Watch Manufacturers in China – The Complete Guide in 2022

By justchinait
September 25, 2021

This is a complete guide about Watch manufacturers in China.
So if you’re looking for:

  • Reach better watch manufacturers
  • Find the best-selling watch
  • Grow your profit with watch business

Then you’ll love the actionable advice in this new guide.
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Chapter 1 Watch Manufacturers in China Basics

What are Watch Manufacturers in China?

Factories that assemble watches are called watch manufacturers in China. They produce sorts of watches for dealers, such as quartz, smart and sports watches, etc.
In fact, these factories put all parts made by subcontractors together. They are used to the “make to order” approach.

Why are Watch Manufacturers in China Important?

A chart tells you that the Asia Pacific shared a big part in 2020. And China holds a large share in the world. 
As the third biggest export watch market. China watch factories have a huge potential to get great value. A rise of 11.7 % from 2016 showed by the data from the Swiss Watch Industry in January 2019.
With high tech and the age of AI times, China will continue to develop its ability and skill in the watch.

How to Access to Watch Manufacturers in China?

You can capture them on social media platforms and online channels.

The third largest online shopping website in the world. Warehouse set in many countries to send your watch faster.

The best part is they will ship every single watch to your guests, which is called dropship.

Focus on fashion style watch.
Also, you can hire a local agent to offer you an offline case, but that will cost you more.

Chapter 2 Get to Know China Watch Factories

Look at the Most Watch Factories in China

Shenzhen for sure is located in Guangdong.
Shenzhen is known as a high-tech city in China. You cannot figure out how many watch factories here. It becomes the largest watch industrial base in the world. You can find every single part of the watch here, in the Bao’An district.

Get Your Benefit from These China Watch Manufacturers

Invest your time and money into watch factories can get you benefits like:
More profit. Based on some factors below:

  • High Sell Rate. Smartwatch has a sell rate of over 63% in an online market.
  • High Selling Price. High-tech and labor costs make it worthy.
  • High Demand. People tend to pay more for more tech values offered by the smartphone.

Less cost. Unlike a factory, a dealer will charge you more money all the time.
Less time. You can require any you want to China watch manufacturers, and get your feedback at the first time.

Find the Best-selling Watch in China

With the huge demand for Wireless Fitness and Sports Devices, Global Smartwatch Market is about to reach $96.31 billion by 2027.
You can find out the reason by the graph below. It shows people can enjoy kinds functions by its smart sets. You can track time, chat, keep fit, and enjoy music. All these get by a tap on the watch.

  • Personal Assistance
  • Wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

It also tells that the personal assistance part is the primary factor for people. Beyond that, non-branded smartwatch with the latest tech will have a vast market. That’s why smartwatch can lead a big sale whatever in China or the world.

Chapter 3 Pick Your Watch manufacturers in China

Comparing Your China watch manufacturers

Finding a credible one is your first step. In fact, all details opened for you online, even the indoor VR. Like Alibaba
You just need to take some time on these titles:

R&D Capacity

  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. You can offer your design to let them do the watch.
  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer. They has their own design and product line. If you are about to go for your first watch, you can think about this type.

Production Process

  • Molding
  • Case raw material pressing
  • CNC process
  • Polish
  • Testing
  • Assemble
  • Quality control
  • shipment

Quality Control
Trade Capacity
Business Performance
Factory Inspection Reports

Judge Your China Watch Factories

Well, there are still so many credible options that disturb your mind. Calm down to scan some key items, and you will find what you want in a short time. Here are some to concern:

Product Scope

If you need your watch in a certain type and material. You can find related ones, like:

  • Stainless steel watch
  • Zinc alloy watch
  • Plastic watch
  • Wooden watch
  • Digital watch

Order Cost
Shipping Guide
Bulk Price
Customer review

Contact with Your China watch manufacturers

Talking with each other is the best way to do things well.
Check the chatbox here; whether they hire foreign staff or just a head photo is both ok. They just want you to talk with them without any worry.

Chapter 4 Get Your Ideal Made in China Watch Price

Ask Your China Watch Factories for Quotation

Before you inquire about your China watch suppliers, you should concern about some things.

  • Packaging
  • MOQ: Minimum order quantity
  • Watch Design:

You can customize your watch freely, including the hands, crown, and indexing. But do not expect free design service from anyone.
All these things result in your final price. It’s simple, requires more, pays more.

Value Your Factories made in China watch price

If you want a digital watch, you may spend more money. Due to complex devices including sensors, displays, and others. It’s not easy for designers to put them all into a single device. Only high skill and material can get a good watch. So, valuing the price of different watches is necessary.
Besides, if time is not the issue for you, you can find more factories which produce single parts of the watch. Such as strap, movement, and case.
And then put them all into a case. This way may save you more money.

Negotiate with Your China watch Factories

Don’t leave if the seller can’t cater to your made in China watch price the first time.
They may not accept your price at first. You need to keep on cutting the price for a few rounds. Show them your sincerity, let them know clearly about what you want. And make them feel you want to have long term cooperation. Thus you will get a much more ideal price.
In fact, please also pay attention to these points in your negotiation:

  • Price should be rational:

Go for a lower price blindly will return you a trashy watch.

  • Care about material cost and duty related to your watch.
  • Notice the exchange rate of your currency
  • Balance your needs and budget:

Your budget will rise and down based on your needs. As we mentioned before, packaging, special design, or special material result in a higher cost. On the other hand, it will be lower.

