Topic: Complete Guide: What does “Made in PRC” Means?

By HX Wenli
September 13, 2022

When you hear “Made in China,” what comes to your mind first?
Some people may be too judgemental about Chinese products in the past years, calling them fake or low-quality. But when they see the tags of their US brands’ products with a Made in China label, most consumers keep buying them.
We will discuss what Made in PRC means to enlighten you when you see products Made in the PRC.

Chapter 1: Made in PRC Overview


Have you seen a product labeled Made in PRC, such as a made in PRC perfume? Is there any difference between a Made in PRC vs China? Let’s clarify this information in this chapter.

What is the meaning of Made in PRC?

So what is the meaning of made in PRC? Made in PRC means any product or goods made in the People’s Republic of China. They are shifting from Made in China to Made in PRC to veer away from the wrong impressions made when someone hears made in China.
It is a marketing strategy or technique to get the buyer interested in checking the product’s label. Companies use this Made in PRC label to use the country’s official name, not just “China.”

Is Made in PRC and Made in China the same?

Yes, they are the same. Chinese manufacturers use the country of origin label “Made in PRC.” Compared to the traditional Made in China label, it has grown in popularity over the past few years.
Some clients came to us and asked, “Made in PRC means which country?”  They are surprised when they learn that made in PRC vs made in China is the same!
Made in PRC means the product was manufactured in China. PRC is simply the abbreviation used for the People’s Republic of China. Though it can be confusing for some, companies use this in their labels to sell their products better. There’s no difference between Made in China and PRC.


How did Made in PRC China become famous worldwide?

A data from United Nations Statistics showed that in 2019, China accounted for 28.7% of the world’s manufacturing output. It explains why China is higher than the United States compared to product output. 
This has become an advantage to China and made them famous worldwide. Foreign buyers outsourced their products due to several advantages. They can buy the products for a low price and big bulks. 
You can buy anything in China. From clothes, beauty products, furniture, home decors, and automobile spare parts- it’s all in there! Don’t be surprised when you see a tag that says Made in PRC—made in PRC means which country? It’s China.
If you are a company that cannot produce significant capital to create your product, you must try Made in China or Made in PRC products. You can get suppliers that can give you good profit. They can customize the products for your brand. 
There are many ports and delivery options in China. Because of this, global companies opted for products like Made in PRC shoes or makeup made in PRC. There is also a cheap labor cost if you want your products to be manufactured in China.

Chapter 2: Made in PRC: The Wrong Belief

Are products made in PRC mean counterfeits? Are they fake and have low-quality? And made in PRC means which country?
These are some of the questions we often encounter about made in the PRC products.


Are Made in PRC products legal?

The meaning of made in PRC for some can be illegal products. But that is a wrong perception. Made in PRC, meaning the People’s Republic of China, it is just formal writing and the official name of the country.
Made in PRC means products that are made or manufactured in China. So when you see a product labeled “Made in PRC,” they are products imported or exported from China and are legal.
In the same way, made in China vs. made in PRC products are not different ideas. For those who are comparing it, you must understand that there are no Made in PRC vs China products. But you can use the terms interchangeably.

What are the misinterpretations about  Made in PRC products?


Made in China– this term has become the same meaning as made in PRC, meaning fake products over the years. 
But this is a perception that needs to change. Products manufactured in China have myths that they are of lesser standards than those made in the US, Japan, or Europe.
Back then, China didn’t have the technologies or expertise, including engineers and designers- the reason they failed even if they wanted to build a good and quality product.
China made a breakthrough in quality products and mass production by creating a free economic zone. China has pulled all consumer electronics from around the world because of cheap labor and financial privileges.
China has been the manufacturing powerhouse for decades, capturing the global manufacturing market by 22 percent. They even make and sell everything! You can buy made-in PRC perfume, made-in PRC shoes, or makeup made in PRC.

Below are some misinterpretations about made in China vs Made in PRC goods.

