What is Consolidated Shipping

By Sarah
December 20, 2022

Some companies help importers, or foreign buyers buy products from Chinese sellers in China. They offer services that can help buyers save on costs. We want to share with you a helpful service when you want to save on shipping costs.

Are you familiar with the shipping options in China? The focus of this writing will be on shipping your orders that you got from different suppliers. This process will allow you to put your orders together as one big shipment. You can save a big amount on shipping costs.

1. What is consolidated shipping?

The common problem buyers face when buying from China is the shipping fee. Though the suppliers are helping them find the best option, they still meet high costs. Why? Because some buyers are buying not just from one supplier but from random or different suppliers.

Today, shipping your goods from different suppliers in China is convenient. What makes it even more helpful is you do not pay for the total cost of a truckload. You only need to hire a reliable company that can ship your goods in one shipment. Thanks to China Shipping Consolidation companies, which now serve millions of clients worldwide.

Consolidated shipping is a practical way to cut the cost of shipping an item or packages individually. It means that whenever you order from different suppliers across China, the shipping consolidator will combine them before shipping them to your location into one big shipment.

What is consolidated shipping

When you opt for this service, your supplier will send your orders to the company’s warehouse, which will consolidate the orders for you. They will wait and keep your packages until everything is collected. They will prepare and pack it as one package.

You will be sharing a truckload with the rest of the other buyers. This is how you can save costs because you only pay for the total weight of your combined packages. Many foreign buyers in China do this due to its many benefits. We will discuss them in the next chapter.

1)Importance of Consolidation Shipping

When you use consolidation shipping, you will save on shipping costs. Though it is not as quick as when you get a courier or express shipping, many buyers still choose this option for their imports. But why is it important?

You save two valuable resources: time and money.

A consolidated shipping company is responsible for arranging all freight shipments. They combine them and set them to be shipped together.

Shipping through consolidation allows you to reduce costs. You just need to manage one shipment replace to manage many multiple deliveries. You can ensure your packages are handled and dispatched correctly when using this delivery method.

2)Types of Shipping Consolidation Services

There are three options you can choose from when using consolidation shipping. We will explain each one below:

Sea/Ocean Shipping

When you are a bulk importer, you use container shipping via sea because this is the most practical and efficient way of delivering your goods. In LCL, a shipping company can include your packages as one big package that will be part of the full container load.

It is less expensive than air freight for combined shipments that are headed to one location. Usually, this is an excellent option if your package is big volume.

Air Shipping

You can use this method if you order bulk orders from different suppliers in China and want them shipped quickly. The minimum chargeable weight is 45.00kg. Using this method, you can have all your small packages combined in one shipment. The charge is based on the dimension of the package or actual weight. Rate varies.

Some products are very time sensitive because they will expire or break, perish, or needs to be sent ASAP. Since shipping by sea can take longer, air shipping can be arranged with the most competitive and reasonable rates.

JustChinait can take care of the packages you want to ship via air so you can get them just in time. This method is faster; you can receive the products in up to 2 weeks, depending on location.

Types of Shipping Consolidation Services

Express Shipping

If you order small packages from different suppliers on Aliexpress, eBay, or Dhgate, you can combine them, and they will be shipped together as one package. The good thing is there’s no minimum weight or volume for the package that you want to send.

Couriers offer this like DHL consolidated shipping. When you combine your packages, the customs will clear them as one shipment instead individually. It saves time and reduces the risk.

2.What are the 6 Benefits of Consolidated Freight Shipping?

1)Reduced shipping costs

You only have to pay for the package’s weight and the delivery distance. Because other shippers are paying for the remainder of the shipment that is part of the load, you are not responsible for all of the costs. It applies to LCL when you order from different suppliers in bulk quantities.

Let’s say you order small quantities but from various suppliers too. The consolidation company can reduce the total cost by packing all your orders into one. They can arrange the shipping using a courier service and book the one with a reasonable and fair rate. It is cheaper than sending them one by one.

2)Save your time

You can save so much of your precious time when you only manage one shipment and not multiple shipments. Waiting for all the deliveries to arrive can be a burden when shipped individually. But when you receive all your orders altogether, you can make plans based on your timelines and goals.

Consolidated shipping has a faster transit time. It will avoid delays, and you can even monitor the shipment details in real time. When you save time, you save money and prevent problems in your business operation.

3)Less to No Risk of Product Damage

Have you heard of clients complaining due to poor handling of their packages? This is one great benefit of shipping consolidation- your goods are secure.

Your shipper’s job is to deliver your products with the least amount of risk of defects or damage. It is because of less product handling. When your goods are packed together, it is appropriately arranged and will be loaded into the container safely. With fewer touchpoints, there’s little to no risk of damage.

