Negotiation skill | Did you encounter these negotiation tactics by suppliers?

By justchinait
October 15, 2020

Today, we will introduce you to the negotiation skills commonly used by foreign trade salespersons. Only when you know more,you can respond quickly and effectively when communicating with suppliers.

Will not give too low a price.

Many inexperienced salespersons are afraid that the customer will run away after quoting the customer. They dare not quote a slightly higher price, and they just quote a very low price. This has attracted some customers. Although it seems good, they gradually find that it is difficult to get orders in this situation. Because too simple will make customers feel that it is not challenging, and they will feel that they can get it without fighting for it. Is there something tricky?

Therefore, most salespersons will give a price with room for reduction at the beginning. When negotiating with suppliers, buyers will inevitably talk about price cuts and concessions, and will never mention that your price is too low. If the salesman quotes a relatively high price, and the buyer really wants to buy, he will definitely want to bargain with him.

Of course, when they quote high prices, they don’t make them indiscriminately. They will say where the value is. They want to increase the value of the product or service so that customers will not think that it is the same product, but the price is high.

After doing this, the price is slowly cut from high to low, and the customer also feels a sense of victory. If the customer feels like taking advantage, the customer will place an order.

Dealing with the deadlock in price negotiations

Appy for a discount with the boss.

Even if he doesn’t really ask the boss, even if he is the boss, he has to tell you that he needs to discuss it with the boss. Then you will think that the price is close to the bottom line now. When he does not give you a discount, you will not feel he is not respecting you because he has been helping you apply for the discount and is from your perspective. Even if the price is not negotiated in the end, the two parties will be very polite the next time they follow up.

Get away from

When the negotiation cannot go on no matter what, if it is a face-to-face meeting, leave the scene briefly. If it is a online communication, no messages will be returned for the time being.

In all negotiations, the most effective negotiation is: leave when it is time to leave, never hesitate. The world won’t change because you. The same is true for products or services, no one has to sell to you or purchase from you. If you must struggle with this supplier, you will lose the initiative to negotiate. Learn to “ready to leave at any time” and you will become a master negotiator. When you are threatening to leave, you have already aroused the desire of the other party to make a deal. This also applies to buyers.

Have you encountered any of these vendor tactics?


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