Wholesale Dresses China-The Ultimate Guide (2022)

By justchinait
September 24, 2021

Today I’m going to show you how to wholesale dresses from China that gets:

  • China dresses market
  • Price Points
  • Shipping from China
  • And choose the best suppliers

Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: Wholesale Market in China

It is not a secret anymore that China has become a major player in the world’s economy. This comes down to low production cost, manpower, and abundance of natural resources. Importers from around the globe prefer Chinese product over all other because it’s the easiest way to increase your profits and grow your business.

1.1 What are Wholesale Dresses from China?

China in the last decade has emerged as the leader in B2B buying. Most suppliers, traders, and wholesalers can be found on the internet and listed under some of the biggest B2B stores. If you are a small or mid-sized business owner and looking to gain an edge over your competitors, then exploiting the Chinese dresses from the wholesale market is the way to go. The designs and the quality of the fabric stand out.  

1.2 Why are Wholesale Dresses from China Important?

The affordability makes this wholesale market so important. If you visit a wholesale store in China for the first time, you’ll be surprised by the price difference. A product can be $40 at one store but the same product can be available at $10 at a different store.

Buying in bulk also makes a whole lot of a difference. This gives you the opportunity to customize the products according to your demand.

1.3 How does Importing Wholesale Dresses from China Work?

Small-sized businesses look towards China when it comes to importing goods. Cheap rates combined with low-cost production make them an ideal market for small, medium-sized, and new businesses.

You can hire a sourcing agent, tell them what you need, and they will work on your behalf. From selecting the right supplier to advising on the best routes and cheapest transportation, these agents can do all this and much more.

Chapter 2: Chinese Clothing Market

The Chinese clothing market is one of the biggest in the world. Many small and mid-sized businesses over the past two decades have used Chinese wholesale markets to buy clothes. Besides buying readymade clothes, China can also deliver custom-made and designed clothes.

2.1 Finding a Wholesaler in China:

Finding a wholesaler in the Chinese markets is easy. You just have to go online, search what you are looking for, and that’s it. Similarly, if you want custom clothes designed according to your specifications, then you can also find them in the Chinese wholesale market.

The best way to receive your product without much hassle is to hire a sourcing agency. These firms specialize in dealing with importers and have thousands of manufacturers and suppliers on their panel.

The discounts and the rates these people can get for you are difficult to find on your own. So, if you are looking for a wholesaler that matches your order specifications, then hiring a sourcing agent is the best choice.

2.2 Quality of Chinese Clothes:

Chinese clothes are known for their quality and design. The quality of clothes also depends on the finances of the buyer. For example, an importer will find denim jeans worth $100 and $50 both in the same store. The only difference might be in the finishing or the quality of the fabric. You can find all quality levels in a Chinese supermarket as long as you know what you are looking for. Generally, the clothes imported from China are high in quality and cheap in price.

2.3 Is it Safe to Import Clothes from China?

China is a world leader when it comes to its garment industry. In 2019, China surpassed America as the biggest fashion market in the world. Not only this, China at the moment is the second biggest apparel market in the world.

China makes up 18.4% or USD 1773 Billion of the total market worth. This fact is alone enough for anyone to trust China’s garment industry. Importing garments from China is not only safe but highly profitable for small and mid-sized businesses.

Chapter 3: Price Points

Chinese markets are unique in the sense that you can find the same product under different price ranges. The only difference might be the quality of the fabric. The prices may also vary due to order sizes. Read the following if you want to know more about prices in China.

3.1 Price Comparisons:

As a first-time buyer, you should extensively research the Chinese wholesale markets. Another way to compare prices is to deal with multiple suppliers, ask for their samples and then tell the order size. Dealing with a single supplier, in the beginning, is not a wise decision. Engage multiple suppliers and then decide on the one that suits your needs and finances.

3.2 Negotiations:

Negotiation is an important part of importing clothes from China. If you can negotiate on the prices, you are going to increase your business’s profits. You can also negotiate prices with the delivery and freight forwarding companies. If your order is huge, chances are you’ll get lower rates.

3.3 Price difference due to Product Category:

China has factories with some of the biggest fashion designers in the world. Naturally, you can find the real thing, the first copy, or a replica in the Chinese garment market. The product category and its quality can also judge the price difference. You must know the type of product you want and its quality. Then you’ll be in a better position to decide on prices.

Chapter 4: Shipping

Shipping from China is as easy as buying if you know what to do. Suppliers own huge warehouses where they can store your order and ship them to your address. You can also find warehouses near ports; they will take full responsibility for the shipment and storage.

4.1 Quality Inspections:

Quality inspection is the key aspect in importing clothes from China. The quality is inspected multiple times to make sure that the buyer is getting the product he ordered. First, the order is inspected by the supplier, all the specifications are checked, and then after completing the paperwork, the order is sent to a warehouse.

After receiving at the warehouse, the order is again checked to make sure nothing is missed. Your order is then labeled and packaged properly and warehoused to be shipped on the said date. The order is inspected daily for the duration it stays in the warehouse. Warehouses in China take full responsibility to ship the orders to the buyer’s address.

4.2 Customs:

This is a critical step in importing clothes from China. The cargo has to be cleared in the seller’s and the buyer’s country by their respective customs officers. Getting a customs clearance beforehand from your country can make the process smoother.

Besides, it’s a requirement by the Chinese government to get approval from your country’s customs to import anything. China excise and customs laws are fairly relaxed as long as proper documentation is provided.

