Consolidating Packages from Multiple Suppliers in China

By HX Wenli
September 17, 2022

Chapter #1 Introduction To Consolidated Shipping

What is consolidated shipping?

As Per Trishaunna Dwyer, consolidated shipping is a strategy buyers can use when they order from multiple suppliers. These orders will come into a single total container shipment and are shipped all in one. Because of this method’s use, it can aid in the supply chain by saving time and money.


Why is consolidated shipping so important?

Consolidating your shipment from China is one of the wisest decisions a buyer can make. We can attest to how vital these processes are for three reasons. The first one is that it can lower the cost since you are shipping one item together. 
The second would be that it is easier to track where your shipping cargo is going. You will only deal with one shipping process and custom transaction. It means less hassle, and you will deal with this shipping simultaneously. 
Even if your supplier sends their products, you cannot guarantee that you can receive them at once. However, you can expect to receive all your products in one go. 

Chapter #2 Ways To Save Money On Shipping When Buying From China

When buying from China, one of the reasons why shipping is expensive is because of the FCL container. If you want your packages to reach your location on time and to pay for a lesser cost, you can do some ways. Moreover, Pedro Pinto listed the top 5 ways of cost-cutting options to explore.


Choose To Avail Shipping Consolidation Services

Numerous carriers are unwilling to consolidate your shipment for you because of the intricacy of this process. The consolidation will make up for different shipments from many suppliers. In this sense, you need to find a company that provides the best shipping consolidation services. 

Work With Consolidated Service With Warehouse Services Included

When looking for consolidated shipping services, ensure that they include storing and warehousing. These services can help you keep your products if they are not ready for shipping. It will also ensure that your products are safe and sound before leaving the consolidation hub. 

Select The Right Shipping Terms 

Shipping terms, also known as incoterms, are vital when shipping from China. This term defines the roles, tasks, expenses, and hazards the sellers and buyers will take. Because of these aspects, you need to choose the right one. 
There is a broad range of shipping terms that you and your seller can choose from. However, the most widely used one is FOB. When you use FOB, the one that will handle and pay for the export fee is the seller. There are also more terms, such as EXW, CIF, DAP, DDU, etc. 

Pre-plan Your Shipping Route

Your ship will take various routes and ports once it leaves China. For instance, if you’re in the US, the shipment might stop in consolidated ship repair in Port Arthur, Texas, for any fixing and unloading. You must note the essential planning and know your packages’ routes. Pre-planning your routes is crucial, and it must contain the following:

  • Company’ scope
  • Quantities
  • Weights
  • Volumes
  • Frequency of shipments
  • Product Types

Maximize The Consolidated Container Shipping

Before you can ship your products, you need to do basic calculations. The most common saving process is knowing the container volume and order quantity. If your product is not enough to occupy the whole container, you may still be paying it whole. For this reason, it is best to consolidate your shipments from China. This way, you will only be paying for the spaces your packages occupy. 

Chapter #3 The Pros And Cons Of Consolidating Shipments From China

The consolidation shipping industry is one of the best ways to use when buying from China. If you are aiming to purchase wholesale or in bulk, this method will also help you. However, like any other industry and service, it offers a good and bad side. 
The following are some pros and cons when consolidating your shipments from China. 



Provides Lesser Shipping Cost

One of the best benefits of using consolidated shipping services is lower costs. Many consolidator shipping will help you ship your items to your area safely and inexpensively. It is because you will only have to pay for the space portion your products take up in consolidated container shipping. 
The container shipping your products contain other packages from other buyers heading to the same area. For this reason, all of you will be sharing the shipping cost. In addition, you will not pay for any empty truck space since you are shipping enough items to fill the container. 
Moreover, you can also save money on other shipping processes like a warehouse and stocking. If you need these things, consolidated freight shipping can often give these. You can cut expenses and even allow you to check your shipment until they arrive at your location. 

