions many buyers are eager to know.

1)Where Does Shein process my orders?

Shein is a platform that gathers products from a variety of suppliers. You may wonder how Shein processes their orders. For instance, if you ordered 20 different products, they may come from 10-20 Chinese suppliers.

With its headquarters in China, Shein does not have a physical store or a network of stores that handle orders. Since it started as an online store, it did not put up any physical locations. But there are random pop-up stores available worldwide.

Everything you see online and buy from the website will be processed in China. That means you will never know from which warehouse it will come.

The website will prepare your order and ship it from China in 3 days. Shein clothes can come from numerous global wholesale warehouses.

2)Can I get a Shein warehouse address?

You cannot get a Shein warehouse address when you order from the website. Even if you search for addresses online, it will be hard to locate the international warehouse of Shein.
Shein ships its products from its different warehouses in China. So, for example, if you are from Asia, Shein will check if it can fulfill the item from their warehouses in Asia, where the customer orders.

The international warehouses serve as fulfillment hubs. They cater to customers so that the processing will be quick. These warehouses can be from the US, UK, Middle East, etc. But they are not available to be known publicly.

However, some retailers in some countries create their own online stores and sell this brand from their stores. These store owners do not also have a record of where that particular warehouse is located. If they order from Shein, the orders are still coming from China.

3)Can I get my orders from Shein warehouse USA?

If you are from the US and ordering through the app, Shein will automatically get your orders from their warehouse in the US. It is located in Los Angeles. The clothes from their warehouse in Foshan are shipped to their LA warehouse.

If your orders are unavailable in the US warehouse, they will get them from their warehouse in China. Sometimes, your orders will not arrive in just one package. That is because some stocks came from a different location than the nearest one.

However, if you want to call the warehouse in LA, it is not possible. You still need to process your orders from the website, which will be done on their system. You will get your orders based on the estimated shipping turnaround time.

4)What’s the speed of delivery from a Shein clothing warehouse?

There are at least 1-3 days of processing of orders before the actual shipping takes place. Depending on which warehouse it will be processed, the shipping takes up to 4 weeks.

If you are from anywhere in China, you can get your orders in 3-5 days. But for other countries, here’s the turnaround time based on the type of delivery you will avail:
#1 Economy Shipping: 3-4 weeks
#2 Standard Shipping: 2-3 weeks
#3 Express Shipping: 1-2 weeks

What’s the speed of delivery from a Shein clothing warehouse

Customers say that they can receive their orders within eight days (if it was processed in the same country) and can take up to 14 days (if the order is shipped from the Shein warehouse in China.

4.FAQs About Shein

1)How long does orders arrive from Shein International Warehouse?

Shein does their best to ship out the order right away. When the order is being processed, it tries to locate where the order should be fulfilled. Shein’s online marketplace takes 1-3 business days to process your order.

Standard delivery from Shein takes 6-7 working days, while expedited shipping just takes 2-3 working days. This is not the same for all countries. For example, those ordering from Canada get it within 15-20 days for standard, while express is up to 15 days.

If you are from Asia, delivery time is faster than in other countries. For example, the Philippines has a customer service center for Shein and a warehouse in the country. If you order from Manila and nearby cities, you can get it in as fast as five days, even for standard shipping.
Other lead times for other countries will be:
US: up to 14 days
UK: 8-13 days
Europe: 8-13 days
Australia: 7-12days
Latin America: 16-23 days

The shipping time will always depend on the delivery type you choose. If you get the express, you will pay more for the shipping, but the product comes in as fast as 7 business days. Delays also happen when there are peak seasons, holidays, or pandemic issues.

2)How do I track my Shein orders?

To easily track your orders, you have to use the app by going to My Orders > View Details > Track Order Details. It will show you the real-time status of the order, if it is still in transit, etc.
If your order has been “Shipped,” click the “Track” button to find the tracking number and see the current status of your package. Put the tracking number of your order in the search box found at the top of the current page for more details.

3)Does Shein have and sell the same products across all warehouses?

Yes. All products are the same, but they come from different suppliers. The suppliers ensure that the quality of the clothes they do for Shein is good since they can be removed as one of the suppliers if the quality is compromised.

All clothing is gathered and distributed from the central warehouse in China. It is delivered to global warehouses. There are no differences whether you are ordering from the US, UK, or any country. You’ll get the same piece of clothing as others when ordering from the app or website.

4)Can you find out where Shein ships from?

Basically, you cannot see which warehouse your orders will be shipped from if you look at the app. But you can use online tracking like and sites give information about where the shipment originated.

