Why is Everything Made in China

By HX Wenli
January 17, 2022

Today I’m going to show you why is everything Made in China that gets:
The stigma of Made in China
Where to find Made in China suppliers
Why choose a China suppliers
lots of more.
Let’s move on.

Chapter #1 Why is Everything Made in China Basics

What is Made in China?

Made in China, sometimes, Product of China and Made in PRC is a label China set to place on fixed products. You can see that they affixed this label to every product and box from China. This branding has been criticized over the years — seriously during the US Cold War. The media also negatively reported the logo and Made in China products. This negative impact on the logo has continued. Until now, many people used it as a harsh comment to direct as poor quality, cheap, and unsafe products.
Despite the Made in China label’s poor feedback, Chinese manufacturers still use it. For this reason, they need to be sure the products are legit and came from China. At the same time, when products have this label, you can be sure that they are tested and confirmed to be made of high grade.

1 Made in China

Why is China regarded as the leading industry in the world?

In the last years, China has become a global economic leader in both GDP and population. China’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the various industries was 39.9%. These industries include manufacturing, farming, power, and more. In addition, in 2015, 40% of China’s GDP came from Chinese manufacturing companies and industries. The following percentage is a big factor why China attains massive growth.

Why is China industry continued to rise over the years?

Today, we can see how important China’s impact is on the world. But the thing is, it took years and rework for China’s government to focus on its industry. So, let’s go back to 1978, where the action plan of change happened.
This year, the Chinese government helped a small made in china company and Chinese manufacturers. They helped open up international commerce, control the prices, and improve goods and labor. With this, China fronts a goal to awaken the sleeping economic giant. This strategy is successful, leading to their continued rise to 9% real growth over the following years. In addition, their GDP increased by 13.
This result not only happens in the meantime but persists in the next 15 years. It resulted in the doubled rate per capita, which led to China surpassing USA’s economy. At the same time, China’s growth was favorable to the “Asian tigers” countries.

What is the made in China 2025 strategy, and why is it essential?

2 Made in China

The made in China 2025 plan is a strategy that the Chinese government uses to shift made in China shop industry from poor to high-end works. Chinese leaders ought to improve the equipment, resources, and creative works. And using this plan, China will be less weak and more potent than other countries.
Furthermore, the “made in China” plan is essential since it would open up to bigger chances for new importers and buyers. Not only that, but it allows high-quality products, short lead times, and fast shipping.

What is the impact of “Made in China” in the USA?

Made in China made its trademark in China and the USA — in short, worldwide. You can see many made in china products in different markets, mainly in the US. A report also stated that 56% of made china products flow to businesses and companies in the US. China is convenient for all; they have various shipping options that you can choose from. Yet, it’s not only limited to that.
Made in china products are cheaper compared to products from other countries. At the same time, there are lots of design options, high-quality products, and affordable total costs. In addition, the “Made in China” label opens lots of cases for US firms. It is why product prices become competitive and jobs become in demand.

Chapter #2 The Stigma when it comes to “made in China”

China has shown its branding to be of quality, fast, and best of the best. But the thing is, it took quite some time to arrive in that standing, given the history that happened. So before we dig deeper into the stigmas of the term “made in China,” let’s first where it started.
Because of the new trading rules and globalization, the US and China’s complicated relationship started. And by the 1970s, China’s manufacturers improved their things to compete in the changes in the demand of products. The tension between the two countries to the point that China was accused of genocide and did great harm to people. Not just that, the business, trading, and mindset turned bad for made in China products.
In Bloomberg’s poll conducted in May 2020, 40% of US citizens will not purchase made-in-China products. And 60% of Americans viewed China products poorly. In the survey conducted by Pew poll in the same year, many people viewed these results negatively.
With all these details and percentages, you can see the effect still happens today. So in light of that, let’s discuss some of the reasons — stigma when it comes to “Made in China.”

3 Made in China

Made in china products holds a lower quality

This reason is only an assumption, and no proof that made in china products is worse than of the US. In fact, Chinese manufacturing companies have stepped up their game to become the most effective in the world. It is why most industries in the US, like textile, shifted offshore to take advantage of lower labor costs while maintaining the same level of quality.
Chinese manufacturers also spent most of their time, effort, and resources to invest in their services, tools, and systems. It is why they were able to shift large on-demand supply smoothly and easily. Many US firms work with Chinese manufacturers because of high-rate products, low prices, and large orders.