Reduce The Risks Of Damages

Damages items and cargo are one of the issues when shipping in China. Even with many advances, it can still happen. However, you can lessen or even prevent it when consolidating your shipments from China. 
The consolidated shipping process will only make up between the shipper, consolidation hub, and receiver. It means that there are fewer stops and accidents, which will keep your shipment protected. This process will also have less handling, which means there is less chance that your items and shipments will go missing. 

Better Schedule Of Shipments From China

There are many consolidator shipping in charge of handling your shipment. It is why these consolidators can arrange your shipment schedule best fitted to your liking. They can also reduce the loading procedure and docking and wait time which maintains the plan.

Saves Time And Effort

If you ship products from multiple suppliers, you can expect that the time is added together, leading to a shorter shipping time. Consolidating shipments will let your products arrive all in one instead of shipping five times with all your products. You can also save much effort due to shorter travel times, lower prices, and shorter wait times. 

Better Quality Control

Quality control is among the best benefits of consolidating your shipment. The consolidating hub will check quality to ensure that the package will leave safe and in the best condition. Consolidation allows you to do test methods to reduce the risk of losing time and replace any damaged product before they can send it to your location.

Safety And Security

There are so many things that are likely to happen when shipping products from China. If you want to prevent it, you can manage them with a consolidated shipping company. This way, you can ensure that all your packages are in great hands and follow the proper rules. You can also guarantee that they will handle it carefully and well. 

Consumers Are More Satisfied

Having a satisfied customer is a must for many businesses. They are more pleased when you deliver their orders fast and safe. You can achieve this by using consolidated freight shipping. They can make the entire shipping process quicker and more efficient. 

More Sustainable Option

Consolidated shipping lessens the means of multiple suppliers to ship their products one by one. It will lead to fewer trucks and vehicles used to transport the packages. It would also mean that it will result in a lower carbon impact. 

Will Organize The Shipments From China To Your Area

When you use the consolidated shipping services, you have more control over due dates and delivery times. This consolidator shipping will also help you put quality control methods in place. You can prevent items from being sent to the wrong site and or will be late. 

Shippers and shipping Consolidator Will Have A Strong Link

One of the benefits when you avail of consolidated shipping services is a long-term and robust tie with the consolidator. You can partner with them to help you save money and create more innovative loads. 


Finding A Good Consolidated Shipping Services

One con of buying and shipping from China is finding a carrier willing to combine shipping from many suppliers. Because the whole process requires plight, not everyone is ready to take the job. For this reason, working with a consolidated shipping company with the skills and experience can help you best. 

Spend Time Talking With The Shipping Consolidator

Another con you might not be comfortable with is talking with your supplier to ensure everything is going well. Since you will have shipments from China, it needs more time spent coordinating and planning. It is to ensure that your every package is safe and sound. You should also be aware of the cost, sizes, and schedules, and the only way for that is to talk with your chosen consolidator. 

Increasing Process Task

Consolidated shipping takes more effort and time, mainly with planning. You need to avail services that will do the consolidation for you. If not, you must remember not to skip stages like negotiation and consultation. 

Chapter #4 The Process Of Consolidated Freight Shipping And Consolidated Shipping Services

When shipping from China, you must note that the more extensive your packages are, the lower the shipping. Most suppliers also set up MOQs to encourage businesses to move vast goods. In addition, this setup benefits both suppliers and the sellers,
However, if you are new in the sector and want to order in low MOQ, you may consolidate your shipment. It is a smart way to lower the cost of unit weight shipping. There are varieties of ways how consolidated freight shipping works, such as:


Inventory Management

Inventory management simplifies your supply chain, allowing buyers more inventory control. The process of achieving this one is to move and transport a vast number of items. In this way, the packages will arrive at the receiver on time. 

Vehicle Consolidation

A vehicle consolidation is the list of vehicles needed to load and unload the packages. Supposed there isn’t enough cargo to deliver, using a truck or van is one of the efficient methods so that the packages will arrive on time. Shippers must arrange their route and schedule if this type of consolidated shipping is used.