  • Never show up your urge to your China watch suppliers:

It will make them feel easy to get your money, and that will be tough to lower the price. Win-win will be a perfect way to develop your business with each other. So be patient and sensible.
Even you think you already got an optimal price after your negotiation. Please still keep trying to compare with others. It is wise to do this at least three times. And then you will be surprised about the final price.

Chapter 5 Ensure Your Watch Quality

Focus on Verified Cina Watch Factories

1. Product compliance.

Focus on product regulations and safety,  such as REACH and RoHS. The first thing is to ask the seller to send you some files about the watch they offer.

  • Components list.
  • Clear labeling requirements.

The labeling information (e.g., Country of Origin Markings) shall be part of the artwork files. So don’t skip it.

2. Quality Control.

Check if they have a control method for checking all parts and lines, including:

  • Incoming Quality Control
  • Waterproof testing
  • Finally quality control

3. Service.

Good service also can be shown by buyers’ reviews.

Test Your Samples

Indeed, you will note that online stores show their samples tested by a company such as SGS. But the key point is you need to ensure that things tested are as same as the final product. Here you can:

  • Ask them to give you the latest version of a sample report.
  • Order a watch to your home.
  • Pay for a third party to help you

Place an Order

It’s time for you to step forward.
Here are some common payment items below:

  • L/C: letter of credit. Very safe, suitable for large goods, complex documents needed.
  • T/T: telegraph transfer. Lower safe but paperless.
  • Western Union/ Money Gram: not recommend for large business or strange people.
  • PayPal: very safe, fast for small business
  • Others: Visa/MasterCard/Bank Transfer.

Make sure of the settlement method with sellers. It is the key point thing. Mostly you need to pay 30% of the total price and clear the rest 70% after your deal closes.

Notice Your After-service of Your China Watch Factories

Noted that you will have a 1-2 year warranty based on the legal rights. Luckily, you can return your things back online for some sellers. But you need to bear return fees if there is a refund. Just follow up three steps here once you need:

  • Contact seller
  • Apply for refund
  • Get your money back in 15 days

Things you cannot predict or be sure of all the time. For the huge volume, you’d better be aware of the whole process.
Thus to keep multi security with your goods, you’d better pay for a trade assurance via:

  • The online supplier’s secure payment platform.
  • The third party or assurance agent

Please do not buy it offline in case of some scams.

Chapter 6 Shipping from China

Estimate Your Way of Shipping

The cost of freight will take a big part of your shipment. Finding a suitable way of shipping based on your trade conditions can help you reduce much more costs.

  • Import duties: the duty rate varies from country to country. Mostly you will pay 0% to 5% in Europe or may higher in Asia.
  • Your delivery date proposal: Remain enough time for your shipping. Usually, it will take 15-35 days for shipping, considering where you are.
  • Your shipping budget: Related to the quality and service of your shipping
  • Freight cost estimation: Container, packaging, terminal handling, and broker fees.
  • Freight forwarder: It can save you a lot of time by finding an expert’s help. You just need to give your details to your agent. And then you can just let them go to handle it.

The production process can take up to one week, depending on the variety of products.

Select Your Logistics

After your sample shipping test and valuation, you know how to choose your logistics better:                     

  • Air Freight: Safe and efficient, but much higher cost. You can speed up your cargo from China by air freight within ten days. But it can’t provide you with door-to-door service. You still need to ask your agents to deal with customs clearance.
  • Sea Shipping: FCL/LCL. The main method for global trade, suitable for large volumes and a lower budget.
  • Courier Service: DHL/UPS/FedEx. Fast and low-cost for small package and fewer things. You can choose your courier service company to differ from their unit price from the weight of your bags.

Guarantee Your Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance can protect your things from loss and damage. It is worthy of paying for insurance in case of bad weather and strict policy.
The freight insurance fee is very cheap. It usually charges you about 50-100 dollars, depending on your shipment invoice.
You must keep tracking your whole shipping process. And keep every single paper to prove your loss is in the range of insurance coverage. Also, you can click WATCH BREAKDOWN WORKSHEET to know more about clearance.

Chapter 7 Top 5 Watch manufacturers in China

Tianjin Sea-Gull Corporation

  • Basic Info: Established in 1955.
  • Main Products: Watch Tools, Movements, Tourbillon Watch
  • Main Parts: ST5, ST36, ST2100.

The Beijing Watch Factory

  • Basic Info: Founded in 1958
  • Main Products: High-end watch, Tourbillon Watch
  • Main Collection: Silk Whisper, Beihai, Oriental Culture.

Shenzhen Yonghao Watch & Clock

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2005.
  • Main Products: Smartwatch, Watches.
  • Main Markets: 50% North America, 10% South Africa, 10% Eastern Europe.
  • Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters.

Shenzhen Aiers Watch

  • Basic Info: Opened in 2005.
  • Main Products: Tourbillion Watch, Smart Watch, Quartz Watch
  • Main Markets: 30% North America, 30% Western Europe, 25% Domestic.

Window’s Clock & Watch

  • Basic Info: Started in 2005.
  • Main Products: Rose gold watch, CeramicWatch, Quartz Watch.
  • Main Markets: 15% North America, 20% Western Europe, 10% Eastern Europe.

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