Top 25 Handbag Manufacturers in the World with Amazing Images

By Sarah
October 24, 2023

Handbags are a LUCRATIVE niche. A good one if you want to launch your brand. According to Statista, the Handbag market stands at 64.62 BILLION USD. Such high statistics show how impactful your business can be.

But for that, you need to have the suppliers. And purse manufacturers who provide QUALITY plus AFFORDABLE pricing must be your ideal choice.

Finding them can take hours! I have made this task effortless by finding the top suppliers.

Let’s know!

1. Basics of Handbag

1) What is the handbag?

A handbag is a valuable tool used in daily life. It is a small bag that is used to carry personal things. People often call it a purse.

The best thing about the BEAUTY. It can make you look better and more elegant. That is why women have it.

2) What are the different types of handbags?

Buying handbags? Wait a minute. There are a couple of types. Based on those types, you might change the decision from one to another.


Here are some types of handbags.

  • Satchel Bag
  • CrossBody Bags
  • Shoulder Bags
  • Tote Bag
  • Evening Clutch
  • Backpack purse
  • Hobo Bag
  • Wristlet
  • Woven basket bag

3) What is the purpose of the handbag?

The size of the bag is the key determining factor in its purpose. For example, if you are going to the airport, you’ll carry more inventory in it.

The common uses of a handbag are:

  • Hold your personal belongings.
  • Give beauty and increase elegance.

Nowadays, it is more used as a beauty product than a product carrying equipment.

4) Why should you consider purses?

There can be various reasons to consider handbags. These are:

● Keeps products in place

Having multiple products and handling them is a big headache. But leave it on the handbags!! They will hold your beauty creams, body spray, scents, or lipsticks when going out.

● Quality Elevates Every Outfit

Suppose you are going to a party. A bag with a matching outfit is a MATCHLESS THING. You get endless beauty combinations. And compel others to appreciate you for looking graceful.

● Great Resale Value

Changed your mind. Want to sell them? They don’t lose their value significantly. That means you are going to generate the invested money so soon.

● Affordable cost

Handbags are not available at the higher costs. They are super affordable. We can say beauty at an affordable price.

● Super Durable

Handbags are not going anywhere soon. They are durable if you bring up the quality. And can be your partner at every event you go to.

2. How to find the Best Bag manufacturer?

Can’t find the supplier? No problem. I know a couple of ways to do so. Are you ready to know about them?

Here are these.

1) Ask friends or family members

Do you have friends or family in your circle? Maybe you have it. But ensure they have the businesses, too. And have worked with Chinese suppliers.

That is when they recommend the best purse company in China. It will reduce your risks of falling prey to scams. And help you deal safely.

2) Search on Google

There is nothing better than Google. Whatever you want, Google is there to assist you with. This time, you have to go to Google. Find the products you want. And get the relevant companies offering it.

Many blogs are going to help you grab the contact number. And get in touch with Chinese suppliers.

3) Use Directories like Alibaba or Made-in-China

Do you have experience with B2B giants like Alibaba? If not, it is time to use them.

  • Go to Alibaba.
  • Enter the product you want.
  • Move to the company offering that product.

That company is often the Chinese purse manufacturer you should talk to. Is that even difficult?

Moreover, you can check the verified status or gold supplier status. It allows you to have more faith in the supplier.

4) Consider working with Sourcing agents

Sourcing agents have always been the CREAM OF THE CROP. They know the Chinese language. And remove this barrier between the buyer and supplier. Plus, agents know the Chinese market very well.

That means grabbing the best deal is no longer miles away. You can set up realistic demands. And procure it with the help of sourcing agents.

5) Trade Shows

Trade shows are the vast gatherings of a large number of suppliers. They all are ready to show their products to the people. And attract them.

Don’t you think it is the right place to find the right supplier? Then, why wait?

Go ahead. Know the dates of trade shows happening in China or your City. Ensure the Chinese supplier is coming.

Then you can check the product quality. And go for the follow-up of the deals.

3. Top 25 bags manufacturers around the world

Looking for the best purse manufacturers? Not a BIG DEAL! I have compiled a list of top bags manufacturers around the globe.

Let’s take a quick overview!

1) LBU Inc.

LBU Inc. is a Handbag manufacturer in NEW YORK, US. It has multiple different types of handbags available. In addition to that, their material quality is good too.

You can find handbags in Leather, canvas, or polyester. Here are some pros.