Warehouse Consolidation

Warehouse consolidation is a form of a cost-effective option where you can store and combine products. If you ordered a few items from various sellers, you could send them through the warehouse so they can pack all the items for you. This way, you can save money, your items will be safe, and you can receive the packages all at once.

Time Consolidation

Time consolidation pertains to the consolidator combining all the orders of the buyers so that they can send it all at once rather than in multiple little batches. It is a vital aspect wherein the consolidator must ensure they can meet the due time. For these reasons, they must balance transport costs and service quality.

Chapter #5 Top Consolidated Shipping Company

In the consolidation shipping industry in China, there is a vast scope for a consolidated shipping company that you can choose from, so you have a broad range of options. We have listed some options you might want to check out. 


JustChinait is one of the best shipping companies you can choose when buying in China. They offer a vast range of services from Sourcing, shipping, and even combining your shipments from China. This service is the most effective in helping buyers make shipping cheaper and easier to handle.
In addition, using our consolidated shipping services, you may ship all your orders from multiple suppliers for less. You can trust that with our experiences, teams, and skills, we can receive, check, repack, and combine goods all at once. We can also guarantee that we will schedule your shipment so that it will not disrupt your shipment schedule. 
We can serve as your shipping consolidators USA, UK, Asia, and anywhere you are. When you choose JustChinait as your consolidated shipping company, you can count on us to manage all your goods carefully so that we can prevent things from being damaged. If you’re a start-up or small importer, we have reasonable rates offered to you. 
Moreover, here are more of the benefits that you can get when you work with us to combine your packages from multiple suppliers:

  • Reduces your expenses while maintaining control
  • Reduced possibility of damage to your goods
  • Application of high-tech ways and materials

Imex Sourcing 

Imex Sourcing is another company that offers consolidation services. These services allow you to combine your parcels and orders from numerous suppliers. It is also designed so buyers can save time and money on logistics and shipping.
When you choose the services of Imex sourcing in combing your packages, you can expect that they will cater to you best. You can also avail some of the services they have provided. 

  • You can search for suppliers, shortlist suppliers, and get a Chinese contract. 
  • Negotiation, price verification, and due diligence are all available. 
  • You can be sure of quality control.
  • They have logistics services, such as shipping, customs clearance, and payment control. 
  • May choose to have product development. 


CNXtrans is a shipping company in China that has varieties of shipping services. You can send your packages from multiple suppliers to them, and they will ensure to combine them and send them to you through air, sea, or even train. CNXtrans also provides free storage and international shipping consolidation. 
Moreover, when you choose them to combine all your parcels, you can expect the following uses:

  • Reduce the cost of shipping
  • Privacy from your suppliers
  • Privacy from your customers

EJET Sourcing

Another company that offers to combine all your packages from multiple suppliers is EJET Sourcing. This company can be your one-stop solution for your shipping needs since they have an easy and quick process. You can contact them, give them your suppliers’ details, then they will handle it from there. 
The consolidation services they offer is not the only one you can avail of from them. You can also include the following if you want more of their services:

  • They can assist you in paying the chosen suppliers and receiving the goods. 
  • You can get pickup and delivery services to and from your suppliers for your various shipping needs. 
  • They can add pallets to your package before shipping to ensure seamless delivery and secure handling.
  • Choose to avail quality check and storage of items. 

Pro-China Freight

Pro-China Freight is also one of the companies that you can check out if you want to combine packages from multiple suppliers. They have a vast warehouse where you can store items and where they can combine your orders. Their warehouse is safe, can cater to loading and unloading, and is even monitored by CCCV and technical staff. 
You can guarantee that they can offer you the best services you will need. Their staffs and teams have years of experience in handling packages from suppliers. They can even repair or replace the packing or damage to your cargo. 


Shield Works

You can let shield works combine all your packages from your multiple suppliers for you. They have a broad range of services, including having your packages combined and palletized. You can also send and store your packages in their warehouse. 
Furthermore, shield works can store, package, combine, and do quality checks for you. They can also handle any repacking or labeling requirements before they can ship. You can also choose the shipping method you want, such as air, sea, or rail.

