How to control the delivery date and handle shipment delays when purchasing from China?

By justchinait
January 13, 2021

How to ontrol production to ensure delivery, how to deal with shipment delays, and what to say after shipment?

1. Things to do to control the delivery date

Be sure to have the contact information of a supplier company’s planner.

During the peak production season, when the delivery time is too late, the factory’s salesperson has no right to speak. In a factory with complicated relationships, it is even difficult for the salesperson to handle a few workers in the factory. If the other company has a better relationship, the order will be placed in the back. There must be a phone call from the factory boss. If the workers below are involved in the production schedule, the relationship must be established.

The foreign trade business deals with foreigners and deals with people from all walks of life in all aspects. If necessary, it is necessary to recruit professional documentaries to stay in the factory for a long time.

2. Sign the contract with the order

Write detailed production orders, and write the production process and time as accurately as possible.

3. Customers

Don’t turn the customer’s urgency into our urgency. When the customer places an order, the delivery time is tight, and this problem will be given to us. We should not ignore some problems because of the eagerness to receive the order.

The customer quietly gave us the problem of his untimely ordering. The product will definitely be bad in 20 days. It must be 25 days, so we must stick to the principle.

If the heart is not strong enough, compromised, and cannot deliver on time, you will face blame from customers and lose credit. If the order’s delivery time is tight, the profit is not good, and the packaging is troublesome unless the profit is high, the order is really thankless.

4. Prepare Plan B at all times

There is always Plan B. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t just look for one supplier. When it comes to production, there must be times when it’s too late, and when it’s too late, look for multiple suppliers. Even if you have a factory, you should find a cooperative factory for outsourcing. When receiving orders, you should also set aside a certain amount of time for necessary links.

So if there is no way, due to various force majeure factors, it is still delayed, what should be done?

5. Give a quick answer

The factory is required to give a clear delivery date. This delivery date must be 100%guaranteed to be completed. In addition, timely feedback to the customer on the latest production situation should be followed by sending the customer’s specific situation, pictures, videos, how much has been completed. How is the quality? It is a responsible attitude to let customers know that you have been following the progress of this order.

6. Mainly solve the problem without excessive explanation

What machine is broken, power rationing in summer, packing factory is too busy, and packing delays, the supply of raw materials has been in short supply recently…the delivery time promised by the customer has been delayed. If it is not the customer’s problem, then it is our problem. Too many explanations instead make customers feel that you are shirking responsibility and arouse customer disgust. A simple sentence like We will do our utmost to close the orders is sufficient.

Communicate with customers and wait for a clear answer

Before the customer has clearly confirmed it, do not ship the goods easily. Once the goods are shipped, they may encounter threats such as reducing the price and requiring the goods to be released first after the goods arrive at the port. We often hope that we will stop offending customers because we have made mistakes instead of rejecting customers’ requests.

Finally, when the delivery date is delayed, in order to catch up with the delivery date, even if the product has been supervised, the factory may still handle the production and make some quality problems. At this time, it is recommended not to hide the goods from the customer., One mistake cannot be used to make up for another mistake. Otherwise, the pit will become deeper and deeper, and one person will pass it on, and everyone will know it, and it will be difficult to enter the customer market in the future. Only with sincerity in foreign trade can a stable and long-term trading relationship be promoted.

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