  • Low MOQs. They have low MOQ, making it easier for small business owners to grab the inventory.
  • Short Lead times. It takes only 2-3 weeks for the products to be ready. That saves your operating costs and time.

2) GFG Bag Manufacturer

GFG is a purse manufacturer in the USA. It has quality stuff. And almost all varieties of backpacks, wallets, handbags, and many more types.

Founded in 2008, it is there to bring REVOLUTION to the industry. Here are some pros.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have ultimate customer support to resolve all your problems. It ensures higher customer satisfaction and timely resolution of the issues.
  • Extensive collection of products. They have almost all types of bags you would need. It increases your product variety in the online store.

3) BagGo BinGo

Baggo Bingo is a custom supplier of handbags. The best thing about them is their pricing. You can get the wholesale prices. And earn higher profit margins.

BagGo BinGo Top 25 Handbag Manufacturers in the World

Apart from that, you can grab the following benefits.

  • Eco-friendly material. They manufacture handbags under strict control. That puts them among the environmentally friendly production systems.
  • Private label services. If you are a brand owner, use their private label services to get quality bags. They enable private labeling at demand.

4) SL Bag Ltd.

Are you looking for custom handbag manufacturers? Here it is, the top pick— SL BAG limited. Founded in 2007 in China, it has served thousands of consumers with the craftsmanship of its skilled professionals.

Here are the benefits of this purse manufacturer.

  • Quality HandBags. They have a genuine quality enough to make your business 100% successful. You can increase the credibility of your business when working with their quality stuff.
  • Access to Custom bags. You can order custom bag designs or logos. They put you at ease by delivering the solutions on time.

5) Komely Enterprises Ltd

Founded in 1980, Komely is a top purse manufacturer in China. It not only supplies the Chinese sellers but also has access to the global sellers.

Here are some pros.

  • Partnership with High-end brands. They have worked with many brands in the USA and EU. That is a green signal to work with them.
  • Custom samples. The good thing about them is the sample customization. 90% of the suppliers don’t do that.

6) BeRoyal

Do you love Sephora, L’Oreal, and Disney? If yes, you’ll surely love working with the BeRoyal. This supplier has worked with these brands. And provided them with the custom bags.

Having the quality, you can find the following benefits from this supplier.

  • Free samples. They offer free samples to their consumers. That can be a significant opportunity to test their products. And decide on bulk orders.
  • Private labeling. BeRoyal has private labeling services. You can sell their products under your brand name. And increase your brand reputation.

7) Custom Bag Company

Looking for made-in-USA purses? Here it is, Custom Bag Company. As the name describes it all, it provides access to the customization. You can get products like duffle bags, tote bags, pouches, and backpacks.

Here are some pros of this company.

  • Low-MOQ. They have a LOW MOQ. That means you can decide whether to buy in bulk or restrict buying. It makes choices better.
  • They are one of the top custom handbag manufacturers. You are going to focus on customers’ preferences, generating better sales.

8) Senda Vietnam

Senda Vietnam is not only available in Vietnam. Instead, they have a manufacturing setup in China, too.

Senda Vietnam Top 25 Handbag Manufacturers in the World

They sell numerous bags, including tote bags, backpacks, cooler bags, and many more varieties.

The surprising part?

They have worked with Coca-Cola and Walmart.

  • Cheaper prices. The bags are available for $1 to $10. It is massive to earn higher profits per product. And market your business to attract consumers.
  • Private label services. For buyers interested in private labeling, it can be a choice. Because Senda Vietnam offers private labeling services.

9) Hari Om Leather

Hari Om Leather is an INDIAN company that manufactures handbags, wallets, and cardholders.

There are many benefits of working with Hari Om Leather. These include:

  • Low MOQ. They have an MOQ of 50 bags. That is much lower than other competitors. So, small business owners can start their journey.
  • Quality bags. Strict quality control keeps them in the top bag manufacturing companies. You can rely on the quality and promote your brand.

10) Portchester USA

Port Chester USA is a US-based supplier enabling access to quality bags. You get a variety of handbags along with their accessories.

Here are some pros of working with it.

  • Quality Handbags. The quality of handbags is relatively high. It can enhance your brand reputation if you sell their bags
  • Variety of products. When working with them, you do not have to rely on one or two types of bags. They have a vast collection of it, increasing your business expansion.

11) Giggle Handbag

Giggle Handbag is a US-based handbag supplier with varying leather accessories.

You can get the following benefits.

