5 differences between Alibaba and Aliexpress

By justchinait
October 25, 2020

Alibaba is a wholesale platform, established in 1999, where traders buy goods from all over the world in bulk. Manufacturers, traders, and distributors mainly use it.

Has the following characteristics

It focuses on B2B services and connects Chinese manufacturers with business people around the world.
The terms of the order are negotiated and approved via email.
It earns income from membership fees paid by suppliers to enable transactions on the platform.
It focuses on customized products rather than ready-made products.
There is a minimum order requirement.
It is recommended to use this platform in the following situations;

Buyers want to buy in bulk.
Buyers want customized products.
Price is sensitive to price.
The buyer is importing products that require compliance, so certain certification standards must be provided.
The product is price sensitive.

What is AliExpress?
This is an online retail platform established in 2010 that allows manufacturers and resellers to purchase goods in small quantities without minimum order requirements. Individual purchases with no retail purpose prefer to use this platform.

The platform has the following functions;
Compared with the prices on the market, its price is low. The product price is much cheaper for individuals who buy few goods, while for people who buy wholesale, the product price is higher.
Shipping takes a long time, although in most cases it is free.
It has a simple shopping interface; anyone can easily adapt.
There is no minimum order quantity, which means that one person can purchase one or more items.
No need to interact with suppliers.

In the following cases, AliExpress is preferred:
Very few products were purchased.
Urgently needed products
Products are not priced sensitive
The product does not need to be customized.
No product certification standards required.
Similarities between AliExpress and Alibaba
Both are online business platforms.
In both platforms, buyers use buyer protection services to pay.
Both are owned by Alibaba Group.

The difference between AliExpress and Alibaba International Station:

Ali’s International Station is a B2B platform, while AliExpress is a B2C platform. B2B and B2C business models are fundamentally different.

Generally speaking, the traditional foreign trade mode is the primary mode of the international station. For large buyers, large factories have a long transaction cycle. Foreign exchange settlement through L/C and shipping in containers, a transaction amounting to tens of millions Dollar

AliExpress is what everyone calls “cross-border e-commerce.” It can be paid from person to person, factory to the individual, or too small wholesalers, retailers, payment platforms, and express parcel delivery, the transaction amount is not large, but the frequency high.

1. User group

The suppliers or sellers of Ali International Station are mostly foreign trade companies or factories with export business, and most of the buyers are global buyers;

AliExpress mainly focuses on wholesale and retail. In addition to enterprises, there are foreign trade companies or individuals as suppliers, and buyers are mainly aimed at small international traders or final consumers.

2. Profit model

The international station mainly charges users membership fees;

AliExpress users can register for free, primarily based on the commission rate of the transaction amount.

3. Product type

There are not too many restrictions on international station products;

The products on AliExpress are mainly suitable for products with smaller volumes and higher added value, such as jewelry, digital products, computer hardware, mobile phones and accessories, clothing, cosmetics, handicrafts, sports and travel products, and other related products.

4. Mode of transportation

The cargo transportation at the international station is decided by the buyer and the seller, generally by sea transportation;

The amount of products on AliExpress is relatively small, and it is generally delivered by air and international express.

5. Payment method

International stations generally involve relatively large amounts, and users can choose TT or LC offline transactions;

AliExpress can use Alipay (that is, International Alipay) online transactions.


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