Nevertheless, Shein only ships directly from their local and international warehouses. You don’t have to worry about your orders if it is done in the app since they can refund you in case you do not receive your orders.

5)How do I understand the Shein shipping process terms?

The terms you would see in the status are most likely the same as you would see from other online clothing platforms. But there are questions from some Shein customers, especially when they see terms like “International Warehouse,” “Awaiting Packing” “Awaiting Shipment,” and “Has left the warehouse.”

When you see that status, Shein is processing your order and looking for the nearest warehouse where this order will be fulfilled and shipped. Delays can be due to out-of-stock items, SKU problems, etc.

This gives confusion to some as to which warehouse their orders come from. When orders take a long time to deliver, customers may be confused because Shein has international warehouses in different countries.

To clear the confusion, Shein orders are processed and fulfilled wherever stocks are available. It could be from the same country you are in or comes directly from China. So, when the status is stuck at International Warehouse, it is currently in transit because the shipping origin is far from your shipping address.

6)Hong long does it take to ship from Shein China warehouse?

To set your expectations, you have to put in mind that there is a processing lead time + delivery time before you can get your order. Processing means there are up to 3 days that Shein will need to fulfill the order from the nearest warehouse. It is not in the shipping time window.

Then, depending on the shipping term you have chosen, an order can take anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks before you can receive your Shein orders.

The best way to do is to go to the Shipping Info page of the Shein website you’re using. It will allow you to choose and give you an overview of how long the shipping will take. You have to call the customer service hotline provided on the website if your order has not been received within 45 days and for other disputes.

5.Why is the Guangzhou Warehouse Beneficial to Foreign Buyers?

The warehouse in Guangzhou plays an essential role in the overall operation of Shein. It is where thousands of suppliers are located to provide designs and manufacturing for Shein. In Nancun Town, key suppliers for Shein produce clothes and designs in bulk. That is why you will see thousands of new pieces daily in the app.

There are about 400,000 clothing suppliers and factories in China. The bulk of them is situated in Guangzhou. Because Shein is a multi-billion-dollar company, almost half of these overall suppliers produce clothing for this brand.

Why is the Guangzhou Shein Warehouse Beneficial to Foreign Buyers

Being the home of major suppliers, Shein will not run out of designs, and the manufacturing process will be fast. They can produce items in bulk and massive pieces daily. Foreign buyers benefit from this because they can get their orders and being out of stock is not usual.

Some customers cannot buy an item that went viral because it is out of stock. But because of their management system and production, items are ready to ship. They also have size charts that do not go out of stock. Many customers enjoy this wonderful benefit of buying from Shein.

Since Guangzhou is the main warehouse, this is the focal point where all stocks come from. They are then distributed to different international warehouses. Shein has six logistic centers:
•East Coast US
•West Coasts US

With this business set up, foreign buyers can transact quicker and faster. The delivery time is shorter because stocks are waiting to be distributed globally. When there are orders, Shein will check if the stocks are available from specific locations. This will speed up the delivery time instead of sending the items from China.

As Shein keeps up with the demand, foreign customers continue to patronize the brands. They even have customer service centers in some countries. Foreign buyers take advantage of this since they can talk to humans instead of robots who can assist them with their concerns.

It is a good location to rent warehouses. So if you are a foreign buyer looking to purchase bulk items from Shein, you can choose Guangzhou as your shipping location or rent your storage. It is a strategic place for import and export.

The warehouse rent cost in Guangzhou is cheaper and more practical. If you are in the clothing business and would like to outsource from different suppliers, you can find storage for rent for a reasonable price.


Shein is a successful clothing company. You can enjoy a great sense of fashion without breaking the bank. Numerous designs can fit one’s style and taste.

The main warehouse in Guangzhou China can facilitate and accommodate all orders from around the world. It is the center of distribution so all stocks can reach the international warehouses in different countries. The delivery of items varies from where the order originated.

Shein has local and international warehouses. These warehouses were for better management and processing of global orders. You cannot expect a super-fast standard or economy shipping. But if you pay for express shipping, you can get your orders sooner than expected.

Shein provides customer service, refunds, and discount coupons. Depending on the number of orders you make, Shein will process your orders within 1-3 days and look for the closest warehouse with the stock. This ensures your order will reach you in no time.

Do you need help looking for a Shein clothes supplier? We can help you find the sources. We have storage in different major cities for all your sourcing and warehousing needs. Get in touch with us today.

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