  • Design services. Expert designers at the Giggle handbag facilitate you with the design services. That means you can launch new and custom designs.
  • Quality Leather bags. They get you leather bags. Quality is high, ensuring a higher reputation in the market.

12) Luisway

Luis Way is a Chinese supplier with ISO certificates. It has recently passed the ISO9001. They export products to popular locations like Japan, Europe, and the USA.

Here are some pros when working with them.

  • Complete shipment facility. It has full shipping facilities. You can ship to your location wherever you love.
  • Cheaper prices. The cost is not a big problem with it. Their bags are available at lower cost, increasing your ease to make higher margins per item.

13) Rays Jade

Looking for the best handbags, clutches, and wallets? Rays Jade is a Chinese supplier with access to all these products.

Rays Jade Top 25 Handbag Manufacturers in the World

It has the following pros.

  • OEM/ODM services. They allow you to launch their products under your brand. That saves you a lot of money by launching the correct item.
  • Affordable costs. Prices are not high at this supplier. You get bags at lower costs.

14) J.D handbag Factory

JD Handbag Factory is a kingmaker in the bag industry. It has a variety of bags to fulfill all your needs.

It is a Chinese company established in 2003. With 20 years of experience, they have the following benefits.

  • Affordable Handbags. Their prices don’t pass through the roof. That means you have an opportunity to save some bucks and raise profits.
  • Private Labelling. Have plans on launching a brand? It can work with the JD handbag factory because of private label services.

15) Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks has a primary focus on the Tote Bags. They have an office in Shanghai. At the same time, their factory is in Hebei.

They ship products to buyers worldwide. Here are some pros.

  • Quality bags. They have strict quality control. That is why quality is above par.
  • Cheaper prices. The prices are pretty affordable. You can earn more money when working with them.

16) Bellini

Looking for Italian handbag manufacturers? Here is our TOP PICK, Bellini.


It has a variety of different styles of handbags. You can get the following benefits.

  • No MOQ. They don’t have any MOQ on most of the orders. Even if they have an MOQ, it is pretty low.
  • Private label services. With private labeling, you can order and label their products under your business logo. And promote your business.

17) Luxury Leather Italy Ltd

Luxury Leather Italy is one of the top Italian handbag manufacturers with an impressive production setup. It was established in 1979. Until now, it has supported its consumers with some great handbags.

Here are some benefits of using this bag manufacturer.

  • Quality bags. They have a strict quality control. That means you are going to get only qualitative handbags. Isn’t it great to boost customers’ trust with quality?
  • Do you have some requirements for your handbag? They are ready to fulfill it. Let them know.

18) Niccoli Bags

Niccoli Bags manufactures the best women’s handbags, wallets, and travel bags.

Located in Italy, it has the following pros.

  • Short Lead Time. They have a less lead time of 3-4 weeks. That keeps your inventory fulfilled on time without going out of stock.
  • Allows samples. This supplier helps you grab the samples for a small fee. You can test their products. And have faith in their services.

19) Fior Di Lotto

Fior Di Lotto is an Italian company allowing the best quality handbags. Here are some good things about them.

  • Low MOQ. Want to order two pieces? They have it. You can order without any restrictions on Quantity.
  • Wholesale prices. The prices are pretty low. That helps you make higher margins per product.

20) Long Champ Sas

Long Champ Sas can turn out to be a potential supplier to work. They have services in almost all countries. You are not going to miss the train when working with them. Their top products include leather handbag accessories.

Here are some pros.

  • Good pricing Structure. With negotiation, you can decrease the overall cost. They allow you to buy their handbags at lower costs.
  • 30 days free return. They have free return service. That saves you from investing any more money when returning the products.

21) YC Making Limited

One of the best purse companies in China? YC Making Limited always tops the chart with its enormous production setup. And easier prices. You’ll never see such lower costs at any bag manufacturer.

YC Making Limited

Founded in 2005, it is a Chinese company. The popular products include suitcases, tote bags, backpacks, etc.

Here are the key benefits of this supplier.

  • Custom bag manufacturing. The supplier allows you to specify your demands. And get customized bag solutions for your business.
  • Complete shipment facilities. Are you from the EU or the US? This supplier is a TRUE companion with a shipment facility to your doorstep.

22) Coppel China

Coppel China not only sells handbags but also toys and clothing. It has its factory in China. And has the following positive points.

  • Best quality. No doubt about the quality. It is pretty impressive to sell their products in your store.
  • Lower costs. The cost is pretty low. That makes more money for you.

