10 travel apps you must know when traveling in China

By justchinait
January 4, 2021

1. Ctrip travel

It is a comprehensive app for travel, covering inquiries about tourist attractions, routes, accommodation, and other related issues, and you can book and purchase various tickets online. It is also a well-known travel app.

2. Qunar

Qunar is a travel software that provides numerous query functions, online search guides, timely provision of weather information of scenic spots, flight query and scenic spot query, as well as positioning functions. It is of great help for planning tourist attraction routes.

3. Fliggy

Fliggy is a comprehensive app under Alibaba that provides travel services. It can book airline tickets, hotels, and check guides to plan travel routes in advance. It supports Android and ISO systems.

4. Mafengwo

Mafengwo is a tourism forum founded in 2006 in Beijing. It provides a platform for travel exchanges for travellers. Registered users of the forum share their travel stories and provide travel guides for various regions on this platform. They also provide information on hotels, air tickets, visas, etc. Information, forum users come from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other places.

5. Qyer

Qyer is a domestic outbound service platform that covers various foreign travel strategies, as well as various travel guides and travel community services. For those who do not understand travel, you can get answers through the Q&A exchange platform.

6. China Southern Airlines

In the process of traveling, traffic cannot be sloppy. China Southern Airlines is the airline with the largest annual passenger volume in China and a relatively developed route network. Tickets can be purchased online through software, which is very convenient.

7. Railway 12306

In addition to aviation, some people also choose railways. Railway 12306 is a convenient railway ticketing APP for online query of different train schedules, fares and remaining tickets. Currently, online seat selection is supported.

8. Mayi short-term rental

Mayi short-term rental is a domestic APP that provides short-term homestay rentals. You can book daily rental rooms, homestays and inns online. It has a relatively high cost performance and supports online booking and payment.

9. Airbnb

Airbnb is an international short-term rental platform. People who travel to the local area can contact people who are available for rent online. The platform has more accommodation information to choose from, whether it is an apartment or a villa.

10. Travel interpreter

Travel interpreter is a translation software of Mafengwo. It contains more than 20 languages ​​and has a translation interface for different scenarios. It is currently a full Chinese interface. Each sentence can be pronounced by clicking it, and it can also be recorded and shared.


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