Case study | How much can be saved by buying from China?

By justchinait
December 21, 2020

Noise is a company founded by Amit Khatri & Gaurav Khatri in India in 2014. Noise first sold mobile phone cases. Later, Amit & Gaurav saw the development potential of the mobile phone accessories market, so they expanded their business scope to smart wearable devices and wireless headsets.

Noise is one of the first brands to provide noise-canceling wireless headphones. So far, Noise has been named the best-selling brand for four consecutive years by Amazon and Flipkart. Noise is by far the largest wireless headset seller in India.

When Noise was first established, they did not realize that sourcing from China could save a lot of costs. As the business is getting bigger and bigger, the price is too high when customizing India’s accessories, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Amit&Gaurav has always heard that very cheap products can be purchased from Alibaba, so I wanted to try it.

But after they spent some time investigating on Alibaba and Global Sources, they found that there were too many suppliers on Alibaba. They could not determine which one was a high-quality supplier and could not guarantee the product’s quality, let alone customize it. Related products too. The most important thing is that I don’t understand Chinese, and it is difficult to communicate with Chinese suppliers.

So they found justchinait when searching for suppliers on Google and got the “how to buy from China” e-book on the justchinait website. After reading the e-book, they are not familiar with China’s procurement process because it is the first purchase, and they have seen the services we provide on justchinait. If they are not satisfied, they can refund for 30 days without reason.

So they chose justchinait with the mentality of trying, but they didn’t expect the service to exceed their expectations. justchinait helped Noise find a suitable supplier within 4 hours and has laid out all product details and order details with the supplier.

The following product details.

Product: Smart Bracelet

Order details:


gift box

clear circle sticker


shipping mark

Quantity: 4000PCS BLACK

Price: 14.85USD/PC

No matter which country you purchase, it is always the most difficult to purchase for the first time because you do not understand the customs, language, etc., of the country. Therefore, it is recommended to find a local purchasing team when purchasing for the first time. Because only the locals know the locals best, for the first time, I have accumulated experience, and I can change to another supplier later.


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