23) Trendy Leather

Trendy Leather is a Chinese company selling leather products. With the best quality, they are leading the market.

Here is why you should consider it.

  • High-quality. One thing you’ll love about this supplier is the flawless quality.
  • Complete shipment facility. No matter where you live, it is going to send you products.

24) Softline Brand Partners Ltd

Softline is one of the BEST bag manufacturers USA. Founded in 2012, it has some great quality stuff.

Here are some pros of it.

  • End-to-end supply chain. From design to prototyping, they help you in all. You save time—and business resources when working with such dedicated suppliers.
  • Quality inventory. The product quality is good, all thanks to the strict quality system. You can rely on it.

25) Cut and Stitch Ltd

Cut and Stitch is one of the top purse manufacturers in USA in 2016.

Cut and Stitch Ltd

Their main products include shoulder bags, clutches, backpacks, etc. The cream of the CROP?  They are eco-friendly, focusing on sustainable solutions.

Let’s find out more about them.

  • A big focus is on eco-friendly purses made-in-USA. They focus on delivering eco-friendly handbags. That means you are safer than before. And obtain a highly secure environment.
  • Affordable prices. The costs are pretty reasonable. You can raise your profit margins. And boost your business.

4. Tips to look for when finding the best handbag factory

Look. There are tons of scammers roaming around to steal your money. And I am 100% sure you don’t want to deal with a parasite.

Isn’t it true?

Here are some tips to look for in handbag manufacturers USA.

1) Check the manufacturer’s background

Take a look at the supplier’s background. You can check:

  • Supplier profile.
  • Verified status.
  • Transaction history.
  • Previous deals.
  • Way of doing business.
  • Factory location.

All these factors will ensure safe deals. It is because you know your supplier. And set up a contract with a reliable company.

2) Verify the Quality with inspection services.

Inspection has been a CRUCIAL TOOL in the eCommerce industry. Getting low-quality products? Do the inspection.

Hire the top inspection services in the area. Set up the terms and conditions with the supplier regarding the quality. First, inspect the samples in the lab. And then move to DUPRO and post-production inspection.

These will confirm the HIGHEST QUALITY of products you are going to buy.

3) Ensure customer satisfaction is high.

Check the suppliers’ records regarding customer satisfaction. A trustworthy purse manufacturer always keeps customers satisfied with the optimal quality.

For example, you set up an AQL of 3%. But the defect rate is 4%. It is a contradiction of your demands. Excellent customer support can resolve your issues instantly and ensure 100% SATISFACTION. It is something you should never compromise on.

4) You get custom handbag manufacturers.

Not all the suppliers are going to support the customization. Do meticulous research. Make a list of suppliers allowing customization of the handbags.

It helps you focus on your customer demands. Promote your brand like fire in the jungle. And get recognition as a TOP HANDBAG brand in the market.

5) Confirm shipment facilities

Does your supplier have complete shipment facilities at your doorstep? If not, it is going to be a big problem. Therefore, you should confirm by asking your supplier regarding the shipment facilities. And work with a supplier who has TOP-NOTCH shipment services.

5. FAQs

1) Which company is suitable for handbags?

There is no single answer to this question. Custom bag manufacturers can be a GOOD IDEA for some buyers. In comparison, some might prefer leather handbag manufacturers. It depends on your business goals. And what you want. All the above purse companies are our TOP PICKS.

2) What are cheap handbags made of?

Nylon is the most common material in manufacturing handbags. It is pretty cheap compared to leather bags. When considering the lower prices, it is better to think about the nylon before the leather.

3) Which country is famous for handbags?

For bulk manufacturing, China is a TOP CHOICE for buyers around the globe. However, France is very popular for its elegant purses. They contain quality and attract more people.

4) What quality of handbags is the best?

Leather is the most popular and quality material for handbags. Leather handbag manufacturers are famous for manufacturing purses that have durability and dignity simultaneously.

5) How do you get the cheapest handbags?

To get the cheapest handbags, you must do meticulous research among the Chinese suppliers. Get the quotes from multiple suppliers. Negotiate the cost. And buy only from a reliable factory. That is so simple!


Purses companies can be a GOOD IDEA, though. But research is KEY to do. It will find you the MOST-SUITABLE company. And you’ll grab a chance to make big bucks.

To facilitate the job, sourcing agents are on the top. Harness them when you are confused about whom to hire and what to hire.

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