Importers cannot trust most of the Chinese manufacturers

There are instances wherein you will find china manufacturers and China suppliers that are not legit. And some of them are even scammers. But you have to remember that you cannot avoid this case, since it happens not only in China.
The thing is that — the thought that buyers and importers cannot trust all Chinese manufacturers and suppliers is false. You can still encounter good and loyal ones; when you do, you can build a long-term relationship.
As mentioned, you can’t dodge them, but you can equip yourself with ways to meet the perfect ones. For example, you can look for a made in china wholesale products and see the reviews left by the previous customers and buyers. Another one would be browsing through their made in china website or made in china b2b page to see history, feedbacks, and details.

Made in China is not eco-friendly

Most of the new importers, firms, and even companies which is first-time doing business in China has an idea that the manufacturing industry in China causes harm to the environment. That idea is not true. As mentioned, China is improving and enhancing, which is why they do upgrades with equipment and source materials in an ethical way. 
There are many eco-friendly and sustainable brands over the world which make their products in China. For example, brands like Chunk and LEZÉ the label, are both sustainable brands that worked directly with China plants in creating their products. 

China causes the Job lack in the US

This stigma is only an assumption; therefore, it’s false. China’s industry is not the only reason for job scarcity in the US. Instead, China manufacturers is a big help in boosting opportunities in the US. Yet, people thought of stopping to buy made in China products since it can bring back more jobs in the US, which is another false.
The reality is, more and more companies, firms, and businesses are looking outside of the US because they can get the same quality for a much lower price. They opt to sell products below $10, and doing that in the US is far from impossible. On the other hand, China can provide high-quality products, fast lead times, best service, and lower costs.

China has many issues

This stigma is connected to stigma #4, wherein China’s history has affected the public’s views. However, it’s not only the cause why some importers think that way. There are also issues with made in china shopping ventures, dealing with China suppliers, shipping methods, prices, and more. So, it’s safe to say it’s a hit-or-miss situation.
Indeed, China may not be the best at dealing with internal matters, yet their products and manufacturing sector are great. But, you should be cautious, especially if it’s your first time importing made in china products.

Chapter #3 Where to find China manufacturers

There are many ways you can do to find Chinese manufacturers. Some are good for you — even if you’re a beginner and a first-time importer. It is why in this chapter, we will provide you with lists of options that you can do to find china manufacturers that are legit and trustworthy.

Go to various made in China site

4 various made in China site

I know most of you know how big China’s influences are when it comes to imports and exports. They are a top provider, so it’s not surprising that their industry is growing. Along with that, China is the home of the five main ports in the world. According to Stewart, these five made in china site is where you can find china manufacturers and suppliers.


The first one on this list is Shanghai; it is essential if you are looking for Chinese manufacturing companies. Actually, the largest city in China with major shipping ports is Shanghai. You can also find various industries such as;

  • Electronics.
  • Steel goods.
  • Transportation.
  • Chemical products.
  • Medicine.


Beijing is the second city with a strong industry that provides the best products and services. Mainly, they focus on industries such as;

  • Medicines.
  • Electronics.
  • Creations (tech).

If your business is similar or the same as the given list above, then choosing Beijing as an option would be the best.


The port of Tianjin is the largest in Northern China. This city has high standards and sets its goals for economic growth. So, many Chinese provinces, 11 of them to be exact, rely on Tianjin port. It is also why they aim to be China’s third-largest importer. It is the perfect city to look for if you want to find suppliers and manufacturers in the list of sectors below;

  • Machines and devices.
  • Textile industries.


Even though Guangzhou has little access to the sea area, it has become one of China’s largest ports. Also, this city has varieties of Chinese manufacturing companies from various sectors. But, this city has metier too, notably in the car industry. If you’ve heard about brands like Honda, Nissan, and Toyota — they all came from this city.
Some of the best industry they have is;

  • Automobiles.
  • Oil refining.
  • Electronic parts.


It’s not surprising that Shenzhen made this list. If you ask various importers which city is the best place to look for, for sure, Shenzhen will be their answer. In fact, Shenzhen is known as the second busiest port and is famous for its electronic products.
This city is the home of two well-known brands, Apple and LG. Also, Walmart launched an Asian base and a sourcing center in the city. is why Shenzhen became known in various industries such as;

  • Gadget parts and devices.
  • Contact services.
  • Computer.

Look in the manufacturer’s made in China website

5 manufacturer's made in china website

Many Chinese manufacturers and suppliers opted to have their websites to reach more audiences. They use their made in china website to put on details, products, reviews, and quotes. If you’re a new buyer or first-time importer, looking into the supplier and manufacturer’s websites is one of the best ways for you to do. 
At the same time, it will help make your list of which ones you should work with. You will not go to China to contact and deal with them since everything needed is already on their made in china website.