1. Low-Quality products

Some people believe that products that are made in PRC mean low-quality and cannot pass a  quality standard. While it may be true that some products do not carry a high standard, some suppliers and manufacturers offer high-quality products.
Not all made-in PRC products are low-quality. It depends on who the manufacturer is. If you buy a made-in-PRC item for a meager price, set your expectations that the quality is not so good. There are different suppliers in China, and you must learn to identify the authentic factory or manufacturer from a trader or wholesaler.


2. Counterfeit or Fake products

It’s surprising how prevalent counterfeiting is- not just in China but even everywhere. The market for fake goods is extensive. Counterfeiting hurts consumers and the industry. They call it a premium product to make it resemble the exact thing.
Online shoppers who cannot afford to buy authentic branded products from high-end or luxury brands look for alternatives. Some examples of these brands are Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Coach, and others. Yes, you can find these counterfeits in China.
But, know that most big brands like Prada, Apple, Armani, D&G, and other high-end brands are all made in PRC, meaning made in China.  
If you buy from the right store and channels, you can get the original items and made in PRC products. They are sometimes cheaper than when you buy from the boutiques found in malls and websites. If you buy on Alibaba and other E-commerce Chinese sites, you can get fake ones.
Not all are made in the PRC means made in China products are counterfeits or fake. You just need to buy from the right source.


3. Products cannot be altered or customized

Are they made in PRC, meaning products in China cannot be altered to fit your product requirements? No, that is not true. It is a wrong belief that China only produces things in quantity and duplicates the same ones repeatedly.
Made in PRC products are not only made from the same mold. Different suppliers or PRC made in China manufacturers can create a unique mold based on your needs. It is not true they cannot do customization, and the products are completely interchangeable.
There are OEM and ODM suppliers of made-in PRC products. The majority of vendors give customers the choice of customization. A customization is an option if you order within their MOQ or minimum order amount.
China OEM is service supplier that offer to develop made in PRC products for other business or brand. The company will give the suppliers all the product information and specifications. Then, the buying company will market it under its registered brand name.


4. Chinese sellers do not work with foreign buyers

Due to communication barriers, some foreign buyers find it difficult to negotiate with Chinese sellers. There is only a small percentage of Chinese who can speak English. Because they cannot communicate, some buyers think they are not interested in working with them.
Nowadays, you can see numerous Chinese B2B eCommerce sites. Most Made in PRC meaning, made in China sellers speak and understand English. So when you chat or communicate with them, they can answer basic questions and inquiries in no time.
It is not true that Chinese sellers are hesitant to work with foreign buyers. There are now sourcing companies that can help you find suppliers of Made in the PRC products. Like JUSTCHINAIT, sourcing agents or companies can provide professional services if you are looking for suppliers.
Let’s give an example. Do you need Made in PRC perfume suppliers? You can hire a sourcing agent, and it will direct you to the leading factories or makers of Made in PRC perfume. They have access to legit companies or suppliers of Made in PRC perfume, so you can rest assured you’re not dealing with just a trader or wholesaler.
You can also look for popular sites Alibaba, Made-in-China, or AliExpress to buy Made in PRC perfume. However, you just need to be cautious about choosing a supplier. You can check their products, and it’s better to read product reviews and ensure they have already been in the business for years.

5. Disposable products

It is also not true that products Made in PRC mean disposable goods. Some too cheap products can be expected to last only for a short period. But when you choose the buy products made in PRC meaning made in China products from reputable suppliers, it will last a long time.
The meaning of made in PRC products is not disposable products from China. These products that you find unusable or disposable can be because it is intended for one-time use, or you bought a cheap version of the original ones.
Some also claim that made in PRC vs made in China products are different regarding quality. Again, there is no such this as made in PRC vs made in China. PRC and China-made products are the same.

6. Cheap products

Another myth is that made in PRC means Chinese-made goods that are inferior to those produced elsewhere because they are on the cheaper end of the quality spectrum. However, Apple, Tesla, and Prada demonstrate that luxury brands have also found a market in China.
In China, you can discover various variations of a single product. The meaning of made in PRC products is not cheap products at all! Chinese vendors enjoy serving customers worldwide with reasonable pricing and goods in high demand for daily use.
Sometimes, made in PRC means differently to a buyer. Some require low quality, while others want excellent quality. You may get high-quality goods from China with no issues if you have a reasonable budget.


