How to Profit from Wholesale Earrings from China?

By HX Wenli
March 25, 2022

This guide will show you exactly how to wholesale earrings from China.
Earrings Type
Everything you should know before wholesale
Why you should wholesale from China
Lots more
So if you want to profit from wholesale earrings from China, this guide is for you.
Let’s get started.

Chapter 1: Wholesale Earrings from China Basics

What are earrings?

Earrings are fashion articles. Consider it like the finger rings. Where do you wear the finger rings? On the ring finger adjacent to the middle finger, right? Same as the finger rings, earrings are part of jewelry. You need to wear it in the ears by piercing the lobes of the ear.
You might observe the women wearing a variation of earrings, especially at the fashion shows. All those gold earrings or Diamond earrings for women exhibit as a fashion icon. They enhance the glamour of women.

What are their manufacturing components?

Like the other jewelry materials, earrings usually comprise different types of material. It doesn’t have to be made up of gold or Diamond. Instead, you can find other manufacturing materials for the earrings as well. Here I have listed the traditional material for the earrings.

Gold earrings

1.Gold earrings
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Silver Earrings
  • Pearl Earrings

The list of materials does not end here only. Instead, you can find other heavy metals that form the earrings.
Remember, one thing. Either gold earrings for women or Diamond earrings, none has the pure materials. You know, why? Because your goal is to run it for extended periods. A hundred percent pure gold or Diamond will handily get rust and loss the glitter. That’s the crucial reason behind using gold mixed with other materials.

Are wholesale earnings from China worth it for business?

Do you have a brand? If yes, you might have to manage it properly. It does not only rely on the cheap prices. Instead, you have to keep a balance between the price and quality. For example, duplicate earrings would quickly destroy.
You need to decide on whether you should purchase the wholesale earrings from China or not. In simple words, wholesale earrings from China are worth your business. Here is why:

  • Easy access to bulk inventory
  • Faster transactions and shipment to your location
  • Lower rates

Go through Chapter 4 to get the perfect answer for wholesale earrings from China.

Chapter 2: 12 Main Types of Earrings wholesale from China

Earrings are not of a single type. They have several types. It all depends on the material, type of design, size, and relevant factors. However, I have listed 12 primary categories of earrings to help you understand them.


Studs are like the buttons of your coat. Maybe you have used them while wearing a tuxedo or something like that. If it is true, you can understand studs more effectively. So, what are studs earrings then?
Studs earrings are no different than a button. On one end you have a gem like Diamond while the other end holds to pierce into the earlobe. They allow limited movement.
Diamond studs are famous among women. You know, why? Because they provide ultimate charm and boost the elegance of women.

2.Main Types of Earrings

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are not just familiar but also they are of quality. You can observe hoop earrings among celebrities. Its excessive use heads us to the ease to wear and feel comfortable. However, there are multiple shapes of hoop earrings. For example, you can uncover:

  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Triangular

There can be several other types of hoop earrings as well. Just a wire passes through the lobes of the ear and beautifies you. Gold hoop earrings and silver hoop earrings look fascinating.

3.Main Types of Earrings


Drop earrings are another variety of gold earrings. They are flexible and hang down the ear. You know, why we call them drops gold earrings? All this points to their shape that resembles the falling drop of liquid.
Drop gold earrings might be hoops, a single piece, or a series of portions. That’s why they appear more stylish and give ultimate confidence to the women.


Dangle earrings are just like drop earrings. But, there is one difference. Dangle earrings have more movement on the sides or above and below. Drop earrings are relatively stationary and show less motion along the horizontal or vertical axis.
Dangle earrings are usually huger and offer more flexibility for movement. It is easy to create complex designs or use the studs or hoops in the structure.

4.Dangle earrings


You know, why do we call these earrings, Chandelier? Because of its striking resemblance with the Chandelier. You can find the tear beds like patterns with gems. It has a contour more like the teardrop earrings. But, across-the-board beauty is incredible. Chandelier earrings can dangle down the ears rendering them more comfortable.


