What is a genuine supplier/manufacturer like?

By justchinait
November 19, 2020

Price is the most sensitive part of supply and demand cooperation, so how should suppliers deal with price issues?

1. Honest quotation

Party A only accepts one quotation. He does this: After learning the actual market price, he asks several suppliers for quotations and emphasizes the need to quote the actual price. Finally, the supplier who offered the genuine offer supplies the goods.

Someone asked, why not provide an “acceptance price”?

He says,

① This is unfair to the suppliers who quote the actual price and may cause the loss of honest suppliers;

②, even if other suppliers can provide products with acceptable prices, there may be problems with product quality;

③In the long run, suppliers will quote actual prices, even for new materials, there is rarely the problem of falsely high quotations.

2. Value for money

The so-called value for money is to say that “the low price is the best choice”, as long as it is convincing, the high price will do!

There is no objection to high prices, but high rates need to be justified. They can give a tangible explanation, from the cost structure, profit acquisition to product conditions, and establish a price trust mechanism from the root.

Another essential point is that “the high value of the high price must be manifested explicitly”. To understand this sentence, we must first know that “the purchaser is not bargaining for the company, but for the customer, we should strive for the lowest price for the customer.” With high-value products, customers may be willing to give Party A a higher evaluation and more money. However, in the current market environment, if the high price and top value cannot be manifested, then Party A may only be willing to accept low-priced qualified products.

Quality with “confidence” Party A cannot understand all the details of the product. When choosing a supplier, it is not so much a product but a character. How to make Party A have confidence in your product?

3. Have confidence in the character of the sales team

First of all, suppliers have confidence in their sales team. A buyer from Party A said that he was disgusted with Company A because Company A had changed 13 sales representatives during his six years as a purchasing representative. This increased Party A’s communication costs and made Party A doubt the continuity of Company A’s values.

It is not only the enterprise that allows developers to choose you but also the morality and professional ability of the sales team. Recognizing the company does not mean that the company’s services are in place. Only realizing the sales team’s morals can bring trust and deliver the project to the side with confidence.

4. Have confidence in the value of the product

The quality of products has two levels:

① is the level of basic parameters.

Whether the product quality meets and reaches various national standards and industry standards is the basic condition that any product must meet.

② is the level of externalization of the product value.

There are often suppliers who advertise how good their product quality is, but from the perspective of Party A, this is only the first level of product quality that is satisfied. The essence of excellent products is to generate value around customers, not to brag about professionalism. High-quality products should be based on the customer’s choice dimension, which can realize the importance of externalization, improve the overall level of the project, or reduce the risk of use. All costs must be quantified and intuitive.

Regardless of whether a person is a perceptual animal or a rational animal, as long as you carefully calculate the value of “service”, ” you will know that it is reasonable to choose the best service from any perceptual and rational perspective.

In the service process, there are two more points worth paying attention to.

① Create “extra services” with long-term relationships.

Supplier C supplies Party A with material for a long time. With the development of technology, a cheaper alternative product appears on the market. At this time, supplier C actively proposed to Party A that the use of new materials can reduce Party A’s costs by nearly 10%. After confirmation, Party A not only tried to avoid the impact of new products on Supplier C but also reached a closer cooperative relationship with it.

With the deepening of cooperation between the supply and demand sides, there is the possibility of deeper collaboration. Because customer relationship maintenance is the first orientation, good news generated by-product or service optimization is delivered to customers promptly. Do not harm the cooperative relationship for short-term benefits.

② Treat the disruptors “friendly”.

In the course of cooperation, there will inevitably be competitors from other suppliers. At this time, you can’t make your way, serve customers with peace of mind, and treat competitors with peace.

The so-called “friendliness”: first, stand on the level of industry exchanges, objectively examine the products, values, and services of competitors; second, calmly compare the pros and cons of both sides, and do not cause trouble, slander, and do not despise; third, play to yourself To persuade Party A with high-quality services, including prompting risks, adding value-added services, Etc, to increase the entry barrier of competitors.

Establishing a supply-demand relationship requires heart-to-heart, just like a mousse for men and women, it must be secure, and it can also be turned into softness. A connection built with “rest of mind”, “intentions, and peace of mind” can last for a long time, and everyone is happy.

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