Chapter 3: Tips When Buying Products That are Made in the PRC

Since you can buy anything in China, it can be overwhelming to choose from millions of products you can see online. Here are some tips that are helpful when purchasing products that are made in PRC.


Buy from reputable suppliers only

Again, remember that there is no difference between made in PRC vs made in China products. The difference only lies in the type of suppliers you buy from. Is it a direct factory? Or is it just a trader or wholesaler? (Note: please link to the article: Find a China Manufacturer or Supplier) 
Reputable suppliers are experts in the industry and possess legal certificates, and factory and standard product processing procedures are in place. They have a proven record of satisfied clients and show a business registration number in China.

Product inspection should be a requirement.

The product inspection should ensure your product is of good quality. You can inspect the product thoroughly when you request a product sample. If you make a contract and order bulk amounts, you must include inspection during production and before shipping the product.

Get help from a sourcing agent.

Made in PRC means which country- it is China. In China, direct suppliers or factories are hard to contact or search for. Getting help from a reputable sourcing agent or agency. allows you to connect to these suppliers. You will get the correct product pricing and services you need for your product needs.
A sourcing agent in China is a professional that can help you find the ideal supplier. Because they have access to databases of direct sources, a licensed agent will help you get a comprehensive list of trustworthy and legitimate factories.


Avoid unverified traders or wholesalers.

Traders and wholesalers also get their stocks from direct manufacturers. They look for clients where they can sell the products for a markup. It is not bad to buy from them but if you want to ensure a safe transaction and excellent after-sales service, look for reliable and certified traders or wholesalers.
Some customers who buy products made in PRC mean bad or fake goods because of their bad experience with the supplier. So if they ask if Made in PRC means which country and learned it’s from China, they already associate it as cheap, counterfeit, or disposable products.

Be diligent with your transactions.

To become diligent means ensuring your supplier understands its role and duties to you as their business partner. You must follow what you agreed to in the contract and be responsible for your responsibilities as a buyer.

Chapter 4: FAQ About Made in PRC


At this point, it is now clear to you the meaning of made in PRC products. Products made in PRC mean any good made or manufactured in China. You should also not be confused with made in PRC vs made in China since they are the same. Before we end, we’re answering a few more FAQs below.

What is Made in China 2025 strategy?

A strategy plan called “Made in China 2025” was launched in 2015 to reduce China’s reliance on foreign technology and elevate Chinese technological manufacturers in the international market. By 2025, which is ten years after the plan’s launch, the aim is to accomplish this goal.
“Made in China 2025” aims to transform the country’s reputation as a low-end manufacturer into one of a high-end producer. The goal is to make products Made in PRC mean good quality.

How do you choose the right Made in PRC goods?

When choosing products made in PRC, always choose the right product supplier. You must look at other factors like price, shipping options, customization services, etc. Do not always go for products that are priced very low. Also, check if your supplier can help you get the best delivery option to your country.


Why should there be a Made in PRC product label?

There are regulations to follow when shipping a product to another country. For example, when shipping a product to the US, it is required to put a “Made in PRC” or “Made in China” label. Without a label, some scenarios can happen, such as:

  • Products without a label cannot be cleared in the US; the enormous airport warehouse charges will be several times the value of the products if it is an air cargo shipments from China to the US.
  • In contrast to importing goods from China to the US, returning from the US to China involves significantly more complicated procedures and much higher shipping costs.
  • The most considerable risk when shipping LCL goods from China to the US is the high cost of storage at the US port of destination. China is the major source of imports for American LCLs for risky items and LCLs with volumes greater than 5 cubic meters.
  • It is necessary to consider the hefty terminal and port charges the US cannot pay if FCL cargo is transferred from China to the US.

Are products assembled in China come with a Made in PRC label too?

The label “Made in PRC” may only be applied to goods or products made in China. And the title “Assembled in China” is used when products are assembled in China.
When a product is described as being “assembled in China,” it signifies that its parts are located in another country and are transported to China for final assembly.

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