You Must Know About China Warehouse

By HX Wenli
January 11, 2022

Today I’m going to show you everything you should about China warehouse that get:
Types of China warehouse
Feature of China warehouse
The essential exporting port China warehouse
The most popular China warehouse
Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: China Warehouse Basic

What is China Warehouse?

China warehouse is a building or place where you can store your products. In different cities or provinces, you need to import the products.
For example, Shenzhen is famous for its electronics and technologies. If you live in Western countries and need to import products from China, what will you do? Purchase inventory, right?
For some period, you have to store it as well. In that case, do you have a building or place to conserve your inventory? Not, right? Why worry when there is a Shenzhen warehouse? Just try it.


Why is China’s warehouse so important?

There can be many reasons. Not a single that contributes. Why not have a detailed analysis of China warehouse? That’s what I am thinking. Let’s have a look!

  • Do you need to store the products but don’t have a place? China warehouse can help!
  • A China warehouse can transport products to your desired location if you run an eCommerce store.
  • Don’t have time for product delivery? Directly connect your warehouse with the store.
  • You get quality management of your inventory.

Simply put, China warehouse is the best choice for storing products.

What are the different types of China warehouses?

There are different types of China warehouses. Have a look!


These are for people. In simple words, for public use. Sometimes, the local state owns these warehouses. If a private company needs to open a public warehouse, they have to get a license from the local government.
The great thing about public warehouses is their cost. You have access to lower prices for the storage of your products.


Retailers or distributors usually have private warehouses. Product storage, packing, and control are pretty simple. Maybe they are expensive for small businesses but still beneficial. You know, why? Because proper reports, quality control, and management make them great.


The central state runs the government warehouses. Similar to the public warehouse but on a greater scale! Anyone can use it. They are a cheap option. But, heavy paperwork is essential for the record.

Bonded Warehouse China

Bonded warehouses are quite different from others. You might question, how? Because there are specific rules and regulations on here. Taxes apply to all the products. Government or private agencies run bonded warehouse China.

Chapter 2: What services do you get from China Warehouse?

Bonded warehouse China is quite easy to work with. Here are some services you can expect.

Collection of inventory and storage

China warehouses offer many services. One of those includes a collection of inventory and storage. The warehouse will collect the inventory from all of your suppliers; if you have ordered multiple suppliers, no worries.
The warehouse will receive the inventory from all of your suppliers. Confirm the date. Store it—even quality inspection for better supervision.

Inventory reports and tracking

Once the warehouse has received all your inventory, the next step is to store it. Most warehouses operate advanced technology to track the inventory. Every product with the label is insight. If you have to import it to a specific buyer, bonded warehouse China can do it.
You can get reports for all your items moreover if you need to find any item, no worries. Tracking facilities are there for you.

2. CHINA warehouse service

Quick Quality Inspection of Inventory

Need to check the quality? Usually, you order items from the suppliers. Are they quality products? Maybe yes or maybe not. Why not assess the items? That’s what you can expect as well. Staff will review the items and provide you with reports.
In this service, the key point is regular inspection. Multiple quality reviews make sure your items are good enough. Now, staff can ship it to the client’s location.

Product Labelling and Packing

Product labeling is quite crucial. You know, why? Because you have to give separate identity to your products. Once the team gets the products from the suppliers, they will put effort into packing them. They will label it with your brand logo.
Especially if you are a seller on Amazon or other eCommerce sites, warehouse services for necessary. FBM(fulfillment by merchant) sellers have to work on their own. Transfer products to the client and pay a regular fee to Amazon.

3.Product Labelling and Packing

Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment refers to receiving orders from customers and shipping your inventory to their doorstep. China warehouse can be helpful in order fulfillment. Here is how exactly it can fulfill the order.

  • Order received.
  • Staff will inspect the products.
  • Pack them with your brand label
  • Choose shipping services or ship by themselves.

Your client will get the products at the doorstep. What will be the ultimate result? Positive feedback from customers. In turn, quick progress of your business.