Huggies are simple but stylish earrings for women. Imagine them just like the gold hoop earrings. They are available in circular shapes that hug the ears and leave almost no space. They might be stationary or offer the least dangling movements.


They are no different from the drop earrings. Teardrop earrings comprise multiple drops attached hanging down the ear. One end is attached to the ear while the other is freely moving.

Ear Cuff

Ear cuff earrings are different from all the above types. Unlike piercing the lobes of the ear, they might cover the outer edge of your ears. The ear cuff sometimes covers the whole external surface of the ear. At times, it might start in the middle and move downward. Ear cuff earrings can be a good choice when you are looking for trendy designs.


In actuality, the Bajoran earrings are a symbol of faith. In Star Trek movie, humanoid species used to wear it to show their belief.
In real life, you can take it as a symbol of faith or not. It’s your choice. However, there are two connection points to these earrings. One end connects the upper end of the ear while the other attaches to the earlobe.


Threader earrings are like the strings hanging down from the ear lobes. Sometimes, they might have precious stones or diamonds.

5.Threader earrings


What indicted the word Cluster? Something this is in the form of a group. Am I right? Apply this case to the earrings for women. Cluster earrings are decorative pieces with stacks of gems.


Barbell earrings have two ends. Both might have the gems to beautify your ears. The steel usually connects both ends. Barbells earrings can be worn at any point on your ears.

Chapter 3: What should I know before wholesale earrings from China?

There are multiple Diamond rings manufacturers in China. What do you assume? Who will you choose? Isn’t it arduous to land on a single manufacturer? No doubt, it is problematic, but you have to be careful regarding this. Some might be scammers out there and involve fraudulent activities.
So, how can you buy China earrings wholesale safely? Be meticulous and pay attention to the criteria for choosing the right wholesale earrings. Here are tips to reveal the right China earring wholesale.

Focus on the manufacturing materials

There are a lot of materials to manufacture the earrings. As I mentioned, there are gold earrings, diamond earrings, and even silver earrings. So, the main question is, which is your favorite? Which one would you like to order?
It all depends on the client’s priority. I would recommend keeping all types of earrings at your store to make it easier for your consumers. But there is one thing important here.
Always check whether it is purely original material or not. For example, if you order Diamond earrings, check the proportion of diamonds along with other materials. It will prevent cases of scams and keep you safe.

6.manufacture the earrings

Prioritize Great design of earrings

There are numerous types of earrings. These might be stud earrings or gold hoop earrings. Do you have any idea of the design in your mind? If yes, it is incredible. Propose it to the manufacturers or suppliers from China. They would give you a quote on your gold earrings.
You know, what do clients love? More specifically, what earrings do women like? They love stylish gold earrings. Unusual design, elegant structure, and long-lasting features are preferable choices. It is better to think like the consumers.

What is the size of the earrings?

There are different sizes of earrings. For example, gold hoop earrings are of smaller sizes compared to dangle earrings. Moreover, gold hoop earrings don’t dangle that much compared to dangle earrings. So, check the size of the ear cuff along with the whole design.
If your earrings for women are long in size, no problem. Just make sure they have a unique design. Not all long earrings are bad. What makes them appear awful is complex designs. Keep your requirements in front and choose the size of the earrings accordingly.

Check the weight

Who likes heavyweight earrings? They are nothing but a burden to your ears. So, an exact fraction between the size and weight always makes outstanding earrings for women.
It is better to be in touch with the China suppliers and ask them about the size and weight. You can even ask them for a sample. They would make sure you get the desired size.

Are earrings pierced?

There are two basic ways to wear earrings for women. Not all earrings for women need to pierce your ear lobes. Some earrings for women don’t need ear piercing. They are adhesive and attach to the ears. But, there are side effects of clip-on earrings for women.