BanSar Company

One company that offers a reliable and wide range of consolidated shipping services is BanSar. They have the means to combine all the goods from multiple suppliers through LTL or LCL. They can also handle all aspects of planning, organization, quality checks, custom clearance, and more. 
When you avail of their services, you can expect that they will eliminate the hassles of consolidation. They can also lower the wholesale importing rates and offers faster shipment for you. In addition, you can get more of their services, such as:

  • Cargo Insurance Service
  • Repackaging Service
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Assembly Service
  • Free Warehousing in China

Sunshine Logistics Co., Ltd

Sunshine Logistics is a freight forwarder with the best deals and competitive rates. They put out professional and sincere services and operations. If you’re new in the industry, you can partner with them.
Moreover, you can also get various services such as:

  • Sea shipment types include FCL, LCL, break bulk, and special cargo
  •  Air shipment from HKG, SZX, and PVG to anywhere in the world
  • Customs clearance
  • Import and export
  • Warehousing and repacking

GAC (Shanghai) Ltd

GAC is a shipping consolidator that will meet your diverse needs when it comes to shipping. They have a broad range of shipping services, such as combining all your packages from multiple suppliers. They will offer you these services at a fair price for less-than-container-loads (LCL) and full-container-loads (FCL). If you want a speedy and effective all-in-one transport of your cargo from China to overseas, you can trust them.  

Yongfu Shipping Co., Ltd

Yongfu Shipping Co., Ltd is among the international freight company that you can work with. You can select from a vast range of services, such as combining packages from multiple suppliers. You can also avail yourself more of their services, such as:

  • Transportation of goods overseas
  • Storing, keeping, and stocking goods in their warehouse
  • Buying products in China
  • Payment services
  • Custom clearance

Chapter #6 Tips For Consolidated Shipping From Various Sellers In China

Through the years, buyers worldwide have sourced one product and many products from numerous suppliers. This way is expensive for more buyers because of the shipping fee. However, there are various solutions that one can do, such as combining all of their packages. 
The following are some of the tips that you might take when you consolidate shipping from multiple suppliers. 


Work With A Consolidated Freight Shipping

One option you can do when you buy and ship from multiple suppliers is to work with consolidated freight shipping. They can help you combine all your items into one. If you avail of their services, they can likely grant you a free of charge when they mix and ship your packages. 
Working with them must be a great catch, but they might also bring drawbacks. One of the significant downsides is that freight forwarders do not use excellent when sourcing products and suppliers. You must do added work like knowing the packaging, fixing schedules, and even the weight and volume. 
If you still want to use consolidated freight shipping, here is more of what they can offer you:

  • Warehouse and storage
  • Labeling and packages
  • Quality checks
  • Combine items
  • Flexible Delivery 
  • Customs clearance service 

Use A Consolidated Shipping Company To Help You

Choosing to work with a consolidated shipping company is one of the best options that you may opt to. These companies have worked in this industry for many years, so they have the experience. These companies will also arrange all for you, whether packaging or shipping. 
Moreover, you can also get various perks when you work with them, such as:

  • You can buy multiple items from different suppliers at low prices. Most sourcing firms that offer consolidation services are already experts in this field. They can price better and lower through their vast links with suppliers.
  • Another perk when you work with a consolidated shipping company is quality control. You can be sure that before that they will check your products and they will arrive at you safe and sound. 
  • They can combine your packages for you if you are a start-up firm or buyer aiming to buy in low MOQ. 
  • Your chosen company can also arrange customs clearance. They are skilled enough to ensure that everything will be on smooth process. 
  • You may use their services if you want your products shipped through a cost-effective option. They partnered with different shipping and logistic firms to obtain the best shipping price for you.

Request Your Supplier To Be Your Shipping Consolidator

Another way that you can do if you want to combine all your packages for multiple suppliers is to ask them. Most suppliers, mainly the large ones, have a variety of services. If you also have good ties with your supplier, they can help you. 
Most of these suppliers have a warehouse and will let you use it. What you can do is choose a supplier that is nearest to your shipment’s port. Then you can allow other suppliers to send your order to the warehouse. However, this option is not cost-effective since you will pay for the shipping. It is also a disadvantage if you still don’t have a strong tie with your suppliers. 