Storage for an indefinite period

There are many types of retailers, buyers, or wholesalers. They all have to store their products. It depends on their storage needs. Sometimes, they have to conserve it for longer periods. Sometimes, for short periods. For all this, they need a Guangzhou warehouse.
Don’t know how long you want to store your products? No worries. Storage for the uncertain period is no longer a problem in the Guangzhou warehouse. Whether you store for one month or one year, you can simply do it.

Chapter 3: Where should you get your China warehouse?

Now, the main question is here. Which warehouse will be the best? The answer is not that simple. You know, why? Because you have to determine the location of your suppliers, your products, and the warehouse location. Let’s disclose popular cities of China and products for them.


Shenzhen is a city in Southeastern China. Popular for its inventory, Shenzhen is an economically strong city. As per the estimate, it had a GDP of 2.77 trillion yuan in 2020.
Moreover, it is a great place for travelers and shoppers. You have easy access to several types of products. So, what products are popular, right?
Shenzhen is a massive production base for electronics, the Internet of Things, and digital products. By that means, if you purchase electronic products from your suppliers, you have a place to store them as well. Any solution to store your inventory safely? Yes. Try Shenzhen warehouse. Solution for all your inventory problems.

4.Shenzhen warehouse


Guangzhou is one of the most popular and fascinating cities in China. Located in the northwest of Hong Kong, Guangzhou has several places. Whether you go for business purposes or tourism, you have everything out there.
If I talk about the economic aspect, it is an active city. In 2020, it contributed about 2.5 trillion yuan, being second to Shenzhen.
Guangzhou is the shopping paradise of China. By that means, there are great opportunities for the buyers to purchase inventory. Now, the question is, which products are popular there—simple answer. You can get automobiles, electronics, and petrochemical products.
To store your inventory, you must go to the Guangzhou warehouse. They are top-notch with lower costs. A better option in every aspect. Moreover, they are closer to seaports and airports.

5.guangzhou warehouse


Ningbo is an industrial hub of China located in Zhejiang province. One of the oldest libraries, 1516 landmark Tian Yi Ge, is in Ningbo. It has a population of around 2.8 million.

Ningbo has a fair share of China’s economy. Its GDP is around 1.24 trillion yuans making it a powerful city for China.
There are thousands of industries in Ningbo. That’s it is an “industrial hub” for China. Most popular products include textile, auto parts, rubber, and plastic goods. Moreover, it is around the seaport—a good location for the Ningbo warehouse.
Whenever you have to store the products, try Ningbo warehouse in China.

6. ningbo warehouse


Shanghai is China’s biggest city. Apart from it, it is a financial hub as well. Globally, thousands of traders, wholesalers, and retailers buy and sell the inventory. It has a population of about 26 million.
Shanghai is top on the list of most powerful cities of China from economic aspects. It has a GDP growth of 3.87 billion in 2020.

Here are some popular products produced in Shanghai.

  • Watches
  • Cameras
  • Radios
  • Fountain Pens
  • Leather Goods
  • Hardware material

Maybe you are in contact with Shanghai product suppliers. If so, China warehouses can be a safe option to manage your inventory.

7. tianjin warehouse


Tianjin is a city in northern China. It lies to the east of Hebei province. The GDP report of 2020 says Tianjin is an economically strong city in China. It has a GDP of 1.40 trillion yuan.
A good option for those who love to import woven handicraft products, figurines, and hand-painted woodblock prints. If you need such products, just go for Tianjin suppliers.
In the case of product storage, it is good to use local warehouses in Tianjin. You know, why? Because you have access to nearby airports and seaports along with affordable rates. What else do you need?

