Why do China suppliers always delay delivery?

By justchinait
January 6, 2021

Every buyer will encounter the problem of delayed delivery in their work. From the beginning of the order to the end of the delivery, it seems a very simple task, but the supplier can never complete the delivery on time. Although the deduction of payment can be a punishment, it does nothing to make up for the shipment.

Before we start, let’s analyze how the product is produced. We all know that each product needs dozens or even hundreds of parts. Some of these hundreds of parts are produced by the factory, and some need to be purchased from other places. From raw material preparation, proofing, quotation, evaluation of the factory, and sample confirmation, order production, this whole process takes a lot of time.

Analyzing from the time point, delayed delivery is understandable. But from the standpoint of the company, it is not allowed. What should the purchaser do at this time?

In many cases, the reasons for delayed delivery of orders are as follows?

1. Reasons for the delay caused by the supplier:

① In terms of production status: the production capacity is fully loaded and orders cannot be placed into production. For example, when raw materials are not in place in time, suppliers often forget to estimate the condition of raw materials when they respond to the buyers about the deliveries. Most suppliers only estimate the daily production capacity of the machines and equipment. When there is a shortage of raw materials or incoming materials, they can only do nothing. So when discussing the delivery date, it is best to ask the raw material supply status, such as the origin, market, quality, and delivery date.

② In terms of production technology: because the number of orders is too small, the supplier combines several orders to produce.

In this process, many salespersons will give you various promises in order to win your order, and perfuse the problems that occurred during the production process. When the order is officially produced, it is found that the materials are of special specifications and the molds have special specifications. Many problems in production were not encountered or foreseen in proofing.

Or the secondary processing or surface treatment of the product is not sound in the supply chain, causing the problem to be unable to be resolved and affecting the delivery date. Therefore, when discussing the delivery date with the supplier, pay attention to the supplier’s attitude towards the problem in production. It is best to tell the supplier of the problems encountered before and pay attention to handling during the production process. For those suppliers who pat their chests to ensure that there will be no problems, be especially careful.

③In terms of production management: production technology cannot keep up with the needs. The defective rate and heavy work rate in the manufacturing process are too high. The production plan is inappropriate. The internal shipment inspection failed.

This is mainly reflected in the condition of the equipment. Although some factories are fully equipped, the equipment utilization rate is not high, and maintenance is often performed. The production is already full and there is no redundant machinery to produce.

Many salespersons will say that I will arrange to insert your orders\ into production. This is just a means for salespersons to stabilize customers. When he says these things to you, he also says the same to other customers.

The production schedule of a factory is jointly completed by many departments. The salesperson will hand it over to the production management department after receiving the order. The production schedule set by the production management department cannot be changed at will. The buyer should accept this point, pay attention to the supplier’s production schedule, machine capacity, equipment maintenance and maintenance status when evaluating the factory before placing an order.

④ Personnel management: Although many machines have replaced labor, manpower shortage is still an inevitable problem. The salary of factory employees, the turnover rate of employees, the quality of employees, etc. all affect the normal production of the factory and thus affect the normal delivery. Of course, there are other factors, such as production resources, lack of materials, social facilities (water, electricity), etc.

Of course, we do not rule out poor schedule management, failure to implement the quality control system, wrong estimation of delivery time, wrong shipping documents, wrong quotation, lack of responsibility of suppliers, etc.

2. Reasons for the delay caused by the purchaser:

①Communication and coordination: The buyer temporarily changed the design or specifications, and did not fully communicate the specifications of the new materials. For example, the quality requirements are not clear. Inconsistent understanding of pictures and specifications.

a. Of course, there are also incorrect production plans or changes that fail to notify the supplier immediately.

b. Unilateral designated delivery date and the two parties did not regularly review the progress.

c. Not familiar with the systems and operations of both parties.

②In terms of the procurement process:

a. The selection of the supplier is improper, and the supplier is frequently changed.

b. Insufficient investigation of supplier capacity and technology.

c. Errors in-order delivery.

d. The purchase price is too low.

e. Poor payment records.

f. The order or requirements are not clear.

g. The quality requirements are not clear.

h. The progress is not often grasped.

It can be seen that the delay in delivery is not all the fault of the supplier, and the purchaser also has considerable responsibility.



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