Look at various made in china b2b platforms

The made in China online shopping experience of people is now easy and fun with made in china b2b platforms. It is the same with finding suppliers and manufacturers too. More and more importers and buyers have chosen to partner with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers for their business through the years. It is why it opens doors for b2b platforms that help sellers and buyers. 
In this chapter, we’ll go over some of the best platforms you can use. They are available in any part of the world.

6 available in any part


If you decided to sell a made in china products in your company, for sure, you know Alibaba. It is the largest b2b platform in the world. So, you can undoubtedly find manufacturers in various niches or products you’re looking for here.
You can choose from many options in Alibaba, plus you can get free quotes from multiple suppliers. But the thing is, there is a minimum order quantity, and most of them come in bulk orders. If you are new in this area — you might as well consider this factor. 


It is one of the great platforms to choose your products and suppliers. This platform has more than 700,000 users and millions of products. It is why you will find suppliers and manufacturers perfect for your goals. Though it’s not well-known compared to Alibaba or other platforms, it still provides you with many chances.

Made in China

Made in China is the third-largest b2b platform. They offer excellent products that are of quality and high-end. And again, they are not as popular as other platforms, but they still earned many customers.

Global Sources

Global sources are another top b2b platform that you can choose from. Their features are comparable to the two platforms above, but what makes them unique is their area of focus, such as:

  • Gift industry.
  • Marketing work.
  • Innovations.


DHgate is a new b2b platform, yet they are becoming one of the big platforms. They allow vendors to publish their products and services for free, which is why there are many suppliers and manufacturers. It is a great platform, mainly for beginners and new importers, since it has less danger of fraud.

Work with a sourcing company

By far in this chapter, we can recommend hiring a sourcing company the most. Notably, they are a perfect option since they will assist you for you to find china manufacturers. At the same time, they will be a big of help with the step-by-step process of shipping, costs, deals, and more.
For example, JUSTCHINAIT has been helping hundreds of buyers and importers from over the world. We ensure that all will run smoothly. At the same time, we choose made in China wholesale products that are unique and of quality. We also provide you will get details from made in China online markets. 
You will have no problem working with sourcing companies. And for sure, you will get the best service and experience.

Chapter #4 8 The reason why there are many products made in China

7products made in China

China has been leading and improving in so many factors in the past few decades. Because of their ambitions and goals, they grew as number 1 in selling made in China products. It isn’t necessary to have a diploma to find out that China makes everything since you can see every product made in China.
But as mentioned, there is history before China stepped up as leading in many areas. They only embraced the idea of free enterprise in 1978. At the same time, the government allows their people to have their enterprise and do trading. This situation opens up to the rise of sectors like oil firms, power plants, and more.
Back then, products were low-cost and of poor quality. It is why they trademark “Made in China” as low value and produce shoddy knockoffs of high-end brands. However, it’s not the same as now since there are improvements. These improvements opened a pathway for products made in China to be known in different countries.

China has long term plans

China has improved over the years. You can see the effects of how good the changes they make, starting with strategies and plans. You can refer to the made in China plan 2025, where buildings and equipment are constantly being improved and upgraded. The Chinese government spent much so that the progress can push plants and industries to support the needs. It is also why many firms and companies opted to modernize. These plans became useful as more and more importers and buyers chose to partner with Chinese manufacturers.

The made in China products comes at low prices

One of the reasons many firms and companies choose to buy made in China products is how low their prices are. If you compare the pricing to those in other nations, you’ll know that it’s much cheaper. As mentioned above, China’s sector is now better than it was; making products is faster and of quality. Plus, you can get a much lower price if made in China wholesale products. 

The labor cost in China is cheaper

Along with how low made in China products prices are, is the low labor cost too. In fact, in 2018, China’s labor expenses were 5.51 dollars per hour, cheaper than the US. Because of this, many businesses prefer to create their products in China. It is also beneficial to them, as they can price their products cheaper too. 

China has available resources to use

Another reason why there are many products made in China is because of their resources. They are abundant in raw materials and natural resources. But the thing is, there are huge numbers of people and unfair use of these things, it became hard. Yet as mentioned, there are plans and programs that the government is using to improve these resources, such as;

  • Water Resources.
  • Agriculture Products. 
  • Aquaculture.
  • Wildlife, Forests, and Other Plants.

It is affordable for importers to manufacture in China

In 2019, the US News & World Report conducted a survey resulting in China being a top-rated country with low manufacturing costs. The reason for this is the new and improved equipment. At the same time, the labor cost, shipping, and production cost are cheaper in China. 
In addition, the production cost is lower in China. With lower production costs, buyers’ brand’s gross profit can rise. In short, it’s a win-win situation for China’s needs, clients, and of course, with buyers too.