8 china warehouse


Beijing has a relation to the three millennium past of China. Qing and Ming dynasties connect here. That’s why it is a popular and globally known city in China. It has the world’s leading centers for culture and diplomacy.
Beijing is second on the list of top countries from aspects of economic growth. In 2020, its GDP was 3.6 billion putting it second on the list after Shanghai.
The major textile center of China is Beijing. It is a massive production base for synthetic fabric, cotton, and woolen fabrics. Need a warehouse to store your fabrics? Why wait? Hire Beijing warehouses. Good for all your shipping and eCommerce B2B dealings.

9.beijing warehouse

Chapter 4: What benefits can I enjoy from China Warehouse?

China shipping warehouse can be a good option to go. When you have to store your inventory, the first question is whether it is suitable or not. Moreover, a China warehouse shipping is an essential point as well.
If you have concerns, look at what benefits you get from China warehouse shipping.

You will enjoy a safe environment for product storage

Worried about products? Where should you store it? Will it be alright to hire a Guangzhou warehouse? Several questions like that might arise in your mind. One solution. Hire Guangzhou warehouse. You know, why? All your stocks exist in a safe place.
What if your items get damaged? If damages happen, why worry? The warehouse is responsible for it. The manager will compensate for your inventory. Incredible, right?
Guangzhou warehouse has special mechanisms for the safe storage of inventory. A complete record of stocks makes the whole more transparent. The advanced technology used out there makes better supervision of your products. Isn’t it what you want?

From product unloading to storage, you get all!

If you are eCommerce or operating a brand in foreign, this case can be a good fit for you. To get the products, you have to find the suppliers or manufacturers. Once the suppliers and manufacturers have prepared your inventory, where should they send it? In the warehouse, right?
Now, the question is whether the warehouse is responsible for the unloading of products or not. The simple answer is “yes.” No matter how many suppliers send products to warehouses, you get unloading—one more thing. Guangzhou warehouse ensures safe product unloading from the truck or vehicles.

10. product unloading

During unloading, staff appoints employees to check the number of stocks if everything is fine, simply great! Otherwise, they will report how many stocks they have received. So, the whole process becomes easy to manage. Real-time reports keep you aware of your inventory stocks.

It can reduce the burden on your business

Starting a brand is not an easy task. You have to work day and night. Not only this but also you must have a layout to work. If you don’t have one, work on it. Finding suppliers, keeping records, and storing inventory is a massive burden. How can you reduce it?
Guangzhou Shein Warehouse can help you. They will keep the stocks for your business. You just need to find the suppliers. That’s all you have to do. Guangzhou Shein warehouse team will handle all other things.
They have technology that will measure from time to time progress and stocks. The amazing fact is their order fulfillment. Directly link your warehouse with your Amazon account. The team will directly work with the buyers. You just have to see what is going on. Everything becomes simple and smooth!

Fast product Shipment is no longer a dream

To get success in the eCommerce business, remember one thing. Focus on customers’ preferences. If you are getting late, you will be at huge losses. In an online system, a customer will order you. You have to select the products and shipping services. Two essential jobs, right?
I have an idea to save time. Guangzhou Shein warehouse offers product shipment to your buyers’ location. Why not go with it? It can be a good option because you get product storage and order fulfillment at one time.
Guangzhou Shein warehouse will pack the products, put your label, and choose the best logistics. Sometimes, they offer shipping services. If they don’t, they will arrange it for you. Just sit and watch! All your business in one go. No more extra tension!

11.Guangzhou Shein warehouse

You get Instant Tracking and Quality Control

Technology has made things accessible for us. Need a record of your work? Get it instantly. Want to track your items? Use RFID tags. In simple words, you have all that you need. When it comes to Guangzhou Shein Warehouse, you can observe the use of technology in a better way.
Guangzhou Shein Warehouse implements the technology to label all your items. Because there are hundreds or even thousands of items in a warehouse. Don’t you think it will be hard to find a specific one? I suppose it is. Any solution? Yes, the Guangzhou Shein warehouse involves RFID tags.
Among hundreds of items, you get the item with quite an ease. Just tell the specific code and boom! Your product will be there.

Chapter 5: What should I look for in a China Warehouse?