  • They are not available in multiple designs. So, it reduces the availability of the custom designs to much extent.
  • They might be fixed. A slight pressure can fix them at the ears.
  • You might not feel comfortable at all after wearing them

That’s why it is better to buy piercing earrings for your brand.

Cost of the wholesale earrings from China

Everyone wants to earn some profit in their business. It is only possible if you purchase Diamond earrings at a suitable price and sell them to earn decent profits. That’s why there are two ways to buy China earrings wholesale.

  • Buy in bulk that would save the cost on the shipment
  • Find China earrings wholesale suppliers

If you got the right China suppliers along with bulk orders, the overall cost will reduce. You need to invest less and earn more. In the end, you will be in profits.

Chapter 4: Why should I choose the China suppliers and manufacturers for the earrings?

The whole world has jewelry manufacturers. But there are some areas where there is a massive production. China is one of those countries contributing to higher proportions of earrings for women.
You might wonder why only wholesale earrings from China? Why not other manufacturers like the US or European countries? There is a simple answer to your question. Have a look at why choose wholesale earrings from China.

You will get materials at wholesale prices

Bulk earrings wholesale China manufacturers are available in the whole country. Shenzhen is the most popular location for jewelry production in China. You know, what is great about China manufacturers? Their wholesale prices are just incredible.
You can negotiate with the suppliers or manufacturers regarding your earrings. They will provide access to bulk earrings wholesale China manufacturers. You can choose a design, materials, and type. That’s all. At cheap rates, you can get your earrings effortlessly.

Transactions are smooth

Most bulk earrings wholesale China manufacturers facilitate their consumers in every aspect. For example, payment methods. They provide you with easy bank transactions or other methods you like.
You can get a report about the cost of each item along with the total price of your inventory. Everything becomes smooth and reliable.

Custom designs are available

People make mistakes. They don’t even know what design they need. So, it is better to settle on the design first. Be in touch with your fashion designer or search for Google trends. There, you can find the trending designs of the jewelry. Once you have your ultimate design in your mind, it would be great to let bulk earrings wholesale China manufacturers know.
Custom designs along with custom packages are no longer a problem. You can discuss the design with the manufacturers as well.

China is the world’s factory

China is one of the biggest production bases in terms of jewelry, electronics, and appliances. As our main topic is jewelry, Shenzhen in Guangdong province contributes to the jewelry.

7.China is the world's factory

You can conduct research and find the bulk earrings wholesale China manufacturers. They would provide you with:

  • Wholesale prices
  • Access to a sample of the item
  • Full confidence to visit their location
  • Shipping to your doorstep

Isn’t it still effective for you?

Easy access to Quality items

People have doubts regarding the quality of materials from China. They consider it to be cheap in price and quality. That’s not true at all. Like other countries, there are some scammers along with quality manufacturers. You must conduct proper research and find the right bulk earrings wholesale China manufacturers.
You will get the quality at a fair value. It will enhance your Western brand reputation and increase exposure.

Chapter 5: Where can I get the cheapest wholesale earrings from China?

Cheap wholesale Diamond stud earrings are always a good choice. You know, why? Because you get a chance to buy the diamond stud earrings at a flat price. That price is usually not that much for foreign brands.
Since brands want a bulk inventory, they look for the cheapest option. It seems difficult to find apparently. But, we have a lot of sources to find the cheapest cartilage earrings for you. Have a look at the following sources.


Have you heard of 1688? Maybe not because it is not popular internationally. But you must have heard of Alibaba for sure. Am I right? So, the case is here about 1688. 1688 is a sister website of Alibaba. It is different from Alibaba in its presence. Since it is present only in China, you can’t use it for international purposes.


You know, what is great about 1688? It has several manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, the cheapest earrings are available for sale. A single piece of cartilage earrings would cost you very much less. So, you can buy the cartilage earrings from here.
Here are some features of 1688.

  • Cheapest rates for the earrings
  • Safe and smooth trading experience
  • Excellent customer service

Is it a single option? No. You have access to other ways to conduct research.

