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You're juggling hundreds of orders from a hundred different places or suppliers. It's exhausting and expensive. But what if there was a way to consolidate all those orders into one, easy-to-manage shipment? With our consolidation services, you can combine multiple orders into one shipment, no matter small or large orders, saving you time and money.
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Consolidated Shipping Solution Is Here.

Consolidated Shipping Solution

I used to place multiple orders from Aliexpress, Taobao, and 1688. It's much cheaper than any English B2B platform. Just one problem, it is complicated to do quality control and combine the orders for delivery. Now, it's just easy, like buying from one supplier.
-Jerr. W
The consolidating service is a one-stop China consolidating + shipping solution for those who are buying from multiple suppliers.

Is This You?

I buy from multiple suppliers.
I need quality control for many small orders.
It is expensive to ship each order separately.
It's time-consuming to manage separate delivery.

I Get It

China is the world's factory. 50% of the products are made in China. Many customers know that Chinese products are excellent and cheap, so they often purchase multiple categories from different suppliers. China is a vast country, and the suppliers can be far from each other. It is troublesome to combine the orders and manage the delivery.

In addition, in terms of quality control, because the order quantity is small, it is not worth asking the inspection company to inspect the goods. But if you don't inspect the goods, it will be complicated to return, exchange, and refund the goods after they are shipped out of China.

So, I created this consolidation service. Help foreign buyers purchase from many different suppliers, inspect and repack the orders, and finally send them all together to your doorstep with the most competitive shipping rates.

How Do We Help You Consolidate?

China order consolidation solutions work in 4 easy steps.

You contact our team and share with us your orders and requirement.
We offer a solution and quote to you, then sign the contract with you.
You ask your suppliers to deliver the parcels to our warehouse; once the cargo arrives, we will do the quality checking, take photos, repack, weigh, measure, and submit a report to you.
Once everything arrives and you confirm the delivery and settle the payment, we will ship and track the process until you receive the goods.

Feature of China Order Consolidation

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Reduced Shipping Costs
If you're like most business owners, you understand the importance of saving on shipping costs. Consolidating would be an excellent strategy for you to reduce your shipping costs. Our cargo consolidation service can help you get more competitive freight rates and save on shipping costs.
Do you spend too much time coordinating the shipping process? It can be challenging to handle so many different carriers and shipping options. There's a solution. Our cargo consolidation service can save you time and streamline your shipping process. We handle all the details for you so that you can focus on what's important - running your business.
Quality Assurance
We understand the feeling about the quality failure; you're going to lose money and make your client disappointed. That's bad. As you are ordering small quantities from multiple suppliers, it's hard to hire an inspection company to check the quality. Look no further if you're looking for a cargo consolidation service that can provide quality assurance. We will check every piece of cargo that arrives at our warehouse, and you will be confident with what you paid.
Less Risk of Damage
Do you worry about the safety of your products? Are you tired of goods going damaged? Our cargo consolidation service is safe and will ease your mind. With our experienced team, your goods will be in good hands, and you won't have to worry about damage or missing items.
Better Consumer Experience
Everything you do is to satisfy customers. No one likes receiving a mess, especially when you buy from multiple suppliers. It's frustrating, as it's hard to handle by yourself. Our consolidation service will be the solution you've been looking for to make your import easier and your customers happier. We will make your cargo well organized and protected.
No Hidden Charge.
You hate being taken advantage of and feel like you're always getting shafted. Many companies are trying to find new and creative ways to charge their clients hidden fees. We're here to tell you that we hate those practices too! We believe in being transparent and honest with our customers because that's how business should be done. We're proud to offer a transparent and honest service - there are no hidden charges, and you'll always know exactly what you need to pay.
If you've ever felt the frustration of dealing with multiple shipments from different suppliers throughout China, you'll be excited to know about our new cargo consolidation service. Now, no matter where you buy, you can use our service to have all your purchases shipped to one location.
Unlimited Support
Our consolidation service can support you with unlimited suppliers, unlimited categories, and unlimited quantities. It means you can make full use of it, combine as many suppliers as you can, as categories as you can, and as many quantities as you can. We take care of everything; you can enjoy your purchase worry-free.

Our China Order Consolidation Solutions Include

1) Analyze and evaluate your needs.

We will listen to you and get the details from you, such as how many suppliers, where they are located, which one is the biggest volume, what's the best loading port for consolidation, what your concern is, your quality standard, etc. Prepare a solution to your needs, and answer your questions. Discuss with you, and finally, get approved by you.

2) Take delivery or pick up your cargo.

Usually, we wait for your suppliers to ship the cargo to our warehouse. Once it arrives, we will check the carton quantity and the document against your information; if everything is matched, we will take the delivery and keep it in our stock. Then send a note to you including product description, quantities, models, number of cartons, and photos. Of course, If you need a pick-up, we are happy to help you, but it would cost an extra charge. You can ask for a quote from us.

3) Quality checking.

Once everything arrives, we will ask you about your quality standard and concern about the product. Then proceed with the quality checking against your standard. We will open the cartons and the gift boxes, test the product function, try it, measure it, and weigh it. Check and take photos with every detail, including the product, the logo, the gift box, the printing, the protected material, the cartons, the shipping mark, etc. And finally, we will submit an inspection report to you.

4) Return and exchange

If everything is ok with quality checking and nothing fails, we will repack the cartons and wait for your following instructions. If any failed products are found, we will help you deal with your suppliers, such as sharing the failed evidence, explaining the problem, and returning and exchanging. Test the exchanged ones after they send back. Finally, we will repack the cartons.

5) Consolidate and repack.

Once everything is quality checking passed, we will ask you what products should be consolidated into one shipment. We will take the product from the small cartons, discard the small carton, and combine them into a bigger one. We will make every product fit tight and well protected; try it make the carton smaller in volume, so they won't be damaged during shipping. We will send you the updated packing list to get quoted with the shipping cost.

6) Arrange the delivery and follow-up.

After we repack, we will put a sticker or mark the carton so it's easy to recognize and not get lost. Such as how many cartons total for this delivery and to which country, and product description. Then we will send you the document, such as the invoice and packing list. Suggest the best shipping method and quote you the shipping cost. Once it's confirmed, we will proceed with the delivery. Also, we will get the certificate of origin and send it to you if you need it. Follow up the whole process from start to finish till you have the cargo arrive at your door.

Order Consolidation Solution Pricing

Total Weight
lidation Charge
Quality Check Charge
Storage Charge
Less than 21KG
We've been working with JustChinait for several years, and our business has changed and grown significantly at that time. JustChinait team has guided our consolidated shipping strategies to help fuel our profit growth, and they take on each order as though they are part of our company. We're delighted with their services and would keep working with and recommending them.
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