Want a good China warehouse? Your approach must be excellent. You know, why? Because you have to the right one, not just random China warehouse Shenzhen. Here are some tips that assure you get a fair China warehouse in Shenzhen.

Location of the Warehouse

Location of warehouse matters. Suppose your warehouse is around the supplier’s region, just great! It will cost you less in every aspect and convince you of the safety of products.
There is another case to note. The warehouse must be around the airport or seaport. You might ask, why? What is your ultimate goal? To transfer products to your location, right? How will you do that? Obviously, use air freight or sea freight. That’s why it will be easier to transport the products from the warehouse if the warehouse is around the airport or seaport.
That’s why I would recommend determining the location of your China Warehouse in Shenzhen.

Security System for inventory management

Inventory management plays a significant role in business. For example, you have fewer stocks available of a popular item. If you fall short of your supply, your business will affect seriously. Why not take better steps in this aspect? That’s why keeping a record of stocks will determine whether you need to order the suppliers or not.
A strict security system will ensure when, where, and how many stocks your warehouse has received. Is there any problem with it? Are products in good condition? All these questions relate to better security. So, choose the China Warehouse Shenzhen where there is better security.

Human workforce for better control

Who wants a delay in order fulfillment? I suppose no businesses would like to do that. There must be enough workers. For example, if you have to unload the products from a truck. There must be enough staff who can unload the products effectively. Moreover, calculations of stocks would include other members for this purpose.
So, it is better to look for the human workforce. Whether the number of workers is sufficient or not. Every department will include separate workers. So, keep in mind every single point.

Standards for quality inspection

Quality inspection is crucial. Every popular brand offers quality products. That’s the secret to their success. The better the quality criteria will be, the better the quality products you will get.
Since you order from direct manufacturers or suppliers, they might deliver you low-quality materials. Why not check it? A bonded warehouse in China has standards for quality inspection.
Suppose a specific item or stock passes the criteria; great! You will get the report. So, better look at the rules for quality control.

Tip: Low standard criteria for quality might result in business failure. So, choose the bonded China warehouse that offers high standards of quality.

Is it affordable for you?

Price, price, and price! I would compel on it. No matter how big a business tycoon you are. You have to invest in the business. For this purpose, go for affordable warehouses. Never compromise on quality for the sake of low price. The best strategy is to balance both—quality and price.
When researching the warehouse, you must ask some questions from warehouse owners. Price and quality are one of them. If they feel the best fit in every aspect, just choose it. You might get a better opportunity to promote your business through them.

Does it provide you with all business needs?

Every eCommerce business has goals. Better goals ensure success. The opposite will happen if your goals are not as good as they should be. During all this, you have to transport inventory to your clients. Need a shipment? The warehouse is there. Want to store products? Why not try the warehouse?
Whatever your goals are, include the warehouse in it. China warehouse must be compatible with the business needs. Slight fluctuations might result in what? Obviously, failure. That’s why you might have observed the famous brand. They are always in contact with top China warehouses.
Quality control, shipment services, and order fulfillment are on their list. Make sure your warehouse fulfills all your requirements. However, what else can be better than this?

Chapter 6: How to Find the Warehouse in China?

Is it tough to find the China warehouse? Not true at all. You know, why? Because you have hundreds of sources out there. Try the internet, ask friends, and do whatever you can. All these factors will help you find the best China shipping warehouse.

Take help from Sourcing Agents!

Sourcing agencies always remain in contact with the suppliers and factories. They have to carefully work for their clients. That’s why they are well aware of where to buy and store the inventory. You can take help from them. Get a list of top Amazon warehouse in China.
Sourcing agents can be a top choice in many cases. You know, why? Because they have a long list of suppliers and warehouses. That’s the best thing about them. No one will suggest something better than them.

Give it a try on Google!