China can copy and make things you want

8 products made in China

It’s not new that China can produce various things and even copy the products you want. In reality, copying things does not only happen in China, but the only contrast is it is normal in China. However, there are sample products, agreements, and laws that protect you from getting a copy of products. As well as protect your products and design from being sold to someone.
So a tip for you, before you sign any contract, make sure you do your research. See if the China suppliers or made china manufacturers you choose are verified. Also, get IP protection and a good attorney too.

Chinese manufacturers have fast lead times

Who wants to be compromised because their products don’t arrive on time? Or is the product not even near done? Well, no one. It is why China’s fast lead times are one of the benefits of choosing to partner in China. 
China can produce outputs in a short amount of time. For example, 50,000 orders can be made in 20-30 days, depending on the quantity. Even the sample products can be shipped to you in 3-5 days. 

It is easy to do business in China

It’s easy to do business in China. It is friendly even for beginners and new importers. There are various reasons for this, but here are a few:

  • You can find suppliers and manufacturers in various made in China online platforms. Anytime, anywhere you can contact them, inquire and get quotes. There are also many made in China online shopping sites that you can purchase bulk orders from.
  • Along with that, you can search made in China website of the supplier and manufacturer you want from a specific sector.
  • Multiple sourcing companies can make your life easier when sourcing China products.

Chapter #5 The benefits of choosing a made in China company for your business

There are better chances for development and growth

Sometimes, some conditions are hard to achieve in your business. For example, you want to add new products or explore new things, but your supplier and manufacturer couldn’t do so. However, you will not have these kinds of issues when you choose to outsource to a made in China wholesaler. You’ll find it easier and more useful since they know what they’re doing and they have lots of options too. 

They are friendly for new buyers

As mentioned, you will not have any problems when you choose to produce products in China. Even if you’re a beginner or a start-up company, there is more room for you in various industries.

It’s easy to find suppliers and manufacturers

You can find Chinese manufacturers anywhere in China. Also, rural and urban China has plenty of resources for growth and industries. And as mentioned above, many cities in China are well-known for their expertise. It is why choosing partners that meet your goals is easy too. 

They are experts

Made in China companies, for sure, are experts in their fields. Some have been doing business and know the right ways in the Chinese markets. Not only that but most of their employees are competent and professionals, so you won’t have any problems doing business with them.

The China market is stable

China’s steady rise over the last three decades has been remarkable to the point that its market has become stable. Also, with the help of factors like politics, the market becomes predictable and stable. It is also why there are no hyperinflation and risky issues reported. 

Chapter # 6 Percentage and list of made in China products

As cited, many products are made in China that you can see everywhere. And based on the 2011 data of International Business Times, they put out this infographic that will help us understand the percentage of the made in China products in the world.

9 China products in the world

In addition, Chinadaily.com put out the top 10 made in China products that you can note:

  1. Computers and desktop
  2. Toys
  3. Global mobile phones
  4. Air conditioners
  5. Coal and oil
  6. Ships
  7. Solar cells
  8. Cement
  9. Energy-saving lamps
  10. Shoes

Chapter #7 FAQs

How will I be able to purchase made in China products?

There are many ways to purchase various made in China products. But the most important part you should note is buying products in bulk or finding a cheaper one. Remember, profit will be higher if you source an item for less cost. So, here are the ways you can do to buy products at a much lower price. 

  • It would be best to visit China to see the products and what they offer. In this way, you can buy directly and get the best deals too.
  • You can attend various Chinese Trade Shows to locate suppliers and the products you want. 
  • It is also worth visiting a wholesale market in China, where you may browse a huge assortment of things at extremely low costs. 

Where to find China manufacturers?

We can recommend three ways to find legit and trustworthy Chinese manufacturers. The first is to find china manufacturers and suppliers on the internet. You can search in Google, Yahoo Search, or even on Bing. For sure, there are many results you will get. At the same time, you can search they’re made on the china website because some already have.
The second would be browsing through made in China online platforms like Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources, and more. By doing so, you can varieties of options that you can choose from.
The last one would be hiring a sourcing company like JUSTCHINAIT. In this way, you will not do everything yourself. Instead, they will be your middleman in dealing with things.

What is the best made in China website to buy products?

As stated in Chapter 3, there are made in China online platforms and websites that you can look into, such as:

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • DH Gate
  • AliExpress
  • Made and China


And that concludes the reason why there are many “Made in China” products. Nowadays, you can see multiple made in china products in supermarkets, luxury brands, and stores. There’s no exception to that. And for sure, many Chinese industries will branch out in the future. 

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