Purchase Skills | How do I find a factory&manufacturer in China? What are the characteristics of a real factory?

By justchinait
October 21, 2020

Every supplier says that he is a factory, but you can’t come to China and verify them one by one. After reading this article, you will know the answer.

1. View the supplier’s contact address

Shenzhen factories are generally located in remote suburbs, such as Baoan District, Longgang District, Guangming District, and Pingshan District. The addresses of foreign trading companies are generally in urban areas, such as Futian District, Luohu District, and Nanshan District. Because the factory rent in the suburbs is cheaper than in the urban area, the office and production address are generally together. On the contrary, if the office and production address are not together, most of them are foreign trading companies.

2. Through product information

Factories usually focus on products of the same category, such as a date cable factory’s stores have data cables of various specifications, so that they can be determined to be a physical factory. If there are speakers and holsters in the shop, and there are many and complicated categories, it must be a trading company.


3. Business license

The information on the business license includes company name, address, the person in charge, business scope, business practice, etc.

Check the address and business practice on the business license, if the address is XX building or the business practice is wholesalers or the distributors, then it must be a trading company. The business practice of the factory is the manufacturer.

4. Factory inspection

Trading companies won’t allow customers to visit the workshop for various reasons, the factory is very happy that customers visit the workshop and customers can go at any time. The fake factory is not work in the factory, so customers need to make an appointment in advance when they want to see the factory.

5. Sales channels

Trading companies generally only sell abroad, and products are sold on English websites, such as Alibaba.com. Factories are generally sold domestically, through domestic sales channels such as 1688, JD, Taobao, etc.


6. Trade terms, foreign trade expertise

The factory usually quotes the EXW price.

The factory can quickly respond to the product’s problems because they are more familiar with the product and know the cost of a product. Trading company needs to get the quotation from the factory before quoting the customer, so they need more time to prepare a quotation.

With the first 3 points, you can know whether your supplier is a real factory.

Wish you all success in finding your own real factory.

We’re willing to verify it for you for free if you don’t have so much time and energy, or don’t understand Chinese, This matter is very simple for us.


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