Buy A Storage Warehouse In China

One of the ways where you can combine your orders is for you to buy a storage warehouse. When you have your own warehouse space, you are free to arrange your packages yourself. It will allow you to save money on other handling services and transportation because you will ship a large container. 
When you combine all your products, you can maximize your shipping power. You also won’t have to pay a fixed shipping fee for each shipment from your suppliers. This tip is helpful if you have a large company and have bought many products from multiple suppliers. 

Send Your Shipment In A China Shipping Consolidation Warehouse

You may work with numerous suppliers, sourcing firms, and warehouses to combine your packages. For instance, you can get the address of a top-rated firm or freight forwarder in China, where you can send the items you bought. You can ask your suppliers to supply you with the domestic shipping number(s) for each cargo shipped to your chosen warehouse. When your products arrive, you can expect the warehouse to send them to you by selecting your shipping mode. 

Chapter #7 FAQs When Consolidating Shipments From China

We go to you if you have more questions about what you need to do when consolidating shipments from China. The following are some of the vital details you must keep in mind. 

What is consolidated freight shipping?

Consolidated freight shipping is the process of combining all the packages from multiple suppliers. Consolidating freight can improve your supply chain, reduce shipping costs, and save time. Combining all your packages into one became more efficient and low cost. 
Moreover, these packages are combined through LTL (less than truckload) or LCL (less than container load) shipments. It occurs when all of the packages from the suppliers into a single container or truck. You can also transport it by road, rail, air, or sea.

Why should you choose to combine your goods or parcels?

You must combine your goods or parcels from multiple suppliers for many reasons. One reason is that it provides convenience and eliminates excess packaging. Shipping a large number of packages is a super hassle and expensive; it is why it is wise to send it all in one. This setup is ideal if you are a start-up, small business, or someone buying a low MOQ in China. 

How does international shipping consolidation helps reduce the cost?

When the items from multiple suppliers are combined into one for shipping, it can reduce the costs. There is a base charge and added price for each package. However, shippers can cut it into one single expense. 

Why should items be consolidated before being shipped internationally?

Consolidated shipping allows buyers to earn better rates while ensuring a good supply chain. When the shipments are shipped in a single container, you can expect that it will cost lower. You will only require to pay for the space taken by your packages and let the consolidator handle the rest. 

Who needs the services of the Shipping Consolidator China?

Consolidated services are super helpful and came in handy to many buyers in China. If you are doing “direct sourcing products” in China through multiple suppliers, then it’s best to combine your packages. It will help you cut costs and simplify the shipping process. 

What are the benefits of combining the shipment?

There are numerous benefits that you can note when you combine your packages into one, such as what we have listed above. However, you can also utilize more of these benefits like:

  • Raise customer satisfaction
  • Making most of the relationship abilities
  • Ship wisely
  • Improve your supply chain
  • Save time and money

What essential papers are must-haves for international shipping consolidation?

As per Bowa-Gate Global, you need proper documentation when shipping overseas, like from China. The five primary vital papers are:

  • Form M
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Agency Certificate
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Insurance Certificate. 

How to know the combined shipping and freight rates?

There are many ways where you can calculate the costs of shipping you need to pay. Based on the data given by the FreightCenter, you can determine through the following factors:

  • Freight density
  • Classification
  • Mode of transportation
  • Distance
  • Pickup and delivery points
  • Truck capacity
  • Added charges

Chapter #8 Conclusion

Businesses can ensure that their packages from multiple suppliers arrive at their location safely and are not damaged. They opt to make this work at a low price, and the best solution is consolidating shipping. This service brings a lot of leverage, such as cutting expenses and time management. 
If you want to utilize this yourself, we can help you. We have flexible and reliable shipping consolidation services that are best for anyone and everywhere. And regardless of your shipping mode, combining your shipping and working with us is best. 

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