4.3 Shipping Channels:

There are four ways Chinese garments can reach your country. The cost and the time depend largely on the medium you want to use. Following are how you can ship garments from China.

  • China Express Air
  • China Freight Air
  • Shipping by Sea
  • Shipping Rail/Road

Each channel varies in time and cost. Select the one that suits your demand. If you want it delivered quickly, then using China Express Air is the best choice, they deliver within 1-5 days but will cost more. Similarly, the cheapest way to ship is by Sea but takes anywhere between 15-35 days depending on the location of your country.

Chapter 5: Choosing a Supplier when buying Wholesale Dresses from China

Choosing a supplier that not only offers the best rate but also can fulfill your order details can be difficult for first-time buyers. After all, the right supplier can be a massive boost to your business’s growth and profits.

5.1 What to look for?

When choosing a supplier, always look for;

Experience: Suppliers who have experience in the industry know all the tips and tricks of the market. They give a fair rate, quality and can also manage huge order sizes. Besides this, they can also give you warehousing and shipping facilities.

Rates: Experienced suppliers have developed links and connections in the market, giving them a unique advantage of offering low rates. If in doubt about the quality, ask for a sample. If satisfied, you can negotiate the rates depending on the order size.

Warehousing: Your product has to wait in China for a few days before being shipped. This means it has to be kept in a controlled environment. Try and choose a supplier who can also warehouse your order. This will save you some extra cost as the supplier then takes full responsibility for the cargo.

Shipping: Most suppliers will not take the responsibility of shipping your order. But the ones that do can save you money and time.    

5.2 Price and Quality:

This is the basic factor to look at in any supplier. If they can deliver quality and that too at lower rates, you and the seller can develop a long-term partnership. To get a better idea of price and quality, you must at least select more than two suppliers. Get quotes and samples from all of them. After carefully checking all the factors, decide on the best one.

Prices are directly related to the quality of the garment. It is up to the buyer to decide what type of quality they need depending on the budget. The price can also be negotiated depending on the order size.

5.3 Reliability:

The reliability of a supplier is a crucial factor, especially when the order is big and the time limit is tight. Usually, small and mid-sized suppliers are unable to fulfill a big order but they take it to increase their business.

You will get the shipment but the quality might be low or the shipment will arrive late. In both scenarios, your business will suffer losses. Always choose a supplier who has a credible standing in the market and has the right experience in delivering orders at a time.

Chapter 6: The Best Suppliers

China has some of the best clothing line suppliers in the world. Following are some of the most renowned ones;

6.1 JustChinait.com

JustChinait started its operations in 2009 and is based in Shenzhen, China. The company has amassed twelve years of experience in the industry. We have served over 10,000 clients, including some of the most famous ones, such as Falabella, Walmart, and Cencousd. There are over 9,000 suppliers, traders, and manufacturers on our panel.

The best thing about JustChinait is we only deal with authorized suppliers and manufacturers. That’s why we get discounted rates not found anywhere else. If you are looking to buy clothes from Chinese wholesale markets, then JustChinait is the best solution.

Our agents know all the major suppliers and can also negotiate on your behalf. We also offer warehousing and shipping solutions making us an ideal choice for new and small business owners.

6.2 Alibaba.com

Alibaba is one of the oldest and most recognized B2B selling platforms in the world. It’s also China’s biggest wholesale market and buyers from around the world trust their services. With over 2 million verified suppliers on their platform offering more than 20 million different types of products, it’s easy to see why Alibaba is trusted by so many.

Alibaba has some of the biggest clothes manufacturers and suppliers on their database. A buyer can interact and tell them their order specifications. From inspecting the order to its delivery, suppliers take full responsibility.

6.3 Aliexpress.com

Aliexpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba and is also one of the best platforms to import clothes from. Aliexpress is unique as it doesn’t sell anything but connects suppliers with businesses around the world. Aliexpress promotes small business owners mainly who want their products to be sold internationally.

It is one of the few B2B platforms where sellers and buyers can interact and negotiate easily. If you have a small business and don’t want to order big, you should give Aliexpress a try. The rates are already low but can be further negotiated with the seller.

Chapter 7: Issues a Buyer Might Face

Following are some of the issues you might face initially:

7.1 Language Barrier:

China is a traditional country. They don’t change for anyone. For any first-time buyer, the biggest issue is the language. If you are unable to communicate freely with the seller, then there is a chance your order will not be delivered according to your instructions. There are some English-speaking suppliers but most of them only speak Chinese.

A wholesale agency will communicate on your behalf and this will be the most comfortable setting for you.

7.2 Sizing Problem:

Another problem you might face is the sizing problem. It’s not a big problem, but finding extra-large sizes might take some effort considering China’s average height and weight. Besides, when you buy in bulk, there is a chance that a particular size might not be available.

7.3 Quality Control:

Usually, quality control is not an issue, but if your order needs warehousing, then quality control becomes important. The best way to maintain the quality of your order is to hire a warehouse for rent. They have controlled spaces where quality checks are made daily, ensuring your product is not damaged.

Justchinait is the answer to all the problems mentioned. We offer all the Made in China services such as China sourcing, shipping, warehousing, price comparisons, consolidated shipping, and much more. We have the experience, agents, and contacts to offer your lower rates and cheap shipping solutions. So, just let us know what you want, and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours.

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