Don’t know much about sourcing agents? Am I right? Try Google—The most influential and effective source. You have everything in your hands. Open your smartphone and write “Guangzhou warehouse China.” Go through all the excellent warehouses.
You can get help from other websites. Directly talk to helpers and sort out the best Guangzhou Shein Warehouse. Another best trick is to check the reviews about a specific company.
Some reviewing websites will determine whether your company is good or not. As per the criteria, you are good to go.

Ask Friends

Another source is to ask friends. If you have friends that have hired warehouse services, why not try it? It is better to inquire about the warehouse company they have used. Get their reviews. If it seems better, talk to the team. They will propose their prices and make you better understand their services.

Open your Social Media

When you don’t have a solution for problems, social media is there for you. Connect with other people, get their reviews, and find the best Guangzhou warehouse. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In have millions of active accounts. A single comment will be a thousand times better than trying other sources.

Tip: Some people might give you false information. So, better contact or manually visit the warehouse if possible.

Chapter 7: Popular Warehouses In China

I have listed some of the top China warehouses to reduce your research process. Just try them!

Just China It

JustChinait can be a good choice from every aspect. Whether you need Guangzhou warehouse services or sourcing, just try our company. For the past 11 years, we have worked with clients from 156 countries. Moreover, we have 90,000 verified retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Imagine such stats. Don’t you think we can be the best?
Our warehouse is second to none. We have all you need from picking to packing and shipping for your eCommerce business.

Here are our services.

  • Product sourcing
  • Warehouse
  • Shipping

UFL Warehouse

UFL warehouse operates internationally. No matter where you live, just give it a try. It was established in 1968 and had its head office in Hong Kong.
If offers following services.

  • Shipping
  • Product storage
  • Custom clearance

Being an international company, you can infer the popularity. However, it has offices in the following cities.

  • Honk Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Suzhou

MOL logistics and Storehouse

MOL logistics is not merely a shipping company, but it also offers warehouse services. Founded in 1960, it is one of the largest warehouses in China. You can get all the shipping and warehouse facilities at once.
Here are the vital services offered.

  • Air and Sea freight
  • Shipping
  • Warehouse services

It has offices in many cities, for example, Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions about China Warehouse

What is the best practice to find a Shenzhen warehouse for business?

If you need a Shenzhen warehouse, don’t rush. Be calm and act wisely. Better focus on the following tips.

  • Is the staff efficient?
  • The Shenzhen warehouse is around the seaport or airport.
  • Does it offer to ship?
  • You get a better quality inspection of products.
  • Are all of your business needs fulfilled?

Closing the whole scenario in a simple sentence. Measure your needs and compare them with the given Shenzhen warehouse. That’s all. If you get all you need, what else can be the best?

Is the storehouse responsible for any damage to my inventory?

The simple answer is “yes.” Why do you hire warehouse services? For items storage, right? Isn’t it useless if your products get damaged? To reduce your concern, warehouses are responsible for your inventory. If there happens any damage to your merchandise, no problem! The warehouse team will compensate for it. Great, right?

When do I need a China warehouse?

There can be several reasons. I have listed some of them.

  • When you don’t have a place to get the products from suppliers
  • It is hard to manually review the products
  • You want to store products for extended periods

Have some other reasons in mind as well? Just comment down and let us know.

Does the warehouse offer shipping?

Yes, most of them offer shipping facilities—three basic steps to understand. Warehouses receive products from suppliers, store them, and use third-party logistics to ship to your address. You have to sit and watch. So, smooth process!

Is it really safe to use China Guangzhou Warehouse?

Yes. It is very safe. Even you enjoy many benefits, such as

  • Quality review
  • Packing of products
  • Shipping to your location

Whatever location you like, just tell the team. You will get your inventory anytime. One more thing. A strict security system makes the whole process safe and reliable.

How long can I store my inventory?

No restrictions at all. Time is just a number. You can store your inventory for a considerable period. By that means, you can stock your items for one, two, or even more than 12 months. If this is less period, why not store it for years. But, you have to pay accordingly. So, keep in mind this fact as well.

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