Local China earrings wholesale market

China’s domestic wholesale market is quite different from the wholesale markets around the globe. Since China has the most number of factories, you can find a variety of items in one place. The crucial thing is their low price and quality content.
The best practices include:

  • Conduct your research through the China local wholesale market
  • Get quotes from multiple sellers or manufacturers
  • Assess the quality of inventory
  • Always purchase from those manufacturers that offer both quality and price

Simply put, buy cost-effective earrings. You will find a lot of ways to get your ultimate inventory.

B2B website

B2B refers to business-to-business websites. Most of the sources like Amazon are both B2B and B2C. In simple words, an ecommerce site can be both for businesses and customers.
So, should you buy from the eCommerce sites? Honestly, Amazon offers inventory at wholesale rates. But, finding a B2B website would be more effective. You can directly communicate with the manufacturers and let them know your concerns.
In China, Alibaba is an excellent B2B platform. It has hundreds of quality manufacturers. You can connect with your manufacturers, let them know your concerns, and come up with an effective solution.

9.B2B website

B2C website

B2C is another source. These websites can outperform when it comes to lower rates. But, remember, you have to take responsibility.
For example, if you try AliExpress.

10.try AliExpress

Go through each section in AliExpress and find multiple sellers. Compare their rates and quality. A better one must be your priority. That’s why an informed decision can help you find the right pathway.
Here are some B2C websites:

  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress

On Google, you can find others too. Just write the wholesale earrings in China. And you will a long list of search results with access to wholesale earrings.

Chapter 6: How can I get the best sellers with the most competitive price?

There are a lot of sellers out there in China. But, you need to trade safely. Keep scammers away and find the true sellers. And how you can do that? Simply by meticulous research.
However, here are some practices to get the best sellers at competitive prices.

Conduct meticulous research

Meticulous research is quite essential. There are a lot of sellers on Alibaba or Amazon. You can’t land on everyone. So, it is better to narrow down your research.
Here is the best practice to conduct meticulous research.

  • Go through a variety of earrings sellers
  • Set up criteria for choosing the right seller
  • Come up with quick decisions

List down your top sellers

Once you have got a list of best sellers, it is better to focus on one. Maybe your list contains 10 or more top earrings sellers. Everyone can not be affordable and qualitative.
So, it is better to jot them down in your list.

Compare them

Now, compare three things:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Design

If you want to make your choice perfect, it is essential to focus on these steps. The design might be flexible. In the case of price and quality, there must be a 1:1 ratio. By that means, your earrings must be worth your price.

Decide on the best one

Haven’t decided yet? Why not choose the best seller? Let me help you decide on the one among 10 or more top sellers.

  • What are your goals?
  • Do you want the cheapest earnings with quality?
  • Is your seller efficient enough to provide you with bulk inventory?
  • How is customer service?
  • Is shipment to your doorstep available or not?

If you know the answers to these questions, just incredible. You can easily choose your best seller.

Order your earrings

Now, it’s time to negotiate. Get the quote from the seller and negotiate further. Discuss other terms and conditions.
Once you have settled on everything, you can hit the order button. It’s all you need to do. Wait until customs clearance and other liabilities are fulfilled.

Chapter 7: How should I sell them to get the greatest profit?

All that you have done is not complete yet. You still have several aspects to achieve the goal. As your goal is not only to buy the earrings at the cheapest rates but also sell them at decent rates. The high-profit margins must be your goals. But, the question is, how will you achieve your goals?
It is not difficult at all. Here are some tips to improve the profit margins.

Buy items at wholesale rates with

Do you know the difference between the wholesale prices and other prices of the products? If not, let me explain it in a more detailed way.
Wholesale prices are production cost prices that are very much low. Usually, people who purchase inventory in bulk get wholesale prices. If there is a quality item with the lowest price, what do you think of it? Won’t it generate higher profit margins? I suppose it would be.
Never restrict the research and find the top sellers in China. They will quote their prices.