The handling process is reduced when your package is bundled with others going to the same place. They are familiar with the procedure, so you don’t need to worry about your package. You can relax knowing that it will arrive securely and damage-free.

What are the 6 Benefits of Consolidated Freight Shipping

4)Product Quality Control

When you are ordering products overseas, you expect you don’t receive any damaged items. However, there are instances when suppliers may miss or be unmindful.

When using the consolidation service, you can easily find out if there are problems with the goods you ordered. Some suppliers are not very careful about checking, sometimes sending out defective products to their clients.

You need to consider this shipping method to lessen the burden and chance of receiving damaged products. Your consolidator will ensure that your suppliers send the products to the warehouse that are of good quality.

This shipping method’s benefit is ensuring your defective products will no longer be delivered to you. You can communicate with your suppliers and fix the problem right away. You save both time and money.

5)More growth for your business

Your business can sometimes be inconsistent. There are seasons when the demand for orders can be too high or low. Through consolidation shipping, you can adjust your ordering and shipping plans to save.

Having a regular shipment schedule will make it simpler to take advantage of the cost savings. As your supply chain becomes more reliable, the possibilities of late shipment and defective and missing items will decrease.

You can study your customer’s buying patterns and plan your shipping. Doing so can improve many areas of your business and grow your profit. By doing this, you may avoid rushing through orders and keep products available to your customers.

6)Expanding your network

Knowing and finding reliable suppliers when you buy from Chinese platforms will help you reach your business goals. With their supply of excellent products, your customers will continue to buy from your store, or your business needs will continue to be stable.

At the same time, when you find a reliable company that will consolidate your packages, you can do so much more! Some importers do not get excellent service from their shipping companies, which can make their business suffer.

You expand your network because you get to know more companies and people that can help you on your supply chain. You build trust and a lasting relationship with them.


3.Who Should Use Consolidate Shipping?

1) Buyers of small quantities from multiple suppliers of online platforms

These are buyers who do not only get products from a single supplier but buy from various suppliers on China’s B2C platform. For example, they buy from Aliexpress, DHgate, or eBay. They need to manage every separate shipping and pay the cost for each one.

If buyers buy small quantities, shippers like JustChinait can arrange it for a courier parcel. They will combine the packages as one. If you want a quality control check before shipping, they can also do it.

2) Buyers of large quantities from multiple suppliers of online platforms

These are buyers buying wholesale products in large or bulk from multiple suppliers from B2B sites. These platforms include Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made-in-China.

Since the purchases are in bulk, these orders from various suppliers will be combined. Once all the orders arrive in the shipper’s warehouse, they can combine them as one big shipment. Then, it will be arranged to ship in a container together with other packages.

With a more considerable volume or weight, you can get a much better shipping rate from the forwarder, which saves you the shipping cost. That’s what every client wishes to have when outsourcing their products- to save on costs and gain more profit!

3) Buyers who buy from China and need to repack the items

There are foreign importers who buy different products from China and need to repack them. Shippers like JustChinait can do this service and then arrange the shipping for the buyers.

These buyers have customized packages for their products. Some suppliers where they buy the products do not offer customized packaging. So, they are looking for companies who can pack the items and do a quality check before shipping them.

Who Should Use Consolidate Shipping

4) Buyers who buy from China and need to ensure the quality.

Buying for the first time from your chosen suppliers can bring you worries. You may be wondering if they will send you the quality they promised when you are still placing your orders. Thus, you want someone you can trust to inspect the product’s quality for you.

JustChinait can help you check the quality, ensure everything is ok and complete, and then ship to you. You can have peace of mind that you will not receive disposable or damaged items because a quality inspection is done before shipping.

5)Buyers who buy from China and need to hide their supplier’s info.

As a seller, you want to protect your business by ensuring your customers will not patronize other sellers or stores. Your order details to your product suppliers are important and confidential to keep your business running and growing.
This type of shipping is an excellent option if you buy from multiple suppliers, and you need someone you can trust to help remove any supplier details or any information that can leak when it arrives at your address. You don’t want to give out your secret.

6) Buyers who buy from China and need to prepare shipments according to customer’s order.

Is there a special request or requirement you want to follow from your customer? Consolidation service can help when you buy from multiple suppliers and follow a special request from your customer.

If you want someone trustworthy to help you collect your shipment from suppliers with special instructions and requests, you can do it with us! We will pick up the products according to your customer’s order.

7) Buyers who buy from China and sell on Amazon

Many buyers from China who sell on Amazon trust this shipping service. Consolidation service helps Amazon sellers to manage their supply chain and improve their inventories.

If you buy from multiple suppliers, a consolidator can help you manage your orders efficiently and deliver them to your Amazon warehouse safely and securely. They can do extra services like adjusting your product quantities or changing the packaging.

