What is required to become a “Gold Supplier” on Alibaba?

By justchinait
August 29, 2020

Alibaba International Station is an e-commerce platform for import and export, mainly to help Chinese domestic enterprises develop international trade wholesale business and expand overseas buyers.

Join conditions:

How to become a supplier of Alibaba International Station?

Conditions: It is necessary to register a company that produces physical products with the Mainland Administration for Industry and Commerce (both production and trade types are acceptable) and charge a fee.

Note: If the company’s service type (such as logistics, testing and certification, management services, etc.), the company will not be able to temporarily join, and offshore companies and individuals will not be able to handle it.

Can individuals register on Alibaba International Station?

Currently, individuals cannot become paid members on the Alibaba International Station platform, and members who process export passes are used as sellers to publish products. Outgoing members target companies, B2B e-commerce platforms.


1. Prepare company business license

2. Contact the local account manager for processing

3. Choose a cooperative promotion plan and prepare expenses

4. The account manager will help you register and activate.


There are two types of members in Alibaba International Station. The main member is RMB 29,800 per year, and the premium member is Jinpinchengqi, which costs RMB 80,000 per year. In addition, if you need more traffic, you need to purchase traffic promotion products. There are 3 types of transportation products on Alibaba International Station:

1. Top booth

It ranks first in the year, with a unique crown logo, and the price ranges from several thousand to several hundred thousand, depending on the popularity of the word.

2. P4P (train foreign trade)

After the top exhibition is over, you can bid for the top 5, pay-per-click and local IP, and repeated clicks will be blocked. There are several levels, such as 30,000 and 50,000 yuan.

3. Showcase

Window products enjoy the priority of ordinary products under the same conditions. Usually, after the top booth and P4P are window products and products that are usually released after the window.

Supplier Gold Products City Corporate Member

Jinpincheng Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive promotion service launched by Alibaba based on buyers’ buying habits, designed to help companies quickly win the trust of buyers and facilitate transactions. In addition to basic membership services, the company’s key information will also be certified by a third-party international authoritative certification body, and then disclosed through multiple channels on the Alibaba platform to truly and comprehensively demonstrate the company’s strength and enhance the company’s strength. Choose a buyer. possibility.

Jinpincheng Enterprise Edition is a factory inspection video certified by a third-party international authoritative certification body, which can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise, rapidly increase the trust of buyers, and improve the chance of being selected by buyers.

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