Make a price layout to prevent inaccurate pricing

Inaccurate pricing would always put you at a loss. Sometimes, if you are selling gold earnings at higher prices than the current market price, who would like to buy it? None wants to make a deal with losses.
So, keep your heads erect and prices accurate. For this purpose, you can set up pricing plans for your store. For example, you can check the price whenever a new item launches. Go through current market rates and update them. Competitive prices but with quality will give you an edge over your competitors.

Update your prices with the time

It’s not an essential step but can play a great role. Prices of items fluctuate with time. It might be due to trading volumes, the popularity of items, increased manufacturing costs, and changes in taxes. Whatever the factor contributes to the price, you must keep your prices latest.
Customers don’t like the old prices. That’s why they would look for products with updated prices. By using this technique, you can increase your customers along with maximizing the profits.

Increase your product exposure by online and offline stores

Nowadays, people open online stores along with offline ones. You know, why? It is because of their goals to gain maximum exposure. By using online stores, you can attract potential buyers and communicate with them directly. Moreover, your online store works around the globe not just in your local area.
And how will you create online stores?
It’s not a problem at all. You can open stores on eCommerce sites like Amazon. Moreover, if you want to open your brand online, it is better to go with domain registration and website creation.

Provide Quality Assurance

Quality is something everyone pays for. Consumers only buy products that last longer. For example, gold earrings are only incredible for them if they don’t wear out with time. In beauty products, quality assurance is important. So, provide quality items with a guarantee. It will let your customers believe in you.
Moreover, you will be able to enhance your profit with potential customers.

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions

How much profit can I earn from the stud earrings business?

The answers are not that simple. Moreover, it doesn’t depend only on the studs earrings. Instead, there are other types of earrings silver hoop earrings. What matters is quality. If your diamond earrings for women procure excellent quality, you can earn higher profit margins.

Are earrings only made of gold?

No. There is not a single material to manufacture. Instead, you can find Sterling Silver earrings and Diamond earrings for men along with gold earrings designs.
The unique gold earrings design makes them special. There are two reasons for using gold earrings design.

  • Gold is affordable
  • It provides elegance while wearing earrings

While pearl earrings are also famous.

Is it beneficial to buy gold earrings for women in bulk?

Yes, there are cheap wholesale earrings from China when you buy them in bulk. There are multiple benefits of buying cheap wholesale earrings from China in bulk.

  • You can enjoy lower prices
  • It will prevent multiple deliveries to your address
  • The overall cost of shipment and purchase would become low
  • You will enjoy higher profit margins.

That’s why most Western brands purchase gold earrings for men and women in bulk. Fashion earrings wholesale China manufacturers are reasonably famous due to price and quality.

What are the best practices to find the best fashion earrings wholesale China manufacturers?

There are various ways to find the fashion earrings wholesale China manufacturers. But you need to be cautious and find the authentic one. And how is it possible to do?
It is not that difficult if you are adept at the research process. However, here are best practices to find China earring wholesale manufacturers.

  • Contact your friend or family who already has purchased inventory from China earring wholesale manufacturers.
  • Hire the sourcing agencies. In actuality, sourcing agencies have a list of manufactures. They might help you find the best one.
  • Try social media resources and negotiate with the China earring wholesale manufacturers.

If you want to hire Just China It wholesale services, hit us with a message.

Should I be in touch with earrings suppliers or manufacturers?

There are two ways to get wholesale earring supplies China.

  • China suppliers
  • China manufacturers

China suppliers are companies that are like third-party services. In the case of manufacturers, these are factories. You can directly order them your Sterling Silver earrings.
Both are good options. It depends on your ease to prefer suppliers or manufacturers.

What are some popular brands of earrings?

Several popular brands are working around the US or Europe. I have listed some of them.

  • Chanel earrings
  • Gucci earnings
  • Dior earrings
  • Pandora earring
  • Vivienne Westwood earrings
  • Swarovski earrings

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