4. How to Use Consolidated Shipping to save on shipping fees?

We’re giving you some tips for using consolidated shipping effectively:

1) Check the process of your consolidator.

Before you choose your consolidation company, check how they manage your packages and what process they follow. This will help you determine if they can take care of your packages and if their service cost is reasonable.

2) Compare prices and quotes.

Some companies are not transparent about their pricing details. Get quotes from different consolidation companies and compare. For example, if you will avail of the sea shipping consolidation, check how they charge, like the cost per weight of goods and the space fee that your goods will occupy.

If you are going to avail of extra services like repacking or quality control, see how much they will charge. You can negotiate or choose a deal where you can save and get the best date or route for your delivery.

3) Set some guidelines on collaboration with your partners.

The partners we refer to here are your suppliers, fulfillment centers, warehouse, and shipping companies or consolidators. This must be arranged accordingly to avoid disruptions and delays. For example, suppliers must agree to the delivery date to bring the orders to the warehouse.

When there are delays or disruptions, you will incur more costs. Your consolidator is responsible because they should monitor and ensure that all your packages are complete, in good shape, and accurate. Before they ship out the products, they must ensure that there are no missing orders or damaged items. And that everything is packed securely.

4) Know and define the scope or coverage of the work of your shipping partner.

Who is in charge of what? You should define and understand who is responsible for every work in the whole consolidation process. Make the partnership work by understanding the entire process and transaction details.

If you feel you cannot be on good terms with your shipping partner, do not proceed with the implementation. Look for another company that can make you feel secure and sure about the whole process. Check the contract and review all details before implementation.


1) Is consolidated shipping cheaper?

Consolidated shipping is cheaper than any other shipping method. It provides flexibility to all buyers since shipping charges have been rising since the pandemic’s start. When you want to order or order from various suppliers, you know that shipping each package is not cheap.

With consolidated shipping, you can schedule the time of delivery, have ample time to plan your orders, and keep it in a warehouse safely and securely. Your shipper can take care of all the packages while waiting for everything to be completed.

Most of all, they will give you the lowest possible charges, the best shipping date, and routes to get the package on time.

2) What are the disadvantages of freight consolidation?

You may encounter challenges when combining your package shipping with other shipping methods. One of the challenges is the delay. There are many reasons why there are delays:

•Weather problems
•Ship problems like engine malfunctions, etc.
•Congestions on ports or closures due to pandemic
•Holidays and peak seasons
•Natural disasters or calamities

On the part of the shipper, some factors can be challenging when arranging the shipments, such as:

•Finding a carrier or courier that will accommodate the shipping
•Organization and implementation of the process agreed upon by both parties
•Timing and other factors like changes in pricing due to economic issues affecting the current prices of services

The carriers can postpone or hold their shipping schedule because of inevitable or unforeseen events. When buyers want to make the shipping urgent, the consolidator will look for carriers that can send out the shipments based on their schedule.

3) What is the consolidator meaning in shipping?

An agent or company that combines all of your small shipments into one large package is known as a consolidator.

Consolidators ensure that every shipping transaction they complete results in cost savings for their clients. Their clients become satisfied and happy, so they choose this method when importing instead of alternative delivery options.

Shipping consolidator helps your business in many ways. You risk spending more money than you intended when you don’t know how to send your items. The cost of shipping has increased tremendously. If you pay a hefty shipping price, you can lose money.

What is the consolidator meaning in shipping

There are instances when using a courier or express shipping is practical for buyers. But when you do multiple orders and want to save on shipping, you look for alternatives. This is where a consolidation company becomes helpful.

6. Conclusion

You can improve the supply chain of your business by choosing the right strategies when shipping your orders. There are several ways how to save on shipping costs. Your suppliers may offer you discounts, or you can partner with the top courier companies to save on shipping charges.

Consolidated shipping is one of the best options for ordering products on Chinese platforms from various suppliers. You do not need to ship all the products separately, which can be more costly. Instead, you can combine all of them as one big shipment.

Freight forwarders in China can offer you this service. By choosing an experienced expert on combined shipping, you will get all the advantages such as:

•Solutions for efficient shipping
•Monitoring of orders
•Better management of your inventory
•Low chance of shipping delay
•Faster transit time
•Partnership and network expansion

There are many benefits you can get from consolidated shipping. Aside from saving on shipping costs, you can lessen the risk of damage when shipping your goods due to fewer handling points.

You can easily manage your shipping system through combined shipping. Your shipments will arrive on time safely. And you can get extra services to ensure all your packages are complete and accurate.

Finding the right company will assist in your combined shipments’ smooth flow and success. Let JustChinait take care of all your shipping needs!

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